Filipino Stupidity: Why I Think Most Filipinos Are Dumb As A Tree Stump

Very often I will be called a racist. Is Filipino a race??? Do I think Filipinos are stupid for no good reason? Do I hate Filipinos? Oh hell no! I don’t hate them at all! I am a Filipino-American. How can I be racist if

#1. Filipino is not a race

#2. I am Filipino myself (just didn’t get raised here).

But you see, that is just a very common way that native Filipinos react and deny that which is plainly obvious to anyone with the ability to be deeply honest with themselves and others. But honesty is extremely rare with Filipinos.

I don’t think Filipinos are stupid just because I woke up one morning and randomly and for no reason decided Filipinos are stupid. No, I came to the conclusion that Filipinos in general, are stupid idiots with no common sense, logic, or reason based on 5 years of daily observation. Witnessing utter stupidity every day, with every phone call, with every walk down the street, with every trip to the mall, and every time I deal with a native. Utter, mindless dishonestly, stupidity, and no common sense whatsoever.

They have no courtesy at all in public. In fact, just downright rude. They will cut you off as you’re walking out the door, squeeze through, brushing up against you. They drive like maniacs, as if it’s a big game of chicken. Will not cooperate or give way at all to help traffic flow smoother and better (which is why the worst fucking traffic in the world is in Philippines!) Nobody has the mind or thought or courtesy to leave an opening when traffic is stopped so that the cross traffic can get through. I’m talking major fucking idiots!

I see it every day! When I first came here, I had no idea it was like this here. I was shocked to see how very little Filipinos think about the past, or try to foresee the immediate future (like seeing that a car wants to merge into traffic ahead of me, and actually finding my brake pedal, and courteously leaving an opening for him to ease his way into the flow of traffic.) But Filipinos only exist in the “now”. They don’t learn a fucking thing from the past. They don’t learn from their mistakes, I see them repeat the same stupid mistakes over and over and over, and they don’t think about the future and make a decision on how to make that future a little better than now. Nope. Just mindlessly remain in the now.

Is there some kind of invalid vendetta against Filipinos? No, I don’t think so. With the hundreds of blogs and postings and facebook pages about Filipino stupidity, I don’t think anyone is against them, I think the rest of the world and thinking people are shocked by the level of stupidity they see here. It’s not about hate, it’s just about reporting what they see and calling it as it is.

I like Filipinos in general. They’re mostly nice and will walk away from a fight. Generally peaceful people. Good dancers and singers. They’re just dumb as a tree stump, that’s all.

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  1. bartologamaliel

    Well done. Sikat ang Pinas dahil sa’yo.

    Quoting “in general”

    How many Filipinos have you met?
    Population of the Philippines: More than 92 million according to Wikipedia

    Did you know the idea that your blog suggests????

    Are we that stupid that you need to spend time to put up this blog and tell the rest of the world that FILIPINOS ARE DUMB and in the end you say I like Filipinos, I am a Filipino.

    Are we so stupid that we deserve this kind of blog? What do you get from this? Did it change the world? Did the poor that suffers experience wealth? Did it inspire the struggling people of Africa?

    I thank God that I wasn’t born with a narrow mind like yours. I am a Filipino but I love different cultures. I love meeting people from different countries. I never once thought that the people of a nation are all stupid idiots.

    Yes. I am a struggling Filipino. I was born poor. I didn’t even have the chance to finish college. But I am willing to be a better person. To share cultures with other people. So I am working very hard to achieve my goal. I’m hoping that you find peace in your heart by putting up a sensible blog that will inspire every people to work hard and create a better world. May God bless you.

    1. filofail

      Well, first of all, why don’t you check the poll on the right sidebar. You’ll see that the vast majority (nearly 79%) of voters agree this blog is true and accurate and appropriately harsh.

      Secondly, ready this post again. It explains how I came to this conclusion. I don’t need to “meet” the whole population. It explains that in the 5 years I’ve been here, I observe daily the utter stupidity that is obvious right when you step out your front door. In everything you do, buy, anywhere you go, utilities, government policies, utter ignorance everywhere…etc.

      I don’t need to personally meet every filipino. You can see the same levels of ignorance, stupidity, dishonesty, discourtesy, and failure everywhere you go, in everything you do, and with every service poorly rendered. Businesses and services are run by filipinos, filipinos elect the blatantly corrupt government officials, the government officials are filipinos, filipinos bend over and just take it from the corrupt filipinos in office instead of demanding accountability and standing up for themselves. And in the end, they do as you have just done….deny the problem and act like they’re fucking brilliant.

      You’re not stupid because you’re poor. It’s quite the opposite. You’re poor because you’re stupid and don’t have the brains or balls to make a change for a better life.

