Filipino Stupidity Evolutionary Defense Mechanism?

Ok folks, here we go again…. First of all, before we begin, please take a look and read the Submit A Post page. Don’t worry, it will open in a new tab or window. Read it well. Then tell me if I didn’t make things clear enough short of putting flashing lights and sirens on the damn page.

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This post came in as a user submitted post through that page. The post was attributed to me by default, because the writer WAS NOT REGISTERED OR LOGGED IN when he submitted it. And he claims to NOT be a Filipino. I am pretty sure that after reading his post, any one of us would come to the distinct conclusion this absolute moron IS a Filipino.

Normally I would have deleted this as it came in unattributed because the author was not logged in, but I’m sure you’ll be very glad I didn’t, and decided to post it. Because it will boggle your mind and give you a jolly good facepalm, if not a good belly laugh. Enjoy!


Of course, like many, I found this blog by searching for “filipino are stupid”
– haha. But I see that Filipino that are raised elsewhere seem to be OK, and
not the typical liar/cheater/thieves. And it is true that some filipino have
some very nice & friendly qualities, and even some aspects of interpersonal
intelligence that exceed other peoples. So, my frustrations with “filipino
stupidity” made me wonder if it is a possible evolutionary defense mechanism
for the purpose of ensuring a type of chaos that repels the destruction of the

First, some admirable qualities of Filipino that they may not even know:

1. The oldest remains in Taiwan show that this is the origin of Filipino,
circa 50,000 years ago. Nobody knows how all the races orginated, but about
50,000 years ago, they all just seem to have appeared at various places around
the globe. Depsite popular opinion, Filipino are NOT asian – they are
round-eye people, Pacific Islanders. Of course, some mixing from mainland
Asia modified that to some degree, but they are a distinct race – the Pacific
Islanders. They lived for 10’s of 1000’s of years in Taiwan with a custom of
not marrying before 30, and thus, keeping their population on the island of
Taiwan in check, and lived exemplary lives of peace and in harmony with nature
without population problems. Something we could all learn from today.

At some point a few 1000 years BC, they travelled south to PH, then ID, then
across the Pacific to all the islands, even Hawaii, New Zealand and Easter
Island, the most remote island on earth. They were masters of the sea and
stars when most of the world was living in caves, and know it or not, it is
Filipino cousins that built the great statues on Easter Island. So, Filipino
really do have a history to be proud of. Of course, once they left Taiwan
(later invaded by Chinese), they left their “making babies only after 30”
custom behind, and were engaged in a lot of tribal warfare, killing, and
cannibalism on later islands. At least, this is the latest archaeological

2. Most people are familiar with the semi-automatic pistol, the .45. It is
the largest handgun you can buy (yes, there are .50 calibar handguns, but
nobody really buys them or uses them – they are not very practical). But did
you know that they were designed for the US military due to the specific
reason of killing Filipino in Mindanao circa WWII? Yup, the most powerful and
deadly handgun in the world was designed just to kill Filipino, because they
had a habit of coming after US soldiers with knives and killing them, even
when the Filipino themselves was full of bullet holes from the now-empty US
soldiers pistol (.38’s to the best of my memory)! So, they were very fearless
and brave in battle. Something else Filipino should be proud of in their

And no, I am not Filipino, so I am not just praising my own people. It is
something I studied a few years ago for quite some time, just as part of
learning about human history.

So … that being said – back to evolution. I do see intelligence in the way
Filipino can lie/cheat/steal while making you think they are your best friend
at the same time. And I can’t help but think that it is part of an
evolutionary defense mechanism – after all, it prevents any conquering
tribe/people from gaining anything useful from their conquest, because the
conqueroring tribe/people only gains madness, and nothing of any practical
value. What is your opinion on my theory?

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  1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    You see intelligence in the way a Filipino can lie and cheat? What????? I can smell a lie from a Filipino before it even leaves his/her mouth!! You idiots SUCK at lying, because you’re so blatant about it. If you lie and I believe your lie, then you might be intelligent. But I know exactly when you idiots are lying, every time. There’s NOTHING intelligent about a Filipino…ESPECIALLY when they lie and cheat.

    What a complete idiot.

  2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    According to Clint Eastwood, the .44 Magnum is “the most powerful handgun in the world and can blow your head clean off. So you have to ask yourself one question; Do I feel luck? WELL DO YA, PUNK!!!??”

