Education, Technology and Money: The Trinities of Socioeconomic Existence

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Education: Society’s Overrated Conception of Assurance and Security

Social indoctrination starts with education, as we grow up, we are taught to obey and follow the rules of society and to abide by it in order to have complete social integration with the present standards of social acceptance. We were given the impression that education was integral as the building principal for our development as a society, creating jobs, technology and all sorts of reliable values that we can hold on to as a society. Culture, arts entertainment and leisure are all created by us to fill the void of inadequacy and sometimes, boredom.

Education is integral in regards to acquiring knowledge to further improve our existence as human beings but it does veer away form our divine natural aspects in regards to our humanity. As organisms, our sole purpose is to live, breed and eventually die and it is purely based on our natural role in the ecology of life. Nothing can be further from this truth despite of our want to expand our consciousness of our existence and purpose. Propagation is built in our genes, as it explains our love for life and avoid every possibility of falling into the misery of the obvious truth that we can only do as much to keep our self respect and finding ways of trying to find a purpose for our role in life. Education only serves its purpose only to a point of usability and once you have passed your usability in this human society, you are then shoved aside. Brilliant minds that have contributed so much in the development of our society states that our existence is nothing more than a transient state of longing for purpose.

Doctors, lawyers, engineers and scientists, all fall prey to the inevitable end of growing old. I once knew a brilliant lawyer who I had the pleasure to know, who was so full of inspiration to all of his colleagues as he was well known to his circle of profession. Years later, he fell to the decay of Alzheimer’s disease that debilitated his mental state and eventually rendering him in a child like state, defecating in his adult diaper. Education’s tangibility can not be seen here as age and the truth of our human existence is much more obvious in the way nature slaps us in the face with the truth. Consider education as a passing trend for younger generations that are so defiant and complacent with their abilities to manipulate their fate, relying on what they think can give assurance on their place in human society.

Technology: Humanity’s Garbage Heap

Do we really need all these technology? And for what? In the past 20 years or more, we had seen the rise of technology integrated to our needs as a society, but the big question is, do we really need all of this? The nature of man to constantly create for his own purpose of social existence has somewhat gone far beyond the natural necessity of life. Technology for the purpose of improving the overall quality of life is one thing but to continue to develop consumer products and put a suggestive social mentality of it as a need is quite different and alarming. Obvious hazards such as dwindling natural resources are becoming a global issue accompanied by the ecological impact that is changing the natural biology of the environment in regards to mass production and pollution.

The rampant campaign of conglomerates that manufacture such products and promote it as an added necessity for human life is a crime in itself as it promotes a distorted mind set for society to believe. Lithium ion batteries utilized for such consumer goods are as comparatively dangerous as a leaking nuclear power plant. The disposal of such toxic industrial debris are a rising threat to our ecology, considering lithium is a lethal compound. The production of plastic products has also reached alarming rates as plastic s are one of the products that contribute to the rising global temperatures involving global warming. China is one of the world’s highest users of fossil fuels next to the United States, as all global manufacturing, consisting of 80% of all manufactured goods are now made in China. Plastics are mostly non biodegradable and will continue to mount as an additional clutter to our global garbage woes.

The unnecessary continued development of existing products that are solely for the purpose of profitability by these conglomerates can be considered as an unnecessary evil that contributes to the problems that humanity is facing but is collectively being ignored as it posses as a necessity for the improvement of life all around us without really realizing the actual implicated problems that goes along with the continued adherence to these certain principles.

Money: The Evil that Men Do

Does money really have worth? Do you honestly believe all that your teacher in economy class tell you of money’s tangibility? Money is a piece of paper with a printed face of a person or animal or even a plant, that has a unique serial number to prove it’s individual credibility. What is funny though, is that a government can control the worth of a certain currency as if it was just play money. If you really put your common sense thinking, money is just a piece of paper, and that is all it is actually. The whole damn world is controlled with the monetary system and no nation on Earth can conform properly without a controlled monetary system. Money is control and control is social inhibition which boils down to one point…money is slavery. You work hard your entire life just to save for a decent, respectable funeral. Money is actually a pointless aspect of life and as children, we were brain washed to accept that it is a need in life.