      And thinking people realize the purpose of this blog. Because being nice obviously hasn’t helped you either. So continue to delude yourself that you’re all brilliant but just choose to live with poor services, few and broken social services, politicians that don’t give a fuck about the people they’re supposed to be serving, rampant dishonesty and crab mentality.

      Just take a look around at the conditions of your country. Does it appear to be run by anyone with real intelligence and concern? Or do you just like the smell of piss everywhere, filthy conditions, and dishonest business practices and utility companies that can’t even deliver water to your home through the pipes on any consistent basis?

      This blog is me simply holding up a proverbial mirror to you. You can choose to see and accept the reality and start coming together as a people and make a change, or you can continue in ignorance, denial, and blaming everyone else for your woes.

      Take a good look around the internet. Do a search on “stupid filipino” and see how many other blogs and articles there are out there that are just like my blog. I’m not the only one trying to help you people remove the reason to have blogs like this in the first place. Again, being nice and sensitive certainly doesn’t work. Maybe you need a dose of reality, like this blog gives.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mang

        Holy Cow, This is a most perfect blog as it is certainly correct and accurate of how the common Filipino acts and reacts to things in their retarded life. Having spent the last little over 5 years visiting the Philippines and talking to probably thousands of them online and in person, I can say i am totally without a clue why they can act so dumb and think everything is totally, “okay”.

        I can sum this up with a couple auto reply sayings that all and i mean “ALL” filipinos use:
        1. It’s up to you…………( of course it’s up to me i just told you what i wanted to do right )
        2. If that’s what you think………..( of course that’s what i think i just told you what i think duh )
        3. What can i do……..( Used when someone usually a filipino leaves a filipina high and dry after getting them pregnant )
        I tell them you can go find the S.O.B and grab his nutsack and tell him he will take responsibility for his actions, or you will cut his balls off with one of those handy dandy knives you are always threatening the foreigners with. )
        4. I can’t or won’t force you……….. ( of course you can or won’t force me i have my own mind and can think for myself idiot. )
        Why is it that filipinos can understand everything you say in english until you ask them something really important or call them on something and then they just clam up ignore you and/or say oh my english is not that good. WTF man really so for over the past couple years everything we have talked about has been understood unless its a subject the filipino doesnt want to talk about especially if it involves their dumb ass making a mistake.
        I now ask every filipino that uses these useless and meaningless sayings, ” do they teach you in school to say these stupid sayings or what?” And by the way it has been every filipino that i have ever talked to there. Sooner or later you are going to get one or all of these 4 sayings as well as many other useless nonsense sayings.

        I can go on and on, and honestly i generally love the Philippines, but to deal with the Filipinos and their bullshit ways its almost unbearable at times. It is like you want to go or move but you cant get them to move or do anything unless they want to, or feel like it and then they are always on filipino time which means always a day late and several pesos short.

        It is really a shame for them to even try to disagree because we have so many thousands and thousands of stupid examples of them doing stupid shit, but yet they always think their way is the best way.

        Filo, you are dead on with everything you say here and so are the others that have their own abundant experiences of dealing with filipinos. I have not laughed this hard in a long time and I am so glad that i googled stupid filipinos and it sent me here this site.

        Talk about not feeling like I am the only one to have felt this way. What a relief off of my sane mind.

    2. Profile gravatar of Village Idiot
      Village Idiot

      I’m Filipino and I don’t agree with you bartologamaliel. I simply can’t. The OP is speaking from 5 years experience. I don’t think he lived in a cave all this time. I agree with his observations because I too experience those things regularly. Incompetence is everywhere even in simple things. The latest fucking incompetence? Idiot delivery man from idiot courier service.

      I suggest you open your mind some more. Go out and observe your surroundings. Man up and see things in a wider perspective.

      (I imagine posting this comment merits me being torn apart by the idiots. Which is what they usually do to Filipinos who are anti Pinoy.)

    3. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
      L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

      I read failapino defense responses like this everywhere on facebook and youtube.

      First they attempt to make an invalid premise by faking being religious, false logic or false facts.

      Then they make an appeal to humility, claiming that failapinos are a compassionate race that could never hurt a fly let alone con their own people.

      Then they sneak in insults or more false facts

      Then they make an appeal to their often faked circumstances. In this case being born poor. More than likely this failapino is a college dropout piggy backing off his Parent’s or grandparent’s hard work as an ofw.


