Filipino: A Culture Without Logic

Filogical Argument #1

We have a coffee table in the living room. It’s vinyl flooring (fake hardwood) we used to have a rug under the coffee table but my son loves to play and eat around there so it makes a mess as you can imagine since he is only 3, so we put the rug somewhere else.

Now, the logic behind that was obvious. Getting the vinyl floor dirty is a better sacrifice that getting a rug dirty since a rug absorbs filth and is more difficult to clean. I think this makes sense to most normal thinking people (or anyone who can think, period).

So the other night my wife says we need a new rug under there so the vinyl flooring doesn’t get dirty! More illogical bullshit! So i state the obvious. “What is easier to clean? A carpet or a floor with no carpet?” She persists that the floor is getting ruined by not having a carpet there. I tell her “well if there is a spill or mess there clean it up before it settles in the floor. Easy as that. Would you prefer having a bacteria infested rug to clean?” Her illogical stupidity persisted to the point where she insisted I always have to have things my way in which I replayed “not true, you haven’t given me good reason and evidence as to why we should put a rug there”

I’ve come to the conclusion that she is too fucking lazy to monitor our son when he makes a mess, and clean up. Instead she prefers soaking a rug in filth. Does anyone else see it any other way? I don’t. Filologic!

I swear, if most thing went her way, we would be in deep shit.


Filogical Argument #2

I work all day and then come home, pick up my wife, drive her all the way back from where I just came from, drop her off at work and then drive home again. In total that is about an hour of driving, not including my morning commute which is about 15-20mins.

After that, I cook supper for my son and I and then take care of him until late at night. We both stay up until about 11pm on average, waiting for Mom to get off work. It sucks but it’s the only way we can pay mortgage and bills. Time is minimal for learning how to drive for my wife since we are working all the time and taking care of our son. I can bare with it because all I care about having the money to keep a roof over our head and paying the bills. What I can’t bare is illogical arguments and being further punished for  going out of my way to drive my wife home every night.

Now, let’s get straight to the point here. I pick her up late at night with my son, take her home and then the first thing I want to do is go to sleep since I’m dealing with a disease and have work early in the morning. What do I have to do before that? Brush my kids teeth and put him to bed because “he doesn’t co-operate with me, so you do it.” Anyways I tell her I’m really tired and I would like to just go to bed. What is her argument for that? “Then why didn’t you go to bed early”

Is she really that stupid or is she saying that just to get on my nerves and fuck with me? I don’t know, but I told her, “ok, I will go to bed early and you can walk home dumb bitch” and went to bed. Problem is she would gladly just let herself get fired and fuck around just to be right, and sink me down into her black hole because that’s a part of their “culture” after all!

So my question is this. Are Filipinos really that self righteous and devious? Can they really be this cold hearted just to be “right”?

Its not an argument, it’s just an insult to injury tactic that makes my blood boil. Anyone else experience this?

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      Captain PFB

      Thanks, I thought it was fitting for this post. Good post by the way…. Just boggles the mind how even the simplest human logic is so absent in the average Filipino.

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    Phil Doh

    Smarter men than us have probably tried to fathom filogic and failed. Sometimes its just so ridiculous I end up in fits of laughter. One such time I was in a restaurant and ordered soup for the starter. 30 minutes later it turns up and I take one mouthful and then the waitress plonks my main course down beside my elbow.

    So I ask, “Why are you serving this now? You’ve only just served my starter”
    “Ooh, sorry sir.” She picks up the plate, walks around to the other side of the table and plonks it down by my other elbow.

    Other times, I just storm out of places and never go back. Last week, in a hotel restaurant there was just myself and another guy. I see him smoking so when I’ve finished my meal I ask the waitress for an ashtray.

    “Sorry sir, we have a no smoking policy.”
    “What are you talking about?” I asked. “Can you not see this gentleman here smoking?”

    Big smile. Blank stare.