The social mentality goes with this pointless thought that money is life, and in some perspective, money is God. We are truly a doomed society that embraces this concept of the truth to which many of us succumb quite easily to the notion of money as a life saving aspect of our existence. Most of us might have forgotten the simple saying that goes, “The best things in life are free”, as social corruption induced by conglomerates and governments, work hand and hand to control our thoughts and points of view. We have all fallen to the mercy of this life as we find social conveniences to protect us from our fears, generated by governments to follow their policies or else face the dire consequences of being termed as social inconveniences or outcasts from human society. The convenience of electricity, communications, health care, food and education are all forced upon as as a necessity to overcome these fears of inadequacy.

But the truth catches up on us as the obvious subjugation of this society back fires on itself. Governments are starting to feel the economic collapse as they slowly run out of ways to play the sentiments of the people that they are supposedly to serve the interest of its citizens. Global economy is starting to eat itself up as the collapse starts to affect everyone on this Earth. It is all just a matter of time as nations will start to steal from one another in regards to natural resources, especially the source of food supply. Expect wars to break out because of this as we nervously wait for the evident fall of human society with its stupidity.

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    Fred, I’m guessing you didn’t take your Aussie boss’s advice about cutting down on the length of your sentences. Maybe you didn’t quite catch what he was trying to politely tell you…Your writing is like Diarreha. It’s runny, watery, never ending stinky poo. Most people appreciate something that is short, sweet, and to the point. I guessing you think More is Better.
    When you submit your daily writing piece for your job, instead of the required 4,000 words, you send a piece that has 8,000 words because you know better than your boss. I bet you wear shoes that add an extra 6 inches to your height, stick a tube sock in your crotch, and wear a knock-off Rolex. The more you try to impress people (writing, intelligent, worth), the more people actually laugh at you. Good luck in life.

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      Captain PFB

      This sort of backs up what I’ve said about the Filipino having little to no awareness of time. There are people who love to read, and nestle down in bed at night and read a good book for a couple hours or so….keywords; GOOD BOOK.

      What makes a book good? The ability of the writer to paint a good clear picture in the mind of the reader with as few words as possible, and with words and phrases the reader can understand. A writer should know who his readers are, and write accordingly. That’s what makes a “Rock Star Writer”.

      If you want people to read your articles, and if they are going to be looooooooooong ones, you better have the ability to firmly captivate your reader throughout the article. Long sentences overrun with redundancy and irrelevancy to topic is going to send your reader to the next article. And will ensure that the reader bypasses any further articles written by you.

      I also see this article as nothing more than the author attempting to try to impress the reader. Unfortunately, he thinks complexity is impressive. What’s also unfortunate is, he doesn’t realize that anyone with writing skills will look at this article and facepalm and think to himself, “Damn, I could have made those points with at least 50% fewer words, and in a way that someone WITHOUT A COLLEGE DEGREE could understand. Know who your readers are.

      Here, he is writing on a fail blog simply about Filipino stupidity. And what does he drone on about?

      *Lithium ion batteries

      *toxic industrial debris

      *the production of plastic products

      *our want to expand our consciousness of our existence and purpose

      *the purpose of profitability by these conglomerates can be considered as an unnecessary evil that contributes to the problems that humanity is facing but is collectively being ignored as it posses as a necessity for the improvement of life all around us without really realizing the actual implicated problems that goes along with the continued adherence to these certain principles.
      (bet there’s not many people who can say that sentence in one breath!)

      Then he goes on to tells about money like this:

      “Money is a piece of paper with a printed face of a person or animal or even a plant, that has a unique serial number to prove it’s individual credibility.”

      Thanks, I never really looked at my money, I’ll have to check it out next time! There goes 10 seconds more of my life I’ll never get back! The point would have been EQUALLY made with “Money is just a piece of paper.” Yet he goes on to insult the intelligence of his reader by telling them even more FUCKING BLOODY OBVIOUS AND WELL KNOWN FACTS ABOUT MONEY.

      This article ridiculously written, not to mention, to the wrong audience. Reading it reminds me of sitting in church listening to a zealot preacher droning on and on and on and on about loving they neighbor. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Gern Blanson

    Oh Fred, thank you for the article, I was having trouble sleeping due to all of the freaking noise last night from a birthday party that went well into the morning hours. After reading you article, I can honestly say I could sleep for a week.

    1. Profile gravatar of NeoGeo

      The point of it was this: Money is bad, education is bad, technology is bad, progress is bad. Wars will break out, and it’ll all collapse. I, Fred, am an awesome writer for pointing this out. Hire me?

      Either that or Fred ran out of Paxil and he wrote that while in the lows of depression.