Filipina’s Will ALWAYS Aim For “Lose-Lose”

I’m often amazed how Filipina’s will shit in their own nest.  Its like they are born to aim for LOSE-LOSE setups.  “i lose, you lose”.

Take dating.  If they have their heart set on wanting to be with a foreigner then they don’t have much choice in foreigners.  Some areas like Mindanao have virtually no foreigners or such a low choice for dating if they want to buy a ticket out or to nirvana (aka win the lottery).  You’d think that the Filipinas would go out of their way to look after the HAND THAT PAYS ie. the Foreigner.  But No! they can’t help themselves but abuse kind people and rip, shit and burn as much, when they can, while they can with “pov” mentality of TAKE IT WHILE ITS THERE.  It will soon go.

So what happens when they meet a foreigner?  They want to aim for lose.  They want to milk the guy for all they can with bullshit, lies, asking for money and LOADING problems onto the poor guy (I’ve even met foreign girls that have been screwed dry (no pun intended) by pinoys!).

Filipino’ism is about milking the situation dry.  Taking as much as you can to a point of ABUSE.  Going beyond that they justify lying just as easy as the words “wheres my gift” rolls off their tounge.

With all the games Filipinas play, this drives the foreigner off.  Yes, to leave feeling burnt to a crisp and used for money and time.

Some are living in such deluded confidence that they will seemingly find another foreigner.  They will go for any OLD, CRUSTY foreigner for the sake of money but tell themselves the mantra “age doesnt matter…looks don’t matter” but deep down they are saying “the smell of the wallet matters” “I’ll go out with anything for a better life as long as its not pinoy (a local guy)”.

Why?  Why do Filipinos have to shit in their own nest then lose the foreigner and have to start again when they could take their time and ease into what could be a possible relationship?

Im tired of it.  You meet someone and already as if bags are packed they are asking for a passport, mentioning going to “your country”, visas, marriage etc.  aka “lets get the fuck out of the FAILappines”.

I have had, including my friends the bullshit – “you have been going out for 6 months now.  In our culture thats a long time” yea fuck off – even some filipino actors ive seen dating for 5 years! OUR OUR our culture, OUR food, OUR DIALECT.

“my family are ashamed of me as i don’t have a house and lot in my name, cash etc” – ive had that, my friends have had that.

It becomes a family affair where cousins become involved to get on the gravy train.  They have struck gold lotto.

Little do they know they are reducing the odds of the foreigner being around in the future but all they (the Filipina’s) focus on is MONEY, fame, power, showing off to family and friends.


When it comes to relationships and friendships MANY Filipinas set out on a self destructive path destined to fail (even through well meaning intention)… through their own cultural programming known as Filipino’ism.


mcdonaldsEXAMPLE — This week I had two friends mention how just a simple date, the date would turn up with a greedy cousin.  One of the friends said she ordered so much food including icecream for breakfast that they asked to take the excess food out  and home and of course expected him to pay without even asking if its ok.  In another case the friend said she ordered 3 more boxes of pizza and asked to take out then the Filipina told the guy there is a family crisis at home and he couldnt come.  In both cases the Foreigners didnt pay for the meals! 🙂 only to be harassed by the family for payment.

EXAMPLE – The taxi fare borrow scam.  I’ve had it, my friends have had it.  This is where the date of course arrives pennyless in a taxi which should be under 90 pesos fare (so you don’t want to fuck around thinking about jeeps) only to find the meter is 4 or 5 times the fare.  “whats going on”?! – my cousin borrow money (from the driver and the driver added to the meter) for medicine.  “wheres your cousin” – she’s gone.  Of course with the taxi fare, you have on your phone + hers that you said you would pay the fare (if the cops check) and the taxi driver has on his meter an unquestionable amount of xxxx pesos.  Why? Why are they so fucking stupid to burn bridges Filipinas and take advantage of kind people.  

EXAMPLE – friend wanted to see the girlfriends family.  When he went to the house in the province over 35 people showed up, yes, all expecting food and drink.  He then said how about we get mum and dad down to the city.  What happened?  the freeloaders hired a jeepney and 19 people showed up.

