Empty Bottles, Lame Excuses, Empty Brains

Hey, quick question….

How many of you have ever asked for steak sauce, or ketchup, or some other condiment at a restaurant and been handed an empty bottle? I swear to GAWD this has happened to me COUNTLESS times in my 6 years here.

I can honestly say it’s never happened to me once in my 38 years in USA. It’s never happened to me once in any other country I have visited. Never.

But I thought it was worth blogging now, because yesterday was the clencher. Yesterday, was one of those days that proved to me that there is no limit to just how stupid the average Filipino can be.

My steak arrived at my table, and I reached for the A1 Steak Sauce bottle which was already on the table when I arrived. It was empty. So I asked the server for a bottle with some steak sauce in it. She takes the empty bottle, apologizes, goes to another vacant table, takes the bottle from that table, and replaces it with my empty bottle, and returns to my table with the other bottle. I give it a shake; nothing. I open it and try to pour some on my steak. Nothing.

So I repeat the process. And so does she. She takes the 2nd bottle goes to another vacant table, replaces the bottle with the empty one, and brings me YET AGAIN, ANOTHER EMPTY BOTTLE. At this point, I’m on my 3rd empty steak sauce bottle, and my steak is getting colder than it was when it was first served to me.

Stupid FilipinoThis time I asked for the manager. I explained the utter stupidity to the stupid Filipino manager. And his response explains how Filipino stupidity is contagious. He said, “Well sir, you can’t fault the server, the bottles are not transparent glass so they can’t see if they’re full or empty.”

I told him that the server took 2 bottles from me that she now knows are empty, and put them on tables awaiting customers! SHE KNEW THEY WERE EMPTY, YET PLACED THEM ON TABLES THAT WERE PREPARED FOR CUSTOMERS TO DINE AT, WHICH EXPLAINS WHY MY TABLE HAD AN EMPTY BOTTLE TO BEGIN WITH! 

“Well sir, most of our customers don’t use the steak sauce, it’s mostly there for appearance. This is a steak house.” was the next IDIOTIC STUPID NONSENSICAL response from the idiot Filipino manager. OH MY GOD, FILIPINOS ARE SUCH STUPID IDIOTS, BEYOND ANYTHING COMPARABLE! A ROTTING TREE STUMP IS SMARTER THAN A FILIPINO!

Now I’m sure the average native Filipino shit-4-brains would accept that response, and not just accept it, but find reason in it as well, which proves how utter stupidity and absence of logic and reason is very much normal in Philippines.

But I didn’t accept it, and I told the shit-for-brains idiot Filipino manager just how fucking stupid that reasoning is. But it really is VERY thematic to what Philippines is all about: ILLUSION.

Philippines is the land of illusion. There is disorder and chaos pretty much anywhere you go. Any semblance of order and organization you happen see with your eyes is an illusion. Such as when you walk into a beautifully interior decorated branch of BDO bank. Everything APPEARS to be orderly and organized. But it doesn’t take much effort to look just a little deeper, just under that thin surface of visual beauty and order to find the same, expected stupidity, ignorance, and lack of reason in the way they operate. I mean, for god sake! They have all this computers and somewhat modern systems, yet they are STILL WRITING EVERYTHING THEY INPUT ON SLIPS OF PAPER AND MAKING COPIES WITH WORN OUT CARBON PAPER!!! I didn’t realize carbon paper was still manufactured these days!! Maybe it’s not, and they’re still trying to stretch that dog-eared piece of carbon paper they’ve been using for the past 3 weeks to it’s full limit. I would bet they have bigger stacks of these slips they write out than they have currency. I say that because anytime I want to withdraw more than $1000 in US Dollars in cash, I have to call ahead. And even when I call ahead, and they tell me it will be ready by 1pm, often I’ll get there at 1pm and I’ll get the “I’m sorry sir, our shipment hasn’t arrived yet”.

Filipinos have had their heads so far up their asses that they can’t even see even the simplest logic or reason. They are clueless about keeping their word, they are clueless about customer service, they are clueless about courtesy, and they cannot accept criticism at all. The example is with the restaurant manager feebly trying to give reason for 3 empty bottle of steak sauce handed to me, instead of addressing the problem. It wasn’t a problem in his mind. His employee did not wrong.

