Filipino “law”- a way to get  your money

I just want to share here with you how the Filipino Legal system helps corrupt institutions to get your money.

I live in Lapu Lapu city on Mactan Island. Today I went to the Shangrila hotel.  I met a Filipino over a restaurant meal , who offered me to use his name in the facilities so I will have an easier entrance.

I thanked him for the offer and did as he asked. I ordered a Helmet Diving activity and paid for it in cash. 

When i got out of the hotel i was notified that the person i spoke with has already checked out, and he refuses to remember even talking to me. That got me into tons of trouble. I was forced to pay an amount of 9k pesos for “facilities use”   of the hotel. After two hours of talking to a stupid Filipino duty manager , explaining that i was mislead and am not supposed to pay the fee, she said it is fine and  i am free to go, only to be caught (me and my wife) by the police and being transferred to a police station- where reps from the hotel already awaited us. 

In the police station the police man explained that if  the hotel staff will file a case against me,  me and my wife will be arrested and spend the next 2 days in their jail. they also said that is an horrible place- hot and crowded. 

Only my landlord saved the situation (he is an influential person) , convincing the police to let me go after I pay what the hotel wants. He also convinced the hotel management not to open a case. Of course i paid the full amount on the spot and was set free.

Of course there is no need to tell how i feel and how lovely it is to be threatened by the police to be locked in a jail only because a corrupt hotel wants your money.

Next time you visit the Shangrilla,  think of what happened to me. 

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    Captain PFB

    It boggles the mind how these fucking idiots just do what they want, regardless of law and due process. None of the fucking morons have any clue what due process is. They just do what comes to mind, and lucky you if you know someone who can convince the police to let you go.

    fucking idiots.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      It boggles me too how they have such an UNFAIR assumption of entitlement.
      Like my friend where some filipinos bought him beers and then got angry when he wouldnt entertain buying their block of land!

      I had 3 blokes leave the Philippines in a month. All to do with filipinos and money. All 3 were threatened.

      Take this guy – foreigner
      1. finds a really shitty basement for rent, 3k a month
      2. owner lets him have it, he renovates it.
      3. the restaurant thrives, its light, bright, lovely. people want to walk into the basement to eat.
      4. owner is now pissed seeing the people going in there.
      5. a restaurant renovated and attracting that much traffic of people is LOSING MONEY in a pinoys eyes.
      the greedy fucking asshole pinoy owner – then wants to kick the guy out.
      He says you have to leave. no reason, and by the way leave all your furniture, fitout etc – thats filipino law the owner says, you foreigners dont know laws in the Philippines.

      What it seems is the owner wants to grab a free shop, newly fitted out and charge the rent it should be charging
      – around 15k a month.

      1. Profile gravatar of Nik

        such situations only make me yawn. seriously what grown up couldn’t predict that property owner will go in rage and probably you won’t be able to pay same 3k a month? i’d say that’s typical for any country, not just here, well maybe stealing of furniture is something local, because he’s right i have no idea about such laws here. but it only means that together with furniture your guy better had invested into some good lawyer to cover his ass.

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    Wife had a sari sari and laundry business in QC. From the front of the building to the street there was enough room to sit a chair and have a cold one. So one night I’m sitting out there talking to a pinoy when PNP pulls up and yells at us to get in the back, we were “invited” to the police station. Store was closed but staff heard what was going on and got wife who went to the station with us. At the station they put the pinoy in the cell but never told me to get in so I wondered the lobby as wife talked to PNP. Wife kept asking them what the charges were and never got an answer so she asks to speak to PNP in charge. The one in charge cannot tell my wife what the charges are but for 1,000 pesos he’ll let me go. Nice guy huh?

    So after about half hour I tell wife to just call the embassy and inform them, which she did. The embassy wanted to talk to the PNP in charge who refused to get on the phone. He was saying that it was one of my friends pretending to be from the embassy. So wife tells embassy what in charge says and embassy tells her to tell in charge they are coming down. Needless to stay in charge did not believe it and told the others there was no way the embassy was going to send someone all the way over there and 2 in the morning. At 2:45 in the morning the embassy walked in the door. Again PNP could not say what the charges were and when asked why the kano was there in charge replied “We invited him”. The embassy then asked “Why? Is there a social event or party?”

