Filipina Idiot Wife, Dumb as a Bag of Rocks: Part 2

As you know, every good story has a part 2 to it. So I am here writing a continuation of the very first story I posted here from when I joined back in 2013. It’s needless to say that my wife is a fuckin idiot, but it has gone to the extreme that I start questioning if she is human or not. With that said, I have been reducing the amount of bedtime fun I have with her lately simply because I’m against bestiality.

Remember my friend “Fat Jesus” from my previous article? Well he came by one morning to talk over a beer about his psychotic and out of control wife. I guarantee that none of you have a wife/girlfriend eviler than her, it’s beyond compare. Well anyway, on with the story. 3 days later while I was scavenging around for something I lost, I came across an old cookie container with some mysterious murky fluid inside of it, which kinda resembled apple juice.

20160111_002713My wife was out at the time I found this container, and I gave her the benefit of the doubt it could’ve been cat urine (since we had recently adopted a cat), so I waited to confront her when she got home. Well she got home and I questioned her what was it that I had found in the cookie jar. She had then admitted to me that it was her urine that I had found in the cookie jar. I was in a rage to hear that, but I kept my cool so she can justify herself.

Apparently, being a typical pinoy who can’t take responsibility for their own actions, she blamed my buddy Fat Jesus only because he was there. Her reason for doing that was because when Fat Jesus and I was having our guy talk in the common area of my condo, she felt too shy to come out and use the CR/bathroom. So instead, she decides to piss in the cookie jar. Alright, if I had SOME level of tolerance for that, I probably could’ve let that pass with just a slap on the wrist, but the last time Fat Jesus visited my condo from the day I found the cookie jar of piss was 3 fuckin days ago! She could’ve at least dumped it later that day, but decides to leave it there and have our unit smell like an animal shelter!

Yes, the featured image in this article is the ACTUAL container of her urine, disgusting and not lady-like right? Well here are a few other things about her that has been pissing me off lately pertaining to her Filogic and stupidity:

  1. When it’s hot during the day time, she would open not only the windows, but the screen door as well. She says its to give us more fresh air, but she is letting all the bugs in as well. I prefer the screen doors closed to keep out all the rodents and insects, but she doesn’t see it that way.
  2. While cooking, she keeps the door to our condo open to let out the heat. Sometimes she will do that while I’m cooking too. It pisses me off because I prefer my privacy. I dislike it when I have annoying little kids in the hallway staring at me rudely while I’m cooking, and sometimes it distracts me because I will often have neighbors come over to engage in small talk with me.
  3. While watching the movie trailers of Deadpool on Valentines Day, the trailier of “Batman vs Superman” was showing. I told her that I really wanted to see that when it comes out. She then asked me, “Which one is Superman, the one wearing black?” I sarcastically told her yes and she actually believed it…. What a fuckin idiot.
  4. She still fucks up left from right. While in a taxi coming home from our shopping. She means to direct the taxi to take a left turn, but tells him “kanan” (which is right in Tagalog), then abruptly correct her to the taxi driver, “KALIWA, KALIWA, KALIWA!” How she fuck that up, Tagalog is not even my native language.
  5. Which reminds me from number 4, she even fucks up “Up and Down.” While leaving the condo together and taking the elevator, she still continues to press the “up” button by mistake when the only way out is “down.” This causes delays in us leaving the building every week.
  6. It annoys the fuck outta me how she prefers everything to come in sachets. Her Dove conditioner is the worst bcuz I constantly have to take a shower with empty sachets at my feet! I give her hell for that.
  7. She runs a private freelance ticketing agency, but doesn’t know how to book an airline ticket online. I pretty much do all the work for her, as much as I teach her it never sticks! She has been doing this for over 2 years now.
  8. Sometimes when I offer her food when she is hungry, she replies with “I want rice.” I then ask her “why?” then she says, “it makes me full.”  According to universal logic, if you eat enough of ‘ANYTHING’, you will get full, but in Pinoy logic, ‘rice’ is the ONLY food that will make them full.  So if I gave her 10 pieces of chicken she wont get full, but if I gave her a plate of rice she will be full?  I never understood pinoy logic and it gives me brain cancer trying to figure it out.
  9. She thinks that rubbing alcohol is more effective on the underarms than deoderant. I bought her a bar of womans Deoderant and she still absolutely refuse to use it (its still just sitting there unused for 5 months). Many times before she tried to get me to put rubbing alcohol on my armpits instead of deoderant.

