Filipino Pride: Heard But Not Seen

“I’m proud to be Filipino” You hear it all the time in Philippines. It’s almost a movement among the youth of this country. But, like most words and slogans you see and hear in any part of the world, these words mean absolutely nothing if they cannot be backed up with action. Filipino Pride does not exist if you can’t see it in action, and the ever so sad truth is, you can’t.

Filipino pride, always heard, never seenStep outside…or better yet, take a look around the house you live in. Chances are you will see many things in the construction and finish of your house if it was built by Filipinos that show the complete opposite of pride. Chances are you will find complete laziness, shortcuts, stupidities, and one thing I have noticed in every house I’ve ever lived in here in Philippines, lots of wasted space.

Look at the way businesses operate. Try to return that piece of shit you bought 3 days ago that came with a warranty, and attempt to get them to honor the warranty. If you fight and offer a bit of logic and reason to them (which few natives possess, or have the guts to do), you have a pretty good chance of getting a replacement or refund. It doesn’t matter how obvious the defect is, the standard operating procedure for business in Philippines is to make up any reason, no matter how pathetic, idiotic, illogical, or unreasonable, to NOT honor the warranty. The first thing is to blame the customer for the defect, no matter how obvious it could not possibly be the customer’s fault. Fairness, reason, and logic is seldom ever considered in any aspect of Philippines.

Just take a look around anywhere in Philippines. Do you see any Filipino pride in anything? Any dignity of labor? Any respect or consideration for fellow Filipinos? I sure as hell don’t.

If anything remotely resembling Filipino pride existed, they wouldn’t work overtime trying to fuck each other over with corruption, lies, misinformation, and self preservation tactics. They would stop stinking up their streets with their own urine, they would work to make life a little better for each other. They would say what they mean, and mean what they say (if they could remember what they said 10 minutes ago). They will say something, then if it turns out to work against them, they will simply deny that they said it. Filipinos are “me first” people. Self preservation takes priority over honesty and responsibility. I really don’t think they even know the meaning of responsibility.

It’s mind-boggling how anyone can spout from their lips so much national pride so easily as do Filipinos without anything that could remotely support those words in anything they do, build, sell, or serve. Just like nearly every other spoken or written word, it’s all just illusion. And nobody has the pride to challenge those words no matter how obviously loaded with bullshit and unsupported by action those words are.

Filipinos are experts of misinformation. Ask a Filipino a question and they would rather give you some random answer that SOUNDS pretty good to give you the illusion that they know the answer rather than to simply admit they don’t know. Who cares what terrible effect that misinformation will have on someone else’s life, as long as you make yourself appear informed and knowledgable in the moment, just say anything that comes to your mind. Because to say you don’t know means you’re stupid. And the top priority to the average Filipino is himself / herself. In fact, that is their ONLY priority. It’s a “ME FIRST” country. And stupid people cannot make the connection with how stupid that mind set is. Never admit you don’t know. Be an expert at everything with your words, and never care about how badly your lies, assumptions and misinformation can fuck up others. As long as YOU walk away from that immediate moment appearing smart.

Filipinos will never improve. They will never change, and they will never progress. They have been afforded help, assistance, foreign investment, and liberation from oppression, among other things. But all attempts by the world community to improve Philippines has been squandered, stolen, embezzled, and mismanaged childishly, thus alienating themselves from any further investment and hope for something to actually be proud of. But they sure do try to keep the obvious illusion alive with their meaningless, empty words.

Philippines is the land of ass-backwardness. In Philippines, words speak louder than action, because there is seldom any action to back up the words. Filipinos love their slogans. Again, just empty words. For instance, BDO “We Find Ways”….really? How??? You certainly don’t bother to find ways to keep your customers from having to plan half their day to make a simple bank transaction. I have walked into banks all over the world and found long lines. But the lines move very rapidly, and within 15 minutes, I’m at a teller window completing my transaction within 3 to 5 minutes.