    The guy shrugged his shoulders a little embarrassed. “Maybe because I stay at the hotel for six months it’s ok for me.”

    You know what, get me the bill and I’ll go and spend my money some place with less retarded policies.

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      The Philippines has the same laws as most western countries in the case of SMOKING,
      No smoking anywhere near food and the preparation thereof.
      Any Public Air conditioned areas NO SMOKING if you want to have a smoking area then THEY HAVE TO HAVE A SEPARATE ROOM, and it cant be the main area, it must be entered from the non smoking area and clearly identified.
      Open aired areas are different. Unlike the west where we are even trying to police that.!!!!!!!!!
      They just never enforce it, or maybe some areas may enforce it., but not where I live.
      I’m just waiting for a local Politician who needs money to hit them all, the fines are astronomical.
      Just Google it and look for yourself IT EXISTS.

      I have tried and tried and tried to educate waiters and waitresses about my ordering in restaurants.
      The only way I’ve found . I one order at a time. when the first course arrives then I order the second course. And so on.
      You just have to put up with the moron who keeps coming back and back trying to get you to finish placing the order.

      What really pisses me off is the HOVER ER’S just out of range , looking over my shoulder continually, the same in Department Stores, how many morons to serve one customer.
      I wouldn’t mind if they actually contributed to the sale instead of interjecting rudely, without any invitation to partake.
      That’s when I walk away.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        Phil Doh

        Yeh, I know the rules on smoking. my point was that if the anti-smoking government officials or police would’ve walked in and found both me and that guy smoking there is no way he would’ve been left off, or the restaurant, just because he’s been a long term resident.

        With the hovering I hear you. It’s either that or they just vanish after giving you the menu and only come back when you holler for them. There’s just no perfect service.

        I think the record I’ve seen in a department store were 8 people around me whilst looking for a pair of shoes, most whispering and giggling about the kano. What is it with the over-employment? Are SM and others under pressure from the government to give out a certain quota of jobs?

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          DON QUIXOTE

          I think they are all students studying for their Masters degree in Business or some shit, that is all I can think it is.
          They are certainly never any fucking help.
          Recently two of us went into SM to buy 2 recliners they sell lazboys.
          All rockers.!!!!!!!!!!!!
          NOT ONE PERSON of the 6 trying to sell to us knew that they can be fixed so as to be just recliners. NOT ROCKERS.
          I even bought a KIT to fix them from LAZBOY,
          BUT SIR YOU WILL VOID THE WARRANTY, Anything to get out of honoring their warranty
          Even though it was a OEM genuine part.
          One of the morons annoying me I found out was from another shop NOT EVEN the one I was in.
          Cut to the chase. NO SALE 100,000 peso sale walked out the door.
          Give me strength.

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            Phil Doh

            It would be interesting to know how much businesses overall lose on average per day here due to stupidity. It never ceases to amaze me how many times I will go to a restaurant which has “not available” items on the menu when it’s within walking distance to a grocery store. I mean literally next door. Something simple like ice cream which doesn’t even need to be cooked, I would not even know they have slipped out to stock up, but no – call it not available and wait for the person whose job it is to buy the stock miscalculate everything all over again. I went to a restaurant recently and no mustard, went back a week later still no mustard, so I offered to the waiter that I will buy the mustard if he pops to the supermarket close by and buys it and they can keep it afterwards. Big smile, blank stare.

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            There is almost zero effort produced in any area of business here. If you go above and beyond for 300 pesos a day, give or take a few, it is very rarely rewarded by management. So i know why the “no fucks given” mentality comes into play. Anyway, i just go out with the mindset that every part of any transaction i make outside will be screwed, less expectations that way.

          3. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            I was saying the same thing recently. Whenever I go out I prepare myself to be disappointed in some way, so when I am inevitably disappointed I don’t quite feel as disappointed as I normally would.