Again, Native Filipinos in general, with few exceptions, are mindless ignorant dumb-shits. No question about it. It’s just the way it is. But most will never admit it. They get pissed off, and act like everything is great here, and I’m just imagining it. But then again, if you’re really stupid, you don’t know you’re stupid. And you’re too stupid to to know what stupid is. So you end up thinking you’re smart, or at least average, and that’s when you get angry when someone with logic, reason, and a measurable level of intelligence tells you you’re stupid. Just like the restaurant manager did. But I don’t care. They can get mad. I will never stop speaking truthfully and honestly when I deem it necessary.

If you do something stupid which in some way harms or inconveniences others, I’m going to call you out on the carpet and tell you. Because you are obviously too stupid to realize what stupid is. So the only way to learn what stupid is, is to be told about it when you do something stupid. Accepting it and learning it is up to you. You can deny it and remain a typical fucking stupid Filipino, or you can realize it, and improve yourself. It’s up to you!

But I won’t keep quiet about it anytime soon.

You might be able to get away with making other stupid Filipinos think you’re smart by denying your stupidity, but the rest of the world just sees you as another typical dumbshit. Why? Because the rest of the world looks at what you DO, and NOT WHAT YOU SAY!! In Philippines, you can do all the stupidity you want, and save yourself by making some illogical lame excuse, and then appear to other stupid Filos as smart again. Well, the rest of the world isn’t that stupid, I hate to reveal that to you, but it’s true. The rest of the world is looking at you, and doing a facepalm and shaking their heads. Very little of what you do and say here makes any sense to the rest of the world. We’ve tried to tell you for 1/2 a century. We’ve tried to help you for 1/2 a century. But you just choose to remain stupid fucks. Oh well. Your choice.

Stupid is keeping your people from progress and a better life.

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  1. Profile gravatar of richmess

    What a great rant. A too too typical story, told very well. Thank you.

    My quick trip to the supermarket last night threw up various incidents of (as you mention) rudeness and stupidity. (people barging in front of you as if you don’t exist, then 2500 minus 2463 shouldn’t take the calling for a calculator, and the waste of fully 3 or 4 minutes. It’s THIRTY SEVEN). We could all tell lots of stories, but yours is a classic.

    From what I gather is your home country, I love the Abraham Lincoln quote ‘I find that most people are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be’. I love the way this quote can be adapted, and as an educator, I’ve adapted it to ‘I find that most people are about as smart as they make up their minds to be’. THEN some experiences in the Middle East, which were reinforced here in The Philippines, led me to start to say ‘I find that most people are about as smart as THEY FEEL THE NEED to be’. Here, they feel very little need to be smart. There is no need to be smart. Things that you’ve alluded to, include the expectations being so very low. Why on earth would you expect steak sauce in steak sauce bottles in a steak restaurant?

    It’s a book! But why this might be is, I think, due to a collective lack of self-esteem. I think it is also to do with the country being about as far from a meritocracy as I have ever witnessed. Effort, ability, good performance are very unlikely to be rewarded.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      This is all true, and I would bet the majority of the population knows this, yet they continue to stuff it in the huge file cabinet of their minds in the deny/ignore file. And that’s one of the things I’m talking about. They just refuse to begin to progress and change. And they simply mark it up as “Well this is Philippines, that’s the way it is”, and leave it at that with a plan to get the fuck out of the country to wipe the asses of the elderly in other countries so they can send money back to their country. After all, that’s what fuels the economy. Wiping asses of people in foreign countries is the essential resource of Philippines to the rest of the world.

      And they’re “PROUD TO BE FILIPINO” Sus!

      1. Profile gravatar of richmess

        Yes, what you are saying fits with them not feeling the need to be very smart. Expectations are a massively powerful thing. I’ll disagree with you on one thing. I don’t believe the majority of the population know this, understand what we are talking about. Maybe 20% do, but I think the majority feel no need to care. There is no expectation for them to care … to do their jobs properly, to be at all interested in local or international politics, to expect others to do their jobs properly, to show respect for others and receive the same in kind … blah, blah …

        Walk down the street and ask the next 100 people why their country is called The Philippines.

