Filipino: A Culture Enlaced With Murder For Money!

I’ve mentioned this story before concerning my wife’s Aunt. It’s a case that happens time and time again in the Philippines. Some foreigner gets tied up with a Filipina thinking he’s got it made, he discovers after they’re hitched, she comes with a ton of luggage and before he knows it he’s responsible for a litter of kid’s, uncles, cousins, aunts, mothers, fathers, you name it and at which point (if he’s smart enough) he declines all these responsibilities that he did not initially commit to, and in no time his fate is sealed for money. Used, manipulated and offed, because he did not give up all the money and possessions to the freeloading parasites.

Well one such story is directly linked to my wife’s Aunt who married a European man whom settled in the PI. She expected her European husband to just give up everything to the family after they were married. He was a hard working engineer who worked all his life and more than likely worked his fingers to the bones, saving his money for a well-deserved retirement, only to have it ALL TAKEN AWAY from a greedy, good for nothing bitch who felt she was entitled to that success and money since “That’s just a part of the culture!”. Well, from what I heard he did actually help the family a little. He had a trucking business which he employed my wife’s father and had little businesses for his wife and other family members to work at for money. But you know how the story goes, nothing is ever good enough for the common native Filipino. They want it all, and if it means subtracting a life from this world, that is what they will do! This story might sounds like another typical dreary Pinoy con job that’s unjust and disappointing, but trust me, it has happy ending!

So long story short, this European husband gets offed in the middle of the night. Shot dead. Nothing is stolen from the house, nothing was stolen off his body, and everything in the house, unscathed. During this time, the aunt was having an affair because she was apparently having a difficult time in the relationship with her husband. Why? My theory is that he wasn’t going to give up all the success he made to her freeloading, deadbeat family and because he didn’t the relationship when sour. Anyhow, the aunt knows the head police detective and chief in town. Actually, he’s family related! Nothing is put on this aunt as far as evidence goes. She gets off SCOTT FREE and receives a big chunk of his estate. Was all this worth it for her? Did she benefit from this? Well, yes, she did if you consider the money she got, but no, considering the pain she’s caused her son and probably herself if she has any ounce of fucking conscience. I’m sure it’s been eating away at her soul and mind for all the years afterwards, because she has her son to look at and REMIND HER DAILY of what she did. My guess is that she and her affair gave a large sum of money to a hit man to do the dirty work, probably gave him the spare key, and had him offed in his own home.

O.K., onto the good part of the story! So throughout the years the kid has grown more and more suspicious of his mother and has even told my sister in-law that he knows she killed his father. Well, you could imagine the animosity he has towards this murdering bitch. Apparently he treats her like total shit and has drained her of a lot of money since he has drinking and drug problems and is in the hospital frequently. All this drug use and drinking problems reflect the anger, depression, and confusion, created by his mother whom he has to see and live with daily! Imagine being subjected to this women who gave life to you and ended your father’s life? It would be unimaginable pain. It’s sad, unfair and damn right unjust that his father was manipulated and used, then tossed out like a piece of garbage for money, but this shit happens in the Philippines and is sadly just another similar story to all the rest.

So, knowing how Filipino’s are with money, you can pretty well guess what happened to all it all. The aunt is flat broke, suffering from depression from her enraged son, is diagnosed with cancer, and has NOBODY to bail her out. Fucking sweet justice. All that for NOTHING!!!! She thought she was going to get free money from my wife and her sister because she paid (with the husbands money) for their school but she didn’t receive any. She played it off like she was this kind, giving angel, helping all these family members out, but what did she get in return for her “kind” ways? NOTHING! Which is well deserved! If there is a God or a heaven, I can see that husband looking down on her and laughing! Now she is quickly sinking into the ditch she created for herself and will soon be dead. What a fucking waste.

So the moral of the story? Karma is a fucking bitch! You take a life away for mere greenbacks, you pay for it sooner or later!

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    Murder for hire is cheap and commonplace in the P.I. It always has been, to my knowledge, especially when it regards a “foreigner” getting murdered. If you offend a Filipino, it is best to get away as fast as possible, because the Flip will not be held responsible in a “fit of rage and anger”.

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    Barry Smyth

    Yes all too often this happens and worse,guy’s marry these dogs only to be taken to the cleaners I personally know of some as others do.
    And yes its money its not love its something they do not understand, except the love of money for free well anything for free.
    I have been married for 34 yrs and do understand what is going on being around them for that long now,firstly my wife is good and is not tared with the grab all you can brush I was lucky.
    But she sees it as well and will comment on some one some times as well shit I could go on here for ever but no point as the point was made with the post and so true.

