Filipino “Hero” Manny Paquiao Exhibits Typical Pinoy Delusions


Manny Paquiao has probably upped his likability with his countrymen to the point they’ll probably make him a saint or prophet. Because anytime someone says god spoke to them, then god spoke to them. And of course, to say, “I lost fair and square to my worthy opponent” would be a complete dishonor according to Pinoy Pride behavior.

Rather than lose with integrity intact, he’s now claiming to have been told by god that he is to lose the fight. While god foresakes millions of his people suffer in poverty and starvation, this god is revealing shit about a boxing match to him. And that’s the wonderful thing about religion. You never have to be responsible for your behavior or what you say. Not that Filipinos even know the first thing about being responsible with or without a god.

I would think that instead of talking about who will win or lose a game of punching each other in the head, god would be telling him to serve his people better by showing up once in a while to represent them in congress. But no. God speaks to him about who will win a famous slug fest.

Here’s the article:

In the several months after his megafight with Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao continues to say questionable, and at times bizzarre things. This quote, however, may take the cake. Pacquiao now claims that he knew he would lose to Floyd Mayweather one month before the fight. And not because of his injury.

In an interview on a Filipino television show Wednesday morning, Pacquiao revealed that he already knew that he would yield to the unbeaten American boxer in “controversial fashion.”

“I dreamt that I lost the decision. The decision was unclear. There was a problem,” Pacquiao said. 

“I smiled because I already saw what would happen even before…It was already shown me. So I am still blessed because the Lord informed that this would happen.”

Pacquiao further hinted that he had expected to lose because God “had revealed” to him what would happen.

Do what you want with these statements, but Pacquiao is increasingly sounding like someone who is ready to walk away from the sport.


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    He last said that they were suing Mayweather for violating the World Sports Anti-Doping Laws…

    Because Mayweather took vitamins…

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      The funny thing is, that the match between them did not happen for years, because Mayweather wanted drug tests done to international Olympic standards like when he competed and won there. Pacman refused drug tests for years and then said “Mayweather is afraid to fight me!” lol

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      This turkey is part of a church group and did you see in typical Filipino style when someone has something outcome all the hands expecting a handout. It’s a typical social welfare mentality that Filipinos have someone’s got something I wanted even though I haven’t worked for and they will you shame and other things to bring that person down that person doesn’t give it to them.

      Let’s look at the situation with Manny.:

      As I understood he paid for hotel accommodation, tickets, flights for friends and even some cases their friends to the USA. There was a report that certain members within his Christian group were taking advantage of Manny’s generosity and using him. Have only heard Filipinos being accused of using others before? It’s quite a common occurrence.

      As you know Filipinos love to big-note themselves, even promote themselves on their Facebook at all cost. They will never acknowledge who gave them something, provided it over than to say God provided. Giving to Filipinos is a no-win situation you’ll get never thank you. I have given many things to Filipinos only to find that it’s been photographed in the Facebook and thanks be to God rather than thanks be to me.

      I feel sorry for this guy in one respect and happy that he has made it through the Filipino culture and achieve what he wanted to achieve but there are many before him who have been simply ripped down and pull back to the level of everyday Filipinos for trying.

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        Facebook in the Philippines is disgusting!

        Those homeless scumbags think they are important if they take picture of themselves with expensive shit.

        Usually in front of someone else’s car, stuff at a store, or just photoshopped.

        I see REALLY bad shopped pictures and 400 cousins will all comment like “Wow Nanay’s new Ferrari is SO nice!” There is no way they cannot tell it is not faked. They just all collectively pretend it is real.

        What a mind fuck…

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          Yep Wolfgang…
          i saw a girl con a Jap guy into paying her 1 years tuition fee + computer — by the time the jap left she got a refund on sememster 2’s fees at great penalty + pawned the PC then put herself up on FB with pictures smiling showing 500 peso notes in hand.

          Another .. is where they get gifts and say THANKYOU LORD for granting me my wish.
          cameras etc asked and GIVEN by foreigners
          and they put it down to the Lords blessings

          I had that shit. I fully funded my ex’s job and she posted a pic saying thankyou lord for my newe job and getting out of the old one
          95% ARE LIKE THAT

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            95% ARE LIKE THAT”

            You are too generous Foreign. I actually would put the percentage at 98%. 🙂 Everyone of us who has been to the Philippines or has links to the Philippines has been hit up for money, gifts, free holidays, free whatever shits, these asswipes can think of, with no thoughts if we could afford it or not (like when a cousin hit up my youngest sister who’s still a student herself for an expensive Michael Jordan shoes last week). Thankfully, my sister told him upfront that she could not afford it. What fucking beggars. And they don’t even email us any other time!

