Filipino Cannibals. It’s More Savage In The Philippines

We all know filipinos will eat almost any old shit. Chicken blood soup, balut etc, even snakes, dogs and rats. Hell, if it’s meat many will devour it, including human flesh and organs. I’m not talking about ancient history here, with savages dancing round a big pot with a human boiling alive inside, but recent cases of cannibalism in the Philippines, even as recent as this year. Below are a few excerpts of recent reports with links to the full stories.

I hope it doesn’t put you off your next filipino meal


The Ilaga (Visayan: rat) is a Christian, Catholic extremist, pro-government paramilitary group in the southern Philippines predominantly composed of Visayan groups (mostly Ilonggos) embracing a form of Philippine Folk Catholicism that utilizes amulets and violence and was operated, led and largely used by the Philippine Constabulary as a militia force during the 1970s in Southern Mindanao while battling against the Bangsa Moro Rebellion during the Moro insurgency in the Philippines.

As part of their ritual, they eat parts of their victims ears, nose and internal organs sure as heart and liver.  They are also reported to cut limbs, foot and breast of women that they captured. Norberto Manero is the most infamous member of this group, confessed in killing and cannibalizing the Italian priest and missionary, Tulio Favalli.

One senior member, Norberto Manero, aka Kumander Bukay, also gained notoriety in the 1980s after he was convicted of murdering and eating the brain of Italian priest Tullio Favali whom he had suspected of having links with Communist insurgents, yet surprisingly was released.

Efren Matedios

The 29-year-old construction worker who killed his niece Monday in Barangay Villahermosa, Tabuelan claimed to have been possessed by bad spirits when he sliced open the victim’s stomach and took some of her internal organs.

The suspect attacked Pablita with the bolo but she was able to run despite the hack wounds she sustained in her left eye, both legs and various parts of her body.

The suspect turned his ire at his niece and killed her by opening the stomach and eating some of the internal organs.

The Amil Brothers

Three brothers butchered their mother before eating her organs in a ritual killing.

Neighbours reported hearing strange noises coming from the family home for days before the body of Musala Amil, 56, was found in Ampatuan, Philippines.

Police discovered the badly mutilated body with several parts missing, drained of blood.

The sons ate parts of their mother raw, investigators said.

Eladio Baule

Eladio Baule and at least two relatives are accused of killing another relative, Benjie Ganay, after a row over the bride – Mr Baule’s daughter.

Junnie Boyot told police that he and others, including Mr Baule, drove Mr Ganay to a secluded spot, where at least one of them stabbed the victim to death, before roasting his body.

Mr Boyot admitted that he and his companions then ate pieces of Mr Ganay’s flesh before returning to the wedding to serve it to guests.


A mother diagnosed with schizophrenia was arrested by authorities in Ilagan, Isabela, for killing her 1-year-old daughter.

Authorities suspect that the mother “Carol” (not her real name) ate her daughter’s internal organs after slitting her throat.

Neighbors said they alerted police when they saw a bloodied Carol outside her house carrying a sack. They said the suspect was caught in the act of throwing the sack, which contained the dead infant.

Ardy Pares

Pares’ younger son, Eddie Jr., 16, found his father’s body in the garbage pit.

Investigators tagged the victim’s eldest son Ardy, 29, as the suspect in the killing, which they said could have been done at 3 a.m.

Capuz said the municipal health officer, who conducted the autopsy, discovered that the heart and liver of the older Pares was no longer inside his body.

Makes you wonder how common this is, especially in remote provinces and secluded islands where such savagery wouldn’t make the press.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Well, it’s started so watch your step. Yes for the spit, pee and shit but now for body parts. According to Yahoo news a 10 year old blew 3 fingers off with a fire cracker. Easy picking for the cannibals I guess.

    1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. These people are loin cloth, bone in the nose, primitive savages. Pissing/sh*ting any place they please. Not civilized in the least.
      And now this too. I rest my case,

      And for your enjoyment, a little something i remember from when i was a kid

      Just keep this in your mind when ever dealing with them. They will wonder what you are grinning about 🙂 🙂

  2. Profile gravatar of

    Filipinos will fit in the stone age. As you observe the Philippines. There are similarities back in the prehistoric age.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Andreas, we must also see the positive implications of this. (for pinoy)

      When civilization breaks down, (which seems not too far away) pinoy is survival based in a quite different degree than western man.

      In this respect he should be able to survive and multiply where westerners only succumb to the deterioration of culture and comfort.

      As pinoy have no culture to lose he will not be dismayed by the breakdown, but will feel even more entiteled, experiencing the superiority of survival by himself, compared to other races, more delicate and fragile than himself.

      He can live on practically nothing, perhaps some fish, rice, or maybe some available body-part of some….fleshful-fatty neigbour. The breakdown of electric will not mean much to him, as he is used to no aircondition.

      The breakown of sewers will mean even less, as he is accustomed to spread his excrement all over the place. The increase in murders will not put him off, as he is so enclined. The eating of his neighbour is his second nature. Survivor.