            The no fucks given attitude I can understand. It’s the dumb as fuck I can’t get with. I once went to buy a pack of cigarettes at the liquor store and the girl puts the pack on the counter, but instead of taking my money turns around and picks up one of those flat pack cardboard boxes for wine bottles and proceeds to make it into a box. When she’s done she just stares at it as if to say how the fuck did you get here? She then turns around and looks at me blankly for a few seconds. I just stare back, wondering wtf is she doing. It then dawns on her what she was supposed to be doing, and she takes out another pack of cigarettes and puts them down beside the other pack.

            A similar time at KFC I order a burger, fries and coke. “Yes sir, coming right up.” Her colleague then comes up and whispers something in her ear, they have a little giggle about whatever it is, then she turns back to me as though she’s never seen me in her life. “Yes sir, what can I get you?”

            Memories like goldfish.

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            “A similar time at KFC I order a burger, fries and coke. “Yes sir, coming right up.” Her colleague then comes up and whispers something in her ear, they have a little giggle about whatever it is, then she turns back to me as though she’s never seen me in her life. “Yes sir, what can I get you?””

            Exactly and literally every fucking time without exception!
            Spot on….

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            DON QUIXOTE

            Have you noticed the size of portions in the Philippines of KFC, Locally I’m sure they are the losers in the local cock fight they are half the size in Australia.
            Whilst on my way to that shit hole NAIA we called into another KFC on the NLEX.
            Bugger me we ordered the 10 pieces as if we were in Zambales, I could only eat one piece of chicken the portion was huge, the child bride returned with 8 pieces for the house.
            I also noted they were serving COKE, I know KFC is owned by Pespsi.
            But they are allowed to sell coke???????????????? NO Coke wars in the PI.
            I thought I would try the local shop again at Ayala Mall, NOPE SHIT AGAIN.
            So they have some quality control issues.

            Like the LITTLE MAC, NO MILK FOR THE COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            The Breakfast Muffin the size of a hockey Puck.
            Once you leave Manila they apparently do what they like.

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            I think sometimes they are intimidated by Kanos. They freak out and their minds go blank. Then they try to be professional by asking you what you would like. They know they are dealing with someone who actually wants some level of service and semi-edible food.

            One time in Landmark, I purchased some socks, which require a separate order slip from other items of course, and some soap.

            The cashier tired to combine the 2 purchases on her calculator and give me change, instead of doing 2 different transactions (smart, right?). Only she screwed up her calculations and was seen tapping the keys furiously. She turned bright red, re calculated and screwed up the change! Brilliant!

          7. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Please don’t insult the goldfish like that. The goldfish tends to be smarter, better mannered and more evolved than most filipinos.

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            DON QUIXOTE

            Its not how much you pay them .
            We pay our gardener 500 p a day , yup not a lot but a damn sight more than he gets locally off his countrymen
            Is he reliable NO.
            Will he ever think for himself NO.
            Will he sneak off at any opportunity YES.
            Does he take 2 hours for lunch YES.
            Does he eat lunch at the work site NO.
            Will he ring or txt you if he is sick NO.
            Can you leave him unsupervised. NO.
            Will he hide debris instead off putting it in a bin . YES

            Why do I put up with him ?????
            He is the best after going through 5 others, THEY WERE WORSE!!!!!

            I built a garbage receptacle , that took 4 block layers who defied all logic and work ethic.
            2 meters by 2 meters. before I finally got one who would do what he was told to do.

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            A few of them have realised if they give good service they will get a good tip. But then it becomes super service with a good ass licking to boot. Normally in this situation, all other filipinos in the restaurant are ignored and all the attention given to the by now selfconscious Kano. Even the Kano’s wife or girlfriend will become invisible to the waiters. It’s all about cash extraction from the Kano.

    2. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      I know exactly how you feel. I tried walking out of substandard manila restaurants too when they dicked me around. Soon though, the flips had the upper hand. I had literally run out of restaurants to go to and ended up going back to the ones I said I would never return to.

