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My wife and I own several large rice fields in Mindanao. We , of course , pay people to look after the crops. ¬†My wife’s younger brother lives with us , as well as others of course. Recently he decided that he was already smart enough so he decided it was time to finish school.

I said to my wife that she can let him know that he can now help with the rice fields and will receive a salary from us. Later that day my wife came to me and said that her brother wants to help but first wants a rest after so many years at school. What he intends to do is to plant a tree by the front door of the house and when the tree reaches the roof top of our two storey house , he will come and work for us.

Well , about a week and a half later , I see my wife in serious discussion with her brother. When she came over I asked her what the discussion was all about. It seems that her brother had no good clothes to go out and enjoy himself in. So he asked his sister if we could buy him some new jeans and top. I said to my wife ,no problems , what I will do is to plant a tree on the other side of the front door and when that reaches the roof top I will buy him the new clothes.

As you can well imagine I am not in the good books , and you know what ……I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK !!!!!

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    I LOVE your answer. Wish I would have thought it up instead just just saying get the fuck out of my house asshole. Your answer will be a classic!!!

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      Captain PFB

      Oh I do it all the time. Every time some dumbfuck acquaintance asks me for money for his grandmother’s hospital bill, I simply tell him, “Gosh, I spent all my reserve money on MY grandmother’s hospital bill, sorry!”

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        Pinay Lover

        I’ve been doing it with my wife’s parents telling them “how bout you get a job and send me some money so I can quit my job and retire early?”

        The other night when I was discussing my wife’s pimps parents and their rash behavior telling her “you never helped us, you didn’t do anything for us, we worked hard for you” I immediately told my wife, “look, their trying to project their own weaknesses and problems on you! Don’t get conned into this! Think hard here, you worked for them in the house cleaning taking care of your little brother, worked hard in school, worked hard in university, you worked all your fucking life and PAID THEM as soon as you went abroad. Who the hell has worked harder? You’re freeloading Dad who stole your money for a bike, had a chance to go to school and DO SOMETHING WITH HIS LIFE, but blew it, had you and your sister and still didn’t learn and kept having kids? Your mother who didn’t work all her fucking life? She was a stay at home Mom, sure that’s a job, but that’s a job that gives NO REWARDS. You choose to have kid’s you get no rewards. You tell them that next time you talk to them. You don’t have to hand over your success to people ungrateful like them. They don’t deserve it”

        It was the first time I saw light in my wife’s eyes and understanding on how retarded and shameful her parents were. Now….if only that light will last….it never seems to. I get that “but they’re my parents” shit all the time.

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    Remember my Bakla cousin who wanted me to give him P2,000 apparently to hire a suit because he was “chosen” to be presenter at the town fiesta? Now I found out he went to Manila days after the fiesta. Now I think that P2000 was going to be spending money. And because I did not give, now he’s giving me the cold shoulder on FB. Do I fucking care? not a fucking bit! Of course that tampo will soon abate the moment he needs money for something else.

    Oh, this cousin by the way had a good paying job. But he changes jobs more often than he changes his knickers because whenever he wants to go to some party and boss says “no” to his leave request, he just quits! There’s no such thing as unemployment in the Failippines! They just don’t want to work!!

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      I told you once before but I’ll tell you again. Tell them you can’t send money to them and wait for the Why not? Then you tell them you send the money to Filo for the PFB beer fund so we can drink, piss and moan about this shit hole and the people while enjoying a cold beer.

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        There’s more on that Bakla cousin, Mike.

        In 2013, I sent a large box of chocolates to the province since that was our holiday destination. Bakla was going to Manila, so we put aside 2 large bags of assorted chocolates, about 1kgs each bag, plus four 500gms of Toblerone for Grandma & other cousins living in Manila. I watched him pack the bags to make sure he wont remove some of the chocolates to give to his Bakla friends.

        So off they went to Manila, bakla cousin & his gang of bakla friends.

        Now, either this bakla cousin’s brains were up his ass or he thought I was stupid and won’t check! We stopped in Manila on the way back to Oz. I asked Gran if she received the chocolates and she said yes.

        Maybe because I just don’t trust the bastards or my suspicious nature kicked in, I asked Gran “how many bags of chocolates did you get?”. “four large bars of Toblerone” – says Gran. Incredulous, I asked “Toblerone and nothing else?” I confirmed with Gran. “nothing else”.

        WWIII erupted from Manila to Cebu and the bakla was uncontactable! Worse, his own mother tried to make excuses by saying “oh, I thought there was only the 4 Toblerone”. I coldly reminded bakla’s mother that there was no need to steal chocolates for Gran because the family in Cebu received the bulk of it. The low lifes were still full of denial till we flew back to Oz.

        Two months after we got back to Oz, bakla’s mother confessed that the bakla gang ate the 2 bags of chocolates meant for Gran while they were on the ship to Manila because they got hungry and did not have money to buy food!! WTF were they doing going to Manila with no money??

