My Own Filipino Fail Experience

Ever had one of those days when you finish everything you had to do for the day faster than expected? Well, I had one of those days today and had a chance to go on an extended lunch when I came across your blog. I’m not surprised at all about most of the entries in this blog. I hope, based on the few postings i’ve read (so far), that it’s been a long time coming that someone or something start identifying the idiocy of not just those politicians perpetuating this nonsense but the obtuseness of the general public who keeps electing these people.

I want to share a story that happened a couple of years ago which i believe would be a perfect example of why I’m indifferent to Filipinos.

A little background about me. I was born in the Philippines, came to the States when I was 8 and have been living here ever since. My family lived in a mostly (85%) white neighborhood. Most of my friends and classmates from 1st grade to college are mostly white. I can still speak tagalog albeit not without the american twang. I’ve met a few Filipinos here and there but as i have stated in the beginning, wasn’t really interested in hanging out with them. I have my own friends and that’s that.

Fast forward to 2011. Im a structural engineer working for a medium sized company specializing in commercial and institutional buildings. I’m also the only Filipino in our company. During the summer of ’11 we were looking for a couple of part-time workers who can help us with some overflow work. As it turns out, the person they hired is from the Philippines who is fairly new to the States. They asked me if i’d be willing to help him for a couple of weeks to get acquainted with office protocol and introduce him to the rest of the staff. Everything went smoothly for a few days. I show him the ropes and i get to practice my tagalog. The only caveat is that tagalog will only be spoken after office hours.

Manny Paquiao

Only Filipinos will elect to Congress a guy who’s only professional experience is being really good at punching other guys in the head.

After about a week he asked me if I’m a fan of Pacquiao or if I’m familiar with Jessica Sanchez. I told him that i know who they are but i’m not a fan. Simply because i don’t like boxing and i only knew of Jessica Sanchez from because she was a contestant in American Idol. Well, apparently that was the wrong answer because his reply to me was “Brad, youre also filipino, so you should be proud of them and their accomplishments”. I was a little shocked because i was being honest and i didnt expect that kind of reaction from him. I thought it was presumptuous of him to think that because im from the philippines i automatically have to like everything filipino. I’ve lived in the States longer that i did in the philippines. And since i left when i was very young, i didnt know a lot of what has happened in the Philippines and frankly, i didnt really cared about what was happening there. So to soothe his ruffled feathers, i suggested we watch Pacquiao the next time he fights.

What i found funny at the time is that whenever we talked about anything, the Philippines always seem to be better about everything. According to him, the colleges there are harder than the US; food is more flavorful, drivers are the best; and they are the most sought after labor force in the world.

Jessica Sanchez

Born and raised in Chula Vista, Calif., Half Mexican, half Filipino – But ALL AMERICAN, Jessica Sanchez’s father is Mexican from Texas, mother is Filipina from Bataan. But that won’t stop Filipinos from taking credit for her fame. If only her right pinky finger was Filipina, native Filipinos will still take full credit, and leave nothing to the Mexicans!

He always referred to some people at the office by their race and would always find a reason to bring up the car someone drives or the brand someone wears. At that time, i kinda thought that he’s just passionate about his country and his fellow filipino. Until i researched some of the things he said and they were all BS, well, except maybe for the food. Colleges in the Philippines don’t rank anywhere, drivers are undisciplined and the so called OFW’s are sought after because they’re cheap labor who can speak english, a majority of native filipinos are racists and very materialistic. The term style over substance applies quite appropriately to the typical Filipino. After that revelation, i decided to take any and all of his claims with a grain of salt.

Then, a couple of days later, he approached me with the what i think is still one of the strangest request from any coworker/colleague in my professional life. After work, while walking out of the building we were chatting about the project he’s working on and about deadlines. Everything was fine until he made a comment i like “Pre pareho tayong Pilipino, magtulungan tayo dapat”. I didnt know what to say. How can someone who i dont know that well suggest that we “stick” together. I asked him why he would say such a thing and he brushed it off like he was kidding. Anyway, after that, I didnt really talk to him anymore. I didnt avoid him since its impossible when you work together but i kept everything strictly professional since he made that comment.

He’s no longer working in our company  and i’m not really sure what had happened. Except that one day he wasnt there and another person showed up the following day.