While waiting in line, I have timed each customer that walks up to a teller window, and I would say every customer spent at the very least 10 minutes at the window, more often the average is 15 minutes per customer. Now do the math; if you’re the 10th person in line, best case scenario at 10 minutes per customer is 1 HOUR AND 40 MINUTES WAIT!! And I really feel sorry for the dozen or so behind me!!

Why does it take so fucking long? Watch the tellers sit there and fumble around with multiple ledgers, slips and carbon paper (yes! carbon paper that they just refuse to throw away until every last fucking bit of carbon has been worn off of it, as they write, check the copy, adjust the carbon paper, write over again, and again and again. Then I swear to god, they cannot do a fucking thing without getting up and hunting down the manager for some kind of approval, but must wait because the manager is busy with someone else….etc. Then after they have struggled and fumbled around with all the ledgers, writing, 3 or 4 different paper slips and copies, THEN they have to input that same exact info into their computers!!! WHAT THE FUCK?? LOSE THE FUCKING PAPER ALREADY FOR FUCK SAKE!! This is a paperless world now. They have the electronic facilities, but seems they just can’t cut loose of their ledgers and carbon paper and multiple slips. Filipinos are experts at redundancy!! Maybe they don’t realize that electronic data can be backed up also!

Filipinos hoard authority to the point that anyone NOT in management needs approval for anything short of wiping their own ass. It’s this stupid thirst for power that bogs down every process, and makes the customer’s experience a hair-pulling, head-pounding day of pure frustration, wasted time, and inconvenience. Maybe it’s because they know how forgetful, irresponsible, dishonest, and stupid everyone but himself / herself is.

I withdraw US dollars from my dollar account every month. Not a lot, usually less than $1000, and at least 70% of the time, I am told I have to wait until after 1pm to get the cash. WHAT???? IT’S A FUCKING BANK!! A MAJOR NATIONAL BANK, LIKELY THE BIGGEST NATIONAL BANK IN THIS GOD FORESAKEN IDIOT COUNTRY!!! AND YOU DON’T HAVE MONEY FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS DURING BANKING HOURS??? WHAT THE FUCK???? The only way they “Find Ways” for is to inconvenience their customers, as is the case with most any business in this idiotic pathetic excuse for a country.

Apparently they use the space in their vault to store all the fucking paper, ledgers, and slips instead of storing money. Because if you want more than 1000 dollars or more than 100,000 pesos, you gotta wait until they get some delivered.

Where is the Filipino pride? It only exists in the breath that whisps through the dishonest lips of the people. Because if there really was any Filipino pride (which is most often proclaimed by the young people here), 80% of them would not be setting their college degree goals on a degree that will get them the hell out of their country that they claim to be so proud of. They would be setting their goals to STAY here and make a few changes to make their country something to be proud of instead of bailing and hightailing it out of here.

It really is no wonder the country is so fucking poor. I came here to work and do business, I bring dollars IN from outside, and spend those dollars here in this country. But their recent stupidity that I wrote about in the last article may end my ability to earn money here, and may send me packing back to America. That is 1000’s of dollars every month brought in and spend by me in this country that will stop if I have to leave. And in general, that is why nobody wants to come or invest in this country of complete and mindless imbeciles.

In closing, I have one pet peeve question for this country;


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    Totally agree but since I found “China Bank” things have improved. (At least here in Angeles City.) There is a separate teller for U.S. & Euro accounts. In and out in 5 min.. That is deposit and withdrawal. After 30 years here, I found them best. And only (I think)15 business days for a U.S check to become cash. (Also… If you have “smartBro” there is a down load limit I just found out. The reason I can’t open my e mail sometimes.) Same with Globe.

