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I went to the The Philippines a few years ago after having met a girl on philippinecupid and wanted to meet her before making any decisions or sending money like some morons do right away. She was a university graduate school teacher and not as dumb as most pinoys are, nor blind to the wrongs in her country. But her family thought they had won the lottery and after some months of abuse and squandering our money away we decided to move to a place of our own where she could live when I was home working.

Filipino street kids beggingNow I had a place in mind I found on the web, unfurnished new apartment in subdivision for 7500 peso a month and with fees and bills about 12k peso. She didn’t want that one because it meant 3 jeepney rides to her work, so she choose Makati prime tower right in the hooker district. A terrible place. Rent was 16k peso and with fees and bills about 20k total for a small studio on the 19th floor with cockroaches, lousy water pressure, elevator out of order 2 hours every 2nd day, and beggars right outside the building. Gays, whores, women walking with their babies in the middle of traffic begging for money, dirty kids pulling my clothes and trying to get in my pockets. It was a nightmare going outside no matter what the time of day was.

Anyways, there was some fun stuff also looing back now after it cost me about 1 mill pesos total that 8 month relationship. Shopping for things we needed for the studio was 250k and when her mom found out I had spend that much she contacted her husband who was working in Saudi Arabia and I started getting death threats from him for stealing his daughter from him and making her turn on her own family. I offered him to book a flight at my expense so he could come to Manila for a showdown if he really wanted that but he wouldn’t let me get the passport number which I would need to book a ticket for him through my ATM card. He had sent me these threats to MY phone by txt and I messaged him back that this would go to the police now and I would do what I could to see to it that he would be arrested once he landed back in The Philippines. His wife then started calling my ex and begging for me not to file a case which I never intended to do in the first place, just wanted him to shut the hell up.

My ex had a gold ring from her graduation which her mom had pawned and her sister (one of them) had stolen her silver necklace I had given her along with matching earrings and she also had a 7000 peso camera I had given her but that was still in the squatter house in the slum where the family lived. Now we wanted that back and the sister had baptism of her son and needed money (when don’t they need money?) so I agreed that we would give 3000 peso for a cake for the party IF she came with the camera and then we could forget the necklace which she of course denied having taken.

When we met in mall of Asia to make the transfer (because I didn’t want them coming to our condo) then she had forgotten the camera and made an act like it should be in her bag, we already gave the 3000 peso and then I just gave up on that family. It would never end, but can’t separate a girl from her family against her will and I gave her a choice and told her what would happen if she let herself get exploited like that by her own family (talking about loving and caring family relations). She agreed and cut them all off.

But it only lasted for 1 week then she was cryingFilipino idiot family and missed her younger sister but not the others she said. So she wanted her younger sister to come visit and I agreed again, but what turned up was all her sisters and her brother and the sisters husbands and their babies. It was a STUDIO condo!!!! And then NO money for taxi when they arrived, so we had to go down and pay the drivers of 2 taxis and of course pay their fare back as well.

That’s the hospitality in The Philippines in some families!!!! The toilet would overflow sometimes and then I would go down and complain and demand that they fix it and I get a…siiiirrrr we will send an engineer up… I wasn’t thinking straight at that time and didn’t know about the titles being more important than the qualifications to match the title. What came up was an old man in worn out jeans with holes in his black t-shirt that did say ENGINEER on the back, he came with this wood thing and a rubber whatever its called, I am not English so this isn’t my native language and then he swopped a few times and held out his hand expecting to get paid, when I gave him 20 peso he looked at me like I was a cockroach and left.

Later I learned that a man mixing cement on a construction site is also called an engineer. I work as a technician in the windmill industry and the engineers where I come from are people who make the blueprint for cars, airplanes, bridges and high tech stuff. No fucking way he was an engineer, it was the same guy who fixed the elevator 3 times a week, EVERY week and still it wasn’t working.

Many times I took those dirty garbage filled stairs 19 floors down or up because it could take an hour or more before the elevator would be operational. The guards let anyone in the building without watching ID and lots of massage girls would go in and out. They expected money from me but I never gave them any and one day my ex came home she said she didn’t like one of the guards because he said I had many girls visit me. LOL….if I had girls visit me he wouldn’t know because anyone could just walk in and take the elevator up to any floor, no way he could see that, only because I didn’t pay him, because I saw other foreigners give them a 50 or 100 bill from time to time and wondered why they did that when security fee was 1000 peso in the total rent.