I mentioned this story to my parents during one of their visits and they told me that that is the reason we lived in the neighborhood we lived in, had the friends we had and . Or maybe, i just met a really bad apple. Unfortunately, based on what i’ve been reading here, he appears to be the rule rather than the exception.

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    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      But, but, Genetically she is Filipino. Being pinoy is in the genes, Pinoy genes are superior to all other genes anywhere.

      That’s where resilience comes from. “We are Filipino, resilience is in our blood.” So the web banner read, hence it must be true. Pride comes from being Filipino and being Filipino alone is enough. Don’t you know it was the Philippines who trained the first astronauts in space, even designed their rocketry. Alexander the Great was actually a Filipino as well, so was Genghis Khan. The first Pharaoh of Egypt, Yup you guessed, 100% Filipino. Filipinos created the earth, the only reason they live in squalor is because they did all that Highfalutin, better quality of life long ago back when they founded Atlantis.

      *sarcasm Off………

      I just threw up n my mouth a little.

  1. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
    Pearl Of My Ass

    One clarification: The food in the Philippines is not more flavorful, to the contrary it is blend and has not taste. All foreigners I met in the Philippines and abroad agreed on that point, Filipino food is not good. Not because of the ingredients themselves, but because of the way it is cooked (or not cooked).

    1. Profile gravatar of Pitchblackcats

      I gotta disagree with you a little on that, Seb. The food here is rather flavorful, but then it is really not much to boast about, especially when the MSG is doing most of the flavoring.

      In the right hands, commonplace Filo dishes can get really tasty. The cuisine we inherited from the Spaniards ain’t bad at all. Too bad that the majority of the cooks in here are lazy fucks who couldn’t care less if you want to eat unhalf-assed shit.

      1. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
        Pearl Of My Ass

        yep, I hope you are right on that one. I got to travel through Asia a lot and compared to Indonesian, Thai, Korea, Japanese, etc… which have each their own ‘code’; Filipino food is the least appealing.
        If you ever tried other food outside Philippines, I would sincerely doubt your honesty if you would disagree.
        One thing that kinda back up my statement: whether you travel West, you can find Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indonesia restaurant, Mongolian and Pakistani restaurant, etc… but never you can find a Filipino restaurant, I’ve never see one.
        My statement is a generalist one, there can be exceptions, but I always only heard about it, never tasted it.

        1. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
          Pearl Of My Ass

          PS: Spaniard food is not very highly rated here in Europe, in general. In comparison to French or Italian, there is a gap. It is not only my personal opinion but a rather consensual agreement.

          1. Profile gravatar of Pitchblackcats

            I see. Maybe it’s my inexperience talking anyway. I’ve only been to one country apart from this, and that would be Singapore. That’s a melting pot so I assume that there is really no ‘legit” SG food in there but based on what I’ve had at “hawker” places, I’d say that the food in there is very appetizing. Soooooo good that i’d be willing to eat the same cheap-ass frigging chicken rice and pork somethings for a long, long time. And happily get fat.

            I’d give you this: when i had food elsewhere (or had some foreign dish prepared by well-informed cooks) it really takes me out of my thoughts and into the present moment. When I eat typical Filo stuff, my tastebuds go on auto-pilot. Everything’s frigging salty (the one-dimensional sort of “flavorful”, no thanks to soy sauce and silly broth cubes) unless there’s quality preparation, which you gotta shell out big bucks for. What the general consensus often miss are those special little Spartan-type establishments where they serve good food (commonplace dishes done with a twist ) and pretty affordable too. Understandably, because they are pretty rare. Sad.

          2. Profile gravatar of Pitchblackcats

            P.S. IMHO, let me say that Thai food at the least is is far superior to this country’s. If I get to kickstart traveling around then maybe one day I can agree with finality that Filo food is indeed the least appealing of all. Maybe.

    2. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
      L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

      The only thing i find more tasteful here than in America is whole unprocessed chicken. And thats only from shopwise in sucat, all the other shopwises don’t serve the same generous size and method of roasting and seasoning of chicken.

      Almost every other meat category of food they add sugary marinades or just plain wrong combination of salty and sweet.