        I gave the bakla the cold shoulder for a whole year. But unfortunately, couldn’t avoid the thieving low life because of family gatherings.

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      Had a former son-in-law, blond, blue eyed, native born US citizen who did the same thing. Come time to pay the rent (always behind)rather than pay the rent the step-daughter (demon from the depths of hell) and her worthless husband went to see Garth Brooks. Nice concert from what they said. They were evicted and moved in with us for 6 months. Asked them to do things around the house like pick up after themselves, do dishes (had dishwasher), mow the grass. It was an imposition for them to do these things. Step-daughter cursed like a sailor and reviled me. No big deal as I hated seeing her face.

      Seems that dirt bags are everywhere you go.

      After dealing with those folks I think handling pinoy/pinay relatives may be pretty easy.

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        dealing with pinoys is real hard,,, When they spy you at the airport,, they askk ”’u want load??/ den ;; you u want hotel ??? den you want taxi,
        everything friggin time.

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    Joe Kono

    My “brother” dropped in for a visit. 3 weeks later he has a new GF who has family troubles, her mom is sick. Brother asks me for P10,000, I tell him that we need that money to finish the month, sorry. The next day he offers to clean the house, and Walla! all of our stash is gone. P14,000 (about).

    Well it is obvious who found the cash in the hole in the cement floor under the dresser. We confront him and he tells us that his GF’s mom really needs the money. The next day we hear the GF went to “Manila”, left mom at home, along with my bro.

    From that moment on I greet him on every family affair, passing on the street, when I see him 300 meters away as “Hey Kawatan” (hey thief). Strangely, he stopped coming to birthdays and such if he knew I was to be there. None of the other family have ripped me either. Further, my wife supports me, but she is polite to him. It has been 7 years and he invited us to his wedding (different girl). I answered that yes, I would like to shout “Fucking kawatan!” over and over at the ceremony, and no I will not allow my wife to attend without me.

    The rest of the family has not spoken to me for years, one of them suggested that Gabriel should pay back the money, but just in passing. About 4 years ago, Raffe, suggested that “the better man forgives” and I said ” I will try” (I failed). Now they all paint me as some villain. Not the guy who I supported with a bed and board for months before and the prior 3 weeks and then violated my trust and shit on my gift. But I ask you, if I am the bad guy, why have the other 4 brothers and sisters not got the cash to pay me back themselves? Because I am the foreigner, and Gabriel is there and I am not, and peace in the family is not worth P2000 each.

    I know the value of the Filipino family, kindly I suggest it is just slightly under P2000.

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      Captain PFB

      These fucking Filipino retards are experts at stealing from you, then when confronted, making you seem like a bad guy for confronting them about stealing from you.

      This is why everyone on earth (except for Filipinos) think Filipinos are fucking idiots.

      Live with it Philippines!

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      Captain PFB

      You can forgive someone for their transgression. But forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to let them back into your life.

      “You are forgiven, now fuck off”

      Forgiving doesn’t mean you forget. When you do wrong, it has consequences. And being kicked out of someone’s life forever is a consequence. That consequence is earned. And Filipinos being such stupid fucking retards, cannot comprehend common sense.

      I highly suggest, for your own peace of mind, that you forgive him. Forgiving someone is a benefit to YOU. It doesn’t mean you have to allow things to be the way they were. It doesn’t mean you have to allow this idiot back into your immediate family.

      If someone breaks their arm while punching you in the face, and that arm is so severely broken that it must be amputated, you can forgive him, but having one less arm is a consequence he will have to live with for the rest of his life.

      The Filipino will still blame you for losing his arm. I’m certain. Filipinos simply refuse to take full responsibility for their own actions. This is what makes them fucktarded idiots.

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    Barry Smyth

    I can feel for and your frustration,its just like my 26 yr old son he came out to my shed and said,dad what did you say to mom,my reply nothing,his reply well she is pissed.
    I go inside and say what the hell is wrong,answer, YOU KNOW,my reply what did I say, answer again YOU KNOW.
    I gave up along time ago trying to understand them yep just plain stupid.

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    Reading the news on Yahoo I saw some painting by Hitler going up on auction. I enlarged one of a castle to get an better look at it when my wife walked in:

    Me: What do you think of it?
    Wife: It’s ok.
    Me:Hitler painted it.
    Wife: Who’s Hitler?

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      My wife didn’t know who Hitler was either. So I showed her his picture because he’s so easily recognizable – she never saw him before. She’s actually really smart, just the educational system is that freaking bad.

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        Here’s one you’ll just love. We lived in Manila and had kin of wife staying with us, one kid who we enrolled in school. Well one day I saw a filipino history book used by the school and started thumbing through it when I came upon the year 1898. Know what their book said?

        In 1898 the Philippine navy sailed into Manila Bay and sank the Spanish fleet while at anchor.

        SHIT YOU NOT, THAT”S WHAT IT SAID! Talk about delusional.