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    A good example and very common Filipino illogic are the “borrow money to work abroad” scheme.

    A Filipina domestic helper/maid/servant gets between P4000-P6000 a month if live in, that is, she sleeps at her employer’s house. However, many gets enticed to work abroad, like Hongkong, Singapore, China, and the biggest importer of maid labor….the middle east.

    I assume most of you guys have heard of the horrible abuses that some (actually a lot!) of these Arab employers dished out to their Filipina maids, not just physical abuse but rape also, and not paying them on time if at all, plus violating the terms of their contract. Now, if it was me and I know that there is a good chance that my employer in the foreign country I am heading to is likely to keep my passport, abuse me, rape me and not pay me my wages, I will not go! But not these Filipinas! So, they borrow money heavily. If they have no land to mortgage or sell, they borrow from the “Bombay” money lender at 5-6. Very heavy interest.

    So here we have a young Pinay receiving say, P6000 a month on wages, she gets one day a week off (that’s now law), so she can easily see her family and if she gets abused, she can easily leave! But for some reason, a P10,000 wages in Saudi is being dangled on her nose. So what does she do? Borrow money with atrocious interest rates, mortgage the family home or farm land so she can go work in Saudi for P4000 more and all the risks associated with it. And that’s if she doesn’t get scammed before she even gets to leave the country!

    Of course, many take the plunge for the sake of their parasitic families. And if she is successful and lucky enough to land herself a kind employer, the family will never let her forget how they sacrificed in order for her to go work abroad so she can support them! And the emotional blackmail goes on and on, wringing her heart so she will send 85% of her wages to the parasitic family, leaving herself barely enough money to take care of herself.

    If that’s not the biggest Failipino illogic I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is!

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      Like you mentioned, emotional blackmail. I bet you a lot of these Filipina’s do not make these decisions to subject themselves to this kind of work, it’s the freeloading, parasitic parents who force this. They complain about having to work all there lives and provide for their children and guilt them. Hey, it’s your fucking job! There are no rewards!

      I just don’t understand the children who buy into this. That bothers me the most.

      1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
        Phil Doh

        We had a maid with us for awhile who would send all of her 3000 monthly salary to her parents back in the sticks. Of course, we were just a stepping stone until she moved to Saudi and hit the big time. Got to have some sympathy for the poor people who are guilt-tripped by their parents into these lives. Well, it is no life really.

    2. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      An ex of mine was forced to work in the middle east by her stay at home lazy oaf of a mother. Mom told her working there in a shop would be a stepping stone.

      A stepping stone to what? I asked.


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    Ever heard a Filipino say that reading makes their head hurt?

    Well, it does. And so too does thinking.

    It’s far easier not to think and just leap to the end of the equation and come up with an answer before you’ve done all your sums. Plain and simple.

    No thinking, no reading, no consideration, no saving for a rainy day. These things hurt like hell!


    1. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

      I hear constantly that thinking, reading, speaking English… well pretty much anything that requires brain usage causes nose bleeding.

      These people don’t use their brains, they don’t think. You can say any crazy shit to them and they just say OK, no filtering none what so ever.

      Ask question with couple of options, e.g. should we eat outside tonight or tomorrow, and their answer is yes. Ask any of those trick questions intended for 5yo kids and they will fail. Explain it to them and after one minute ask another question with exactly the same logic and they will fail again. The list is endless.

      I asked my ex to test her friends on my behalf to find out the general level of stupidity among her class mates and the results were always grim. They all failed even the simplest questions that required some logical thinking.

      These days I’m actually surprised that this country functions on some level since it shouldn’t function at all, not even on Philippines standards.

    2. Profile gravatar of justsomeflip

      OMFG that is true. I’ve seen people who think like that.