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            “You are too generous Foreign. I actually would put the percentage at 98%”

            Please dont abuse word foreign. We are also Polish and Russiand here (eastern-europeans).

            It always piss me off when I lived in Manila and heard the word Kano or Americano. Serious Im not American and Im not bitish, please fucking understand it!! In the other side polish people will call the filipinos for chinese and yellow. Well if the filipinos agree that they are chinese I will also agree Im a Kano 😀

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            Captain PFB Post author

            When they use the work “Kano”, it essentially refers to any white person. Yes, it started as short for “AmeriKANO”, but it evolved to cover any foreigner with white skin and western features.

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            @sarahfin @filofail remember to MERCADO (market) sometimes spoken in a jeep rising to flex on CADO … sounds a bit like AMERICANO … i used to think they were talking about me –

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        They are good to thank god unstead of you when you provide them something.
        It reminds me one day i paid a lunch in the house of my wife for almost half the baranguay without formal invitations, (an idea of my wife,not mine, of course), with 2 lechons & french booze .
        At the beginning of the party, a moron from a church, asked for silence, got it, & sart a speech to thanks … the Lord for this wonderfull feast.
        By the way, it this guy, who later in the afternoon, watched at some of my books & asked if it were bibles…

        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          @sarahfin – YES, biggest load of ungrateful arsewipes out. @vinzz and yes, did you spot the usual freeloaders who turn up, DON’T SAY BOO to you yet gladly eat all the food and drink whatever is available in the corner and leave!!

          I had one arsewipe ask me for 70 pesos once for fare home. Like .. give me a break. It’s years of scamming, pimping, lying, cheating and freeloading that has become the “norm” for them that is “filipino style” that is why they accept it as normal behaviour and then all roads lead back to god. Give thanks to him, he provided 🙁 not.

          But do filipinos really care about god? NOT ONE BIT – HYPOCRITS. Thats what they are. They could treat what “gifts” god gave them a lot better by not polluting it with plastics, rubbish etc which they seem to have an obsession with – basura.

        2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Vinzz, you can save these asswipe’s lives, build them houses, pay for their medical bills, etc, etc. But do they give thanks to you or even acknowledge what you’ve done? Of course not! You don’t bloody matter because God will provide. Understand, you are simply a vehicle for God to provide these lowlife ass wipes.

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    In the year 2015, you can not do anything that is not politicaly corrrect. No smoking, no saying Merry Christmas, Then we have two people hitting each other over the head. I really think boxing is on its way out!!

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      No way.

      Makes way too much money.

      Besides, it is a great way for the “suffering minorities” to make it big. lol

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    Phil Doh

    So he has this prophetic dream one month before the fight… after he’s told the world, “This is God’s will. This is the fight that will glorify God. I believe, God will deliver him into my hands. His defeat would make him realize that fame, money and material possessions are nothing without God in our life,”

    Gotta test your faith something like that.

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    If the prideful idiot won, he would have told everyone that “God told me that I was going to win!”

    It’s amazing how those smooth-skinned Neanderthals hide behind the veil of religiosity. Just thinking of it makes me want to vomit, especially since I have what can be considered an above-average knowledge of the Bible and religion. Sigh….

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      Hey now. Neanderthals are European. Ancestors of the most advanced societies in the world. Hardly a comparison!

      I like how he has lost like 6 times now, but is still “#1 boxer in the world!!!”

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        Yeah, calling them Neanderthals incorrect, it may very well be the lack of Neanderthal in them. Lack of memory creates logic for immediate need, no planning for the future based on lessons of the past. No memory of what you did for them a split second after. I know Europeans have Neanderthal genes, it’s also a fact Africans don’t, can’t help to wonder what most flips have….

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          They do not like to talk about it, but it is a fact that Europeans have the largest part of the brain the is responsible for foresight and future planning in the frontal cortex. They say (or used to say before everything was PC) that is the reason blacks have a criminal inclination. They have a harder time considering the consequences. I am guessing it is non-existent here…

          Of course each person is an individual. Just generalizing.