      And its very easy to distinct filipino beef/pork from china’s or new zealands. Theres a unique before and after taste that i wouldnt give good merits for.

  2. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

    I met (and worked) with a Filipino for the very first time about 27 years ago in Europe. This was before I even knew where the Philippines was on the map! Took about 2 weeks (after being friendly, friendly during that time) that I started hating the guy; full of shit and always bragging about how good, great and better they were than any other countries. No internet at the time (for me anyway) to verify whether his claims were true or not. Nevertheless I just HATED him, I mean really HATED him. A real pain in the ass. Anyway, incredibly, I am now in the Philippines for some time; and I’d say 60% of Filipinos are like him. I just choose my company very carefully to stay sane!

    1. Profile gravatar of Joshua

      Yes, you are right about Filipinos being arrogant. I was told that in Singapore, they have this issue regarding the rapid influx of foreign workers going into the country. Thus, some locals cannot find jobs. Because of this, some of the locals do not like foreigners. However, the locals have far greater hatred for the Chinese and the Filipinos.

      The Chinese, well, because they’re rude and let their kids pee anywhere. For the Filipinos, it is because they are boastful, noisy and backstabbers. Some Filipinos would say that they got hired instead of the locals simply because they are more hardworking and better when the truth is, they are just cheap labor. I mean, does one would really think that a graduate from the Philippines is better when the rankings of the universities in the country continue to drop every year?

      Aside from being boastful, they also talk loudly in public transportation like buses and rail transits. Lastly, some locals working with Filipinos say that they would smile at them at first but when they turn their back, they will begin talking about bad things at them.

      It’s a shame really after hearing this. The notion that Filipinos are friendly and hospitable seems to begin to look false to me. I just think that we begin to be full of ourselves because there has been little spotlight on our country.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        The Chinese pee everywhere?!!! Shit, the Filipinos pees everywhere too! LOL… As for the hospitality, it differs depending on the Filipinos. I just had 7 Filipinos help move my stuff from my old condo to my new one this past week, and they were not expecting anything in return, so I bought them all pizza and beer as a reward. But the moment I turned my back, they devoured all the chocolates in my fridge without even asking. I’m not exactly sure what kind of point I am trying to make by saying this, but it would appear that they would be hospitable when they see you looking, but the moment you turn your back they become the selfish backstabbers they are predestined to be.

        1. Profile gravatar of Joshua

          Yeah, I know some Filipinos also pee on the street too but that’s what my acquaintance said about what he heard from some Singaporeans. They didn’t say anything about Filipinos peeing on their streets.

          They also said that “Pinoys” (that’s what they call Filipinos) are “two face” that when they meet them, they smile, but when they turn around, they begin to badmouth them on their backs. Don’t know how they hear the Pinoys but that’s what they said.
          From hear, I think that based from your experience and from some Singaporeans, most Filipinos tend to backstab people.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
      Pearl Of My Ass

      they do not know how to ‘cut’ the animal in certain pieces, separating each parts as a real ‘butcher’ does to have a wider selection of taste/fat/feel but rather most of the time they just chop-chop-chop and make fucking ragout style mish-mash, a disgrace, a waste.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        They have no grading system for meat in this country. No training is provided by the gov’t to butcher meat. You have to know what kind of cut it is in order to which cooking method to use.
        whether it is a mechanic, plumber,etc… its all the same
        These people always react to constructive criticism by saying ” it is worse in other countries” That is their excuse or alibi to make things seem better.
        That attitude is not the way of being better. Instead of looking down,,, maybe they should start looking up and see what works in better developed countries.
        they will just copycat from other countries.
        When I get on or off a plane in Manila,, I wait until the last one is off,, becos it is just a pain in the ass being shoved and pushed like a herd of cows.. wait 5 mins,, get off in peace and quiet..
        There are new rules for I-Cards, now.
        take care

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      What makes the beef in Philippines taste and feel like a chunk of tire tread is the fact they don’t age the beef. Slaughter it, butcher it wit some chop chop chop and send it out to market. For beef to be tender and flavorful, it needs to be properly aged.

      It’s the same thing with their vegetables. They harvest them so fucking prematurely, when you buy a bell pepper, the flesh is as thin as the skin. Tomatoes…mostly still fuckin’ green and about the size of a golf ball! WTF???