EXAMPLE – take this foreigner, a Belgian guy.  The guy was as some would say stupid for sending cash but this is  A TYPICAL EXAMPLE of th bullshit that comes on a regular basis from Filipinas.  I need money for …. (job application, medicine etc).  This guy obviously was a nice guy and was duped by this cow under false pretences.  Yet another example of how Filipinas lie.  I cannot recall the amount of friends (including myself) that have been asked to pay a medical bill (in one case you could clearly see the bill was bogus and had a small block area of the date field been rephotocopied).

Rule 1 is don’t ever believe a filipina.  They are highly defensive people even if you say in 10 years no filipino has paid me back money given – they will think through some miracle they are UNIQUE and special and different and not like the rest.  That is one of the biggest dellusional issues facing Filipinos today that they are different from the rest.

Why? Why the fuck do Filipino’s want to shit in their own nests when it comes to a relationship and expect a guy to be around putting up with that way of acting dumping problems onto people.  Havn’t they worked it out yet?

Sadly, Filipino’s wont be able to work anything out.  They always think it was the other person’s problem and not take self responsibility.

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    “They will go for any OLD, CRUSTY foreigner for the sake of money but tell themselves the mantra “age doesnt matter…looks don’t matter” but deep down they are saying “the smell of the wallet matters” “I’ll go out with anything for a better life as long as its not pinoy (a local guy)”.

    Correct Foreign, but if I may add…. she will still have a Pinoy on the side while the Kano is not looking. The Pinoy on the side is as common as the sun rising next day.

    Which brings me to mind a PNP colleague of asswipe PNP uncle was having an affair with a Pinay married to a Kano. She poured money on him, even bought him a motorbike with Kano’s money. Poor Kano was none the wiser. Who would tell him? Her family who are in the Kano gravy train are unlikely to tell him, friends? Not likely. Remember, a Kano in a foreign country, who’s watching your back?

    As fate would have it, Kano was away when Pinay and Pinoy lover had an accident with the motorbike the Kano paid for. Pinoy died on impact, Pinay alive but seriously injured. When Kano visited the hospital, she was busted. Kano left her with the hospital bills. Karma is a bitch indeed.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      yea .. @sarahfin a lot of the time there is a pinoy on the side and knows what is happening. I had a girl that turned up and already had borrowed off the taxi driver (and the amount added to the meter). I asked on that occassion where the fuck is the money? she said she gave it to her boyfriend (in the end of questioning – she spilled out with the truth) who wanted to buy beer!!

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Back in 2012, I was taken to the house of ass-wipe Uncle’s PNP colleague to invite him for target practice (shooting) next day. Their house was one of a cluster of 6 houses in the family compound built on a mountain top with glorious views to the oceans on one side and mountains on the other. The whole compound was gated and painted in black and gold, the main house even had a swimming pool and landscaped gardens. Such a nice place, I was impressed! I figured only a Kano with money could afford such a setting, so I asked about the place. Turned out that the colleague’s sister was married to a German guy. The land was bought by the German guy, but the houses were built by the Policeman’s father, who was a a qualified carpenter, but German guy paid for the materials.

        This year’s holiday, I was back in Mum’s town and I heard that the German guy left the Pinay because…… she had a Pinoy BF! Now, Pinay is in her mid-30s, unqualified for anything, did not go to college while she was floating with money. Too old to even enter the bar scene. What employment position could she possibly apply for? As I was leaving, there was talk that her house (well, the German guy’s house really) was up for sale.

        So why, oh why do these people shit on their own nests, and not foresee the consequences of their actions?? It’s in the fabric of their daily lives, be they dating a foreign man, or having relatives abroad. They always ruin it for themselves.

        Studies of human behavior have found that problem solving requiring insight involves increased activity in the right cerebral hemisphere as compared with problem solving not requiring insight. In particular, increased activity was found in the right hemisphere anterior superior temporal gyrus. Is it possible that Filipinos are born with shrunken right cerebral hemisphere??

    2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Yes a few inbetweens you almost feel there is a just God!:-) Good on the witch! There are a few lowlifes among the foreigners too, so if your not good at picking real Friends there is noone watching your back!
      If your down and out there will be no one to pick you up! Many foreigners dont think of this before it’s too late, maybe the older do…

  2. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Speaking of pinays. The maid is dressed to take lunch to son and standing in doorway wearing blue jeans,,,, HOT DAMN THAT ASS IS NICE!!!!!