  2. bartologamaliel

    There’s just one thing I see in you and your blog. Hatred. I hope that you will see the purpose of life. This is not what God wants us to do. To tell people straight in their faces that they are just helpless stupid idiots. Free yourself from this pain and bitterness. Let God show you the way that will make you a better person and help people inspire to be like one. This is the same idea that the people who started the war had. No more harm and bitterness. Again, I pray to God that you will find peace in your heart. God bless you.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pnoy syndrome
      Pnoy syndrome

      man wake up your living in the fantasy world.. i think you are out of your mind?
      ”you said tell the people straight in faces that they are helpless stupid idiots ”..common sense, do you want us to be stabbed to death”. ignorant people don’t accept mistakes in fact if you try to confront them they will resort to violent reaction that is the most common ignorance’s do… your God wont make any miracle for them to change but trough education and self awareness is the best way to wake them up.. and this blog will not exist if there is nothing wrong with you filipinos we are a bit harsh here but truth hurts sometimes hope you understand and please don’t use God to cover-up your ignorance thank you…

  3. filofail

    That is the exact reason why your country continues in poverty and no progress. This isn’t about hate, it’s about help, my way. And fortunately, I’m not stupid enough to believe in invisible men in the sky.

    By the way, how does one of the most religious countries on earth be one of the most corrupt and dishonest countries on earth as well? How does your god feel about your dishonesty and corruption? So many “god fearing” filipinos, yet they don’t fear him enough to stop from lying, cheating, and stealing from each other.

    I have serious doubts about your belief in god. I think you just use “god” to give the illusion that you’re somehow a good and moral person. That’s what Philippines is all about…illusions. They have their catchy slogans and smiling faces, yet it’s not hard to see, and even easier to experience the bullshit behind those illusions of goodness.

    You know it’s true. You know everything stated here is true. You just cannot come to terms with it, so you deny and blame.

  4. filofail

    again, there is stupidity and failure in pretty much everything here. Nothing ever goes smoothly or as planned, there’s always some stupid lack of common sense, so much so that I completely expect it, so that I’m not as disappointed or frustrated. I’m always prepared and expect to fight and argue to just get what I pay for.

    I am not imagining this. I am not just writing this blog out of hate. I am sharing very real, true, daily experiences of utter failure, utter stupidity and corruption. And for you to tell me none of it is true, just like the water company tells me the water pressure is fine, yet no water is pouring from my tap, I must just be imagining there is no water coming out, and there really is water coming out. It’s all in my imagination, right? That is how filipinos deny, and they can’t even deny with any sort of intelligence.

    Call the water company to complain that there is no water pressure, they’ll just tell you there is, as if you’re the one lying.

    Call your internet/phone company and tell them you have no connection. They argue with you telling you there is no problem. Again, I’m the one lying or imagining things.

    So why should you be any different? Continue to deny the problems, and blame me for speaking up about them. That is why nothing gets done. Filipinos are also scared, gutless folks who just won’t stand up and fight for a better life. It’s better to remain stupid and ignorant, so as to avoid being responsible for your own actions or inactions. You can just blame everyone else but yourselves. Or you can deny an obvious problem and think you’re brilliant.


  5. filofail

    What would you like me to call your stupidity? Brilliance? I mean, it’s not hateful to call something what it is. If everything was wonderful, civilized, clean, and courteous, yet I still had this blog and just making up lies, THAT would be hate.

    But you know as well as I do that is not the case. Again, I am simply sharing my experiences here. What do you want me to do? Be ignorant of the very mindsets and injustices and corruption that KEEPS YOU POOR? Want me to be like you and just deny what breaks my heart? Or shall I voice and share what I see, everyday?

    Fuckin’ think about it.

    1. filofail

      But your way of dealing with it is to simply call anyone who speaks the truth about Philippines and the people are simply haters and liers….then off you go to continue in your denial, ignorance, and stupid blaming of others for it.

  6. bartologamaliel

    You don’t have the right to judge all the Filipinos or any country. You don’t know every people’s heart. I don’t feel like being judged by someone who lived in a country where they spend billion dollars for porn instead of helping the poor, a country who killed many people. Just like how you judge the Filipinos, I have all the right to judge any country like the US where you came from, but I’d rather express my criticism with respect rather than shouting “YOU ARE ALL FUCKING IDIOTS”, then hoping that they would change? What do you have that gives you the right to judge us?

    I am a filipino but I didn’t blame anyone that I was born poor. I believe that I can do something to change my status. Not to be super rich, but to be someone to look up to. You don’t have the right to straight it to my face because according to you, you are a half idiot. I don’t and will never believe in a half idiot. Got it? You’re not helping anyone.

  7. bartologamaliel

    I know bloggers like you. Talks big like they’re the best reviewers, analysts but the truth is they are sucked into their own blindness and because they have nothing better to do, they mock other people’s lives and make it look like they know it all. Believe me, you don’t know what you are saying and someday you will realize it.

    I am happy with my life. I have peace in my heart. I don’t see any point to share my thoughts with you anymore because you’re understanding is covered with pain and hatred. I will move on with my life and my dream with God’s help. I hope that you find happiness and peace with your future endeavors. Good luck.

    1. filofail

      So nothing I say here about philippines is true? It’s all a delusion and your country is clean, it’s not common practice to piss on the street, I’m only imagining the stench of human piss nearly anywhere you walk? I’m only imagining the daily failures in the most simple and common services like water pressure, telephone and internet? I’m lying about how easily the average filipino will lie?