This list can seriously go on forever, and I really wanna keep it short this time. So what are your thoughts, will your significant other ever do anything like this, and if so, how would you react?

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    How can she even run a business if she’s like that? I can’t even imagine someone would piss in a container for unrealistic reasons….

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      FAFI Post author

      Well there you have it, shit like this does happen. Its amazing to see what inhumane levels of stupidity a pinoy wiuld resort to in order to deviate from the norm. Unfortunately in this situation it had to be my dumb fuckin wife. I know its absurd that she is incompetent at her freelance job, but then again, which pinoy is competent at their job? Very few to none I guess.

      1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

        sounds like my ex…I had to manage also her business….same with u …sells online but was too stupid to use a pc after 5 years.
        there is no hope my friend…i know all this anger ..when u see and get it each day and night served by ur own women/GF/ Wife.
        Stupid people never know that they are stupid…..
        My ex did even blame me as i did save her ( kicked the bathroom door to open it) of suicide ..with my cutter knife.
        So much stress..too much stupidity and laziness …

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Loco, you should have asked her “would you liked me to show you where best to cut so you won’t survive?” Or “honey just wait till I lay the plastic sheets so you won’t make a mess with the carpets”. I will bet that she would not have gone ahead with it anyway. Remember, it’s one of the emotional manipulations that these personality disordered princesses do…. threaten suicide by cutting the wrists. I’ve even seen them try and cut their wrists with their teeth! Give me a break!

          1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

            i did that…after i took her the cutter out of her hands ( she got after that blue marks on her shoulders ,guess what she told later ” the kano did hit me” where we was…? yes…i ve told her directly after the cuter knife scene..” u dont need to try it to put ur fingers into the plug…the connector pins are not reach able for ur fingers. but if u want that it works u must put ur body / hands on a metal”

            I did not disturb me in that moment that she wanted to kill herself but i had panic because it was in my house..and as i wrote in the past , i have an ill father to care here …i cant allow me that to be for a few days at the immigration to answer them idiotic questions.

        2. Profile gravatar of Mike

          My wife use to make threats like that before when did not get her way. I would just look at her and say “Ok, just don’t leave a mess for me to clean up” and walk off. She don’t do that anymore. Funny thing though, now she starts to listen to me more and though still pinay starting to act more like an adult.

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    G. Hueb

    Here’s a small sample of some of the stupid stuff my wife has done.

    -Put hair curling solution in my eye wash bottle. She said it was my fault that I almost burned a hole in my cornea because I should know not to put hair curler in my eyes. What if she put rat poison in my cereal box, who’s fault would that be?

    -She spent the better part of a day believing we were millionaires because we got one of those Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes entries in the mail.

    -This one I mentioned in another post, she didn’t speak to me for 2 days because she thought I called her an alligator, on my way to work one morning I said “see you later alligator”

    -She dropped me of at the San Diego airport and ended up lost in Los Angeles (100 miles away) before she called me. We lived about 10 minutes from the airport.

    -Same thing happened when I was in training in Pensacola Florida, dropped me off at the main gate and ended up in Mobile, Alabama 60 miles away.

    -Got stoned and left the bath water going upstairs and flooded the downstairs…twice. The first time I was like, okay sounds like something I would do, but twice, and here in the Pacific NW everything molds when it gets wet.

    -When we lived in the Philippines she would plug our 120v electronics and appliances into 220v sockets even though they were clearly marked.

    -Every time we watch a recent movie that’s in black and white or set in the past, she complains that we’re watching an old movie.

    -I still find coins in the closets and under the rugs all over the house. (to scare away the ghosts)

    -Sadly it’s not a myth that dogs can choke on chicken bones, it’s been proven twice in my household. I have to admit I wasn’t sure if it was true either, but I’ve always erred on the side of caution, this was before you could google shit like that. They were Filipino dogs, the dumbest dogs I’ve ever owned, but I was still attached to them.

