Filipino Pride, Pedestrian Crosswalks In Philippines: FAIL

Contrary to popular Filipino belief, I am only one of many people who choose to publicize our observations about Filipino stupidity and ignorance and denial.

Enjoy these videos which express the same observations about Philippines and the imbeciles that are Filipinos.

Filipinos: I welcome your idiotic backlashing and accusations of racism and denial of what is obvious to any foreigner who has ever visited your country. We find that entertaining here at Philippines Fail Blog, as well as proof that this blog is true.

Ok, I have something to say about pedestrian crosswalks in Philippines:


Why? Well, try crossing in one. YOU GET HONKED AT BY THE IDIOT FILIPINO DRIVERS ANYWAY, AS IF YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE THERE AND MAKE THEM STOP FOR YOU!! It angers the driver. This is my observation AND personal experience when using fully marked pedestrian crosswalks in Philippines. Pedestrian crosswalks in Philippines are about as useful as lane markings. WHY WASTE PAINT PUTTING MARKINGS ON THE ROADS IN PHILIPPINES??? THE STUPID IDIOTS DON’T EVEN SEE THEM!! You are risking your life NO LESS THAN IF YOU ARE JAYWALKING when you use a pedestrian crosswalk in Philippines. The cars don’t stop for you, they continue forward, coming within an inch from you, swerve around you nearly hitting you JUST THE SAME AS IF YOU WERE JAYWALKING! ¬†There is nothing more dangerous than a Filipino operating a motor vehicle. The ignorance, discourtesy, no caution used, honking at anyone and everyone in their path. COMPLETE IDIOTS!!

This is obvious to me, how about you?

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