Email From A Stupid Filipino

I thought this was funny, so I thought I would share this with the readers. The idiot filo accuses me of not spelling words right, and that I should hire a proof reader, then he dumbasses all over himself with

“First of all, you need to hire a proof-reader for you blog because you….”

I swear, these dumbass Filos prove me right every time they open their mouths LOL!!!

and then he says this:

“the people you encountered may not be the most educated people living here and were not privileged enough to have an education.”

Yeah, just more lame excuses for their stupidity. It’s a freak accident and coincidence that the only people I have ever encountered here over the past 6 years were uneducated. What’s the chance of that happening??? And then he acts as if their education system is top notch, when in fact it’s one of the most pathetic on earth. Just more typical dumbass filo denial and reactivity to prove this blog right.

I guess all foreigners who have been living here for years who agree with this blog have only run in to uneducated people also. What a typical idiot filo.

Fact is, MOST people I know here are college grads, and are still dumb as fuck. It’s not a question of education. It’s just the fact that ignorance and stupidity, and lies and dishonesty, and no reason or logic is what filos have been raised with, and so their stupidity is inherent. And the sender of this email proved it.

To: Webmaster


You asshole

[email protected]

Are you familiar with WordPress blog authoring interface?

 * yes


I am:

 * a native Filipino


First of all, you need to hire a proof-reader for you blog because you don’t even know how to spell words right. Secondly, how can you say that you are not technically a Filipino, you have our “stupidity”

and “common discourtesy” flowing through your fucking veins.

Lastly, whoever made you the Lord of all-knowingness?! Huh?! If you would please just kick your own ass, you’d be saving us a lot of trouble; the people you encountered may not be the most educated people living here and were not privileged enough to have an education. Get off your self-built pedestal that makes you feel superior because making a blog to vent out your frustrations and messing up the basics of your own so called, “English Language” is pitiful. You are one piece of work, you derelict. Have a nice time in hell when you get there.

One does not need to be a “Lord of all-knowingness” to recognize blatant stupidity, utter ignorance, blatant lies, and a complete absence of logic and reason.

You just need to NOT be raised in Philippines.

I would venture to say that most of the elected officials in government are educated. It’s from THEM you see A WHOLE LOT OF MINDLESSNESS, STUPIDITY, BLATANT LIES, AND COMPLETE ABSENCE OF LOGIC AND REASON.

And the fact of the matter is, the stupid Filipinos that I write about in this blog are people I do encounter every week for the past 6 years, such as store managers, restaurant managers, bank managers, hotel managers, utility company managers, etc… And you know as well as I do, UNEDUCATED FILIPINO IDIOTS don’t get those jobs in Philippines. Only the EDUCATED FILIPINO IDIOTS do. And I’m telling you, there is NOT MUCH DIFFERENCE AT ALL BETWEEN THE TWO!

So my friend, find another excuse that might not be quite as lame as the one you feebly attempted to give. You might also want to take a look at the poll on the right sidebar of this blog. 82% of 233 voters agree that this blog is true, and appropriately harsh. 12% agree this blog is true, but maybe too harsh, so a WHOPPING 94% OF READERS AGREE WITH THIS BLOG.

So please accuse all of them of “only encountering uneducated Filipino idiots” also. You moron. LOL!

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  1. Profile gravatar of Dzighnman

    My Filipina wife, whom has also become a US Citizen, reads these blogs with me. First, I should say I have lost count of all the times she criticizes the Filo idiots she encounters EVERYPLACE here. Second, she has come right out and told, utility managers, councilors, business owners, even Barangay captains and the mayor how she has come to be ashamed of her own homeland and how much more she loves the USA. She feels alienated because she chose to marry a foreigner and now experiences discrimination as never before. She tells them how welcomed she was in the USA and criticizes them for embarrassingly taking advantage of her and her husband as their form of “Welcome” to the Philippines… they shrug with no care at all as if she somehow deserves their disrespect. So as I said, she reads these with me and the one about the steak sauce was particularly harsh…. for her, but what shocked her was to hear stupid Filipino so many times actually prompted something deep inside her to formulate and excuse for that behavior…. she stopped mid sentence and said, ” he is right, it IS hereditary, as I know better than to make an excuse for stupidity, but my gut reaction was to do so anyhow.” She retracted it immediately, but remains disappointed that somewhere deep inside her, that stupidity and excuse forming tendency lies dormant for now. So I posted this comment on this blog, to possibly highlight to the original emailer and others who have yet to see beyond lame excuses… that a Filipina, having spent several years in the USA, agrees that this country is being held back by its total lack of regard for constructive criticism and self-improvement that is essential for this society to evolve beyond the sad state it is in. I hope all my spelling and syntax meet with the original posters standards so there are no excues for not listening to the message.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Your wife is living proof that her people CAN learn, recognize the SHIT LAME ATTITUDE OF STUPIDITY, and then do their own part for change by changing themselves. But absolutely NOTHING will change until RECOGNITION of the problem takes place FIRST AND FOREMOST.