    And I could go on and on, as I said this is just a nano-sampling of some of the dumb shit my wife does.
    But really, in the end who’s the truly stupid one, I married her after all.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      That is quite a hefty hilarious list of shit I can image dumbfuck wife doing, and thank goodness I dont have a closet. As for you, just buy a piggy and start stocking up on laundry money 🙂 Well at least your wife is smart enough to drive (assuming that “dropped off” mean she drove you to the airport). Thanks for sharing alligator, I know its not easy having a filipina wife, but like you said: “we married them.”

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          You might actually liked it, GH. You could have that “trip” of a lifetime. 🙂 Angel’s trumpet are highly hallucinogenic but can also be lethal. 🙂

    2. Profile gravatar of pulubi

      10 minutes from lindbergh and she ends up in L.A? That’s gold. She is lucky immigration didn’t pick her up at checkpoint on the way to l.a. LOL
      You could have made it easy for her to just go to balboa zoo. LOL

      1. Profile gravatar of G. Hueb
        G. Hueb

        That would have been funny, remember that movie starring Cheech Marin from Cheech & Chong , Born in East L.A. ? They deported him to Tijuana because he didn’t have I.D on him and he was Mexican American. She could have been a big star down there.

        Hee Haw

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    FAFI – Sounds like you found yourself a real winner. Sure she might not be the brightest bulb in the box, but if she’s one of those women (Filipino or not) that’s willing to stick by you irrespective of your bank balance and citizenship, may be she might be worth some of her salt. She might just be the one that sticks around long enough to wipe your ass in old age or give you some oral boom-boom if you can no longer give it to her beast-style .

    Besides, she might be on to something when she was stock piling her urine. Check out the fascinating things you can do with one’s own pee!! By the way, thanks for sharing your wife’s priceless idiosyncrasies.

    10 Things You Can Do with Your Own Urine

    20 Crazy (and fascinating) ways people have used pee instead of flushing it

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Thanks for the advice but I think I may be wiping her ass sooner than she will be wiping mine since she is 4 years older than me, and out of shape. She used to be super hot when I married her, and her looks back then is all that she had going for her, and now she has nothing….. and clearly not even a brain. Sadly that was only 6 years ago.

      Yeah there are many unique uses for urine and I did put her urine to good use by using it to water the grass. But instead of my grass growing taller it has just grown stupider from the pinoy DNA in her urine. What a burden I have to put up with, but I know she will stick with through thick and thin and extremely loyal, but at the end Im not afraid to admit that she still a fuckin idiot!

      1. Profile gravatar of Attila

        Filipinas will stay in shape until around their 30s or low 30s. After that they balloon. They either look cute or ugly there is nothing in the middle. Their short neck is the first to disappear. It reminds me of the fat Mexicans. However their MalayMongolian face which looks cute when in shape will distort into a fool moon or in to a Buddha or a dragon. Not a pleasant site.

        1. Profile gravatar of ConCanuck

          Attila – I’m well into my 40’s and as you can see from the bottom half of my profile picture, I still have my neck…thank you very much. In any case, thanks for the much needed comic relief.

          1. Profile gravatar of Attila

            Being 5’4 and run full marathons on a regular basis is not a typical Filipina. You are already much taller then most and that is a big advantige. There are always exceptions and my wife who is slim and works out in the gym is one. That however doesn’t change my or her observation.

        2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          “Filipinas will stay in shape until around their 30s or low 30s. After that they balloon. They either look cute or ugly there is nothing in the middle. ”

          So true Attila! A good example is Imelda Marcos! Once a beauty Queen in her time. But too much good living started to show when she was in her 30s. Look at her now….

          And if Pinays are below 5″4″, they looked like barrels with arms and legs. And just because she might only weigh 40kgs now does not mean she’ll stay the same, especially when she is allowed to eat as much as she can and no exercise! Even here in Oz, once Pinays learn to drive, they don’t walk even for short distances.

          1. Profile gravatar of ConCanuck

            Sarah – don’t lump all of us Pinays in the lumpy and frumpy category. I am neither cute nor ugly….I’d say I’m safely in the middle. I’m 5’4 and run full marathons on a regular basis. What’s with bitter banter? I asked you that before on your wall but never did get an answer. Care to spill it?

