Facebook!!!! HELP RAPE!!!!!

A few months ago I was reading Yahoo news when an article caught my eye, the title was about how DFA “rescued” an OFW pinay in the middleeast. The article said that this pinay was raped by the son of her employer then goes into detail. Seems said pinay went on Facebook asking her friends to contact DFA in the philippines to report the rape as son said he would kill her if she told anyone. So DFA “rescues” her.


The pinay said that she went to the sons father because she was pregnant and the father told her to get an abortion. At this point my bat alert radar went off and I started asking questions to myself while reading the comments of filipinos in the comment section. So I then put up my own post where I asked:

1.) Why go on Facebook to get help instead of going to the philppine embassy?

2.) Why did she, in her own words tell the dad she was pregnant yet not tell him his son raped her?

3.) Is it possible the son and her were consensual lovers?

4.) Is it possible the son did not want a relationship with her but just a sexual one?

5.) Is it possible she is saying he raped her to save face in front of her family ?

6.) Is it possible they were in fact having a serious relationship (not just sexual) and he broke up with her then she says rape?

7.) Why was she scared to go to the embassy because of his threat ( she said she did not want him to know) but she puts it on Facebook for the whole world to see?

8.) Could she have said rape to get out of a contract?

I then went on to say one she knows if it was rape or not and all we can do is wait and see what comes out.

Well then the filipinos started to reply to my post and it went something like this I shit you not:

1.) If a filipino said they were raped then they were raped.

2.) A filipino would not lie about something that serious and ruin a mans life. (I asked what about “Nicole” then?)

3.) I condone, endorse and promote rape.

4.) I’m racial.

5.) OFWs are abused and raped everyday.

6.) Then the names and insults when they cannot defend their point or carry on an intelligent conversation, think for themselves and such.


Well I’m sure you can imagine the rest. I thought the post showed just how stupid filipinos are. They don’t trust each other yet believe this pinay just because she said it. Then here comes how it’s someone else’s fault,Β  how she was taken advantage of and so one. Ask legit questions and they go into full retard mode if they have to think of an intelligent answer.

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    Pinay Lover

    I was wondering about this case as well, Mike. I saw the video and if those are forced tears, she’s a pretty damn good actor. But I’ll tell you this much, considering she is probably a weak minded, submissive nanny, like almost all of them are, my first thought was that she had no confidence, mental, or physical strength to solve her problems accordingly. They don’t even know laws and who to go to half the time. The thought did dawn on me that this could be some scam to get free money, but the video looked legit to me. SHe looked more like a lost puppy and the majority of them are too stupid to be that diabolical.

    These Pinay’s are brainwashed to be submissive, subservient slaves from birth from their parents, and I bet you anything if she tried to cry her tears to her parents they would be more concerned about the free money hand-outs she was giving them then her welfare. It’s probably why she resorted to Facebook to ask for help.

    This is just another case where a Nanny get’s thrown into the shark infested waters by their parents for money and all the parents give a fuck about is the money and have no back up plan for their child because “who the fuck cares! As long as we get that money!”

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    Mike Post author


    When I was in the navy I got stationed on Diego Garcia in the middle of the Indian Ocean as police for a communications site. Well since the island was so remote military needs had first priority on incoming flights and ships. Milk was a luxury item, water rationed and so on. But of course we did have a mess hall, store and such. Who ran the store and mess hall? Filipinos both men and women. One of the first things military men are told when the hit the island is to stay away from the pinays.

    Why? Glad you asked. The pinays would bed an American or British then yell rape. The pinay in the middle east has too many holes in her story for it to be legit rape for me to believe her. I had my wife read the article and did not tell her what I thought. First thing my wife said? She is making up the rape because she got pregnant and wants to save face. I have not seen the video but we both know on something like this they can turn on the water works.

    Remember Daniel Smith and “Nicole” from 2007? He was a U.S. Marine who’s ship pulled into the philippines and he had sex with “Nicole”. Well later she cried raped and he was arrested, charged and found guilty of rape and sentenced. Now for the kickers. Daniel and her had sex in the back of a jeepney while going down the road. The driver was a witness for Smith and said he did not rape her along with other witnesses for Smith. A supreme court judge after the trial said “Nicole” was a good actress and was not raped. But what happens? Smith gets sent to prison, lost his military career and is a convicted sex offender who has to register for the rest of his life.