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    KARMA is a bitch and she sounds like that she is reaping what she deserves.
    Hope she rots in hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m sure we have all heard similar stories , they only think of today never tomorrow.
    Get the money now, Spend it, What there is none left ??????????????????????? Fuck now what do I do.
    Then they BLEAT for someone to help them.

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    Pinay Lover, that is a most horrible story. Sadly, we hear these stories too often, it don’t even raise an eyebrow anymore.

    A few years ago, I started following foreigner murders in the Philippines. The American embassy also compiled a statistic of their citizens who died abroad. I really forgot the figures now, but what’s scary was not the actual murder cases, but the number of “deaths from unknown cause”.

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      Pinay Lover Post author

      ” Unknown cause” I would translate to cover up by police, lazy police work or paid off to shut up police work. My sister in-law was implying that that head police chief may have been the killer himself since he was the husband of the aunts sister. I think they were all in on it and unfortunately my wife’s family was innocent of all this and caught in the middle of all this.

      Correct me if I’m wrong. Sound like cops in the Philippines are easy to pay off and manipulate which would make sense if there is a lot of “unknown deaths”.

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        If not unknown cause it is liver failure because he drunk him self to death.
        I’ve heard that said about a non drinker.
        They slipped up, there.

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    Phil Doh

    It’s quite sickening the trivial things foreigners are murdered for in the Philippines (or anyone for that fact, as assassins can be hired for as little as P5000 in some areas). I often think of the poor British guy – because I visited his beach resort – who loved and really cared about the country, raised a lot of money for typhoon victims. He was murdered by his own security guard. His crime – sacking the guy for repeatedly turning up to work drunk.

    Recently three foreigners were fired upon by Filipinos in a McDonalds – one German national died. Their crime – they stood up for themselves when the Flips started making fun of one of them.

    Sadly, these stories only make a few paragraphs on the back pages of the press here. But god forbid a foreigner supposedly murders a ladyboy prostitute we’ve got the crime of the century.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Yeah, the security guard had been warned numerous times. When he was arrested, he put on the saddest, puppy dog face. Then there were numerous comments defending the security guard and Filipinos assuming he was being abused by the British guy.

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    Pinay Lover Post author

    I never knew murdering someone could be so easy and triggered by something so minor like rubbing a pinoy off the wrong way. That is news to me.

    What sickens me is the fact all that blood money was used up by that aunt and spread amongst my wife’s family. Everyone is rapped up in this murder in some form or another. House that my wife’s parents live in was bought with the blood money, school for my wife and siblings payed for with the blood money, but it never served her in the end. She’s now threatening to take the house back from my wife’s folks cause she didn’t get that free money she expected from my wife and sis in-law. She’s blaming all her depression and misery on her son when she created that problem, she’s probably know in the neighbourhood as that bitch killer and now she has to be reminded of her husband daily when she looks at her son.

    What a waste. An ultimate parasite that pause the price in the end.

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      Only in the failopines can you try and get something back from a relative because they dint give you something for nothing.

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    One of my Uncles is an officer with the PNP. Some of the things he said that the the PNP does/has done/are still doing would make the Aussie Police cringe, or maybe envious, like being able to chain a criminal on the back of a car and then make him walk all the way from the mountains to the Police station.

    About 5 years ago, there was a case of a foreign white man arrested for allegedly bashing his live in GF. He died of “self-inflicted” head injury while in prison. The guards claimed he was so drunk and depressed, he kept banging his head on the wall, he died.

    On another similar case, white man got arrested for allegedly soliciting under age children. He was found with a slit throat in the morning,, dead. But….no razors or anything that he could have used. My Uncle was involved in this particular case, and he openly admitted that in order to protect his colleagues from being accused, they broke a piece of rusted roofing material that, surprise, surprise – is within easy reach from the window of the cell, then claimed the guy did it himself. Verdict: suicide. Case closed. RIP.

    Life is very cheap in the Philippines. The criminals usually engage the services of under age children because under current Filipino law, anyone under the age of 16 can not be prosecuted because they are children! So the criminal gangs take advantage of this stupid law introduced by another stupid Pinoy politician by the name of Kiko Pangilinan, trying to copy the western laws which prohibits children from being charged with a criminal offense! BUT the idiot politician Pangilinin (who by the way is now one of the Philippine’s richest men!) did not account for the Philippine’s lack of resources – read money! to provide rehabilitation for these kids! So the outcome is, kids get hired to kill, they get released, then they commit the crimes again and again….till they reach the legal age where they can be prosecuted.