          2. Profile gravatar of Attila

            My wife who is still slim (switched from rice to quinoa) likes to show before/after photos of her friends on FB. They are her college classmates who are teaching in public schools and are in their mid 30S. She loves pointing out how fat and white they had become and how cute and slim and brown they were before. I was shocked at some of the transformations. It”s like falling off a cliff, again there is nothing in the middle. In my experience the average height of a Filipina is 5′ or 4’11”. In the states where we live is different though. Here Filipinas are a few inches taller. My wife explained the season for it: The professionals (nurses etc) here in New York are the Chinese variety who are generally taller than the native Malay Filipinas. Malay Filipinas go to Arab countries and Hong Kong , Singapore, Malaysia as maids and housekeepers/baby sitters while the pros (Chinese Filipinas) come to work in white countries.

          3. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            Is this a unique trait to filipinas? I’m a pot bellied western male in my forties with a few wrinkles starting to show. I looked a helluva lot better 15 years ago.

            “Even here in Oz, once Pinays learn to drive, they don’t walk even for short distances.”

            Pinays don’t like to walk any further than they have to wheels or not.

    2. Profile gravatar of Attila

      “She might just be the one that sticks around long enough to wipe your ass in old age”
      I don’t think Filipinas wipe their Kano husband’s ass. The firs thing they usually do after they get married is to secretly
      declare Independence and move up to the Master class.
      They may hire someone to perform the ritual and honor of whipping white ass however wife ain’t gonna do it for sure.

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    Barry Smyth

    I just want to ask one simple question why the fuck are you still with here or better still why did you marry her.
    If at all true she would drive me nuts in the first week and that would be it ….

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      She was hot at one point, and most of our relationship was long distance prior to marriage. I met her in Korea so I assumed she was smart as a Korean. She never revealed this type of behavior until my first time actually living with her in 2013, and I married hee in 2010 while making frequent short visits to Philippines. There is nothing but love and good times during short visits, but didn’t think things would get this much outta hand while living with her. I blame my ignorance and not living with her to get to know her prior to marriage. But ultimately, she isnt that bad, its just these once a month embarrasing experiences and her filogical mindset that makes her appear to look so bad. If things get too bad, I will just divorce her in the states, or I can divorce her here at the Sharia Court if I embrace Islam 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

        I’m like you Fafi, I didn’t live with my wife either before we married. Like you say there is nothing but love and good times during short visits. 4 days after we married, while on honeymoon, she pulled Tampo on me. I warned her she would be going home the next day and I will be off back to the real world and we will call it quits as I refuse to live like that. I really get stuck into her when she pulls Tampo but she is doing it less and less now. If she had of tried Tampo before we married I would never of married her. She is not the hottest but she isn’t bad. I’m in my early 30s and she is in her late 20s with 6 years between us. I ignored a lot of advise from people when I met her with the idea that crazy shit only happens to old men who marry young girls. How wrong I was. My wife to is dumb as a bag of rocks. examples;
        # She sees some Africans in town and asks if they can make their skin whiter. I explain no and that only Flips care about their skin colour. She then says “they are American” to which I reply “What do you mean” and she says “Black people come from America”. I explain they are from Africa, a continent she has never heard of. She also told me that white people come from America to; and she has never heard of Europe or England, you know, that country where the English language comes from.
        # She has the memory of a chocolate goldfish. I will tell her I have tomorrow off work and 10 minutes later she will ask if I am going to work. She does this all the time with heaps of things.
        # While she is a awesome cook she has no idea that all the food need to be ready at the same time so it is hot. She will cook the rice first and leave it for an hour or two while she cooks the rest. So you will get cold rice, mouth burning fried chicken, and luke warm soup.
        # I can not converse with her about anything. She knows nothing about anything unless it is her family or Barangay. If something big happens in the Phils she might see or hear it on the news but there is no point talking about anything else. I know far more about her country and its history than she could think to know, a country in which I knew nothing before we met. I used to really enjoy having a wife that said very little, was kind of bliss but now it is just frustrating. Maybe we should have a kid and when the kid is 5 at least I will have someone to talk intelligently with.
        # She never hangs up towels. I try and tell her they need to hang to dry. In one ear and out the other.
        # Oh and how they always get water on the bathroom floor. I tried explaining it will go through the lino and rot the floor; hopefully now the floor is actually rotting out she will understand but no.
        There are so many things I could write. I should do a post on this, title it “Dumb shit my Pinoy wife says”.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Dads third wife was a stupid one, the stupidest woman I ever met. Now mind you she did not have a mental issue nor suffered from dementia. SOOOOOOOO,,,,,,

          We all pile in the car and off we go with dad driving, I was about 8 at the time and we lived in small city and lots of farms around. Going down the road dad would point to a red barn out in a field:
          Dad: Hey Pat, you see that red thing out there in the middle of the field?
          Pat: Yes Dale. We never figured out why she called him Dale
          Dad: You know what it is?
          Pat: No Dale, what is it?
          Dad: A red thing out in the middle of a field.

