Earplugs And Espionage – My Stupid Filipina Professor

As we all know, most of us foreigners are easily discriminated when faced with Filipino illogic (better known as “Filogic”).  For the few of you who know me, I’m attending school here for my financial benefits.  Don’t ask me how I’m getting paid to go to school, but those of you with similar background to mine would probably had already figured it out.  I just figured I finally reveal that I’m getting paid to go to school here, because lately I looked like a complete moron if you guys would’ve thought I was attending it for educational attainment, which barely holds any significant value to the rest of the world.

Now that I have that cleared up, time to get back on subject.  I was having a frustrating conversation with my Filipino idiot professor, who is the head of the Business department, about the lack of discipline with her Filipino students.  When I first brought up this issue a few months ago, I presented her with video evidence of her students yelling, shouting, and cheating during the exams.  At that time, she told me that by recording them without their knowledge was illegal, and she wanted me arrested for espionage.  Well recently, I confronted her again about the same issue on how their advantage of cheating, shouting, and being totally disruptive is being put against me to my great disadvantage because I can’t concentrate and focus on my test.  She then tells me that I am being negative, and that they are just being “HAPPY.”  She also tells me that it’s my fault because I need to be their friend and get to know them better, which doesn’t correct the issue of what I am complaining about at all!  So in other words, she is telling me that if I am their friend, they will shut the fuck up?  I fuckin doubt that shit.

The conversation continues and then she asked me how did I deal with the problem (as if it’s my job to discipline the class), and I told her that I used EARPLUGS to diminish the sound of noisy Filipinos.  She then lectured me on how I am misusing earplugs and how I am not allowed to use them, because of how they may be mistaken for a listening device to recieve answers.  “What the fuck?” I thought to myself….  I literally had to explain to her what earplugs were, and she stuck to her answer.  So the next day, I personally revisited that bitch and shown up with a pair of earplugs to prove that it’s not an electronic device.  She had them mistaken for headphones, and happens so that she has never seeen earplugs a day in her life, that’s just to show how oblivious Filipinos are to tools that helps reduce noise.  They don’t appreciate silence enough to know what earplugs are.  Just as how irresponsible Flips don’t know what a condom is, that’s why they are so over-populated.

After showing her a pair of earplugs, it came to her senses that it can’t be used for cheating, yet she still had the audacity to order me to ask for permission from my teachers to use them during test taking.  Abruptly, I said in defense, “Then your STUDENTS should ask for permission to yell and cheat while taking exams!”  She paused and did not dare to utter a word after I said that.  I’m sure she knew I had a point, but she dare not respond back due to her “PINOY PRIDE” mentality and being afraid to be wrong.  This argument with this bitch had recently taken place last week.  I can see the evil look in her eyes as she hawk-eyed stare at me with anger, as if she despises me, or possibly all foreigners.  I don’t know, but I get a bad vibe when I’m around her, and whenever she looks at me, it’s as if she is staring into my soul.  I don’t really give two shits about what she thinks of me, but if my degree do hold any significant international value (which is not likely), then I am still concerned about getting good grades and doing whatever it takes to get them.  Therefore my aim is to take school seriously, in case if it’s worth anything and for my pride of accomplishment (which is TRUE pride, fuck that PINOY PRIDE bullshit).

For any of you pinoys who thinks she is right, feel free to fuck off and go somewhere else where your invalulable comments will be praised.  Umaliska Dito!

*Umaliska Dito = “Fuck Off” in tagalog.  It’s the most effective word I’ve learned lately and have became my favorite.  It does a good job at warding away those annoying Real Estate promoters and beggars.  I know there is a more diplomatic way to say it, but I’m an asshole.

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      FAFI Post author

      Yeah, I totally can’t reveal my school since I gave away so many clues about my location and my basic info in previous articles, and I’m sure there are vindictive Pinoys out there who are piecing all jigsaws together to figure out who I am. Naming my school will probably be the biggest piece of the puzzle, and I will be dead within hours guaranteed. Only clue that I can give is that it really is a trash-hole of a school, but it is well recognized throughout Philippines. The owner of the school had set up other facilities other than just a school, and that’s the final clue I’m willing to give out. The story is hard to believe, and I don’t wanna believe it either, but this did happen to me. I was coined as a ‘SPY’ according to this professor…. crazy huh? That’s the kind of shit you gotta deal with as a foreigner.

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    Alicia Cummings

    I don’t want to ask anymore as I don’t want to get you into trouble, can’t u go to the owner or something?
    Anyway I went to DLSU & I can’t imagine now that they have this blogger, Fashionpulis.com, as an English professor when the blog’s articles’ grammar are all wrong, not to mention that it is like a perezhilton-like (the old way the site was, vindictive, fake stories) & they still let him teach there…only in the Philippines!!!