Anyways, I am with a much better family now and not all are bad and stupid, there are some pearls here but not many and I am generous and kind to those who deserves it and have friends here and people I trust even with my life. But never ever reward laziness, rudeness, cruelty to animals, abuse of children, ignorance and stupidity. I say what’s on my mind and I don’t take their bull anymore. Sometimes I make them look stupid plainly by doing what the Pinoys often do with everything, copy, copy, copy. so someone comes up like these days and show me hand ready to receive and say merry xmas then I say kindly merry xmas and show my hand ready to receive also…

Only the kids I give and only the ones I know uses the damn garbage can and don’t throw rocks at the dogs, especially the street dog I took in here and been teaching some manners and good behavior. Its honestly been easier to teach the dog than teach these people here. When I saw it nobody wanted to say it was theirs because it was scared and would make pain howl even if nobody touched it as they passed by it. Upset, I demanded to know who the owner was but nobody would say, when I said then that’s going to be MY dog now suddenly there was an owner and his daughter told my dad in law that her dad was planning on eating it, but for 150 peso I could buy it. So I did, 150 peso ppppfffff, I would have given 1500 peso for it, but that moron aimed low and that’s what most here do. They aim low and what they hit is rock bottom! Thanks for the blog, its excellent therapy!

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    Wow, it seems that we both have problems with our apartment staff demanding extra money on top of their salary. About that shit with her whole family coming over when you were expecting only one of her sisters is common fucked up practice here. They like to pack your house as if it’s a fuckin Jeepney in this country.
    For instance, I would have a party, invite like 10 people, then next thing you know I get like 30 at my fuckin door. Ok, for one, I only cooked enough food for the people I invited, and two, this is a tiny 2-bedroom apartment! For God sakes, my fuckin 1-bedroom apartment I had in the states is bigger than the 2-bedroom I have now! Sadly I had to send half of them home, 15 still being too much, as soon as I finished cooking and set the food out, the food was devoured within seconds, none was left for me! What did I expect from such shitty-ass people? (I can’t believe I just called them ‘people’) Anyway, what I am saying is that you have to treat these Filipinos like toddlers, you have to verify EVERY LITTLE DETAIL about anything you say to them before officially making a promise. If they say they want to invite their sister over, in their tiny little brain holster where a brain should be, they are assuming that means they can invite the whole fuckin neighborhood over. You have to ask them exactly how many are coming over, and how long they can stay. One thing I learned about Filipinos is that they HATE to specify information. In my case, they often forget to mention even simple information. Some would tell me the place, but never tell me the time, and vice versa. When a large quantity of something is needed by a Filipino, they would rarely tell you the amount.
    Just to keep another thing in mind, EVEN if a Filipino gives you a time, ignore it, because they are late to anything 90% of the fuckin time.
    As for the title thing, yeah that really sickens me too. Their mechanics, engineers, doctors, and technicians hardly compares to the true professionals that we dealt with before in our home countries. Even my fuckin course professor demands to be called, “doctor” only because of the simple fact she holds a PHD, which was obtained in this country (with that knowledge, you know that hardly holds any significant value in other countries).
    Well, I feel for your living situation bro, I really do hope that it gets better. I know this wasn’t totally your choice since you allowed your girlfriend’s Filogic (no offense) alter your logical decision making. Don’t worry, same thing happened to me too, I wanted a 1-bedroom for 8k when I first moved in, but for some fuckin reason my idiot wife wanted a 2-bedroom for 14k. Turns out we never use the 2nd bedroom and she is demanding allowance, so we are going to downgrade to a 1-bedroom when my lease ends in March… told her so!!! 3 Jeepney rides could’ve been supplemented by a taxi ride, or some other public form of transportation other than a jeepney. Well anyway, I wish the best of luck to you buddy. Keep a sane mind, it’s the best way to go about it. Advance Happy New Years to you buddy!

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    Here is something I recently posted on another site.
    I have recently finished a relationship with my Filipino GF of nearly five years. She scammed, lied, stole, and cheated me so many times I have lost count. I don’t know how or why I put up with it for so long. She has a beautiful son five years old so I guess it was for him that I tolerated her disgraceful behaviour. I know her useless, lazy, drunken family put her up to it, but I had finally had enough. Fortunately I was thinking with the right head and I still have my investments. I had great plans for the little guy, education to give him a future but she stuffed it up with the Filipino short term mentality. I am back in NZ for a while to clear my head. I really love and miss the little guy, but I do not miss her.

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      Captain PFB

      That’s very unfortunate for you and for her son. What’s even more sad, is the fact that even if you wanted to see to his education, it’s quite certain his mother would take that money and squander it on something else. Filipinos are truly pathetic.

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    Alicia Cummings

    nice story, i didnt know it was horrible at makati executive place as i have a friend who bought a condo there & lives there, good info because I was thinking Cityland is one of the VERY FEW honest companies selling condos in the country (because they turn over the title after you fully pay them — others do not & lie about a lot of the payments)