Filipino Dysfunction Junction

When it comes to cultural Filipino stupidity on a grand scale, it is never more observable than out on the busy streets of Philippines. You can find a plethora of pure Pinoy imbecility in one intersection than anywhere else in this nation of nitwits.

Enjoy watching these brain dead zombie creatures show just how unbelievably ignorant they are. You can turn on your video camera at any given intersection and film more baffonery than you’ll find in a 20 minute episode of The Three Stooges.¬†

Philippine Fail Tube

I’m really having a lot of fun with my video camera as I am out and about. And I’m trying to populate our new tube site “” with some original videos of the baffoonery and dumbfuckery which anyone can capture at any given moment when out in public. I hope soon you’ll join me and put your video cameras to work. I’m currently working out a way for you to upload your videos to me for our sites. So stay tuned.

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