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Just a quick one that just happened .  My Daughter’s 7th Birthday today and my Wife was to take her to school at 8:30 am ( usual starting time ) and help set up for a party while my Daughter was in class. I received a text from my wife at 8:41 am.  ” Honey just arrived at the school “.   I immediately replied ” Why were you late ?”

Her response ” We weren’t late hon  , because the teacher waited .”  Me .. ” If you weren’t late then why did the teacher need to wait ?”  You all guessed it I’m sure. My wife’s answer “Because we didn’t arrive yet “.  WTF.

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    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    Every flip that considers themselves professional workers rarely make it on time. Especially doctors, In Manila, the patients wait for doctors. The few appointments i’ve had with doctors in Manila they were no less than 1 hour late, the worst has been 4 hours.

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    Than doctors are still saint compared to the construction workers , if you´re building something you never know wether they come or not . I guess they only go to work if their money is finnished , they have to be a little bit starting to get hungry . So if you give them a decent salary they´ll work less and also slower coz than they seem to see you as a friend , and forget that there´s also some work to be done as well even though you treat them well . Don´t even talk about the bad quality they make you gotta watch them all the time coz if ya don´t everything ´ll go wrong .

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    Pinay Lover

    Id like to hear the excuse for having dozens of children. “We didnt have sex hun, it just happened through Gods blessings, like the virgin Mary. Everything happens for a reason because God wanted it this way. ”

    They use God as a reason for everything.

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    Example …me asking my pinay ex dumb shit gf
    ” Why u stole my money? for what uve used my cash ?”
    Answer:” we are all God made children and no one is perfect”
    Me:” what that the fuckin answer ?”
    She” I dont understand what u want again from me
    Me” I did ask u why u stole my fuckin money ?”
    She ” I did not steal it , i used it for an emergency of my Ate, your so bad counting person blalblalba
    Me:” so thats ok for you to steal from your own man money ?”
    She” Common sense, i said i did not steal and ive used it for a creature God”

    and so on and on…..