    So I don’t know where you get your facts from PUNK, but I certainly believe Clint over a Filipino any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

  3. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    The .45 caliber was not developed during WWII to kill Filipino soldiers. Americans and Filipinos were on the same side during WWII. However,it was made for use during the Philippine-American war at the turn of the last century and used against the Moros. I might add that that war was a blight on American History and nothing Americans should be proud of.

  4. Profile gravatar of CebuBear

    I have never denigrated the courage of the individual Filipino and I never will. The Malay word ‘amok’ reflects how ethnic Malays (Malays, Filipinos, Indonesians et al)would run through the village lopping off heads and limbs of any in their path until stopped. It was a way to atone for shame or a crime, often the cuckolded husband would end his life this way rather than live with the shame of someone caught doing to his wife what he was no doubt doing to someone else’s.

    The invasion and occupation of the Philippines by the USA in 1899 did result in some heavy fighting and cruelty on both sides, as is the case with any war. The 1911A1 Colt .45 ACP did replace the .38 Colt revolver after they found the .38 round lacked the dropping power needed against hopped up Moros running amok with kampilan and bolo. They had .45 revolvers however felt the semi-auto Browning design was a better bet with seven in the mag and one in the chamber.

    Some common myths from that period are that US Marines were called ‘Leathernecks’ as they wore a leather neck guard to protect against Filipino bolo attacks. Not true, the name derived from leather collars worn in the 18th century and done away with in 1872, although some accounts claim they reissued them for service in the Philippines, particularly Mindanao. Another claim is that the Filipino bolo or kris or the longer kampilan sword, depending on who is telling the story, was so sharp it could cut through the barrel of a Krag rifle. I have found no proof of this despite a lot of research.

    Other myths surround Filipino Martial Arts, of which I am a recognised expert but I will leave the exploding of those myths to another post. Suffice to say the victory over Magellan wasn’t the big deal they make out it to be, hahahah. But make no mistake, the Filipino is brave and he isn’t afraid of bigger kanos. He also thinks nothing of going home, getting his bolo or his knife and coming back with several friends to regain his honour. He doesn’t see that (being armed and mob handed) against a lone, unarmed opponent as dishonourable.

    1. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
      jimmy smith

      Yeah cebu. They dont have courage whatsoever. Their idea of a fair fight is 4 guys holding down a man while a 5th stabs him 35 times. Or hiding in the dark shooting a man in the back. And the honour they wanna pretend to have only applies when they are drunk. When not drunk they feel no shame asking others for money to barrow for milk for their babies. which in western translation means “can I have some money to buy alcohol so I can get drunk, pollute the air with my terrible voice singing and then later on get upset over something I misunderstood cause I dont know more than 7 English words and then after go get my brothers,cousins and neighbourghs and come kill you”………

  5. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
    jimmy smith

    I can back some of that theory up with some scientific facts. Its a proven fact that any woman getting a baby after 28th year will have an increased chance of giving birth to a dull, retard, mongrel or in a nother word an idiot. So now after your superior race of pinoys changed the “baby making” to the year 18 it was too late. The damage has already been done and now its just making more morons from already existing morons. No weapon in the world is designed for a specific kind of people, that idea is absurd and like Heyjoe said, the pinoys were fighting the Japanese along with the Americans during ww2. But the most interesting part of the theory is evolutonary defense mechanism. I see the sense in that. Throw garbage everywhere and pee in the streets, build poor houses, teach the kids nothing, have everything to such a low standard that NOBODY in their right mind would wanna invade your country. That makes SENSE ! And be a kind of character that NOBODY will trust with money, responsibility, secrets or anything else so that you dont have to do any work which is required to keep a friendship. Makes SENSE again !

  6. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
    jimmy smith

    Masters of the sea when the rest of the world was living in caves. Yeah I can see that in my imagination. The local tribe has this tambay sitting drawing ships and then tells the chief of the village “lets build thid from wood, it will float and then we can go out and explore the WORLD. And I know there is a world, I made calculations and seen the shadow of our planet reflected on the moon. Also the moon I have clear evidence is like an egg, and inside there is a giant BALOT.”
    Then the vllage chief if its a relative of his will adress the men “You all collect wood, listen to my son, nephew or whatever. He will take us to GLORY”, then the chief leaves and the men in the village sit and stare at each other. One gets an idea…”Lets NOT collect wood, one stand guard and say “ppppssstttt” if the chief comes and then we all act like we are working, this way many of us can relax and only one need be on guard”…Alternatively if the idea came from one who wasnt in the chiefs family then the speech from the chief would go like this “Why you drawing that, I am the CHIEF, you dont get to think you cant think you no good son of a no good family.”
    Now when the chief comes back day after day and still he see only the men are seemingly collecting wood then he wont stop to think “why arent they in the construction phase yet?” bacause him thinking that would require he had a brain AND he told his brain to think….Way, way too much work……Masters of the sea, astronomers…..LOL