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    Hi FAFI, nice post!

    Just a piece of advice, be careful with your professor as she might get back to you one day to settle scores.

    Mostly all filipinos will do anything to retaliate then celebrate in achieving their goal.

    When I had my yearly ethiquette certification on my previous work from a multinational company, it thought me to be none subjective. Unfortunately majority of the filipinos are very subjective.

    But anyway… good luck!

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    Richard aka Dick Head

    There are legions like her in this country. Some can’t think logically (but then again, that’s already a “given” for most Pinoys), some can’t spell right and the worst are those who can’t even get their tenses right. Ever wonder why there’s thousands of mental midgets getting their diplomas every year ? Because of professors/teachers/instructors like her. BTW, heed the advice of ThatSeemsStupid, a lot of folks here have stratospheric opinions of themselves and will get back at you when you least expect it. Have a nice day :=)

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    It figures that you’re getting paid to attend a Pinoy school when you could be in a real school in your own country. I can’t imagine why anyone would do that though. I’m Pinoy and I’m glad I got my education elsewhere. I have a feeling you’re not going to get anywhere talking to anyone about resolving the issue, but that’s just the Failippines for you.

    I agree with many of the comments above and yourself about keeping your identity and location secret — can’t be too careful. You don’t want to be the target of a vendetta by some vengeful Pinoys whose pride you hurt. I guess that goes for just about everyone here.

    As a side note, I would like to know if there is anyone here from South America?

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Actually, I had already found ways around it, and I’m willing to reveal those secrets since many of you don’t know me personally. I simply just finish the majority of my school here (which is like barely not doing anything at all), then transfer those credits to a real school later in the future, then I can say that I graduated from a REAL school 🙂 . But I know you are already probably raising the question of why don’t I just get a REAL education from the start. To answer this unasked question, I have other reasons to be here which contributes to my long-term finances later on down the road when I am no longer being paid to attend school anymore. Plus, I gotta see if my wife is worth bringing back home with me to America, and she will be able to prove herself worthy of that later on in the near future, I’m just waiting for something to happen first to test her.

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      Captain PFB

      “I can’t imagine why anyone would do that though.”

      errr……he tells why he’s doing it in the article. It is a way to be able to stay here for the other purposes for being here. NOT for educational attainment, as he stated in the article.

    3. Profile gravatar of FilamboredinthePH

      Using the educational benefits as a us military veteran nets you about 65-70k pesos a month in allowance on top of a 20,000 peso allowance for books (what a laugh). Tuition is paid directly to the school as well with a yearly limit of about 1 million php (is that even possible to hit here?). Yes the quality of my current “top” school doesn’t even meet that of the lowly community college I transferred from in Orange County but it feels good not having to survive on a strict budget back home. Life is always about compromises.

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    One time, my Programming teacher was holding a class on a Saturday, and an hour into the discussion, the bawling of people and — what could be — karaoke rang loudly in the next room, and my teacher had to walk out to reprimand them. Similar incidents had happened, but people still do it, no matter how many times they’ve been told. This is all in a univeristy btw. Seriously. WHAT THE FUCK!

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      speaking of noise,, the school across my shit hole street had a noise fest that blasted into my pillows…. I asked the local morons what was going on,, They said they were studying stars at night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
      to all who have misssed me i am ok working in another coutnry,,,,,


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    We have discussed this before you and I Fafi, you know, about going to school and all.
    This story you are talking about here is EXACTLY why I will not be able to do what we talked about. LOL

    Honest to God dude, you have way more patience than I could ever dream to have, and I am not even joking when I say I would either fuck off and die, or go to jail over this shit if it were me.

    I can handle being a little idiotic, I can even handle a whole lot of stupid. But……But…….That level of FULL RETARD is just beyond reason altogether. I dont care if its a Filipino, or an American, or whatever. That level of absurdity, combined with the fact this individual is a “Professor” of alleged higher learning is beyond sufferance in my opinion. I mean, I think you are honestly just being trolled by her, which I am sure you already realize.

    You have more patience than me, thats for sure, don’t lose it like I did.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      My patience in this country does have limit, and even I am fascinated in my ability to put up with this shit for so long. But going to school is my job afterall, and the pay is pretty decent. But I agree with you on another note: Some things are just not worth the money. There isn’t enough therapy in this country to fully remedy my frustration and anger with these sub-hu. . . . (I may not be able to call them that on here), but I did lose it a little bit, and it takes ‘sin’ to fight ‘sin’ and I will leave it at that.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        I totally understand the irresistible urge to call the Filipino sub-human. They do exhibit levels of stupidity and such irresponsible and illogical behavior that we as natives of the industrialized world just cannot fathom. But fact is, they are human.