      I applaude your wife for taking the first and most important step towards change.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        all we have to do is look at the leadership at the very top in the land of flips
        an ex senator who never did anything noteworthy is the president!!!! a senator who was a coup leader. bunch of grade C movie actors and ”major major ” ex beauty queens pretending to know something. right down to the barangay leaders who depend on the squatters and massa for their votes… so no wonder garbage gets thrown on the streets and the tanods do not care,
        cos in the phils,, armies of sweepers employed by the barangay captain (relatives, tambays,, cousins) clean the mess every morning.
        and to top it all off, our western governments send more money over here for them to buy mansions in the usa, etc,,
        next time one of these morons tell you to go back to your country,, ”tell them, I WOULD BUT IT IS FULL OF FLIPS driving the wages down and taking up valuable air and space
        sorry for the punctuation,,, the do not deserve any extra effort on my part

  2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    I find it mind-boggling when a Filo reacts the way the sender of this email did. Doesn’t he realize that all anyone has to do is step outside their door and within the first few steps outside, take a look around and instantly come to the conclusion that these people are stupid, ignorant, lazy imbeciles? They’re so fucking stupid they don’t even know what stupid is.

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    i know that your intention of writing this blog is good. i have read most of your posts and i must have to agree with those. however, i understand why some get mad. perhaps your words are a little harsh. i just hope that this blog serves it purpose. its not to insult filipinos but to awaken them and let them know what they are doing wrong and what they are lacking. i would appreciate if you would also talk about the good attitudes of filipinos. i am certain that in your 6 years here, you have experienced some good things with them too. i do acknowledge the truth that most of us just do a lot of stupid things and the country has some rules that are just stupid to most. i do hope your intent is to help us filipinos realize how we need to improve and not just to insult. your blog can be entertaining and helpful but i suggest that you minimize use of harsh words 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Well, if you look at the poll on the right sidebar of the blog, you’ll see that 80% (214) of voters agree that this blog is “Completely true, and appropriately harsh and blunt.”

      Whereas 13% (35) of voters agree that this blog is “On the most part true, but maybe a bit too harsh”.

      I would say you’re outnumbered by a landslide. Therefore I’ll keep it harsh and blunt. But thanks for commenting.

    2. Profile gravatar of mike-test

      i hope im not being harsh or something.. understand first the theme and nature of the blog. you don’t expect to read religious stuffs in porn sites do you? and as with the porn sites – if you don’t like it your free not to visit it.

      as of this posting 80% agrees with the theme. the site owner intends this site to be harsh as his therapy for the pinoy stupidities that encounters daily. otherwise he would change the domain name to

  4. Profile gravatar of TheBlankStare

    Haha, this dumbass needs a slap on his face. I bet if you go stand in front of him and talk to him, he’ll give you the blank stare… formulate a half-ass response… come back at you 10 mins later with a dud. (All the while, blankly staring at you)

    If he took the time to write, he shudda atleast come up with a better excuse because EDUCATION IS NOT COMMON SENSE, YOU PIECE OF SHIT DUMBFUCK. Common sense can be seen from anywhere, as long as you weren’t raised in the Philippines.

    You should post his email address so I (and presumably others) can verbally defecate on there.

  5. Profile gravatar of TheBlankStare

    I have an example of lack of common sense.
    Recently, around 8am I was about to leave for work. But I was waiting on the helper to finish and leave so I could leave too. (Shes only in the mornings)

    This dumbass blank stare champion finished everything but the throwing of my garbage in the condo’s garbage chute which is 6 doors down from mine. The garbage is tied and ready by the door. What she does next is mind-boggling. She goes out, dumps the garbage, comes back in, takes her cellphone, puts on her flipflops and walks out the door saying “done sir”.

    I just stood there wondering if I should give her a $20 for winning the ‘Who is the dumbest in this country’ award or just be dumbfounded the rest of the day wondering “How can someone be SOOOO stupid?”

    (I’m waiting to find a slightly smarter one and then she’s history)