      So you’re basically saying your country is clean, and you all are brilliant and I’m just a hater who is randomly picking on a nation of damn smart people for no reason whatsoever. That’s what you’re saying.

      Amigo, YOU are the very example of what I am saying on this blog. YOUR denial and instant lashback at THE TRUTH about your country is the very reason it is the way it is in Philippines.

      So just continue in your denial of reality, keep deluding yourself that I’m just a hater and not simply a messenger of the truth.

      Enjoy being a complete and total idiot. Keep pretending to be happy in your life and peace in your heart as you IGNORE the horrible realities of your country. YOU are one of millions who are the reason your country keeps a high failed state status. Keep IGNORING and just keep pretending. That’s why nothing changes in your god-foresaken country.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        “…Sucked in to their own blindness”?????

        So all the stupidity, filthy conditions, corruption, dishonesty, ignorance, etc is just a figment of my imagination???

        Have you stepped outside and taken a look around your country lately?? What do you see? Watch the drivers. Watch the widespread idiocy, then tell my I’m blind.

        What a typical deluded Filipino in denial!

  8. Christine Cabatlao

    i like your post. i am a native filipino and i find it true. do you understand filipino? i hope you do… since we are both filipinos we should talk filipino.

    Madami na rin akong nababasang blog tungkol sa pagiging stupido ng mga pilipino. sa totoo lang bilang isang pilipino na pinanganak at lumaki dito masakit nga na lagi na lang mababa ang pagtingin sa atin ng ibang lahi. kaya nga natatakot ako magaral sa ibang bansa kasi baka kung anung itrato sa akin dahil nga sa nasabi mong reputasyon natin.

    hayy.. ihanda mo na ang sarili mo, mas marami pa ang magkokomento sa iyo ng hindi maganda. kung mapapansin mo, kaugalian na ng mga pilipino ang itanggi ang katotohanan. imbes na tanggapin ang negatibong kristisismo para paunlarin ang sarili at ang bansa, makikipagdebate pa yan sa iyo dahil nasaktan mo ang ego nila. totoo yun, makikita mo mula sa mga senador na pumuputok ang butsi kapag may hollywood celebrity na nagsabi ng hindi maganda tungkol sa pilipino/pilipinas hanggang sa mga lasenggong tambay na handang makpagsaksakan sayo.

    Naiintindihan ko ang punto mo, ako rin marami din akong napapansing mali dito tulad ng mga magkakamaganak na nagpapatayan para lang sa pera, mga foreigner na pineperahan, mga kasama sa trabaho na pinagtsitsismisan ka mismo sa harap mo, mga hindi nagbabayad ng utang pero may panggastos sa bisyo, gumagamit ng gamit kahit hindi humihingi ng permiso, nakikipagsaksakan pahilhasa laseng at napakadami pang iba.

    Ang problema kasi karamihan sa atin wala tayong tinatawag na “hunger for education”. Sabi dahil daw sa kahirapan kaya maraming hindi makapagtapos. Nakikita ko ang puntong iyon na hindi purong totoo. Tama, maraming batang pilipino lalo na sa rural areas ang gusto magaral pero hindi magawa dahil sa pinansyal na kadahilanan. Pero, may mga nakikita din ako na mahirap na nga hindi pa nagaaral. Ang kakaramput na baon na binibigay ng mga magulang pampasok pinangdodota lang, nagka-cutting classes at matatagpuan mo sa tapat ng eskwelahan naninigarilyo. Kaya makikita mo maraming Pilipino ang hindi matuto-tuto kasi anu ba naman ang matutunan kung wala namang nalalaman, di ba? Sabi nga ng isang political scientist na Singaporean nung na-feature sa History channel, “What separates us from Filipinos is that we know our history.” Karamihan sa atin walang maisagot kapag naitatanong “Who are Filipinos?” Kasi hindi natin kilala kung sino tayo.

    Marami pa akong gusto maisagot pero dahil napakahaba na ipuputol ko na lang dito. Naapreciate ko na may isang Pilipinong tulad mo na tumatayo upang ituwid ang mali. Alam kong nasasabi mo yan dahil ikaw mismo gusto mo ng pagbabago. Sa palagay ko medyo matatagalan pa bago natin masolusyonan ang filipino stupidity. Mabuhay ka..:))

    1. filofail

      As I’ve said, I was raised in the USA in an english speaking home. I’ll try to have your comment translated. But again, I think common sense would say that if you see this entire blog is in english, then maybe you should use english.

  9. birdofprey1965

    You’d do this country a great service by shutting up and shipping out. You can do no good for this nation you disdainfully regard as stupid. You say you’re Filipino, so that makes you as dumb as a tree stump by your own words. If you leave, there’d be one less stupid in this land. So why don’t you go and be happily stupid somewhere in another part of the world.