        The reason why white men from America sailed to Africa to harvest black men and bring them to the USA as slaves, objects to be owned, like a horse, or a dog, was because we thought of them as sub-human. That is something I am totally ashamed of about America. And we, ourselves have shown that when we start viewing someone as sub-human, we tend to feel justified in treating them like animals , and that can lead to feeling justified in doing some really bad things. It can lead to accusations of inciting acts of hate and violence, which I DO NOT want this blog to be a source of, and which I am not willing to, nor do I have the resources to battle. They do that to themselves enough. They don’t need us to contribute.

        That is why we talk about their behavior here. But I will always view them and treat them as humans, because they are human. Very bad behaving humans, but still, humans. And it doesn’t matter if a person is Filipino, White, Black, Russian, German, French or Iraqi, or whatever. Stupid is stupid. And when an entire nation of humans have chosen to make total ignorance, corruption, and stupidity at mind-bogglingly high levels, in every level of society and government, and the core of their culture, it’s blog-worthy and discussion-worthy. Nothing more. They are a sovereign, self governing people.

        These human idiots do not need any help from anyone outside to destroy their dignity. They do that well enough on their own as a people and a nation. But they are human, and I will never advocate treating them in any way that I would not want to be treated myself.

        To say that it takes sin to fight sin is just ridiculous. Sorry, but it is. It is unintelligent thinking. That is a vigilante approach that just contributes to the behaviors that you yourself criticize. In other words, hypocrisy. To do what they do, but consider yourself justified in doing it because you’re white, makes you JUST LIKE THEM. Every filipino wants to think they are superior to their fellow filipino. Every filipino feels they are the exception to the rule, that good behavior, order, discipline, etc does not apply to them. That is the “order” by which the Filipino operates….because they have no dignity or respect for each other, nor do they have any discipline or respect for law and order, because they see themselves individually as above the law. So go ahead, join them in their childish, intellectually inferior behavior.

        I am sure that early in the beginnings of this blog I have been guilty of making reference of sub-human behavior. But as I have grown and developed ways to survive here mentally, this is one thing that has helped keep my anger and frustration in check, and keep me from that point of just snapping and possibly harming someone here. By constantly reminding myself that they are human, and I am human. And if I’m going to make claims of intellectual superiority, then I should fucking well behave accordingly. And vengeance of any kind or level is NOT a trait of an intellectually superior mind. Vengeance is what THEY do. If you want to join them, and speak out of the other side of your mouth about how intellectually superior you are, then I see you the same way as them. I refuse to do as they do, no matter what. And if you think it affects them at all when you reap vengeance on them, you still have OOOOOHHHHH SO MUCH TO LEARN HERE. These people live by giving and receiving vengeance. They expect loss, cruel acts, and then continue no differently each day. So that only leaves some kind of twisted satisfaction in your own mind that you have “gotten back at them” when in reality, they think it’s normal, and most likely saw you coming anyway.

        So when we start referring to any group of humans as sub-human, that is the very beginning stages of inciting hate and violence. I just don’t want to let this blog be subject to such accusations. When it does, one click will make it disappear. I have no stake in this site. It is just “something to do in my spare time”. And I have acclimated my mind to survive here happily and peacefully with others, despite their idiocies. The things that used to drive me nuts and make me almost insane with frustration 5 years ago, are now water off a duck’s back to me now. I don’t write much here anymore. It remains here for you guys. I don’t really need it anymore.

        The Serenity Prayer:

        God grant me the serenity
        to accept the things I cannot change;
        (Filipino stupidity)
        courage to change the things I can;
        (I can only change myself and how I behave in reaction to filipino stupidity to maintain my own dignity and intelligence)
        and wisdom to know the difference.

        Living one day at a time;
        Enjoying one moment at a time;
        Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
        Taking, as He did, this sinful world
        as it is, not as I would have it;
        Trusting that He will make all things right
        (the filipino is already reaping what they have sewn, they don’t need me to punish them any more than the punishments they inflict on themselves)
        if I surrender to His Will;
        That I may be reasonably happy in this life
        (if I’m not happy, why stay? But I’m stuck here, so I have to find a way to be happy)
        and supremely happy with Him
        Forever in the next.