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            Tony james

            With a name like Wolfgang we shouldn’t be surprised by your opening statement

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            David Harden

            I have read in past studies the frontal lobe is underdeveloped here, mostly from lack of gene pool, to see even 5 seconds in front of them the consequences of their actions. Lack of commonsense, morals, values, honor, anything that you and I take for granted they cannot comprehend. Everything they learn is like a monkey that is trained by rote method, right or wrong that is the way they will do it and teach their offspring to do it. Example> lets use a short broom and bend over instead of putting a longer shaft to stand upright.

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            @David Harden

            I know it is a bit phrenological, but their foreheads are quite small. It is not racism. Just facts. Would it be racist to point out Filipinos are almost all short? Or brown? Just they way they are built.

            They evolved without the need for foresight. Maybe because things get destroyed before they build it. lol Now it’s “we need foreign aid Joe!” I noticed the day we had the typhoon and earthquake, a few days ago, which were not that bad here, everyone went on shopping sprees at SM! Someone got some aid/pera padala!

            The short broom is a good example. All that hard work to save a peso in materials. lol It’s not worth it.

      2. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

        Oh, my bad. I diidn’t think of that, and I–being of European descent–should know better. I guess I will need to call them “smooth-skinned baboons”, but then again, I think it might be insulting to a baboon 🙁

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    What a narcissist. Of course God would have the time and got to a lot of trouble to inform Pacnan what would happen after the fight! I mean God doesnt have anything else to do hmmmmm!

    One thing that bothered me about being in the Philippines a few years ago was the fact that any Kano I bumped into would ask me where I’m going to see Pacnan’s fight. “Ted’s bar has a really good widescreen TV!”. Of course I didnt give a shit and didnt bother going to see the fight anyway.

    Why were ALL the Kano’s I met so interested in seeing the fight? Are they all delusional suckups?

    And it doesnt even end there. I used to get shit like “Guitarist Fuckhead in Band X is a quater Filipino..did you know?”.


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      Captain PFB Post author

      Yeah, the flips tried to claim Jessica Sanchez (really good singer and finalist on American Idol a few seasons ago) She was born and raised in the USA, Her father is a Mexican-American, mother is Filipina. She had never even been to the Philippines before she got famous.

      And all the Filipinos were spouting their pride and claiming her as their own. Fucking typical. Imagine if Americans went around telling everyone “Did you know Brad Pitt is American?” Talk about desperation for notoriety! This is because failure engulfs them. It is so rare that a Filipino succeeds that they have to amplify every single one that does.

      “Filipinos keep looking for heros and they’ll settle for just about anything. Then they magnify the fuck out of it until it doesn’t even resemble the truth anymore.” ~ Kaine

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      Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

      “Guitarist Fuckhead in Band X is a quater Filipino..”.

      In my personal experience, few full-blooded Filipinos have either the talent or ability to be the guitarist in “Band X”. That isn’t me being a racist. It’s me observing that the more talented and able the Pinoy, the more likely they are to have a big dose of non-Pinoy blood in them. Sure, there are exceptions – but you really might expect more exceptions in a nation of over 100 million people. You’d think that even complete randomness would provide lots of talented and able people. Apparently, it doesn’t. Just sayin’…

      1. Profile gravatar of Tacitus

        I would have to agree. To me, it’s an issue of evolutionary biology. A Filipino is the antithesis of an eusocial organism. As long as Filipinos fail to grasp even the most basic concepts of eusociality, they will not evolve individually nor, more importantly, as a functioning group or society. As individuals they have choose to live in the Dark Ages because they have proven themselves unable to be enlightened and continue to think only of themselves to their own detriment.

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      Tony james

      It probably has to do with the fact that boxing has been a Kano tradition going back to probably the turn of the last century or before.

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    I’m watching that very professional interview and it’s funny because Many can barely answer simple questions even in his native language AND THAT PRICK WILL RUN AS SENATOR?????????????????????????????????????????????? Why not hiring a mascot or an employee from Jollibee? How about a skyscraper cleaning? The guy is able operate a sponge and a squeegee, GIVE HIM THE JOB OF SENATOR!!!! Anyone can do this! No need to think! By the way look at this “interview”. A journalist is suppose to trap politicians and showing the real way they are and what they plane to do. In this case here that stupid journalist woman is almost putting Manny on a pedestal. NICE JOB!!