    Now in charge is literally shaking behind his desk and says I’m free to go. Embassy ask what about the 1,000 he wanted and he denied asking for it. To make it short everyone that was picked up that night was released within 2 hours after in charge kicked me out of the jail. He even gave us a ride back to our house in his SUV. Now we know how he got that SUV huh?

    Now just down the street from our sari sari/laundry was an open air videoke place. Just some tables, chairs, the machine and cold beer. One hot and muggy night wife, friend and I go down there to get out of the house. There at about three tables are pinoys drinking and not a one has a shirt on. The brgy patrol keeps going around and says nothing so after an hour I take my shirt off. Brgy keeps going around and says nothing for about 2 or 3 hours while the pinoys were there sitting without shirts, nothing said about not having shirts on. So after about 3 hours the pinoys leave and it’s just me sitting there with no shirt on. This time brgy patrol stops and tells me it’s illegal to be out like that without a shirt on.

    Funny huh? When there are 8 pinoys sitting around without shirts it’s ok. But as soon as the pinoys leave and it’s a kano suddenly it’s illegal.

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    Now you know why we say never trust a filipinos word. Most likely he had that set up with the hotel so he got a cut of what you paid at the police station. He was behind the whole thing from the start.

        1. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

          Yes, these Filipinos thoroughly show their true colors on this blog. Now, not only do they hold us to a higher standard, they also want to blame all their life failures on the Kano.

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    Phil Doh

    ” Wife kept asking them what the charges were and never got an answer so she asks to speak to PNP in charge. ”

    @oldnavyfart Mike, this sounds similar to the two expats who were recently arrested on drugs charges, when they were nabbed they kept asking what the charges were and were repeatedly told – “You know what you did”. Real professional huh?

  5. Profile gravatar of FilamboredinthePH

    I still don’t quite understand what happened.

    You went to the hotel to meet with someone who was offering you a discount on an activity within the hotel property or somewhere else unrelated to the hotel? The hotel is charging you just for entering their property and having a sit down meal?

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    Or you entered the hotel property, met with someone offering a “Free” or discounted activity within hotel property, you did the activity, then didn’t pay at all claiming the other guy was supposed to pay at his better rate and the hotel claims no one has paid anything at all thus putting the tab on you?

    1. Profile gravatar of lordfury
      lordfury Post author

      Hi Filam
      I just entered the hotel restaraunt to have some food when the guy i had a conversation with gave me his name and full number ,saying he has a “full pass” to hotel facilities and activities without paying anything, and i can use it

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        A few tips:
        1.) Filipinos never give anything away for free.
        2.) Filipinos never help anyone out for free.
        3.) Never trust anything a filipino tells you.
        4.) Never enter an agreement with a filipino.

  7. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

    Yeah, the story is confusing.

    The key act is “using the name” of this scammer. There is an old con that works like this: You sit down at a restaurant at a table next to a guy having a steak dinner. The waitress is really cute, and the guy sees you take a shine to her. So he tells you that he is her uncle and that he can say he knows you so that she trusts you for a first date. In fact, he’ll even set the date up for you. When he goes to the register and catches the waitress and hostess together, he points to you, the guy for the date. You both nod in agreement if you are cool with the date.

    What he is actually telling the waitress is that you are picking up the tab for his steak dinner. So you nod in agreement when they look over at you to confirm. That is what the scammer at the hotel did. He told them you would be paying for everything of his. You would confirm this by associating yourself with his name to use the facilities.

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    Back in the Middle East, ‘Doctor’ was one of the most common first names (Especially with Egyptians!) Here in The Failippines ‘Attorney’ seems to be the most common!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I like the part where they always call the judges, lawyers, congressmen, senators, president and so forth honorable.
      “Honorable Judge”
      “Honorable Mayor”
      “Honorable Congressman”

      Yes they use the words honorable and honor without really knowing what honor is.