      1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

        Wonder if there’s any alternate history stories about Pinas. What if Ferdinand Magellan nor any other westerner had never sailed to Pinas? Would the Philippines be a part of China or Japan? Cause for sure the native Filipino would never think of the concept of exploration. So many possibilities…

        1. Profile gravatar of oldbreadstinks

          The celestial kingdom(china ) had ever since Ming dynasty, closed maritime borders. And due to Ming remnants, the successive Qing dynasty closed sea borders and restricted trade to certain areas
          ( Manchus were more focused on land )

          Tokugawa shogunate as well practiced a policy of isolation following their victory and consolidation of Japan.

          Plus Okinawa (currently south Japan ) wasn’t Japanese.
          And empires tend to favor people of the same culture and skin colour. It made no sense for the Chinese to invade Philippines being full of non Chinese ( Chinese apparently have a penchant for invading Chinese held territory )
          Much less spend money to cross the seas for a military campaign.

          The Japanese expanded last in imjin war and without commodore Perry, likely wouldn’t open up for another 1-200 years

          The Malay sultanates reign in malaya and Indonesia
          That would likely be what you have in Philippines should the European not came.

          Philippines carved out into territories for different sultanates ( the sultan of sulu? ) Brunei own parts of it too back then

  7. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
    jimmy smith

    Yeah there is an alternative history of the Pinas. Told by the Pinas themselves. Behind every major invention and discovery which has been a benefit to mankind stands a pinoy. Be it the wife of the husband who invented the steamengine, the maid in the home where the man of the house invented blue tooth technology. It was because of the pinoy that the inventors could make the discoveries, if not for someone to iron their clothes, make their coffee then these innovative people wouldnt have time to discover anything. Make no mistakes thinking that the pinoys have not been creative and contributing to this world, they are the single largest exporter of modern slave labour. They help the Western civilizations to spend some of all those money, which the Western countries have too much of by ignoring their own problems and leaving them to the international community to deal with and pay for. We would make a big mistake thinking that they are littering here in the Philippines, what they are doing is making the foreign investment in recycling a major industry once a company is willing to take up the challange. There is a reason why the roads are not really roads, why there is no proper service in any kind of pinoy owned business. They are giving the foreign investors a head start once they come and spends billions of peso. Thats fairness and I feel that they are too kind really, ANY foreigner making business here could compete the pinoys out of business in a few months. So why are there no foreign investors here ? What are they waiting for ? Why dont they build a hightech MFG plant and employ some pinoys to work there ? Because they also need to employ security guards at the toilets, dining areas, offices, production lines and exits ? Just because some tissue paper, soap, salt, forks and spoons, pencils and paper and produced items would get “lost” after the shift is over…..AAhhhh thief thinks every man steals, come on, lets not think they are ALL thieves. But just in case we are wrong maybe hire some security guards to secure the original securityguards. Then comes the government people who will be asking for this fee and that new tax just passed by the local mob council yesterday. 25000 peso lang for having a fence around your factory, dont ask for reciepts, they cost another 25000. Much cheaper you just pay the “fence taxation bill 67399” and leave it at that. By the way tomorrow we are going to visit again at your opening ceremony and some priests will come and bless the plant so that no accidents will happen and you can prosper here in the PI. Could you pay for their travel expenses ? They are arriving in helicopters and leaving in limousines, its their way of showing a humble and simple life is the best life to live. Well the story is getting long so I will shorten it down and skip 3 months into the future after the grand opening of the hightech factory. What did it produce ? nothing. Whats its condition after having had 300 pinoys working there ? almost destroyed and not worth trying to fix since a new plant will be cheaper to build. What does the pinoys say about the total failure of the foreign investment ? “the foreigners dont understand the PI, thats why they cant make money here” And the owner of the investment, where is he ? Hanging from a robe back in his own country with a “goodbye cruel world” letter on his desk. So what happened to the Factory and the land it was located in ? Most of the factory building was ripped and used as floors, roofs or other building materials in squatterhomes, and some of the factory is now a home for 150 families who all feel very happy that the foreigner came and invested in their lovely country. Only one guy sad about the whole thing, well not anymore, but thats the foreigner, they always just complain and complain and talk bad about the country. They dont understand us pinoys. But we know better cause our scoreboard shows we won. We got paid for not working, we even got bonuses which we took ourselves from the workplace because the foreigner would have said “no, thats stealing” if we had asked for it. and we got building materials for our homes, the foreigner got nothing, so we are the winners. Pinoys reading this, dont stop doing what you do best, keep up the same direction, dont get smarter and if you do then dont show that you are smart. Best way to get underestimated is by acting like a retard, nobody will suspect the retard. Keep using the internet for scams. Seek Au Pair jobs and not to work or get education, but t find a fool who will marry you and support your family of 40 members (next year 45 members and growing) and never let the white man tell you that you are stupid cause you are NOT stupid. You are doing a GREAT job by not working and letting others work for you. And nobody will EVER suspect that you are in fact the most intelligent people on the planet and the best at EVERYTHING, cause nobody will think a retard can plan to be so calculated as you are. The world will keep on giving and giving you and they wont stop. Sure they left Africa and now when 16 million dies in a famine there the western world just ignores it after having tried to help that continent for decades. Now the entire continent of Africa could burn and everyone in it die and people wouldnt care, if its on the news then they just zap to another channel. But YOU pinoys are different, you wont ever get ignored. You sing and dance too well for anyone to ignore and your way of reasoning always makes sense to us inferior people of the West. We know that the scoreboard will show that we loose everytime when we are competing with pinoys. Thats so smart of you I have to admit. 0 gold medals, 0 silver medals and 0 bronze in all the olympic games ever held throughout history. Not even 1 bronze in an athletic dicipline. Very smart indeed, playing the retard and then actually being the brightest people in the world. I bow before you Pinoys, I salute you. I am your servant till the end of time !