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    Funny how you wrote this article because I was at Security Bank 2 days ago. i was the 3rd person in line and it took about 15 minutes until I was finally served. Another Slogan I hear about is “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” As an American stupid enough to attend school in this shitty-ass country, they say that slogan to me at random bcuz that’s all they know how to say to me half the time. Well I support this article 100%, can’t find a single false word about it. I’m living in this same shit-hole too. Look on the bright side, at least U will be outta this hell hole of stupidity. I have about 2 1/2 years to endure and then I’m leaving Failippines too. I can’t wait to leave this stupid-ass country, and my stupid-ass filipina wife can stay in this hell of stupidity as I fly to a place where intelligent life actually exists! Yeah, leaving her may be bad and immoral, but she never informed me that she is naturally stupid because her whole her race is stupid (at least 99% of them). I thot she was just stupid because she never finished college (which is a no-brainer in the country). Now I know her stupidity is incurable and that there is no hope for her to be smarter than the average American 10 year old. She is hopeless…. Can’t wait until I leave this place and all memories associated with Philippines is abolished from my memory. I’m sorry for your loss Filofail, I hope crazy shit like that doesn’t happen to me here too.

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    That’s why I’m glad to be out of here by early next year. This place just doesn’t want to improve. The Flips are too busy being proud to do anything to actually improve the country.

    Sorry to hear about your recent problems, Filo. But take it as a sign. The Flips just don’t fucking care. It’s time to leave and leave them to their own delusions of being (pause for laughter) good enough to be world class.

    Philippines: “First world smiles. Third world brains.”

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    This article is so right on. I especially like the part about Filipinos being experts on misinformation. Why can’t these A-holes have the balls to give you a straight answer. Right now am still waiting on the mechanic that promised to be here yesterday. Usually I have to keep going back to find out when he is coming and he will promise a time and then never show up. After 2-3 promises he will finally show up. Just give me a fucking time you will be here so I can plan my day and then do what you promise. If you can’t make it don’t promise you will. This happens over and over with all types of situations. They tell you they know how to do something but actually have no clue. Ask for directions and they will send you on a wild goose instead of admitting that they don’t know. Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, you name it, they tell you they can do the job and after its done in a short amount of time it needs fixed again.

    Proud to be a Filipino. Are you serious. Why would you be proud to be a complete idiot. What are you proud of. Piles of garbage in the street? Filth and pollution? Guys pissing everywhere in public? Idiot drivers and pedestrians and horrible traffic? Squatters lining all of the rivers causing pollution and flooding? One of the most corrupt governments in the world that you continue to keep in office? Corrupt and incompetent policemen? A weak military? Sub par and overpriced utilities? Terrible roads and highways? Inadequate medical care? Beggars everywhere? People lying to and cheating anyone they can? Not repaying your debts? The list goes on forever. I could spend the rest of the day on this subject. Anyone that is actually proud to be a Filipino really has something to be ashamed of until you get your shit together.

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    Today I need to renew my registration for my vehicle so you know this will be a day of hell. In the States I receive a form in the mail, fill it out and mail it with my payment and a week later I receive my new registration. No hassle. Very little time spent and wasted. Very efficient. Very different here. First of all can you imagine using the Philippine postal system for any type of important business dealings. A very corrupt and incompetent organization. Have you ever actually seen any mailboxes on homes over here? I do use the dealership where I purchased my vehicle to renew my registration. For a fee they will provide that service which makes it easier than actually dealing with the license bureau but I still have to drive there dealing with the traffic situation. Then they must get the stencil of the motor and chassis number. Appa

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    Sorry. Apparently they have so many stolen vehicles and people changing engines and chassis that this must be done each year. After this I have to drive to the smoke center to have my engine checked for smoke belching. There is a fee for this and I have often wondered where all the money goes. I haven’t seen any improvement in air quality and there is certainly no reduction in smoke belching vehicles on the road. This seems to be another scam for politicians to rake in more money. After this is all finished I will need to go back to the dealership to pick up my new registration in a week or so and just hope that the Dept. of Transportation didn’t run out of new stickers for my license plates. That has happened to me several times. I guess this is something else that Filipinos are so proud of.