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        Went to sons school yesterday and teachers said no school on 12June and wife told me it was independence day. So I just asked independence from what? Her reply? I don’t know, maybe the Spanish.

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        Pointless to ask what holiday it is to a local. All they care about is the party that comes with it. So many times i’ve asked what holiday it is, and the response is usually a blank stare. Now i just say its my birthday everytime there’s a holiday here and ask vendors “where’s my cake?!”

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        Pointless to try to have an intelligent conversation with any filipino in my experience here. They have a severe aversion to anything that requires thinking just as they have an aversion to using trash cans and urinals.

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    I can understand not wanting to go to school in the P.I. I mean, what’s the point in learning when there is no future in it? Anyway, perhaps he has some sort of (God given?) natural ability that can be utilized.
    You are much “braver” than me, as I would have absolutely no “business” dealings with my relatives-in-law. Except the occasional (absolutely unavoidable) get-together, I would put lots of miles between them and myself.

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      Tell you what. If I was president of the U.S and the philippines was still a territory I would pick a war with Spain to make them take the shit hole back.

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    I got to comment about the schools. When to my sons(wifes kid) school to ask about a class he was having. In front of the school, they have a large sign that reads (THIS IS AN ENGLISH SPEAKING INSTITUTE) Do you know not 1 adult there could speak a work of english DUH

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      I noticed a few things in that video and wonder if you and the others did also.

      1.) Notice the cellphone the baby in hammock was listening too in the beginning? Did not appear to be a cheap one.

      2.) Anytime there is a camera around why do the adults have to get up and act completely stupid. Purple hat woman just to name one.

      3.) Then when it showed the whole area, that is what shocked me. There was no trash everywhere!!

      4.) How come no one thought about putting a smaller door in the doors?

      5.) I have not seen a porta potty since coming here.

      Ok, they can afford a nice cellphone but will say no money for food.
      Number two: the world will always wonder about that one.

      Number Three: They must have been made or paid to clean the area before filming so it looks better than what it really is. Bet it’s trashed now.

      Number four: Just a matter of time before someone shuts those doors before going to bed and somebody on the outside locks them in.

      Number five: I wonder how often the porta pottys get emptied and how long before they are torn up.

      Some good points though. At least they are not squatting on somebody’s land or in their house.
      If MMDA decides to evict them it’s a lot simpler, just shut them in the containers , load on truck and off they go to new location.

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        a pinoy will pay 18k for a cell, but think it is expensive if have to pay 1k for rent.

        I seen i porta poty at the new mall on SRP but it was laying on its side

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        Porta potty on side huh? Poor fool probably still trying to figure out how to get out.
        Here’s one for you to try. Go to an electronics tore or place that sell cellphones and nose around. Then when they show you a phone ask how much.

        Sales: ONLY 8,000 pesos.
        Me: Then why don’t you buy one?
        Sales: 8,000 is a lot of money.
        Me: How come 8,000 pesos is a lot of money for you but not for me?
        Sales: Because your rich.


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        I scrolled down from the video. It says it’s for devotees who come to Cebu for fiesta and cannot afford a hotel and have no place to stay. So these people leave their houses in the boondocks (for the kanos) and outback (for the Aussies) and travel to Cebu knowing they will have no where to live while there?

        It said the city government set it up. Get this. It even has free WIFI and STREAMING!!!

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      a truly wft moment….come from the boondocks, outback or the bush as they say in my country,,,, no place to sleep,,,
      dont they have any meansof making a living????
      on another note, i was talking to my newspaper sales lady on the street corner,, her daughter is now using / selling drugs
      what a waste!!!!!!!

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      I have seen those at construction sites in the states. Some people even join them together and turn them into homes. But like you said they fix them up. Ones in the video they just stacked, added stairs and walkway to 2nd story and said move in. Then did you notice something else?

      They were stacked side by side with no space between them so no windows cut in the walls. That is gonna be very hot.

      What was not said was where the containers came from. Makes me wonder what politician will surface and plaster his poster on the INSIDE of each door. Why inside? Simple. When doors open everyone sees his pic. When shut you have him staring at you. Either way will always be in your face.

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    A friend of mine in Makati has a deadbeat brother, but this isn’t about the brother. This is about his kids who are now of college age. My friend grew up in a poor family, as in dirt poor. But he studied and worked hard so that he eventually earned his PhD abroad and now is a highly-paid professor in one of the prestigious schools in Manila.

    Going back to his deadbeat brother’s kids, they once called my friend up asking for tuition money. He related this to me while we were chatting on FB one time. I suggested that my friend help his niece and nephew out on the condition that they, in turn, help his mother, who happens to make a living by selling cooked meals in their neighborhood. I thought that maybe the kids could learn from their uncle’s example. This he did. He never heard anything from the kids again!

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        Nope. I have always gone by JoeyG or Jose Guevarra in all of my online posts, be they comments on the news, or responses to blogs. Never really seen myself as a Chris type. JG are two of my actual initials, so there you go.