    1. filofail

      Again, the typical “why don’t you leave” response. No acknowledgement of problems, just continue in your stupidity and tell those who put a mirror up to you to just leave. Sorry to disappoint you, but you’re stuck with me for a while dumb dumb.

  10. mynaaa

    Hahaha Go filofail!

    Unfortunately, the Philippines is not an idiot-proof country. Only typical Filipinos can live better in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, the United States of America, and other first-world countries that are idiot-proof. Smart Filipinos, first-world foreigners, and smart foreigners are most likely to live better in the PH than typical Filipinos. Dumb Filipinos who stay in the PH are lucky because they’re living with the hard-working person who is paying for their livings, and/or they get remittance from their family members/relatives who are working abroad. Without them, for dumb Filipino, they would meet poverty, or move abroad to idiot-proof country to work as a janitor, McDonald’s worker, or lower class job position until they get enough money to attend college/university/training in foreign land before getting better job optionally. Meanwhile, they would open their eyes and realize how stupid the PH really is.
    About how dumb Filipinos got the job in the PH, probably their idiotic boss/hiring manager hired them, or they lied in their resume and job interview. That would cause madness, poor customer service, and company closure due to uncompetitive, moronic, and lazy Filipino workers.
    I hope there would be good role models that can wash away all the ignorance of Filipino.

    After People Power Revolution, lots of traffic jams, multiplication of poor and ignorant Filipino, more Filipino moving abroad, woeful democracy, and no sign of dramatic economy improvement thanks to foreign ownership limitation in 1987 Constitution which was signed by the housewife with no presidency experience, Cory Cojuangco Aquino. You, Filipino readers, what do you expect from People Power Revolution?

    Comment from 19 years old Canadian-born Filipino.

    1. Nusquam Humanitus

      I hate to tell you this, but the PPR was an event staged by the then U.S. president, Ronald Reagan. You see, at that time, the Philippines had a shit-load of gold (wealth) and Mr. Marcos was getting to big for his britches. So, something had to be done! Well, soon after, Mr. Marcos was gone and a shit-load of gold disappeared from Malacanang (spelling?)! That’s the sad truth, but the truth non the less! Since this time, you’ve had one U.S. puppet president after the other. That’s why the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    2. Profile gravatar of Waipahukanu

      Dumb Filipinos that aren’t able, or chose not to leave the Philippines for whatever reason, are not dumb because they can easily become a squatter, and live quite comfortably. They only need to build a simple place and pay utilities.

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

          If they are smart enough to de-squatternize the squatters and conduct some improvements, maybe that will be possible, but in reality, there is only .0001% chance that will happen. I went to visit a classmate of mine for his B-day party, and a the staircase going to his home on the 3rd floor of a squatter building was nothing but a rickety ladder, with a curtain rod plastered next to it to serve as a handle to keep your balance. I swear I was gonna fall going up there, but somehow I managed going up and down it without any serious injuries. A ladder for stairs? Yeah, that’s pretty dangerous…..

  11. Nusquam Humanitus

    As an American who has been living in this country for over 2 years, I must say I do appreciate your blog. It is a bit harsh and accurate, but I would like to throw in a few tidbits – The Philippine government has done a colossal disservice to this country for so long, the end result is what you now see. For the most part, a people are a reflection of their government’s policies and actions. I do however agree that the people need to revolt to make any real change. This should have happened a looooooong time ago. The only problem being – Those in charge have all the firepower! I like your writing prose and will check in on a regular basis!

  12. Profile gravatar of

    Filofail: – I stand amazed, again(!), in the quarter century I’ve been in this country, I’ve never read ‘truer words spoken in jest’. Without a doubt, there’s ‘no smoke without fire’, in the Philippines. Love it, keep up the good work!

  13. Profile gravatar of

    I am married to a Filipino (i am male, she is female) and after 2 years of marriage i strongly agree Filipinos are stupid (it is in fact why i googled “Filipino Stupidity’!!). I whole heartily agree that they only live in the now and no concept of learning from mistakes (let alone advanced intelligence by learning by other peoples mistakes). I now try and avoid Filipinos in my private life as I am sick and tired of ‘dealings’ with Filipinos which always end up in a cluster-f**k which costs me an arm and a leg. My opinion: Filipinos are Painfully F**king Stupid.


  14. Profile gravatar of

    How can you call an entire nation dumb? Do you have any specific studies that show the Filipinos are lacking intelligence? If Filipinos are imbecile then how come there are many countries who hire overseas Filipino workers such as nurses.
    Think first before you speak.