    Now for the good part. “Nicole” got a visa to the U.S. where she married an officer in the U.S. Navy and has come out in public and said Smith did not rape her. Do you see the philippines even trying to overturn and clear his record or charge her with false reporting?

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    Mike Post author


    Google nicole philippines. there is one titles nicole statements hint. It is from GMA news and is just below the images section.

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    I see stories like these at my FB, or friends of friends. It is so common that I don’t click on the stories anymore because sometimes, like Mike said, the Pinay’s stories are just so full of holes. Like the Pinay who allegedly jumped from a 3 story window of her employer’s house to escape, but not a broken bone in her body?

    My guess is, this Pinay likely got deliberately pregnant in the hope that the baby’s father would stand by her and start sending money, so she won’t have to work! I personally know of a Filipina who did this recently to a Kano friend. She demanded a fixed amount equal to her monthly wages, and when he agreed, she promptly quit her job in the city, hired a nanny to take care of the baby while she sits on her ass all day! Not a bad earning for a few hours of lying on her back, eh?

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      SO True bro I am a Filipino by the way, when I was in high school, my classmate and her boyfriend had sex but the boyfriend did not want to have responsibilities so he left her. But the girl for some unknown reasons managed to have sex with a American a week later after she found she was pregnant. And the American guy if he will not provide money to the Girl, she will report him. And the American accepted on providing her the money and wanted to marry the Girl.

      So me and my Girlfriend decided to helped the American by saying to him whose child is in her belly, and she’s just using you for money. The American guy thanked us so much, and wanted to repay us with money, which we declined because we like helping people and we seriously hate people telling lies and using people. She filed a case of rape to the guy but because of me and my Girlfriend saying that He’s not the father, the American Guy wanted to have a DNA test to prove his innocence and the Girl cried like some sh!t saying he ruined her like(lols, she ruining the American life actually for her selfish desires.) She abandoned the case because she don’t want to get the DNA test.

      When I walk to this day going to visit my Girlfriend house to study. I always see her stare at me like some shit blaming me for saying the truth XDD. Still she deserves it.

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    Mike Post author


    How do you know the baby is really his? The way they work here she could be telling that to 2,3,4 other guys so they send money. See here’s what’s gets me about filipinos here. Yes they are pretty stupid as a general rule compared to other countries yet they can come up with ingenious ways to cheat, steal, scam and so on.

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      Well guys, get this: My friend has never done DNA!! Baby does looked halk-Kano. But when I asked him “how do you know it’s yours?” – he replied “she’s not that kind of girl”. WTF???

      Initially I wanted to feel sorry for him. BUT no excuse for stupidity, me thinks. I mean Pinays do this all the time in the hope that the guy will either marry them or at least ensure the supply of money in the next 18 years. So emrys, don’t fell so bad for doing a runner.

      I never buy the argument that these girls don’t know about contraception. Of course they fucking do!

      And get this: They specifically target Kanis and Japs because the know that these particular group of men will provide support even without marriage. At least that’s what these low life Pinays say. How do I know? Because I can understand them even though I can’t speak the language. They all used to trade tips on how to ensnare men, Pinoys, Kanos, Japs, Chinese. Koreans are the least desirable to trap because they’re known for being kuripot.

      And the ace up the sleeve if guy refuse marriage……a baby!!

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        Mike Post author

        They will try anything. We were living in Manila and I would go out for a beer, sit and people watch at a table by myself. I also told the staff I did not want anyone at my table and they kept everyone away. Well one night I’m laying in bed reading a book with wife next to me. Normal scene right? Well wife very busy texting on the phone. Normal scene right?

        Next thing i know I’m in trouble and getting yelled at. Why? Well one of the female staff at my regular hangout some how got my wife’s cell number and was texting her. So what was the problem? The pinay told my wife that I was with her a a short time hotel and we just got done having sex and she was just putting her panties back on. So I asked my wife where was I having sex at? In Balintiwak. Ok says I. How far is Balintiwak from here I ask and wife tells me about 10 km.

