Epidemic Cases Of CRS Amongst Filipinos

One very frustrating thing that boggles my mind, is that native filipinos seem to be born with CRS (Can’t Remember Shit)

I swear to the non-existent god, texting with them is like deja vu. Check this text conversation:

9:23am HIM: What time I should meet you for interview, and where?

9:24am ME:  Please meet me at Starbucks at 2pm

9:24am Him: Ok ok

1:55pm ME: I am here at Starbucks waiting 4 u

1:57pm HIM: Ok I take shower and go there now

1:58pm ME: What??? I said meet at 2pm at Starbucks! You haven’t even left your place yet?

1:59pm HIM: It’s 2pm now, I am going to meet you now!

2:00pm ME: Don’t bother to come, you’re fired before you’re even hired.

It is a common practice when you say “Meet at Starbucks at 2pm” they think that means to prepare to go at 2pm. How stupid can one be???? What is so hard to understand about Meet AT STARBUCKS at 2pm??? That means you are MEETING at 2pm!!! If you’re at home at 2pm, you’re not MEETING at 2pm. Idiots.

Then another thing is, they will agree to be somewhere tomorrow at a certain time, then when they don’t show up, they say “I’m sorry, I have class, I can’t go” BUT YOU KNEW YOU HAD CLASS WHEN YOU AGREED TO BE SOMEWHERE ELSE, SO WHY DID YOU AGREE TO BE SOMEWHERE WHEN YOU KNEW YOU COULDN’T BE THERE BECAUSE OF CLASS?????????? IDIOTS!!!!

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  1. Bikini Philippines

    I have made the same observation so many times and it was frustrating. Specially, when you meet up to go out at night. It’s brain wrecking stupidity and time wasting. However, most professionals like lawyers, journalists and realtors seem to be just fine in being on time. Seems to be an educational or motivational problem imho.

  2. filofail

    The only place I’ve experienced the idiot taxi stuff is in the Metro Manila region. I live in Cebu City now, and have never had a single issue with a taxi.

    But I do agree, I have hailed a taxi in Manila, and it usually turns into a bargaining match on fare, or they don’t want to take me where I want to go. When they pull that dumbass stupid filipino shit like, “it’s a lot of traffic that way” or whatever stupid shit, I then ask them, “Oh ok, well then where would be most convenient for you to take me then, even tho it’s not where I want to go?” I then just get that stupid fuckin’ typical filipino blank stare.

    My god, these people are such fucking failures, and masters of “filogic”.