    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Take a walk outside, then look around. See how clean and orderly things are? NO, YOU DON’T DO YOU? Have you ever tried to cross a busy street using the pedestrian crosswalk? Everyone notices you and give the courtesy to stop and allow you to cross, right? NOPE! Turn on your faucet or shower and it’s always got plenty of water pressure, right? WRONG!!! Isn’t it nice to have no service interruptions with your internet for an entire day? Well, it would be if you’re NOT IN PHILIPPINES!! The list can go on and on. These are all pretty good indications that IN GENERAL, YOU PEOPLE ARE FUCKING IDIOTS.

      How can I call an entire nation dumb? Well you obviously haven’t read this blog. Read the blog, and please try to tell me what is written here is untrue. If you can, then you can join the rest of your kababayan in their mass delusions and denials.

      Step outside, look around, try to drive on the streets and find courtesy and cooperation, try to have consistent water pressure, try to go 48 hours without an internet disconnection…etc. These are all things that are completely expected and achieved easily all over the world. But not in Philippines! I would say these among many other things are a pretty good indication that Filipinos are not only “lacking intelligence”, but are complete nimrods, utter dumbfucks, and total idiots.

    2. Profile gravatar of Cheebak

      After reading this response I found it funny as hell as it displays the stupidity of Filipinos; especially the females. The reason why so many countries hire Filipinos overseas is because they are cheap labor; simply put you guys are easily bought and dont know your own value or worth. Your ignorant comment displays 3 things: 1. You don’t realize what’s happening in your own economy, 2. You don’t know what goes on in other economies, and 3. You dont realize that just because you get hired for a job, doesn’t mean you are hired for your brain ? or even good at your job. Or course depending on the field a Filipino could get hired for their brain, but it’s very rare as you see most taking the fastest route, taking jobs such as caregiving, nursing, menial jobs etc. That’s about the smartest thinkin’ a Filipino can have, but beyond that it’s failed just like the OP says; they simply lack common sense. For you to make a correlation between being hired and having intelligence shows your individual stupidity right there. Who on earth said they hire anyone for their brains, especially Filipinos in the nursing field?! You watch too many Americanized commercials and hallmark movies. There are so many people in that field that just about anybody will get hired somewhere as long as they have the licensing and credentials; trust that has nothing to do with intelligence in the job market. If they like you, and you can be bought for their price, they will take you…and since there are SOOOO many people in that field, you are definitely dispensable if they decide later u are too stupid to keep the job. So your lil point in itself has stupidity written all over the place. Again, if you dont cost much, are poor, and desperate…trust me lmfao you are PERFECT for any job that is looking to get out of paying their employees more than they have to, and this gives the employer more weight to do what they what with you and treat you any way they want. And this takes me back to my next point, Filipinos make the job market suck for everyone else that knows the actually money value of the position. Because Filipinos are stupidly and easily bought, they work more for less and they bring these practices to other countries causing companies to say “Okay! You’re really willing to work for this very low wage??! Great! And since many of you are happy with that type of thinking, lets go ahead and make it that way for everybody YAAAY! *Cheesy conniving grin* ?, causing everybody thereafter to accept the same thing in that position. They let injustices happen to them because they just accept it as solid when they could be getting more and better, this is especially the stupidity displayed in the Philippines and thus why it’s best to go to places like Singapore for school…or anywhere else BUT there. If you don’t know your own worth and value, and accept little money for jobs that require a lot of effort on your behalf, little recognition and appreciation, and furthermore dont even fight to get what you know is worth a lot more than what you are getting, how the hell is that intelligent?? And further I like how when they do get these lil positions they think they are big stuff and hot shit, and they are in the same position/rank as their coworkers (sometimes even lower status), but they be bossing others around like they are the manager in that position and know what they’re doing and they have no ranking power lmfao. That’s not only petty but embarrassing to take pride like that; that takes balls tbh. Anyways, you’re stupid, and I’m sorry MANY but not all Filipinos are stupid ESPECIALLY the females.

  15. Profile gravatar of

    I totally agree with you, I am also filipino but was raised in the U.S. when I was 12, whenI I came back for college and my native language was vanishing and I really sucked at social since I didnt know all the words and grammar rules in filipino. When I talk or socialize to someone they usually try to avoid me talk to someone else as they look at me as an object. Its hard to socialize with filipinos especially when you dont know visaya fluently. It doesn’t matter if you speak good english or not cause they would not talk to you in english… and the whole good english filipino speakers thing is a joke. I’m in college right now in the Philippines and trust me they sucked at english and think they’re superior when they are good at it.
    and YES the are VERY LAZY and they mostly do the swag yolo shit. They usually go on facebook and I have not seen the Majority study until its the day before the exam. They are simple minded and yes dumb even though I am filipino. In college they do MORE in minor subjects rather than studying the major ones suck as programming classes they rather dance for there upcoming dance rather than studying…

    I’m sorry but I’m not really into the whole filipino pride thing I think its a joke and I dont believe in the invisible man outside. They keep praying and nothing is happening they think it helps them in some way…. sorry about my english, my english is also vanishing as well lol. 19 yr old flipino.