        And this pinay said we just got done having sex and she is putting her panties back on? Yes says wife with dagger eyes.
        Ok, now how did I go from here to Balintiwak, have sex and get back here before this pinay got her panties back on and never left this room?

        It took it a minute but the light did come on in the wifes head and the rusty gears did move, slowly but they did. Yep, they will try anything to get a foreigner.

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      Pinay Lover

      I’m forgetting how scamming and lying is wired into them. My wife was “joking” with me saying she has a kid back in the Philippines. I didn’t find that funny at all. Through the coarse of our relationship, I’ve never seen any signs of this being true and I was 99% sure she was joking, but wtf? Who jokes about that? That’s not funny.

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    ok so my comment might get sort of graphic so I apologize ahead of time. also,some of you might think I’m a douche bag.

    but Filipinas do lie about things that serious. my second trip to the Philippines was to Davao. I went to specifically meet a girl there. she ended up having guys on the side, I found out,so broke up with her. I then met this girl from a date site because she kept messaging me. I blocked her, but she just would make a new account and keep sending me messages. so I do the stupidest thing in the world. she said she really wanted to meet me, so I finally gave in. we went to lunch and she seemed shy, but was alright. we hung out a few times, played cards and that, but I never made a move on here sexually. I didn’t want to start a relationship at that point with anyone.

    eventually she ended up making a move and when I said that I didn’t feel comfortable about getting physical, she ended up looking super rejected and hurt. she was pretty cool, shy, and I couldn’t see anything wrong with her. so one night we ended up having to much to drink and she mad a move. we ended up sleeping together, and I had no condom, but was hoping a pull out would work. after that night I didn’t see her for 4 weeks. next thing I know she is texting me saying she is pregnant. I’m all “oh shit” and finding out as much details as possible. I wanted to get a pregnancy test done and she was all for it. so I figured she was telling me for real,so I never got the test because how would she fake aa test in a hospital.

    so I start giving her money to make sure she is eating right because I think she is pregnant. fast forward a bit and she starts sending me pictures that she is already showing. this is before the second trimester. so I start subtly asking her questions. things aren’t matching up and I do the calculations which would have put the “pregnancy” a month before I met her. rewind a bit to before I start figuring this all out and I’m trying to make a relationship with this girl. so we have sex of course. and me thinking she is pregnant. I’m not wearing protection and not pulling out. so fast forward back to the time I am questioning her, and all of a sudden she says she was never pregnant and just wanted a relationship with me. so I freak out and get so pissed off because who fakes getting pregnant and freaking the shit out of a guy who doesn’t want kids.

    But here is the kicker. she lied before that she is pregnant, but now she actually is pregnant. wtf. or so she says. what did I do? ok some of you might think I’m an asshole for this. I’m on the first flight away from this crazy chick. maybe she was pregnant. maybe not. but I was going to be a stand up guy the first time and was making sure she was in good health. but not after I find out she lied about it. so Filipina lie about serious stuff and can be completely convincing.

    the good thing is now I have actually met an awesome girl there who is totally on the up and up. the plus side is she doesn’t want kids either. we have this idea of borrow a baby. basically when we ever get the urge to be maternal. we borrow her niece for a weekend. by the time the weekend is over, we are re-convinced to never have kids hahah.

    I realize some of you may have a major problem with me possibly ditching out on a chick that might be pregnant with my kid. but I put myself in the position of being a stand up guy once and tossed a ton of effort into it, even though I never want kids. to find out it was a lie, I was absolutely furious. I don’t give people second chances.

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      Pinay Lover

      Forgive me if I sound like a total outright asshole, but after finding out she was not pregnant I would have phoned her up to meet her, kicked her hard in the belly and asked, “you sure you have a baby in there bitch?”

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        I don’t think you’re an asshole if you wanted to do that PL. Or else, I’m just as big of an asshole as you are!