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      Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

      Ahhhh, no license stickers for the plates. Always a first class source of revenue for boys from Station 4, when I was living in Angeles City. Seems strange how the only people ever stopped for this dangerous offense looked like Kano’s…

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    The positive battery cable on my motorcycle broke. I went to the DEALERSHIP to get a replacement. I took the old part to show them and told them it was the positive cable. They looked it up in their book and brought me the new part. When I looked at it I told the sales person that the parts were not the same. She called the mechanic. He looked at the parts and said it would be OK to use the one they were trying to sell me. I reminded him the parts did not appear to be the same. The sales lady compared the part number they wanted to sell me to the part number in the book and said they were the same. I asked to look at their book. Sure enough they were trying to sell me a negative cable instead of a positive one. I asked her to get the positive one and sure enough it was the part I needed. So the sales lady and mechanic who were suppose to be experts didn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground and I had to do their fucking job for them.

    Went to look at TV’s last week. Picked one out. The salesman got the model I wanted and went about ” testing ” it. The picture wasn’t very clear. He said it was due to poor reception in the store but when I got it home it would work fine. I asked if I could exchange it for a full refund if it didn’t work well when I got it home. He said no. I couldn’t get my money back but could exchange it for another one just like the one I bought. How fucking stupid are these fucking idiots? Why would I want to exchange one piece of shit I didn’t like for another exact same piece of shit?

    Bought a new blender last month. When using it for the first time a screw came loose causing it to vibrate badly. The screw was in a place that you could not get to without taking the whole thing apart. I took it back for an exchange but no fucking way would they agree to that. So they sent it in for repair and it will take at least a fucking month to get it back. Product quality here is piss poor. Any warranty or guarantee is worthless. The word of customer service people are flat out lies. Getting ripped off is the norm. Everyone is a scam artist. It’s in their blood. The Senators got caught stealing their pork barrel funds but nothing will happen to them because the average Filipino wish they could be in on a deal that sweet. Look at Estrada. He is looked up to for having so many mistresses, being a drunk, gambling and robbing the people blind. Most Filipino men want to be like him. Instead of being disgusted by him he is their hero. Go figure!!

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      I have noticed that products sold here in PH, even name brand products are pure shit, from a pair of scissors to a refrigerator, there all crap. And just recently I figured out why, the filipino people don’t complain and the manufacturers know this. Businesses can glue, screw and tattoo them and they don’t complain. I have to laugh when i have a problem and complain to the company that sold it, the look on their dumb ass faces is utter shock, there not use to people complaining.

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    Went to Makati the other day. Drove my bike and parked in the motorcycle parking area along the street. I paid the parking fee to the guy that collects the fees. He is in uniform and works the same area every day. I was not sure where I was going so I asked him directions and showed him the address that I was looking for. He pointed me in the direction of the street I was looking for and I headed off feeling good that I was going to be able to find the office I needed to conduct my business. Turns out he pointed me in the opposite direction of where I needed to go. So of course I got lost and had to ask directions from other Filipino idiots. So I had to go back where I came from and it turns out that the street was only 1 block away from where I parked only in the other direction of where the idiot parking collector told me to go. So this complete fucking Filipino idiot works in the same fucking spot every fucking day collecting money and doesn’t even know where a street is that is only one block away from his dumb fucking ass but instead of telling me that he doesn’t know because he is a fucking idiot he sends me in the wrong direction. I don’t think it is possible for Filipinos to get any more stupid and if they are looking for any trophies they will surely win the most stupid country in the world award.