  3. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Speaking of lose -lose. This week I went out and had a beer when I ran across a couple of street urchins who were hungry. So I went ahead and bought them a burger and drink and left. Later coming back down the street I ran into them again and what happened? One of the little fuckers tried to pick pocket me.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Forgive me father for I have sinned.
        I have given filipinos jobs and they have stole me blind.
        I have fed the homeless and they steal from me.
        I have shown filipinos respect when they have not shown me.
        I have shown manners to filipnos even though they have not to me or others.
        Forgive me father for I have sinned, I trusted the filipinos too much.

        1. Profile gravatar of

          Mike, I too have been punished for being nice. When I offered to buy some presents for in laws I was told they wanted the cash. It saves a lot at xmas because I wont hand over cash. They took all the fun out of xmas. Dealing with them is such a chore (thats why I stay well away from them )

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      That is why you get mad at yourself for trying to help or when you feel sorry for the people. I’ve learned they don’t want any help, they just want free stuff and money. They’ll take the burger and drink, but they really want money.

  4. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    “Why? Why the fuck do Filipino’s want to shit in their own nests when it comes to a relationship and expect a guy to be around putting up with that way of acting dumping problems onto people. Havn’t they worked it out yet?”

    It’s another aspect of filipino which can be attributed to having no concept of time. If they could look beyond the present they would see there is no future in having a relationship with a crusty old OAP, as he will only die and leave her alone when she is past her prime (they rarely have a clue whether there is a will and a big payday down the line). All they think about is what they can attain in the present. The grovelling, scams and parasite relatives from the get go obviously scare many foreigners off, never to be seen again, so wouldn’t the smart money be on playing the long game? Reel the victim in, get him to fall in love, commit, then let the scams and freeloading slowly build up. No chance, because inside filipino brains there is no future, only the now.

    1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

      I was just writing the same thing. Captain has explained in previous posts how the average Filipino has no conception of the future. They don’t think about tomorrow, just the now. They will buy a touch screen phone and take photos of themselves wearing fake Ray Bands and some fancy shirt to post on Facebook then ask you for money for milk for their child the next day. It is all about instant gratification.
      There will also be presurre from the family to try and scam something; surly I dont need to explain the feeling the parents would have to learn their daughter is going for a date with a Kano but for anyone unsure, only the discoverer of Tutankhamans tomb could accurately describe the feelings they would be having. A Filipina is pathologically loyal to her family and will never ever put their partner/husbands first, it will always be their parents and family who are most important. As for the future and forward thinking, that will only happen if they know they can take you for a ride big time and what life will be like when they are back home with their families.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        Instant gratication normally comes abount by mentally challenged people.
        They don’t have the social and emotional skills to help themselves.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Phil, yes I’ve read a hundred scam-stories, and what often puzzels me is that the pinay and mooching pamylia can hardly wait to lay their Claws on the goods! They seem Very impatient! Which scares many poreigner screaming off! In this respect they seem very unprofessional at this game they supposedly are soo good at!

      As you say, must be something inside pinay brain that just cannot be helped!

    3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Good point Phil. BUT there’s only one problem with that inherit the bounty theory…. Pinays are notorious for becoming fat once the availability of unlimited rice are on their hands. Even if she stays in the Philippines, with the poriner’s fat wallet, she also becomes well, fat! And with all the associated illnesses that comes with obesity, the likelihood of her dying before the Kano husband/BF is high! Perhaps, the Pinays realized this and hence, why not take advantage of what’s available now? Believe you me, this is a very common beliefs amongst Pinoys. As we all know, Flips loved to leave everything to God. Bahala na bukas, God will provide…..via the poriner.

  5. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    I was perhaps a little unfair with my assessment of filipinos concept of time. They do at least remember that last time they “borrowed” 1000 pesos so the next time should ask for 2000.

  6. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “Why? Why the fuck do Filipino’s want to shit in their own nests when it comes to a relationship and expect a guy to be around putting up with that way of acting dumping problems onto people. Havn’t they worked it out yet?”