        Reason why I say this is, these low-life women don’t care if they ruin your life by getting pregnant. The teen-aged Pinays for example end up forcing the boy who got her pregnant, usually a classmate, to marry her! They both end up quitting school to try get a job to support the baby! At such a young age, the union never last!

        The case of my Kano friend, well he has a lot of health issues, physical and mental health wise. He is nudging 60, so did not really want a child at his age. When he told the dumb ass Pinay that he can’t afford to have that baby, among other things because he has these health issues, she apparently said “I don’t believe you!” – and went ahead with the pregnancy anyway. Now she’s sitting on her ass receiving that generous baby support.

        Now, any other women would
        1) never get pregnant with an old man (she’s 30 years younger than him) with dubious health issues.

        2) would never get pregnant unless they talk about it first (well that is how we usually conduct normal BF/GF relations ships, don’t we?).

        3) considering his poor health, you’d think she would be thinking of the future, keep working (don’t forget the employment life of a Pinay in da Failippines stops at 30 years of age if you’re sort of pretty, shorter if you’re ugly), because if you’ve been out of the workforce for more than 3 years, the employers won’t hire you… unless you or your family are connected (Compadre system).
        Why would they hire you if you’re nudging 30 when there are young, pretty fresh meats…errr, fresh graduates from colleges looking for a chance to work? But no, the scheming little bitch just sits on her ass waiting for her baby paycheck.

        So, no I’m not condeming Emry and PL for their thoughts, because these low-lifes don’t care if they ruin your life, your future, your mental and physical health. Just keep that Peso rolling…..

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    Pinay Lover

    After thinking about Pinay’s being “diabolical” and hearing you guys and your thoughts it’s making me think this is just an everyday normal con amongst them which is bred into them at an early age, probably even recommended by the low life parents. I guess it wouldn’t take a genius to open your legs, get pregnant and then cry like a baby and call rape and reap the rewards now would it?. What was I thinking, this could totally be a con job.

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      In the case of that Nicole story (the Pinay who cried rape, then ended up in the US anyway), it was obviously a set up. Daniel Smith should sue her ass for what she did! I’m surprised though why they gave her a visa to the US?

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        Mike Post author


        Google nicole philippines and news articles will come uo where nicole said that Smith did not rape her. Now here is what I think. Let’s say it was a filipino in the U.S or Oz on a tourist visa and a woman cried raped. The pinoy tried, convicted and sentenced just like Smith was. Now let’s say the woman then came out and admitted the pinoy did not rape her, what do you think would happen here?

        Here’s what i think. The filipinos would be yelling racism, fould and demand the conviction be overturned because the woman admitted it was not rape. Now for the filipino double standards. Does anyone hear the filipinos talking about overturning Smiths conviction because nicole admitted it was not rape?

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        Mike Post author

        As to nicole in the states heres what I say. Do the same thing the philippines would do if someone came here after doing what she did. Deport and bar her claiming undesirable.

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    Phil Doh

    The problem with these stories is that every Tom, Dick and Ding Dong is happy to like and share on facebook, twitter, etc without delving into the facts.

    These abused OFW stories could just be another scam in a long list of pinoy scams and the average pinoy social media user, without investigating the facts, will pick up on it and spread it like wildfire.

    Typical of a “Poor me” culture.

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    an philippine embassy official got sued for slave labor in my country.. the embassy person fled my country to the feelippines.
    I think the maid was there illegally and wanted to stay in my country 4 ever..
    thieving, lien snakes

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Ha! isn’t it ironic that so many young Pinays with Kano companions, upon arriving at international departures, are given a hard time by their own immigration officials. They were stopped from travelling or leaving the Philippines whether they were accompanied by their sponsors (Kano BF or husbands) or not, on the grounds that said sponsor MIGHT be human traffickers!!!!

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      Mike Post author

      What happened officials from BI and DFA went and rounded up some street kids and took them to the DFA office. They then made passports with false ages showing all of them over 18 and sent them off to Hong Kong. That is what the UN caught. Nothing is too low for a filipino to stoop to if they think they can get a peso off of it.