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          in my country,, butchers used to take an apprentice course,,, go to school,, know and how to cook every part of an animal.
          BUT,,,, i think it is done at the factory now,, and just shipped out to the stores..
          the packing plants in north america get cheap ass labor from 3rd world countries and sspeed up the lines,, dats why there is so much food poisoning cases now..

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Only country I been to where I can buy onions smaller than a pong ball. Plus the crabs they fish are illegally small too. Are you suppose to release the baby crabs so they can grow and reproduce? I offered to eat a baby crab at a crab shack here 2 weeks ago for 850php. First they said it’s a 500gram crab for 850php, I was hoping it was crab legs, but just to make sure I asked them to show it to me. They brought out this baby crab with legs that were thin as a baby’s pinky. I told them I can’t eat that shit, so I ordered shrimp instead.

  3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    They always yelp for joy when an ex- filipino gets famous.. But if you analyse the story,, he or she had to emigrate (giving up hi preciuos Filipino citizenship), to another country to do something good. or they were raised in that country and did not get infected with local habits
    I could care less if someone from my country did good, bad or whatever becos I know it would not make a rat’s ass difference to me.

  4. Profile gravatar of Maamsir

    I particularly found the point on where the coworker talked about Philippines to be interesting. That is one of the main traits I have found in Filipinos here in the Middle East, always claiming to be the “best”

    We are the best English speakers
    We are the best in “cost-omer” service
    We have the best boxers
    We are the only nationality who showers before work (!)
    We have the worlds best nurses

    Best, best, best, a deluded belief they are the best in everything when they are not and are even among the worst in it

    The only thing they have not told me is that their food is the best, but that is probably because their food is the least popular compared to any other South East Asian cuisine.

    1. Profile gravatar of J.S. Lane
      J.S. Lane

      Reminded me of a Filipina that I know that once told me, “Well,anyway, Americans don’t speak too good English.”

      I’ve lived in the Philippines for the past 6 years. I’m not a Pinoy basher by any means but somethings do irritate me. One that I recall.
      I was entering a store and I opened the door and stood back for a woman carrying a baby and leading a small child to enter. Two young guys, 20 something, barged through almost knocking the lady over. Probably that’s what I find the worst trait, inconsiderate of others.

  5. Profile gravatar of carlosvander

    Our company here in oz stopped hiring filo’s years ago.
    We found that they lacked ability to handle responsibility.
    Many times something went wrong and every time they blame others.
    Seen them blame others even when the other person was on vacation.
    Funniest report was filo running a production line..product was finished poorly..cost the company $$$.
    We asked “what happened to finish the job so badly?”
    Filo answer”It was not was the other guy”.
    We say” The other guy was away on vacation”.
    Filo…blank stare…
    We ask “can you tell us how the problem occured?”.
    Filo “I tell you already, it was the other guys fault”.
    Did my best not to call him a total idiot but this type of situation was not one off with one filipino..They all had the habit of doing as little as possible and if a problem arose they were first to point the blame to another employee..
    You see it is NEVER their fault..
    So we had enough of the childish behaviour and no longer hire filipino’s.

    1. Profile gravatar of Big Kahuna
      Big Kahuna Post author

      I’ve been very fortunate, until that incident and since, to not have to associate with FOB Filipinos professionally. Interestingly enough our company’s HR Dept. has implemented a US College Graduate only policy when reviewing new applicants. I don’t personally agree with that kind of a policy because it limits our talent pool in the event we need to add associates. Qualified people are qualified people no matter where they came from. Yes, even if they’re from the Philippines. It’s their philosophy towards work and to some degree their personal life that needs addressing when considering someone from another country and culture.

      I can only imagine the kind of shock most people coming from the Philippines would experience the moment they start to live and work permanently in the US, especially where winter lasts for 6 months. The majority of Filipinos’ lackadaisical approach when it comes to following rules, whichever kind of rule it may be, is pathetic. Discipline is only a 7 letter word to most Filipinos. Even those who travel frequently to the US, no matter how long, only provide you a snapshot of whatever state it is your visiting. I specifically said STATE because due to the size of the US, each with its own quirks and peculiarity, the state, in addition to the countrywide norm will dictate how you interact with your future employers or acquaintances.