    Maybe we need a sociologist? social psychologist? Anthropologist to explain these inane Filipino behaviors? Take for example ass-wipe uncle. He was warned, not once, or twice, or thrice. He was warned 4 fucking times not to pasture his damn goats onto our property or else. Mum and he even had a falling out in 2012 over the goats issue but reconciled for the sake of family unity. For starters, why would anyone with not a spare land on the palm of his hands accept a goat, then breed it? Second, he has more to lose than just money from selling baby goats or goats for meats. But no, he had to disobey our wishes, and when we slammed the consequences of his actions on his face, we got accused of using our money to bully him!!! We were the wronged party but he painted us as the biggest bastards on that side of the black stump!

    1. Profile gravatar of

      Sarah, that’s the thing that does my head in. When ever they are caught with their fingers in the cookie jar it’s our fault. I know it has been discussed many times on this blog but it happens all the time. Its like dealing with a country of 4 year olds! I just cant deal with such stupid people. Strangely my wife bought me a t shirt with CSI on it. It says in small letters – cant stand idiots! It was made right here in the PI! I don’t think anyone locally knows what it means.

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      We got our family lawsuits for stolen property as well. What is funny is my thieving Uncle and his sociopath wife #1. Deny ever stealing anything #2. They are mad my mom and other uncle are suing them.
      They are somehow appalled the people they cheated actually want their property back and willing to take them to court for it. My sociopathic cousin (daughter of theiving uncle and lying cunt wife) said, “why is your mom and uncle ______ being so mean?” Referring to the lawsuits.
      These are actually educated people btw. These are not “poverty is my excuse for being a cheating fuckup” people. They are cheating fuckups, but they have no excuse.

      Honestly, some sociologists or psychologists should study the Philippines. That is a really good idea. Maybe they could pinpoint where the obvious, blatant failings come from as well as the pride and unwillingness to change.
      Once they get over the innocent, sweet image they portray I’d be interested to hear what they have to say. It seems so many are sociopaths where they will lie without any conscience or guilt. The fact they can go to church, believe so heavily in a god and recite, “though shall not lie” and “though shall not steal” so many times, yet be so quick to lie, cheat, and steal without conscience.
      Why do they need to portray an image so badly of a nice society than actually trying to create one. If they simply just fixed up the place and could get their shit together a little bit, the country could tap into its potential. However, they work harder and projecting an image than just doing something.
      Then there are so many narcissists who have to take a selfie every 5 minutes or someone with just a little bit of money has to immediately show it off to everyone in a 3rd world country, or has to have a driver when they are not even that rich or important to justify having one other than the status image.
      They can honestly demand something be done about Climate change, yet throw their garbage on the streets or drive very dirty vehicles. Yet, someone not make the connection other than, “other countries need to do something”.
      Or finally, just the absolute need to break laws, not even the stupid ones, but basic ones. Or do they just create laws they know won’t get enforced (worst case pay a bribe) for the sake of breaking them?

      1. Profile gravatar of Harley

        @Johnny, and for Sarah

        Yeah I think one day there will be more people, and professionals, taking a look at this place and giving it a sociopath and narcissist label. Not only are more people coming here each year but also how the Filipino have been migrating and working abroad by ever increasing droves. More and more people will have rubbed shoulders with the Filipino people and become disgusted.

  7. Profile gravatar of Harley

    Never in my life have I seen people who aimed for so low; this is why their country is in the shape its in. There was an article in the paper just this last week how some other countries in the region are spending tons of money to upgrade and to expand their airports. The Philippines airports are a shame and falling apart because they won’t spend on it. The ‘I don’t have’ routine is getting very old as an excuse. They WANT to be the professional beggars of the world. But rather than creating sympathy I just feel they are the most evil and pathetic grubbers that just only want to bum off of others rather than to work hard themselves. The ‘lose-lose’ is just another example of the mentality. They shoot themselves in the foot almost every time. They don’t want to proactively do something good or productive. They want someone else to first ‘do good’ to them or to help them first and then they promise to ‘try’ to do a little good back, but whatever little they do or don’t do in return is sketchy. Everything is an elaborate twisted game to them, to con others into do things for them. Yet they will whine hypocritically how they hate games and hate liars, yet they are the biggest game players. Its as if bred into them; they do it naturally, as natural as breathing.