  16. Profile gravatar of

    I totally see your point and i am a filipino. I just don’t understand why you guys blame everyone here in the Philippines.We did not grow up in a place like yours in U.S, so if it helps you understand maybe thats one of the reason why most filipinos act the ways you guys mentioned. Maybe try putting yourselves in our shoes, did you really think that you’ll be the person you are right now. Can you guys really tell yourselves that you’d be a better filipino if you grow up in the philippines. The point is that you don’t have to tell us our problems coz we already knew it, if you really want to help then be an example. Coz i cud assure you that filipinos are better followers than leaders. And another thing your blog would be much of a help if you put this to action and teach those filipinos around you the way it should be done, but that is if you’re just into criticism.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Who said anything about this blog being here to help you???? In fact, it’s stated all over this blog as to the reason why it exists. This blog isn’t here to help you. You cannot be helped. You are way out of the realm of help. Filipinos refuse to be helped (unless it’s help with money, which every one of you will gladly take). So we’re not here to help you.

      We’re here because we need to vent our frustrations with the sheer mind-blowing stupidity and ignorance that we must deal with every day in your country. This blog is here to help US…NOT YOU!

      And it does help us, believe me.

  17. Profile gravatar of

    hahaha, im from swizerland and living since 6 years in the monkey islands.
    this blog is a mirror of my expirience.

    only one link here is realy missing:

    this explain why its make no sins to explain a philipino why him is stupid.

    because him never will understand!

    its more easy to teach 10 moscitos to fly in a formation 🙂

    i like this country, but its a hard fight tho handle so mutch stuppid peoples and dont loose the happines here.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Thanks for sharing this link. It explains why so few Filipinos can recognize their incompetence and stupidity. I do see that they REALLY think they’re intelligent, whereas you and me only see utter stupidity.

  18. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    do u ever notice they cook spaghetti or pansit canton and leave it sit for hours before eating it…
    drives me nuts, then they expect me to eat that cold stuff,, grrrr
    does anybody else notice this too??

  19. Profile gravatar of Paul

    To be honest, I am a native Filipino who has been living here in the Philippines for 15 years now, and, I have to agree that a TON of filipino people are unlearned. The amount of squatters and bums here in the Philippines is overwhelming, and, I am sure no one could deny that. This is the truth about the country right now, the leaders are corrupt and MOST (but definitely not all) citizen are mindless sheep who just conform to the trend of whatever is popular and “hip”. A lot of them do not think for themselves and do not analyze situations rationally. Everything I have said is, sadly, true.

    But, you know what, even though I believe a lot of the Filipino people (especially those from lower class groups) are irrational, we absolutely CANNOT blame them. It’s not like they wanted to be dumb; it’s just that they never got the chance to learn.
    Actually, I have been friends with people who are financially insecure, and, they have told me that if they only had the chance to study at a normal school, then, their life would be much better than what it is right now. Those friends which I had really are stupid (they are not academically learned), but, they wouldnt think of doing anything morally bad; they are good people with families and low class jobs all trying to have a good source of income just to survive in a world they werent given the chance to live a good life in. Filipino people may be stupid, but, they are not bad (definitely not).

    I have Filipino pride. I love my country, even if I don’t show it. I would hate to be born into another nationality or have been raised in another country, because, I have gone to other countries, and, I can honestly say that I am most comfortable here in the Philippines. I dont know, but, everything seems so “fake” or “artificial” (I dont know the rigt words) in other countries, so, immigrating to any other country is not what I can consider as “paradise”.
    I love visiting other countries for short periods of time (about a month at most). But, tell me I were to live there all my life? Definitely not.

    The Philippines has a LOT of imperfections, but, to be honest, which country doesn’t?

    FiloFail, whoever you are, go ahead and tell me I am a waste of a life or whatever you usually say to the people who defend their country, but, I don’t care.

    I agree with you that most Filipinos are stupid, but, first if all, it’s not their fault, and, secondly, even though that is the case, they are not bad people.

    FilioFail, I can see that you are hurting inside, and, you are finding an outlet to pour all the vent up anger you have been storing all your life. That is why you saw bashing the Filipino people, YOUR nation, as the way to release everything you have kept inside all your life. I dont know what you are going through and I dont knwo what your real motives are, but, all I can say is that I wish you a good day and for you to have a better mindset about the Filipino people and about lige itself. Good luck

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Ok, then who’s fault is it?

      And if you think this whole blogging community are just a bunch of Filipino haters arbitrarily bashing Filipinos, and we’re just making up this shit as we go along, you’re are the prime example of what this blog is all about. You are just another deluded idiot FAILipino out of millions.