      1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
        Hey Joe

        I was watching the 1980 BBC “The brave new world” last night, and could not help but see the irony of being a Alpha in a Gama world.

        But you are right, it will be just same old,, same old for pinoys. No water, no electricity, just piss in the streets,,, yes sir, SSDD

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      When you see them eating with their hands,, picking the lice out of their hair,,breastfeeding in public, and mountains of papers overloading their desks ,, you can see they have not climbed the evolutionary ladder very far

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Al! they do pick the lice out of their hair, down the steps, up to 5-6 Pinays behind each other’s backs! And I have seen them breastfed in public at the markets, in between chopping up pig meats for customers! And yep, the Flip public servants have papers overloading their desks, and they fall asleep on top of those papers.

      2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
        Phil Doh Post author

        What is it with their obsession with paperwork? Anything you try to do through a government department requires multiple useless copies of paperwork. I once went with a company to scout a new office and we looked at a massive building which was used for storing old court papers. I’ve never seen so many mountains of papers, all covered in dust. They just love to create waste and then never dispose of it properly.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          It is unbelievable, I went into SBMA Treasury building a while back, the desks were piled high with papers, my matter was in the system, guess where they got the information I wanted??
          They never even lifted one page of paper to find my file.????????
          They actually turned on the fucking computer found out what I wanted in 3 min flat. No searching of files,
          I’m almost sure it for show only so everyone thinks they are really busy and they want you to come back 5 or 6 times. or they are using them for pillows.

          1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh Post author

            Is it just for show, Don, or do they have relatives running the photocopying business next door? That’s the way things roll in davao shitty.

          2. Profile gravatar of

            Also, it’s very time consuming and makes them look busy…

  3. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    Not “Hannibal the cannibal” but “Philippin the Cannibal”. 😉 Yes it is interesting to see that even without food they are able to survive. I’v heard that abu sayyaf have gone into such practices, I dont know the truthfulness to that, but as this obviously is a more common practice in the phils that I knew it might just be right.

    Obviously they’ll be quicker to eat each other than to clean their trash, it seems even the Neaderthals were at a more advanced level of development..

    Surely they have a great reservoir of food for the next depression, and with the great influx of….well-fed-poreigner this reservoir only augments. Crocodiles also have no qualms eating each other..

  4. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    There is a much needed missing-link between “Lucy” and the Neanderthals but this link seems to be quite nicely filled by pinoy!

    The only stage in development where pinoy surpasses Neanderthal is….. in the construction of low-quality malls, the capacity to litter and the capacity to pee! 😉

    1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

      “The only stage in development where pinoy surpasses Neanderthal is….. in the construction of low-quality malls, the capacity to litter and the capacity to pee!”

      Umm…don’t forget their capacity to boink and breed like rabbits 😉

  5. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

    OK, on this topic I can’t resist….

    Two ferocious cannibals (flips?) were licking their lips after a big dinner. One says, “You’re wife makes a very tasty roast.”
    The other replies, “Thanks, but I’m gonna miss her.”

    If you think that one is bad, let me tell you the one about the cannibal who passed a missionary in the woods….

    Now, if you ever find yourself having to travel to a cannibal village (think: your wife/girlfriend/lover’s home town if she is from the provinces), you should dress up as a clown. Cannibals will not eat clowns because they think they taste funny….

    OK, I’ll quit…for now….

  6. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    They should use it in advertizing! “Philippines, the only country that never left the Stoneage! Here you can feel the genuine greedy survival attitude of the natives, see their primitive behaviour, and maybe even youself be Eaten!”

    Almost like…Jurassic Park!:-)

  7. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh Post author

    I’m curious about the story where the human meat was served at the wedding. Did the guests eat it knowing what it was? Or did they just think to themselves, “This lechon tastes a bit different.”

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Phil, If you’ve seen the film “Fried green tomatoes” (very good film!!) you will see that also in the good ol’ u.s of a. they are used for spareribs at greatest delight! “Secret’s in the sauce”, I think that goes for the Lechon as well, seasoning is very important but just as with pig, ” well done”!

      ’tis sad to hear about that culinary discrimination Don!;-)
      it would have to be, “long yellow pig” and long white pig”

      ’tis also sad, and indeed unhealthy and grouse with people who cannot take time to turn on the oven! maybe we can call it…”tribal behaviour” or would that be politically incorrect?

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Don, that’s because white man apparently is salty. 🙂 Just ask the PNG cannibals who had a taste of a white man when PNG was discovered by the Leahy brothers 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        Sarah! I respectfully disagree. There was salt in the marinade! They are not savages!;-)

        Personally I’ve heard that it’s kinda…sweet., but I’m afraid all the paranoids come crawling outta the woodwork if I say that!