      There’s absolutely no effort to speak or understand English seriously here. They joke about having a “nosebleed” when someone else speaks to them in English, they’d rather watch Filipino-language movies, read stuff in Filipino, etc. And then we tell the world that the Philippines is a fluent English-speaking country. That’s just a load of BS. The only Filipinos who can speak English well here are a small percentage.

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        I remember going to one of the Chinese stores in Cebu city. I can understand Tagalog and Visayan well, but unable to speak it. When I asked the sales girl for an item, she ran away stating “someone attend to this customer please, she’s English speaking!” WTF??

        My Filipino cousins complained they were getting “nose-bleeds” because my English is too “slang!” I don’t really know why they refer to native English speakers abilities to speak English as “slang”, when what they actually mean was that your English is fluent! – DUH!

        1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh

          I used to socialize with a group of foreigners with filipina wives and one of the wives had been been born and raised in the US, then moved to the Philippines in her twenties, so she knew no other language other than English. The way these other wives treated her was appalling. Rather than asking why she was only speaking in English they presumed she was showing off for all the men how fluent she was, and of course they felt insecure and threatened by her and literally shunned her the whole time.

      2. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflip

        Yes, they brag (and flips are excellent about bragging) that they are the “third largest English speaking nation”, but the truth is, even though they speak the same language, you cannot communicate with them.

        The sad truth is, a flip–be it male, female, shemale, or whatever–is incapable of coming up to the same level as a civilized Westerner (save for those who manage to “escape” the country at a young age and is raised in Western society). That is why there is lack of true communication between “us” and “them”.

        The thing about speaking the same language but not being able to communicate was one of the many warnings I read about those people even before I set foot in that country. To this day, I am beating myself up for not heeding those warnings.

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    Steve Declerck

    That’s the one thing I noticed pretty fast with my wife : she is ALWAYS right. Impossible to talk to her and have a logical talk. Impossible. I can’t remember how many times she already made my blood boil with her shit talk. Now recently I discovered she’s setting up our 8 years old son against me. I could kill that bitch sometimes.

    And about being fired, that’s exactly wath happened. She lost her job because of quarreling with several co-workers and still with the boss. I knew it she would be out soon, and yes, bang not much later it was finished. Her logic was : “It doesn’t matter, I didn’t do anything wrong. All my co-workers knew I was right. No big deal I lost my job”. I went secretly to her boss a few days later. She told me she was an impossible person to work with, she was always right and always blaming others and then creating conflicts”. Well those comments sounded very familar to me ! Typical !

    The next logic was : “God might close a door, but he will open a window, you will see”. Right now, that window is still closed, and she’s receiving a unemployment benefit. But until now, no sign of admission of fault, nothing, she’s Miss Perfect.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      And I bet her social check is all going to those useless parasites! If everyone could see her as a problem including you, and she can’t see that, holy fuck, she is just another Pinoy in denial!

    2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      My wife’s co-worker was the same. She was always rushing through the job and leaving super early. Eventually she got fired because not only was she committing time theft, but she was doing a shitty job and customers were complaining. Funny thing is, she used to boast about how great she was at her job! LOL.

      Well, did she swallow her pride and learn a lesson? HA, nope. She was going to go to the labor board and file a complaint to the company! I don’t think she ever did because it would have been a waste of time, buy holy shit…..totally in denial!

    3. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflip

      I had to dump the “aswang” (one of my pet terms for my wife, the other being “wak-wak”) because of this very reason–she was always right in her own eyes (and I was always wrong, even to the point where my good motives and intentions would be twisted by her to imply that I had bad intentions). Sadly, this attitude (rooted in PRIDE) is the RULE–not the exception–in that twisted culture.

    4. Profile gravatar of Mike

      You will get that admission of guilt only when god decides to appear. THEN she’ll tell him HE is wrong. I have learned filipinos believe they are never wrong. When my wife gets like that I just look at her and ask one question: If filipinos are so fucking perfect why is the philippines a third world shithole”?