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    It’s sad that there is a stupid race in this world. Not long until Filipinos are known for their stupidity world-wide. Their education system is a reflection of what they become in the real world. For instance, remember how these dumb fuckin idiots appointed a 20 year old female into office this year? Well they vote just as poorly in school too. My dumb fuckin pilipino teacher chose the top 5 worthless, piece of shit filipino students to be the class leaders. I actually confronted her about it and her reason was,”If I put them in a leadership position and gave them more responsibility, they would be pressured to act more mature and disciplined.” Well that explains why filipinos vote so poorly, they think of it as rehabilitation for their weaknesses. So I guess the reason why these dumb fucks voted for that 20 year old senator, is so she can learn how to be a senator (according the filipino mentality that I learned from my teacher, who happens to hold a PHD)[not mentioning what course her PHD came from in case by some fuckin chance she or anybody she knows may be reading this right now, not trying to be kicked from school because of this….lol]. Well, I wish I can pretend to be a dumb fuckin idiot that don’t know anything, maybe these fuckin retards will make me their president so I can learn how to be a president. lol. Wow, Filipinos is an amazing species. I pray I don’t get my dumb fuckin filipina wife pregnant, I don’t want any stupid genes running in my bloodline. And heyjoe, I know what you mean. I get that alot from these wannabe Asians. Asians are smart last time I checked, so they are definitely considered to be Pacific Islanders.

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      Captain PFB Post author

      First of all, Filipino is not a race. It’s a nationality. Please don’t make this about race. I am not a racist, and I won’t allow this to become about race. This is about a culture that continues by choice to cultivate stupidity, corruption, and ignorance. This is about a culture than does not give a fuck about human suffering. Even worse, it cultivates it. Filipinos are people with choices. And we have all seen the kind of choices they make, such as electing a former president who was ousted, convicted and served prison time for plundering the people. Joseph Estrada was this man, and the people elected him into a position of power again. These are the kind of decisions they make, which keeps them one of the most corrupt nations on earth, and out of the interests of foreign investors. They elect a man back into power who was convicted of essentially taking food from the mouths of hungry babies for personal gain.

      Second of all, Filipinos are already known world wide for their stupidity for the past 100 years. That is why the overwhelmingly vast majority of the world community will not invest in or do business with Philippines. But not for lack of trying. The world community has learned over the past 60 to 100 years that it benefits nobody inside or outside the Philippines to invest in it. Any money entrusted to a Filipino ends up in somebody’s pocket, misused, mismanaged, or it just vanishes all together. Seldom is a significant percentage of any money or business entrusted to the Filipino used for it’s intended purpose. Because of this, the investor loses, the Filipino people lose, and 3rd world status and poverty wins.

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        Yeah, sorry about that. I just got a bit lazy by trying to find a word that defines the separation of a group of people, and the word ‘race’ immediately popped into my mind without even thinking of the concept that filipinos is not a race, but a nationality. That was just lazy thinking on my end. lol. Well their stupidity couldn’t be that recognized world-wide, or I definitely would’ve heard about it on T.V or from somebody during those 3 wasteful years I’ve been engaged to my filipina idiot wife. If I knew that the magnitude of their stupidity was this extreme, then I wouldn’t have never married her, and on top of that, come here to stay here 3 years after marrying her. I know it’s my fault for not conducting proper research before coming here, but I wasn’t concerned about filipino stupidity back then, but now that their stupidity negatively affects my ability to live here peacefully, stably, physically, and financially, I highly regret not seeking more information about this country before making a permanent decision to stay here for a while. I am completely mind-blown that it is THIS possible to get SOOOO stupid. I have never seen or discovered stupidity on this kind of level before, and if I have, then it would’ve been in a mentally retarded person, which is excusable because they are mentally disabled and was brought up that way since birth. On the other hand, it’s like I’m in a colony of people who shares all the principles and characteristics of a mentally disabled individual, except that they share these traits with normal birth. (I would normally say ‘retarded,’ but don’t wanna offend anybody who seriously is mentally disabled). Filipinos misuse and abuse the help they receive, and they can’t even help themselves because of their system since they only allow natural born filipino citizens to be elected into office. In other words, one who has been born by filipino mother and father, or to put it into greater sense, by Mr. Idiot and Mrs. Dumbass. I’m not going to lie and pretend that I never met a smart filipino before, I met only one, and he happens to be my best friend at the college I attend here. But he is still lacking in the common sense department half the time……. you didn’t expect him to have both ‘intelligence’ and ‘common sense’ did you? lol. He is pretty awesome and he is living proof that not all filipinos are fucking idiots, which is why I use the word ‘most’ instead of ‘all.’ If it wasn’t for him, I would still be saying ‘all’ these days. Well I gotta get ready for school and stupidfy myself some more.