    1. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
      jimmy smith

      And its so smart of you what you say in the beginning of your unregistered post…
      “Of course, like many, I found this blog by searching for “filipino are stupid”
      – haha.”
      NOT searching for the words “filipino are smart”, no, no, no
      Playing the retard pays off !
      Excellent and ingenious. I would have never thought of searching for “danes are stupid”.
      Being so smart means you ARE a pinoy. Dont say you are Pacific Islander. Be PROUD to be a pinoy !
      You have SO much to be proud of !!! I wish I was a pinoy growing up without education and still holfing a diploma saying I am a doctor. Man why was I born in my shit country ??? What did I do to deserve that my lord ???? WHYYYYY?????

  8. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Ok, it’s time to put my two cents on this topic. For one, you are definitely a Filipino Mr. Filipino anonymous writer. This sentence right here proves it! “And no, I am not Filipino, so I am not just praising my own people.” Praising your own people? I’m guessing you are referring to Filipino people because that is the most frequent nationality you brought up in your post. Anyway, I definitely have an idea for my next post, I’m just too damn busy to write it now. Just finished typing a 20 page term paper, and for the record only myself and 7 other Filipinos out of a group of 24 Filipino classmates had submitted it, which is worth 80% of our Mid-term grade. I’m sensing a lot of failures this year, and they had since November to do it. One idiot tried to type 20 pages the night prior to when it was due, but only completed 8 pages. Poor time management. I know this because he asked to come over and use my computer to do it. Filipinos are natural failures, and they rarely have the potential to succeed at anything. 7 out of 24 is pathetic, it shows the laziness and lack of initiative Filipinos have. I feel bad for their parents who invested money in them to go to school. It doesn’t matter, because even a degree, there is no way I’m hiring a Filipino once I start my own business someday.

  9. Profile gravatar of NeoGeo

    From the original post: ” And I can’t help but think that it is part of an
    evolutionary defense mechanism – after all, it prevents any conquering
    tribe/people from gaining anything useful from their conquest, because the
    conqueroring tribe/people only gains madness, and nothing of any practical
    value. What is your opinion on my theory?”

    I think your theory is concise and accurate. To this day, Filipino culture is full of madness and the Filipino is of no practical value. Well, they were of some use as lead sponges to help the USA develop the .45 ACP. But after that, really of no practical value. And always remember, that’s YOUR theory. I simply agree with it.