        Again, thank you for sharing and allowing someone else to vent a little frustration.

  2. Profile gravatar of Dzighnman

    I have to echo the agreements above and how appropriate I come home to read this today. I have just returned from Citi Hardware, where I purchased a light fixture. There were five on the shelf and they tested ALL FIVE and found them all to be inoperable or broken in some way, shape or form. Where do you think these defective and broken fixtures went after being determined to be junk??? ?Yup, back on the shelf….. I have evolved to where I no longer cede any benefit of doubt and call a spade a spade when I see this stupidity first hand. When I stated how ridiculous that was to the worker, they shrugged and walked away…. so I went to the manager and he immediately set out to solve the problem…… I went on my way but observed 30 minutes later that the fixtures were still on the shelf…. I approached the manager and stated such, at which point he informed me that they had been repaired and we now ready for sale….. I asked him\ to accompany me over for testing, he did, they all failed and went back on the shelf…. he had a phone call to answer and I had no more time to play the game so these light fixtures are still up for sale and undoubtedly I could repeat this everyday forever and get the same actions as long as I found this form of entertainment appealing. 😉 I agree with every word of your post as if it had come from my own keyboard…I share your frustration and take some solace in knowing I am not alone…… it is NOT me as I am told, it is NOT simply me not being used to a different culture…. it is STUPIDITY to the highest level.

  3. Profile gravatar of

    “Stupid is keeping your people from progress and a better life.” –> I couldn’t have said this better myself and describes the the “arrangement” here perfectly. Keep the masses unabashedly stupid and we can continue to rob them blind while fooling them into believing that we are their public servants working in their best interest. SMDH…

    I’ll share two stories with you that fit this post and am DYING to hear your thoughts about –

    On my way to the airport last week early in the morning I noticed a gathering in the middle of the street. So we pulled over after seeing a young man lying semi-concious in a growing pool of blood. My wife and I rolled the window down and asked if the ambulance had been called and we got the infamous blank-stare. So my wife gets out and asks (in Tagalog now) what happened and if the ambulance has been called for this kid, who we found out later had been hit by a car. NO ambulance was called nor was any effort made to transport this poor kid to a medical facility for help despite a now growing crowd of bystanders and vehicles pulling over to stare. Just gather and stare at him. My wife and I call the ambulance for St. Luke’s hospital who arrives in about 10 mins (not bad…). What happens next was UNREAL. We go to get back in the car to continue on to the airport when the kids Uncle (who was there the ENTIRE time) asks my wife in tagalog if “we will pay”. WTF?? Pay what? Long story short…we were now expected to pay medical bills and expenses for this kid since WE were the ones who called for assistance. This of course explains why no one bothered to call for help and preferred to instead stare at this suffering kid until he bled to death. Unbelievably sad that this is the mindset…

    Second story involves common courtesy and manners. Im in the elevator going up to my apartment and it stops to pick up more passengers en-route. Instinctively I say “Hello” or “Good morning”..but get no response or even an acknowledgement that Im standing there (Im 6’2″ by the way…). So I say it again just in case they didn’t hear me – and again nothing. So my sis-in-law frequently asks me why I talk to everybody I see. Umm…why not? Isn’t it polite to say hello to someone you are sharing an elevator with? Or speak to someone that is assisting you in some way? She says “no, here in the Philippines we don’t do that”…WTF??? i dont get it…common courtesy and manners is not something that is done here?

    1. Profile gravatar of richmess

      OH MY OH MY.

      I was still wondering about the steak sauce as I was travelling around today. Couldn’t the waitress tell that the bottles were empty by weight? Wasn’t she duty bound to check so as not to be BLOODY RUDE by giving the customer another empty bottle … and another empty bottle and …

      ‘The famous blank stare’. I had wondered if it was just me! I didn’t know it was famous. Again, it is BLOODY RUDE. It is the height of ignorance. I’ve had the same with my neighbours, who I spoke to ten times. The day I parked my bike in their spot, they came and knocked on the screen door ‘OH! You can speak NOW! F*** OFF!’.

  4. Profile gravatar of

    It seems one, as a ‘non-flippapino’, just can’t win no matter what one does. If you decide not to explode or even criticize, you are usually branded ‘arrogant’ by these mind-boggling hypocrites!