          Now your thinking what’s so stupid about that right? Well 5 minutes later dad would see a white, green or other color building and do the same thing and she fell for it each time!! Some of these car trips lasted 2-3 hours one way and every time dad saw a building there he would go and she fell for it until we pulled back in the driveway and piled into the house.

        2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          “She has the memory of a chocolate goldfish.” and “In one ear and out the other”, I think these two are intertwined, selective hearing and selective memory.
          “all the food need to be ready at the same time”, ZERO planning skills, in everything unless it is a shakedown aka PLAN.

          1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

            Selective? Maybe there is nothing in there. Example;

            Wife – “Are you work tomorrow”
            Me – “No I have the day off, maybe we could go for a walk down the beach if the weather is nice, if not we could go for lunch to your favorite noodle bar”
            Wife – “And get the combination soup and crab claws”
            Me – “Anythng you want love my treat”

            10 minutes later……

            Wife – “So are you work tomorrow”
            Me – “Ah lub, what did we just talk about 10 minutes ago”

            This happens time and time again. It is like she is not even listening, like I am talking to a bag of rocks.

          2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            @angeleyes I hear you. Every once in a while I’ll feel a tinge of guilt that maybe I don’t talk to them enough. Then I remember that they never, EVER listen. I talk to them tons more then they ever listen. What’s the point? It’s mind numbing. Think I’ll try pig Latin and see if they even notice.

        3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          “# She sees some Africans in town and asks if they can make their skin whiter. I explain no and that only Flips care about their skin colour. She then says “they are American” to which I reply “What do you mean” and she says “Black people come from America”. I explain they are from Africa, a continent she has never heard of. She also told me that white people come from America to; and she has never heard of Europe or England, you know, that country where the English language comes from.”

          I’ve got the opposite Angel: Kano expat invited a friend over to dinner. He told the Pinay maid to cook something special because an American friend is coming for dinner. Evening came, door bell rang, maid answered. The guest asked for Mr. Jones (the host). Maid was scowling while serving dinner. Mr. Jones asked her in private “what’s the matter?”. Maid says “you told me you’ve got an American friend coming. But your friend is African!”. 🙂

  5. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Since the piss in the cookie jar is the fault of Fat Jesus, I can only see two solutions to the problem.
    1.) Ask Fat Jesus to walk on water.
    2.) Ask Fat Jesus to turn the piss into wine.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      1. Only Jesus walks on water, Fat Jesus lacks the buoyancy to hover on water therefore he will sink.
      2. Turning piss into wine is like a man turning into a woman. I don’t care what it used to be, I still wont fuck with it.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Still, get him to turn the piss into beer, bottle it and sell it. Sold sell pretty good as the pinoys also seem fond of Beer Na Beer which tastes like piss.

  6. Profile gravatar of tambok

    I have a whole long list too. But for now I will just list a few.
    1. I have the bill. It says some numbers. Ok ad them, out comes the calculator. 7+5=12, 23+2=25. I said why did you need a calculator? I’m not good in math she says!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Near in, more bigger, whats yours? wait a moment, how long, a moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    A friend of mine took his wife to London, where they hit all the tourist spots. When they got to Buckingham Palace he had to explain that nobody was allowed to go inside. She was having none of it and went up to the big gates and shouted, “Aye-oh” a few times, hoping the queen might hear her and come let her in.

  8. Profile gravatar of tambok

    Here are some questions and answer.
    By the way ambot means “I don’t know”
    Her. Is London in America?
    Me Who was Ferdinand Marcos? Ambot.
    Me Who is Chris Aquino’s brother? Ambot.
    It was Independence day and I asked, who did you get Independence from? Ambot.
    EDSA day. What is it? Ambot.