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    Point 1) If you have seen the total filth they live in when they are in the province or the squatters, you will understand how they would let kids wallow around in filth all day.
    Point 2) You better believe they are that self righteous and devious. Its all about face with these stupid people. They would completely fuck you over rather than lose face

  6. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    Now we’re on the subject of languages, I’d like to tell a little tale.

    I bumped into a girl in Puerto Galera many years ago.

    She asked me where I was from.

    England, I replied.

    She asked me what language is spoken there.

    Guess, I said.


    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      Also being from England I’ve received many bizarre comments on this over the years. It’s usually stupid things like, “Which state in America is that in?” to just ridiculous things like: “Ah, England eh? Next door to Lithuania”. Or my favorite: “Is it true about all the vampires there?”

      Read Maria Labo to learn more

      I’m always fascinated by the fact that so many filipinos are so keen to move abroad, yet more often than not they have no idea where on an atlas there supposed dream destination is. The location, culture, language etc is not important. Only the money.

      1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        That’s so true! Just money and fuck everything else! They are unable to appreciate anything else in life. Culture, history, cuisine, literature – fuck that stuff, just give me some of your cash. Then is it any wonder Manila has very little to offer in any of those areas?

        One time I met a filipina near the Tower of London. “There’s nothing in there!” she said. Once again, fuck the history, culture, royalty and military. It dont mean a thing. She was probably expecting it to be a shopping mall with crap like Jolibee inside. Needless to say that date lasted half an hour only.

        The thing that bothers me the most about filipinos is not that most of them know nothing, it’s the fact that they dont want to know anything! They are happy to know nothing!

        1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh

          I was talking to a Brit one time with his filipina wife after they had recently come back from London and she was saying about all the tourist attractions they’d been to, and then she asks him, “Why didn’t we go inside Buckingham Palace? I don’t remember.”

          His answer: “Don’t you remember, sweety, we stood outside shouting “Ayeoh!” for 20 minutes, so I don’t think the queen was home that day.”

          Obviously she didn’t get his sarcasm.

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    Flip Logic in Action,
    A while back the child bride approached me for a loan!!!!!!!! Not for herself although she realized she was guaranteeing the loan.
    200,000 peso.
    The loan was for an Aunt, whom she was very close too , who had her house washed away when the river in Iloilo Broke its banks.
    Not a lot for a house, so I went into the details.
    How big and what was it made of. etc, the usual .
    After we came to the conclusion that we could help, but I stipulated she would have to repay me.
    I asked how the Aunt was going to pay her back, as the repayment schedule proposed to me was seemingly TOO FAST.
    I was advise that the Aunt had children in the USA and they would be helping her repay the money.
    Next question was the obvious, WHY don’t they just give their mother the MONEY.
    DON’T HAVE but can repay a debt.
    OK then I Okayed the deal if she got the Loan signed through a Attorney and the Deeds were MORTGAGED so if she didn’t pay the property was forfeit to Us. or to the child bride.
    OH she said they don’t own the property!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So the child bride could then not understand why I would not help, which is why probably the family wouldn’t help.

    She was prepared to help those imbeciles build a house on someone else’s land, so the landlord could kick them off anytime they wanted.
    She helped them with her own money against my wishes. 50k amazing how the price fell when I was out of the picture.

    To this day I ask when I think of it whether she has been paid back as I have not seen any evidence of that yet.

    1. Profile gravatar of Kiwi

      Good luck getting a squatter off your land in the Philippines. The law will not evict them without a court order and can literally take years to get a verdict. Had an expat friend whose wife had squatters on her land. They wouldn’t move. Finally 2 years and 200k peso of legal expenses later they got a court order allowing this. It is a land where beggars, squatters and thieves have more rights than the working citizens.

  8. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    if you are a member of a certain church ,,,,,, the church will ”sponser” a drive by shooting that will solve the sqautter problem permanently!!!!!!!!!!!