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    So to sum up, he’s someone who knows what will happen in advance because god tells him. He has a mum who thinks she can hex people. He’s a senator who never turns up to vote and when he does show up, the senate tell him he should have won every fight he lost. He’s against women making choices with their reproductive bits and pieces (because that’s anti-God) and, of couse, he’s someone who promotes junk food and shit diets to his fellow countrymen.

    I even saw a cardboard cut out of him eating a huge slice of pizza outside some fast food establishments. Maybe eating shit food is part of God’s plan!


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    “You are too generous Foreign. I actually would put the percentage at 98%”
    Please dont abuse word foreign. We are also Polish and Russiand here (eastern-europeans).”

    What are you on about Polisk King?? “FOREIGN” is my nickname for “FOREIGNHARDPINOYSOFT” because his full name is too long and he knows it !! Have nothing to do with anyone’s nationality or racial origins whatsoever!

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      Oooops… I guess little misunderstanding 🙂 No reason to get angry 🙂 Not all of us are native english speakers…

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        No worries 🙂 At least you are gracious with your apologies 🙂 I don’t get called “Kano” by the way. They say “Kana o!”. That’s the female version of “Kano”, which also means “that” (Kana) in Visayan. Sounds really weird…. 🙂

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      Me still, afterhave been herer for soem years still getting pisses when I hear Joe, Kano or so many time bombay. Its okay, 4-5 months left….

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    Hey guys, I just received a funny message from a Filipino guy about Manny Paquiao as Senator. It goes like this ( If you are allergic to stupidities, please do not read this) :

    my friend if you are a filipino then ull understand. Ill tell u something why manny would be a good senator despite of his lack of intelligence to make some laws. In the phillipines we dnt need law makers or some lawyer or intelligent people. In our senate we need people who has a true heart, a kind heart and a heart thats true to its people and pacman has that heart. Because here in our country its very hard to trust most of the senators who are running or people because lots of politicians here are corrupt. They dnt think about making the law. They are always think on how they can get lots of money or kickbacks to the fund thats been given to them. They will just put it all to their pockets. Unlike manny in his place he puts the money on the place where it should be. A good congressman. Knows nothing about how to make law. All he knows is to put the money where it should be. And its better for us filipino thats why we are supporting him insted of those true law makers and intelligent people who is just making us look stupid.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      “And its better for us filipino thats why we are supporting him insted of those true law makers and intelligent people who is just making us look stupid.”

      Oh how deluded they are. It’s always someone else making them look stupid. They’re all brilliant and wonderfully smart! It’s OTHER PEOPLE that make them look stupid. It’s never the fact THAT THEY ARE JUST FUCKING STUPID.

  10. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “In the phillipines we dnt need law makers or some lawyer or intelligent people. In our senate we need people who has a true heart, a kind heart and a heart thats true to its people and pacman has that heart.”

    A sucker heart more like. A Politician who’d do nothing but give, give, give, give!! You should see these mother fuckers on 4Ps day. They flock to the township to collect that free money from the government. You know what these Flips are like…. if it’s free, we’ll cross hell or high water to get at it.

    The Flips will elect Manny on whatever position he aspires to. Just look at his wife Jinkee, former housewife, former beauty consultant (pre-Pacquiao), Pacquaio baby machine, now Congresswoman currently serving as the vice governor of Sarangani, a province of the southern island of Mindanao in the Philippines. I guess you don’t really need brains or talent or education, or anything else for that matter really, in order to run for Philippines Politics. Hell, you can even run for congress even if you’re in a wheelchair or behind bars!!!!

    In case some of you guys don’t know, the 4Ps The Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) is a human development measure of the national government that provides conditional cash grants to the poorest of the poor, to improve the health, nutrition, and the education of children aged 0-18. It is patterned after the conditional cash transfer (CCT) schemes in Latin American and African countries, which have lifted millions of people around the world from poverty. But as usual with the Flips, the money are often spent on anything for the children . It often ends up at the cockfight arena or the gambling table or at the beer garden.

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    Pinay Lover

    Lets face it, God just wanted to see his ass kicked because he exhibits egocentric, arrogant behavior and deserved a beating. He was out smarted, and that if Pacman had the smarts to figure out his opponent, he would have won, but he was slugging away and wasting his time and energy while his opponent got and easy ride. Mayweather had a field day just slowly dancing around this empty headed moron. He knew very well just to take things by stride and let Pacman waste his energy to the bitter end. Great fight, I watched it start to finish…