        –Reinhold Niebuhr

        Though I don’t believe in god, this prayer is loaded with intelligence and wisdom.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          If there is even the tiniest hope that these people can change the way they operate and behave, it’s NOT going to come about by AFFIRMING what they do by doing the same thing.

          If you think you’re teaching them a lesson by “fighting sin with sin”, you know nothing about them.

          If you are doing what they do because you want some self gratification, then well, you got it. And you fit right in here among them perfectly.

        2. Profile gravatar of FAFI
          FAFI Post author

          “But they are human, and I will never advocate treating them in any way that I would not want to be treated myself”

          So even if they mistreat you wrongly in the first place, you will still remain to treat them with respect? Sorry dude, but I just got out of a ground-breaking tough spot last night during a run-in with a Filipino. Not only just a Filipino, but a Filipino transgender. This experience will MOST definitely be my next article coming soon. I can see you as Professor X and me as Magneto, and how you are keep fighting the good fight with your methods of diplomacy and playing by their rules, but these Filipinos don’t even play by their OWN rules, yet yours alone, which is simply just treating each other with respect. The Philippines and it’s people (if you prefer to call them ‘people’) will continue to be a forever problem and they have no intentions of fixing themselves, and it appears that someone has to do the ‘FIXING’ for them.

          OK, that ‘sin to fight sin’ may be a bad reference, because there are even times when I use ‘good’ to fight off ‘sin’ and it worked splendidly. I never clarified my actions of ‘sin’ to battle ‘sin,’ but I say that it’s justified because I use a victimless form of sin to fight against someone who is inflicting pain (either mental or physical) against another.

          Here, I will provide you with an example and you can tell me if this is justice or not. Remember that “Naughty Nanny” article I posted about 2 months back? Well that nanny wanted to file a ‘rape’ case against my buddy, when all he did was kiss her. She had the law on her side since she knew people in high places. My buddy is pretty dumb too (hard to admit that), and he didn’t know how to fight off this false accusation. So he asked me to help him out. I hooked him up with a lawyer that I knew well, and I also decided to go undercover by pretending to be her boyfriend. Yeah, me and that nanny had went out to a few spots, took her out to eat, and she kissed me a few times during the whole operation. I did this to get information on her, and did I forget that I was recording almost everything I did with her on my cam glasses?

          I got dirt on her that she is flirting, while being married at the same time, which can be used as blackmail against her (or to destroy her credibility). I turned in my phone as evidence and bought a new phone (her and I text alot), and turned in the video I got of her wearing clothes that she stole from my buddy’s wife.

          My sins:
          – I betrayed the nanny by pretending to be her boyfriend to collect evidence
          – I kinda cheated on my wife by allowing the nanny to kiss me

          Nanny’s sins:
          -She lied about being raped and tried to fabricate evidence
          -She stole from my buddy and his wife
          -She clearly cheats on her husband by hooking up with me afterwards (I have facebook proof as well)

          At the end, my intentions were pure, which was to help prove my buddy innocent by undergoing a serious obstacles since I know the law will be against him (due to the fact that he is a foreigner, and the nanny already knew people in the court). During this process, I did commit a few sins of my own, but after viewing the totality of the situation, can you say what I did was so bad? This is ME fighting ‘sin’ with ‘sin’ and my buddy was proven innocent and JUSTICE was served 🙂 You don’t know the lengths I go through to back up a good friend, if I gave you his number, he can vouch that this all happened.

          1. Profile gravatar of

            First things first… To be honest you did undue process (but anyway you already explained it clearly, fighting sin with sin).

            Drastic actions needed to be done inorder to survive in this country, I cannot blame you on that. I hope your friend is not too naive when dealing w/people here (Initially let filipinos handle filipinos… INITIALLY!).

            By the way… “But they are human, and I will never advocate treating them in any way that I would not want to be treated myself”… I agree with this, I am a believer of KARMA… I do not make drastic actions, just drastic response 🙂

          2. Profile gravatar of FAFI
            FAFI Post author


            Well speaking of being ‘initial,’ I will NEVER initiate a reason for anyone to hate me in disgusts just as how Filipinos had gave me a reason to them. I would never provoke a situation to escalate any further than neccesary. Yeah, all my negative actions towards a Filipino is simply just my reactions towards their bad behavior, and I am fair and impartial enough to properly weigh my response to fit the degree of the offense being brought upon me.

            My first step to any problem is to resolve it diplomatically, if that fails then I resort to deception to avoid the problem, if that fails then I will attempt to notify the proper authorities, and if all else fails then I will finally resort to physical confrontation. Trust me, I ran into a situation last night when I almost had to use physical confrontation, which is only because I ATTEMPTED to notify the police (who weren’t even there). I will have this full story posted as my next article, because it was really fucked up what happened to me last night.