  5. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    Last week I stopped for some Japanese food at Shangri-La Mall, Ortigas. I ordered a beer and soon after that some food. When my food arrived I asked for another beer. I finished my meal – still no beer – so I asked again – pointing out that I had already asked. I swear almost ten minutes go by and still no fucking beer! This time, I angrily asked for another beer and told the waitress that I had already asked twice. The usual bullshit apologies flowed from her retarded Pinay lips – but ten minutes later still no fucking beer! At that point I walked to the door of the restaurant, and told them they had 30 seconds to get me the bull or I’d walk off without paying at all. Within fifteen seconds the bill arrived – which was paid to the Peso. There were five fucking waiters working in the restaurant, with two tables to serve. My table, and another group of three. Each day for me has become an exercise in trying not to deal with these stupid, ignorant dip-shits. So glad I found this place to rant!

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Boy oh boy do I have a story to tell about my experience at Shangri-La. But I’m on my way out the door so I’ll save it for later. Talk about Filipino stupidity, this takes the cake!

  6. Profile gravatar of mike-test

    the famous blank stare.. i had my share last holiday back in da homeland. i wanted something photocopied, i approached the staff politely asked her to photocopy few documents… she told me to wait and i did. after sometimes seeing that she has no intention of accommodating, i again politely called her attention, again she told me to wait. 3rd fuckin time – my anger is building-up. i called the retard told her (voice raised) “are you going to accommodate me or not? simple – if you don’t have any intention of doing so – is it tooo hard for you to tell me?” all i got is a BLANK STARE…

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    One more story that I think fit this blog entry perfectly –

    My wife and I are at Landmark Makati purchasing school supplies for our son. He needed a pencil box and a few small notebooks..nothing too expensive. We bring the items to the cashier who scans our items and the price comes up 4500 pesos. My wife gives her the WTF speech and after the 10 second blankstare WE determine that the pencil box came up as an HP calculator in their system. Her classic response –> “do you still want the pencil box sir?”. Her receipt checker and bagger looked at us with empty eyes waiting for our reply and all I could do was laugh. We said we still want the pencil box but we want to pay the correct price for it…so what does she do? Void the transaction and charge us just for the small notebooks – 70 pesos. I would call that a successful shopping trip here..about as good as it gets

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    I recently had lunch at one of the better restaurants in SM Mall in Cebu City. Since the table setting was for 4 and there were only 2 of us the server started to remove the extra settings. Sanitary practices aside, common sense should tell you to handle food utensils by the HANDLE. The server removed every fork, spoon, and knife by grasping them by the top, the part that goes into your mouth. She also moved our setting in the same manner. This is unacceptable by any standard but I never said a word; why bother, it would only embarrass the server.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      I sincerely doubt the server would have been embarrassed. I really don’t think they are capable of shame, embarrassment, and certainly not common sense. Still, it would have been a waste of breath to say anything because the server would have found some nonsensical justification for his/her stupidity and non-thinking. Filipinos have no sense of responsibility, consideration, or knowing their job.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        You know filofail…it took me a long time to realize what you just said about how the server wouldn’t have been embarrassed. That is absolutely the truth of it right down to the core. I see it in all walks of life here when they do the dumbshit that they do and it perfectly explains the “non-reaction” when things are so brought to their attention:

        – Taking the elevator down to the ground floor and a horde enters before we can get off – The looks on their faces as we squeeze by trying to get off before the doors close

        – jaywalking across a busy road when the pedestrian bridge is 10 feet away – The looks on their faces when their children are almost massacred by speeding cars and buses

        – double parking on a tight street while traffic eeks by at a snails pace – The looks on their faces as frustrated drives squeeze within inches of both cars while snarling traffic in both directions

        – cutting in line – the looks on their faces when called out by those that have been waiting

        – speaking while chewing in a public establishment or using “inside voices” while doing so – the looks on their faces when customers nearby move away or give frustrated looks in their direction

        I could go on and on but the fact that they dont know to be embarrassed or are able to recognize social situations properly explains a LOT. Im telling you..we should get NatGeo in here to do a documentary – its fascinating