      I’m not hating on all Filipinos, I’m sure there are those who are ethically and morally upstanding still left somewhere in the country. But the national collective has to make a conscious decision that It is those individuals or groups who need to be in the forefront. Also, somewhere along the line, the Church has to be separated from the state. Preferably sooner than later. Then perhaps slowly, but definitely surely, change can happen…..i won’t be holding my breath though.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        That just reminded me. I used to work for AT&T wireless in Illinois. We contracted a company that uses FOB Filipinos to work on our cell sites. Man, all the improvement we did for in 3 years went down the drain 2 weeks after they start working. After that, the company stop contracting companies that use FOB Filipinos.

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      So fuckin true man. Let me tell you of my experience this past weekend when I allowed some of my classmates to help me move from my old condo to my new one. To make the first part of the long story short, 7 students came, they helped me move, there were no problems so I rewarded them with Dominoes Pizza and beer, and treated them all out to some more beer (All you can Drink) at a local bar. 3 of them got super drunk, so I let them stay at my place. Most of the food was still packed away, but I’m sure they were full from the 4 Family size boxes of pizza I ordered, plus the 5 orders of buttered chicken I bought for them. Anyway, I woke up the next morning, my wife was angry at me because all of her chocolates were gone. I inquired about through text message with all 3 of them, none of them would own up to it, and no one knew who ate it.
      The fact that I was charitable enough to throw a pizza party for my classmates this 21st of March on Friday as a end of the year gift, I decided cancel it, and guess what happened next? Yep! They finally owned up to their selfish mistakes, and apologized like crazy to me, from all 3 of them. They replaced my wife’s chocolates yesterday (Monday 17 March 2014), and I decided to continue with the pizza party this Friday. Funny how that happens right? Filipinos will never learn to accept their own responsibility, and I’m sure my classmates wouldn’t have owned up to it if there was no incentive… i.e: Pizza Party. Oh well, I only have one more week to deal with them then my break starts. You will all be hearing alot from me after this week, but for now, I gotta study for these finals (as if I need to! Hahaha) L8er everybody 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

        Lmao, i now figured it out, treating most filipinos like my 2 yr old daughter seems to do the trick. You must understand you’re dealing with big kids when dealing with most filipinos.

  6. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Here is my input on this subject:
    The Food: How the hell is their food more flavorful? From observing my idiot wife’s cooking and Filipino Restaurants, my cooking + American cooking is far more superior, and I will give an example.

    Filipino style of cooking fish:

    Step 1-Take Fish out the freezer
    Step 2-Put Fish in hot pan with cooking oil
    Step 3-Remove fish from pan…… DONE!

    How is this considered as professional cooking? There is no removing of the skin/scales, no addition of seasoning (lemon-pepper, garlic-butter, or anything), head is still attached. I just call it lazy style cooking if you ask me. The only seasoning they may actually add to their fish is Magic Sarap, but that still doesn’t constitute as good cooking. I put pride and effort into my cooking, but it seems that a Filipino’s style of cooking fish is just STRAIGHT FROM THE FREEZER and RIGHT INTO THE FRYING PAN, and finished. No preparation to improve the taste….. So how is Filipino food more flavorful again? I even compared my cooking to my wife’s, and we both agreed that we likes my style of cooking better. I can whip up the best damn Tilapia and Salmon you will ever taste. I wouldn’t even attempt to eat my idiot wife’s fish when she cooks it, or just burns it in oil. I know fish is the only example I brought up, but this style of cooking applies to most Filipino styles of cooking, which is really just lazy cooking.
    As for the education being harder, I already stressed my point about that numerous times in previous articles, but I did forget to add one more thing. In the American school system, is is possible to have a score of 47%, in Philippines (or at least at the College I am at), 60% is the bare minimum grade you can possibly obtain. If I turned in a blank test, my score would be 60%, but if I did that shit in America, it would be 0%. It seems that Filipinos are graded on an advantageous curve which would give them an edge in not failing. This is true for all of my classes, and I confirmed that this grading system is in other colleges in Philippines as well. In other words: It’s impossible to achieve a grade less than 60% in Philippines. Yet the failure rate is still at 30% here, imagine if the minimum grade cutoff was at 0%?