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    Saw an article in the paper the other day that I had to laugh about. It was sponsored by one of the larger banks in the Philippines. I don’t remember which bank. It was announcing the winners of the Top 10 policemen in the Philippines. I am not sure about your experiences with the police in this country but all of my experiences have been bad with the results of the police trying to get some of my money. So I wondered how this bank picked the winners of their contest. I could only assume that these Cops must have collected the most bribes and have the 10 highest bank account balances in this particular bank. You know their motto here is ” To Serve and Collect “.

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      I had dinner with several big wigs from the DOTC, i asked one of them why don’t they enforce the laws on the books, his response was “When they enforce the laws, the police get rich”

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    Besides hearing “How Proud They Are” (yea right, i have your pride hanging between my legs) is how “CONSERVATIVE” they are, want to puke everytime i hear that.

    I wouldn’t call a society as fucked up as the Filinos that have a reputation of the follow stats Conservative.

    1) one of the highest rates of baby’s born out of wedlock in Asia. The fact of the matter is here in this shithole, majority (not all)of the men are most pathetic human beings on this planet. From the men that govern this country to the man sleeping on the street, they (the male) slip their thumb size dick into anything that walks, crawls or slithers. And god have mercy if he gets a filipina pregnant, good chance the POS male will disappear, never to see her or the child he fathered again.

    2) (The most disgusting fact) The Philippines has the highest “REPORTED” cases of incest in S.E. Asia.

    Several years ago I was talking to a filipina that worked for a branch of the PNP that dealt with family services. I mentioned to her about the Highest incest report, she said that she has no doubts about that report. She mentioned that she was working on a case where the dad and grandfather had a tag team going with a 9 year old, what is even worse, the mom knew about if and over the year period that this bullshit went on, she would order the daughter not to mention it to no one, seems a neighbor tipped off the police. The dad was in jail, grandfather died. Personally i think they should take the dad and mom out back and put a bullet in their heads.

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        Captain PFB Post author

        Just another proof of the “Words speak louder than actions” behavior in this idiot country. It doesn’t matter what they do, as long as they SAY they’re conservative, then it’s so in their tiny little dysfunctional minds.

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    Yeah. Filipino pride. That is a fucking joke but to these idiots, they actually think that they matter. They have absolutely no influence in world affairs. No one gives a shit what Filipinos think and they have no influence what so ever. But they think they do. They think that by having a boxing champion or a billiard champion or a beauty contest winner that they are actually important in the world. They think because they are good at Karaoke that they are world class entertainers. In reality the world sees them as a country of beggars. Always asking for help from abroad to solve their problems or to help them out of a crisis. They can’t even keep the Chinese from invading their territory, building bases and preparing to steal their natural resources. But they will protest against the U.S. the minute there is any joint U.S. – Philippine military maneuvers to help the Philippine military improve it’s capability. Filipinos think they are important but they are not. Then when you remind them just how unimportant they are they get extremely pissed off. They absolutely can not accept constructive criticism.

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    i remember when 12 senators wanted 800,000,000 dollars for base rental.. so the usa left.. what the flips did not know was ussia left the cam ran bay in vietnam, so the usa did not have a reason to stay in flip land,,
    da senators must have had a plan for the land. these trapos do not do anything ,, unlesss there is tong involved.

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    my soon to be wife went to a premarriage meeting that is enforced.
    Half of th e woement were pregnant!!!!!!!!!! They were there to talk about birth control!!!!!!!!!!