      I’ll bet you, say we go to a funeral/vigil here and the dead has a 5 peso coin over each eye at the start. I’ll bet you that before funeral/vigil half way done that someone done stole the coins.

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    Hey Mike, I read about that Subic rape case (US Marine Daniel Smith accused of rape by Pinay). What I can’t seem to find is, any information how that Filipina got into the US so easily?? Even the legit fiancee/spousal visas can take months to process.

    I heard that US immigration laws are so unforgiving, that a Pinay who got busted for lying (she was a bigamist) was banned from ever applying again. But a low life lying bitch who ruined an American citizen’s life was granted a visa so easily it seems?

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike
      Mike Post author

      That seems to be the big mystery. Pisses me off they let her stay. Wonder if a U.S. court could overturn Smith conviction?

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        If you’re bakla, up yours!! πŸ™‚

        By the way, I realized upon awakening this morning that I have become super-allergic to Baklas!

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    Mike Post author


    How old are you? I ask because back in the states there is a cereal called Trix and has a rabbit for a mascot. Well the tv commercial years ago, 1970’s the rabbit was always trying to take the Trix from the kids. When caught a kid would say ” Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.” Later when the gay movement really started up that saying was changed a little bit. “Silly faggot, dicks are for chicks.”
    No, I’m not gay or bi. I like 100% real women. But the problem I do have is the gays are always hitting on me.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      I was born during the reign of the Pokemon. πŸ™‚ Could never get enough of the damn thing. Stuffed Pokemnon, Pokemon nightie, Pokemon plastic toys. I used to tell my Mum I wanted McDonalds for dinner because they used to give away those cheap Pokemon plastic toys, likely made by Chinese or Indian slave labour.

      But I never heard of that Trix cereals. We don’t have that in Oz, I don’t think? We do have the Twix chocolates. πŸ™‚

      Gosh, and I thought my BF was the only Kano getting hit up by Baklas. Anyway, I was only kidding about the bakla thing with you, coz I knew you’re happily married πŸ™‚

      I just gotta share this:
      On my way to the Philippines last year, we stopped over in KL. The boarding announcement was called and everyone got up except me. I’ve already paid for my seat, so not in a hurry. Next thing I spied a very lovely looking Asian lady with gorgeous long hair, in company of an older Asian male. Like every hot blooded male (and no, I’m not a dike), I started to look her up from the head working to below when….. I spied a bulge in the front of “her” jeans! She was a he!

      I happened to have been chatting with my Canadian friend on FB at the time and told him what I saw. He suggested I should approach the Asian male companion and ask him if he was aware that his companion has an extra “tackle”. I said “thanks, but no
      thanks” πŸ™‚

      Having had so many ladyboy relatives, I kinda knew what their tricks of the trade were. Well, some of them. And one of them is to tape the “tackle” onto the butt crack so the “bulge” won’t be visible, hence they can get away with wearing swimsuits.

      LOL! I mentioned about the KL trip to my colleague last night. I said “considering he was wearing a pair of tight jeans, would it not make sense to tape “it” like they normally do?”. Her reply was “if your flight to KL to Manila is 3 hours, it’s gonna be a mighty uncomfortable flight sitting on “it” if had to tape it between the crack”. hmmm, makes sense πŸ™‚

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        Mike Post author

        I know joking. But the gays are not. I was walking down street in metro and had one yell from second story balcony across the street ” I want to fuck you”.

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    hmmm, the baklas who’s trying to pick up the BF would actually gingerly approach him whenever he’s alone if I had to leave him for a few minutes. Geez, it does not take them long to try their business! They usually say in their most feminine voice… “excuse me Sir, would you like company?”. But as soon as they see me approaching, they scamper away like rats.

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      Mike Post author

      Here’s what I get most of the time. Last month I went to hit the atm machine and carrying my sons bike so to get repairs. I got there about 45 minutes before the mall opened so I’m standing out front. What happens? I go to the front door and ask the guard if I can use the atm inside and come right back out. Standard answer, offline. So I wait.

      Here come the gay. Hi siiiiiiirrrrr, where you from? I’m not in a bad mood because still early and have not had to deal with stupidity yet. You got a wife in the philippines? And so the questions go until I just walk away. All the while this queer is talking to me he is waving his chest around like he has Dolly Parton boobs.

