Filipino Child Endangerment – Helmets For Mom & Dad, No Helmet For Child

Family_on_bikeHow many times have you seen mom and dad riding on their motorcycle with their child sandwiched in the middle between them? I see it all the time here. Mom and dad have helmets, because they can be seen. They don’t want to get a citation.

In their stupid tiny little brains, they obviously don’t think about the safety of their child. If there wasn’t a helmet law, they wouldn’t wear one either. But they wear one not because it could save your life, and not because they have a fucking clue about safety, they wear a helmet because they can be seen. And if they are seen without a helmet, they’ll get a citation.

But what about little NoyNoy? They hide him in the middle, he can’t be seen. Therefore he needs no helmet. It is only when another stupid Filipino (and stupidity is an epidemic plague in Philippines, nearly everyone is infected with it!)can b yr child smashes into them, and little NoyNoy’s brains get squashed out of his head, that they will suddenly, and far too late, come to the realization of exactly what the helmet law is for .

I have never seen such stupidity in all my life!

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  1. Doms de la Torre

    With or without a helmet, a motorcycle is not a place for a child. The most accepted rule (worldwide) in determining when a child can be on a motorcycle is (1) when he is big enough for his feet to touch the passenger pegs AND (2) when he is strong enough to hold on securely. I have tried taking my nephew (with a helmet) on a short motorcycle ride and i felt uneasy all the way. Would never do it again and neither should you!

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      Captain PFB Post author

      I would agree and take it even further…..I would not allow my child on a motorcycle until he can actually legally ride one himself, and make his own decisions as an adult.

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    Same sort of thing is done in Saudi were the father puts his 2 year old on his lap whilst driving.
    known as the Saudi air bag…

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    I agree and I often see helmets unworn and hung over the handlebars. What really gets me is when they drive at night with no lights – I have asked many drivers why they do it – and without fail the answer is ” To save fuel !!”

    When I try and explain that it has nothing to do with the fuel, and ask them why do the lights work when the engine is turned off I get that vacant, silent look we all have experienced.

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    Riding a motorcycle anywhere in SE Asia is tempting fate. Allowing people to transport children by way of motorcycle is just plain negligent. I realize that most people cannot afford 4 wheeled transportation, Hell a motorcycle/scooter is a middle class status symbol in most SE Asian locales. But, for the sake of the child’s welfare take a bus a trike a jeepney….walk for God’s sake, do not make a decision which will possibly ruin a child’s life before it gets started.
    It is all too common and all too often it leads to tragedy. Much like the bare naked children wandering about the side of the roads within inches of oncoming vehicles. I cringe each time I witness this.

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    That exacltly; what i noticed too.
    One day my wife invite friends for lunch & one of them arrived with bike. He had his kid with him.
    The guy was well equiped : helmet&jacket but the kid had nothing it really shocked me to see this behaviour .
    I know the guy drive fast as i ask him the time of his ride.
    During the afternoon the guy told me how he felt exploited & stressed in his call center & he has never got any opportunity to evolve despite his good level of education. I got a sour feeling about him, he allways complained and was a total moron with the safety of his kid.

    But shame on me too, some times i fell too bored & my 5 years kid too, stuck in the house , with the low tide making us impossible to go by boat, i make small ride with my son, going to the city 6 km away, with no protection forthe both of us.
    It’s the most stupid stuff i did but i we were stuck & desperate to stey there with all these inertia, i wasnt able to resist.