        The logical would be: Chinaman….a ricy taste….like sake maybe. American, sweet by all the marsmallows and icecream and donuts. Australian….like….kangaroo after bushfire!:-)

        Its important to understand the previous surroundings of present meat to be able to deduce the present flavour!

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Muffa, I saw a documentary about PNG years ago. The reporter (with an interpreter) interviewed a very old PNG tribesman who was apparently a cannibal when he was a little boy. His whole tribe were. He was the one who stated that the white man was too salty. 🙂

          1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

            Then it probably is true!:-) It should remind us All to use less salt in our food, lest our cannibal south-sea hosts should be displeased with their Meals!:-)

            Actually there are far too many people in the world now! The most sustainable solution would be if everybody started eating each other. The drop in co2 would be dramatic! This simple fact, discovered by malays (filipinos are racially malays, with a drop chinese and two drops spanish blood!) thousands of years ago!

            Such an elementary solution wasen’t even mentioned at the climate conference, shame on them!:-)

  8. Profile gravatar of


    I suddenly remember one polish joke:

    A polish, german and a russian on the island without people having no food to eat. They was starving. The first day the german said, ok I will cut my leg off and we will eat that today. Everybody happy. Second day the russian said ok I will cut my arm off and we will eat it today. The third day everybody is looking at the polish guy taking his underpants off than the russian and german look with a big smile saying: Aaaaaah polish sausage!! The polish answered: Forget, I will just make some yogurth for you and you should sleep.

  9. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    How many times have you had a Flip ask if you have tried the street foods like chicken intestine on a stick? “Oh it’s very sarap!” they say. “You should try it! Don’t knock it until you try it!”

    Now that is like someone saying to me, “You should try fried dog shit!, Don’t knock it until you try it!”

    WHY THE FUCK would anyone want to eat the poop shoot of any animal? “Well we clean it out!”

    Ok, so how about you scrub out an old toilet and serve your next batch of Sinagang in it? Same fucking thing dumbfuck! Would you clean out an old toilet and serve food in it?

    They all love Diniguan (pig’s blood). Have you tasted it? Holy fuck it’s god damned aweful!!! I mean nasty as fuck tasting! I can understand not wasting any part of an animal because you’re poor, I understand that it’s still calories and nutrition. But damn, don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining by calling it “Sarap”. I can afford to NOT eat that shit.

    But the funny thing is, you’ll find even financially well-off people eating and serving pigs blood and chicken poop shoots. Even if they have plenty of money, they still behave with the poor mentality in some ways.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Yeah, they act so proud of diniguan and balut and love to entice foreigners to try it, maybe cause its unique and part of the “culture”. It tastes like shit even for most of them too, but hey, “this is the Philippines” so lets keep doing Filipino things that make no sense cause ????
      Luckily my fiance doesn’t like any of that bullshit. She does like some of the normal pinoy dishes and I’ve caught her going native with some stuff here and there. However, I thank god she likes to eat Thai, Japanese, Italian, Vietnamese, Mexican, or try anything that seems good. Seriously, if she was like the typical pinays who only eat Filipino food and have a look of disgust when trying to introduce new foods to them, we never would have dated more than 1 week.

      For me, I actually liked Crispy Pata, lechon, and lumpia for a little while until I just got sick of eating it. I find very little other Filipino dishes taste good or have any real nutritional value. After eating Crispy Pata 3 times in a week, I thought I was going to have a heart-attack. I think the only Filipino dishes I actually like are the different breakfast meals, but they are just pork or steak with rice and eggs.

  10. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Leaving foods out on the table for hours, even overnight, not even sealed in plastic. Just covered with a fly screen dome. Meats, veggies, rice…just sitting there for hours becoming jerky. And they’ll sit there and eat it as it sits in the tropical heat for 24, 36, 48 hours, becoming a haven for bacteria formation. Disgusting.

    Refridgerator incompetence:
    They’ll put meats or anything on a plate, uncovered, unsealed in the refridgerator. A refridgerator is like a food dehydrator. There is a constant exchange of air going on inside there. Blowing cool air in, pulling the old air out. And with the outgoing air goes the moisture that has evaporated from the unsealed foods. Things dry out faster in the fridge than just leaving it on the counter. Such ignorance. They just don’t know anything. And no matter how disgusting the food has become, they’ll still eat it and claim “sarap!”. Eeewww.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      did you ever see the polish couple who traveled to the Philippines and stated she’d rather starve than eat Filipino (street food). Their whole thing was to eat out on like $20 a day in the Philippines cause they had done it in Thailand, Vietnam, or some place, I think. So they thought the Philippines would be the same until they started feeling ill and really nauseous.

      I will admit, the Philippines does have some good fruits. The Mangoes and Pomelo (from Davao) are so awesome and the buko is good. Anything cooked, I’m not really a fan and I’m definitely not eating any street food in the Philippines.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Yeah I read the article and also saw the comments that I will leave without a comment. I think later they changed it to I rather starve than eat filipino streed food again.

        Agree about pomelos, mangoes and buko.