      Or take my son up to the BBQ stands for a hot dog and here we go again. The queers working all come out of the KTVs and stand around trying to act girl sexy. Then the real girls come out (hookers) look and do pull off the sexy act. Seems the only ones hitting on me are queers and hookers. Why can’t it be a nice young good looking,sexy pinay who just wants an honest roll in the hay?

      Went to get a coke or beer at a store about a block away. I get there and a pinay is ahead on me getting waited on so I wait. No smells in the. Well she sees me, gets her stuff and walks off right but not too far. Right behind me the store owner had his pick up parked and she had to go on other side of it to go home. But wait,, here she comes again. She gets as close to me as she can telling the store she “forgot” to buy shampoo. Nothing odd there right? But she did not forget to apply a sexy perfume when she was hidden behind the truck. The problem? It was one of the hookers from the KTV!

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        “The problem? It was one of the hookers from the KTV!”.

        How do you know she is a real she????? I’ve seen enough of these she-males, I tell you, some of them looked so real, until I get told that they’re not girls!

        Do you live where there’s so many baklas around? Or more to the point, how many baklas do you think there really are in the RP? Are there as many as real girls?

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike
        Mike Post author

        How many gays in the philippines? I don’t really know. I think maybe the reason it appears to be so many is because most of them flaunt it.

        How do I know it was a real woman? Well I was in the navy for 8 years and done a lot of traveling. Literally been around the world twice, including Oz. I did knock on your door but you were not home. Any who, this was a real woman as to how I know? Almost too shy to tell you,, ALMOST but not. She was wearing a tank top that was filled with milk machines that had a very nice cleavage. No foam there!!!

        Up on the main road from my apt, about 100 yards is a row of KTV. At those KTV there are about three ladyboys.

  13. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “Up on the main road from my apt, about 100 yards is a row of KTV. At those KTV there are about three ladyboys.”

    Only three ladyboys?? That’s not too many. There’s a town in provincial Cebu, population 70,000 (according to Wikepedia), but I swear it’s more than that. But when I was there in the last few years, I swear there’s got to be a Bakla for every 2-3 real Pinays. You see them as salespersons (gosh, I hate political correctness!), waiters, shop keepers, hair dressers/barbers etc.

    “She was wearing a tank top that was filled with milk machines that had a very nice cleavage. No foam there!!!”

    You think she was lactating?? LOL! that is so funny! πŸ™‚

    By the way, did you get my PM?

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike
      Mike Post author

      I got the pm. As to lactating well I was breast fed as a baby but never weaned. I know, us men only think about one thing. I’m having problems with internet or something. I write the pm and hit send and then it stops and the refresh button comes up. Internet here been worse than normal last 5 days or so.

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    Sum Dum Joe

    I lived in the Middle East fr a little over eight years. There are tons of horrible things done to the foreign workers there.
    The only difference is that the Filipinos can not really go to their own embassy for help. Many times going to their own embassy is worse.
    I know in Kuwait the Failipino embassy was busted at least twice while I was there for human trafficking violations. Here is how it worked. A Filipina would be mal-treated by her employer and escape to the embassy. The embassy would take the Filipina in, then sell her back to the man power agency that she came from, or onto another agency. And I mean sell as in, give me $100 and you own this person. It is that bad. There is a market in Kuwait city that sells house maids. It is one of the saddest thing I have ever seen.
    Nepal and Indonesia have banned sending domestic workers to Kuwait because of so much abuse. Not the Failopines. Keep that OFW money flowing into the country at all costs.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike
      Mike Post author


      Then here is a question. If she could not go to the embassy why did she go to the guys father? Her story just don’t add up. “He said if I told anyone he would kill me. So what did I do? I went and told his father”. I think it was consensual, she got pregnant then yelled rape to save face.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sum Dum Joe
        Sum Dum Joe

        It very well could be Mike. It’s always hard to tell what the truth is when dealing with Filipinos. I don’t even know if they know what the truth is most of the time.