            Anyway, I’m glad you saw my point on fighting ‘sin’ with ‘sin’ and what I did wan’t completely unethical. At least it contributed to saving my buddy from going to jail for a crime he did not commit, or having to pay a fine/bribe to get out of that mess. BTW, that nanny asked for 100,000php in bribe money and my buddy refused and continued the fight, and won 🙂 He already paid 30,000php for a lawyer to help him win, why give up and add 100K, especially when you know you’re right? It’s so hard to live peacefully here because trouble in Philippines has a tendency to show up at your doorsteps.

          3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            Such drama. Why do you choose to engage these idiots. Why do you think they give a fuck about evidence? Why do you try to prove anything here in this country with these people? Did you not learn the lesson when you presented video evidence to your professor about the unruly student behavior? She defended the guilty FAFI! So why do you waste time gathering evidence?

            The truth is what COMES SPEWING FROM THEIR MOUTH. And they make the truth whatever they want it to be FAFI. Why do you bother? Why engage them at all except to defend yourself if they ever lay a hand on you?

            If they want you gone or in jail, they don’t need anything on you to do it. If they want to ignore proofs and evidence, they do. These idiots are not out for truth and justice, they are each and individually out for whatever benefits themselves and preserves themselves. And the one with the most power wins.

            When are you going to learn THIS truth?

  7. Profile gravatar of Alcolol

    “Umalis ka dito” is kinda polite. “Layas!” would be better.

    Be careful with PH professors, man. They’re vindictive as fuck! She might try to get even by sabotaging your academic work. They do that to local students too. No surprise why local businesses and offices are like what they are.

  8. Profile gravatar of Juan Tamad
    Juan Tamad

    Hi Im a native Filipino myself and never got out of the country.

    Just a correction about Umaliska dito.

    Umalis = get away or went away (depends on the context)
    Ka = You
    Dito = Here

    so it should be Umalis ka dito = Get away from here. 🙂
    In English you don’t need to add the “You” since it is understood when you’re talking to the second person.

    My power to your blog man. The truth shall set us free. 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      How is that a correction when you are just repeating exactly what I just said in the article. I clearly said “Umaliska Dito” so I was correct from the start. What I think you mean is that you wanted to emphasize on the meaning of the word by breaking it down word-for-word. Well, when I asked a few Filipinos how to say “Fuck Off” in Tagalog, that’s what they told me. I’m well aware that “Dito” means “Here” so I was quite sure that it didn’t exactly mean “Fuck Off,” but that’s the only phrase they had to offer me in exchange. If you know of the EXACT way of saying “Fuck off” in Tagalog, I would greatly appreciate your translation 😀 If not, then UMALISKA DITO!…….. Hahaha, I’m just fuckin with ya man, you are cool in my book.

  9. Profile gravatar of Juan Tamad
    Juan Tamad

    I just wish I can express myself as much as this blog towards my fellow Filipinos,
    I’ve accepted all my flaws and want changes for these people including myself.

    I don’t think I can get along with the common people here,
    even my family thinks that I’m not a good person when it comes to these things.

    There is this thing called here as “pakisama” means you have to join what the majority do even if it’s right or wrong. Cheating in classes, treating your professors like they’re your fellow student or a close friend (I don’t think professors deserve respect here because of this). and much more

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      BE the change you want for your fellow men. Be the example. Become a good virus. Now that you accept your flaws, do something to change them. Recognition of a problem is the very first and required step to resolution.

    2. Profile gravatar of

      Hi Fellow Pinoy!

      Aside from “Pakisama” there is also an “Utang na loob” (debt of gratitude) saying. For common pinoys, it means that once you owe a debt-of-gratitude you are expected to tolerate their stupidity.

      Pinoys are good investors of debt-of-gratitude both local and abroad. It even was thought in schools as good quality/values for pinoys… F*CK!

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
        FAFI Post author

        “Utang na loob/ debt of gratitude”

        I like that TSS, I will include that in my next article because that EXACTLY what this one Pinoy tried to get me with last night. Except the debt that was brought upon me was totally unwelcomed and unwanted in the first place. I will post the article later on this week, too pissed to talk about what heppened last night now.

  10. Profile gravatar of Kevin

    umalis ka dito literally means , go away .
    if you’re an asshole, (dont get me wrong here, im with you)
    just stare at them like you’re gonna take their souls .
    it’ll work trust me .
    im a pinoy that agrees all of you guys doing here by the way .