    I admire the Mayor of Davao who takes a heavy hand approach to these kids and criminals: Duterte (Davao Mayor) was quoted as saying to the criminals including the children career criminals “behave yourself or you will not be seen in the streets of Davao”.

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    did you see that Thai guy who got deported for insulting filipinos. He was detained by the BI, well he elected to deport himself. Well, wtf, after all didnt they remember about all the killings going on in Mindanao and the NPA fighting a war or they more focused on saving face here and some Thai guy calling filipinos “pignoys”. Seems this only confirms how they havent got their priorities screwed on right and pushing a nationalistic shit up hill will eventually land back on top of them.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Yeah, what usually happens is a corrupt, deceitful politician takes it up “as his cause to be champion” for the poor and helpless. He does this to keep them distracted of what he has been stealing. Then he uses it as a political currency. They could really care less about their poor and helpless population cause they rip them off all the time. However, it can usually rally the idiots.

      Like the tranny who got killed in the motel by the Marine. It was a known sex-worker in the area, had a german fiancé sending money each month, tricked the Marine into what he thought would be sex with a woman. and ended up getting killed. Instead of saying, “that is the chance you take for trying to scam people”, the corrupt VP visited the family, rallies were held, and even the sister held up pictures saying what a devout Catholic her brother/ sister was.
      They really are a bunch of morons.

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    Like PD said, kill a filipino and it’s the crime of the century. Now anyone remember a murder that took place within the last year in MM? It was in the papers ONE time and then not another word about it. I’ll refresh your memories. 4 to 6 pinoys chased an American down and stabbed him to death. This American just happened to be an active duty U.S. Marine MAJOR who came her to visit his wife on leave. Who was his wife? She worked at the U.S embassy and had diplomatic status. What did the PNP say? We will find the killers and hold them responsible for the murder. We have footage from a cctv and know who they are and where they live. This is not an international incident.

    So, has anyone heard any more about that case?

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      It was in the news the other day. The murderers were convicted BUT given suspended sentences. When I read “suspended sentence”, I did not bother reading the rest. There is no justice in the Philippines. The rich takes the law in their own hands, after all they can buy anyone from the best lawyers to judges to politicians. The poor merely hire tandem bike riders….

      1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        Me too Mr PL. I had plans too on selling up here in Blighty and getting a pad in makati. Now though, I’m terrified of losing my life savings. Imaging writing out a 2 million peso cheque to buy a property there to find it’s gone missing!

        A friend of mine has set up a few businesses there and has properties. His wife looks after the lot and is one in a million. She’s strong enough to stop relatives leeching off her husband.

        Now though Im searching for an alternative country. I still love Asia though. Maye that’s a whole other post though.

        1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
          Pinay Lover Post author

          I’m thinking down in the Caribbean somewhere. I just want a place that is cheap cause pensions are small when you’re not a public worker!

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            In the 7 years, the Philippines had my holiday destination. I’ve got holidays in a couple of months, pre-booked from last year. I swear this year will be my last visit for a very looooonnnnngggg time!! I’m sick and tired of the Pinoy’s money hungry attitude!

            Last night, my adult cousin hit me up for money again even though I already refused last month. The money was not needed to save someone’s life. It’s just for him to show off!

            I’m just so fed up with the whole lot of them! They’re not parasites. At least the parasites will leave some for the host to keep living. They’re piranhas of the most vicious kind!!!

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Sarah, since you did not give your cousin the money he asked for, that means only one thing. You can give it to ME!!!
            I suspect after he told people you said no that was the first thought that entered their mind.

          3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Sorry Mike, I can’t give you the money coz apparently the maid’s mother died and need money for the funeral. All this has to be confirmed of course, because I thought her mother died last year! 🙂

          4. Profile gravatar of Mike

            You can hardly go anywhere without someone begging money here. As to my first reply about giving it to me here is a little background. I walk down the street and like I said there are beggars who ask for money. So I tell the first one no only to have the one standing next to him who heard me say no ask if he can have it. Sometimes there is a group of 4 (watch your pockets), tell one no then the next asks for it and on down the line. It would be funny if you didn’t want to strangle the urchins.

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          I read an article written by a lawyer regarding condo buying in the philippines. He said he highly advised not to. Seems there is a hidden clause that the buyer has to surrender the condo after about 15 years. That what he said anyway.