    To mention only a few

    1. Profile gravatar of Attila

      Well since you are from Guatemala you may have more common sense than many Kanos have. Not because you are smarter but because of your culture and background. Whites are often naive they were brought up with different values that wok well in white countries but not everywhere else. They are vulnerable and easy target. The reality of the Philippines is so foreign to many that they just refuse to believe it. It just doesn’t make any sense for them. It goes against their logic. I know because I was one of them. They just dont understand that people could be that stupid and low life just like many Filipinos do. Now some of them will get smart ans wise and some of them will need longer time for the shit to hit the fan. Some of them may go the other extreme and adopt the “4 F” rule: Find them, Feed them, F*** them and Forget them. I’m not in that category but I know a few who -after they got burned- live their life by this principle.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        I was first exposed to filipinos in Jan 1981 when I was in boot camp for the army and went to see the doctor. Could not understand a word the filipino doctor said even though it was “Blow your nose.” Later when in the navy we had filipinos that joined in order to get out of the philippines. Back then they could join the U.S military if they met certain requirements. So the ones on my ship were for most part smarter than most filipinos and lot more honest. But maybe that’s because you don’t want to get caught stealing on a ship.

        Now when I came here this last time I kind of expected the filipinos here to be like shipmates and took me about 6 months to figure out how they really are. All the blame shifting, excuse making, delays, stealing, back stabbing, overcharging, scamming and so on. Then we have people like Mindanao (asshole) Bob who charges $100 USD an hour to tell people how great filipinos are while leaving out the truth. Yes after 6 months I started to become very vocal saying what I thought and such. Yesterday my wife called and was talking about me going to SM to pick up some things then changed her mind very fast. The taxis here scam every chance they get and she back tracked saying I might get in trouble when I catch them trying to scam me. Or maybe she was afraid I might jump, who knows (could not resist saying that).

        Wife also loves it when she goes somewhere and catches a filipino trying to over charge a white. She will tear into the filipino in front of the white in the dialect and then tell the white what going on then tear into the filipino again “And you wonder why whites think all filipinos are thieves and crooks.” It is a sight to behold.

        1. Profile gravatar of Attila

          I know what you mean. My wife also pulled some spectacular stunts. She had me pay less for the buss as the locals do because she busted the ticketing guy of overcharging me. She shamed him like he was a bad children. It happened a few times that I payed less then the locals as the result of her plea bargain negotiating skills. She does it with ease and she has fun doing it. The only time she is not reacting is when we are harassed on the street as we walk. It happened a few times that a group of Filipinos sad insulting remarks about me and her in their own dialect. They always direct it at her and it’s about about the size of my private part. Sometimes they tell her that if I cant satisfy her then they will be happy to do. She didn’t want to tell me first but I insisted that she translates it and once she did I was ready to go back and confront them but she begged me not to go. I didn’t care and I was ready go anyway but then she got on her knees and begged me. She told me that they will hurt me by stabbing me. Latter on that day she gave me a detailed lesson about Filipino men’s attitude and thinking. I’m sure Mindanao (asshole) Bob would not include that in his class.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            I am sure Flips has got this insecurity complex about the size of their genitals, because they seemed so preoccupied about other race’s penis size. They firmly believed that Kanos are “hung” .

            The ex and I were walking along the markets one day in Cebu city when a group of tambays (unemployed Filipino bums – and there’s quite plenty of them) yelled “bet he’s hung like a horse”. Well, I happen to understand the language. I turned, looked at them and said “he sure is. Wanna try? I promised you, you’ll need a new asshole after”. 1) the shock value was unforgettable 2) ever seen brown Pinoys blush? priceless! 🙂

          2. Profile gravatar of Attila

            It seems they are fixated about the size of the Kano’s penis. My wife told me often other Filipinas not just men are asking her about my penis. How it feels and how big it is and if she feels pain etc. In Hungarians culture we absolutely don’t do that it would be out of taste and would be low class.

        2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          I’m not sure if you are in Manila or in any big city Mike, but I’m telling you, you need to use Uber. No hassle for cost and its billed to your card. Plus many times its cheaper than the taxis with a nicer car, better driver, cleaner driver, and most times a tinted car so street people don’t bother you cause they can’t tell its a taxi and they might not see you inside.

  9. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    2 pinays who have never met each other talk about 1. money and how much they are getting… penis size and stamina,, and all the maritial problems down to the nitty gritty…..