      You are just another FAILipino who takes every serious failing of the Filipino, (traits which in civilized countries are considered to be anything from just lazy, shiftless, and inconsiderate, to downright dishonest, corrupt, and even criminal), and you SPIN those failings into “strengths” and “positive traits”. But they’re not. You are spewing delusional self-aggrandizing bullshit without the least modicum of honesty or truth.

      It’s no wonder the Philippines is such a poor, backward country, when manhid bobos go to such AMAZING lengths to arrogantly delude themselves and each other into avoiding obvious facts. Rather than recognizing their bad behavior for what it is, they redefine their aberrant behavior into “goodness” and “specialness” to justify their false perception of Filipinos as inherently good and honest people, all while they swindle and rob each other and us foreigners. The Filipino does NOT value truth or knowledge; they prefer comfortable lies and delusions to discomforting truth and facts. Thus, their poverty, criminality, and stupidity are all self-inflicted, and they are trapped in the hole of self-aggrandizing delusion they dug themselves into.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        Yes, very well said! If it were only Filo, we may append private frustrations to his dedication.

        As however, his argument is well thought, as many, many others here as well dedicate time to tell, just what happens here. As there are many other blogs pointing to the same problem, I’m afraid matters cannot be put off so easily.

        To me it is not the poverty as such, but the total lack of simple morality and honesty, at every level of society, that makes up the real problem!

        1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          Lack of educational opportunity? I didn’t know it but there are scholarships (Government sponsored) here, and squatters can get them. And they do get them. And then they screw them up by not attending and by not even trying to study. Then I’ve had expat friends send wife’s/gf’s family to school only to find out later that they had quite (one as long as two years) long ago and was just pocketing the money. I’ve NEVER heard of a Pinay coming to the States on a marriage visa and hit the books. Even my ex who said she wanted to go to school to be a nurses aid decided not to do it, too much effort, better to work 1 1/2 barely better than minimum wage jobs so she could send the parasites money, own 40 pairs of shoes, refuse to help with bills or pay her own transportation and piss everything else away. I have one friend who he put through nursing school here, when she got to Canada guess what she did? PARKED HER ASS!!!! She didn’t even try to pass the exam, she just parked it and draining the guy. So even with opportunity they fail, and they fail because they are too fucking lazy and too set on getting by in life on the backs of others.

          Lying, cheating, stealing, scamming has NOTHING to do with education. It has to do with having a conscience. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul? They’re empty vases, no other way to explain it.

          I’ve given good, sound, logical advice that would save them money and even pain, just to have it ignored. Exactly who’s fault is that?

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Well, I’ve never seen the masses whipping out their dicks and pissing on the street in other countries. I could go on and on with this list. And what do you have to defend about your country? Who’s fault is it when you scam people? Who’s fault is it when you blatantly lie for self preservation? Who’s fault is it when you don’t pay back a loan? Who’s fault is it when you grovel at foreigner’s feet and kiss their ass, begging to be their friend and then start telling them about your grandmother in the hospital and you don’t know how you’re going to pay the bill? Who’s fault is all that kind of behavior if not the one who behaves that way? Tell me, who’s fault is it then?

      Who’s fault is it when you accept 50 pesos to vote for the one who is stealing 1000’s from you? What do you have to defend about Philippines? Please, tell us all about your pride and what there is to defend. We all want to hear it.

      Thanks for proving all that is said on this site as true.

      1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
        Marius O.

        FiloFail, I think you’re being unnecessarily harsh here. Apart from the facepalm-worthy “The Philippines has a LOT of imperfections, but, to be honest, which country doesn’t?”, Paul is at least engaged in the conversation. And my experience is, he’s right. It’s not their fault. Filipinos do go abroad (the smart ones, anyway) and make a successful life for themselves.

        Whose fault is it? I hope I don’t sound like a conspiracy nut if I say “them”. It’s the people who run the country (and I don’t specifically mean the government). I’ve lived in Asian countries where things (mostly) work, and I’ve been to third-world shitholes where things are broken in exactly the same way as the Phils. The reason, I’ve noticed, is that when things are broken, it’s because somebody wants them broken. The ruling classes – the shadowy rich families, the political dynasties, the businessmen – want people to be poor and stupid. In their messed-up heads, this makes it easy for them to rule.

        It’s not that hard to provide the basics of food, water, housing and education. Even China managed it. These things are deliberately withheld; not with guns, but by spreading stupid ideas (via the Catholic Church) and making ridiculous rules that make it impossible for anybody to legally start a business or create something economically useful. People invent dumb workarounds because they have to.

        On the other hand, this pretty much proves your point. Democracies are democracies because those in power know quite well that if the hoi polloi have ready access to pizzas, TV, and bars, they’ll keep voting for you. It’s only stupid people who think you have to use skulduggery to hold onto power. The masses are too stupid to understand that the handouts and “moral support” they get from local criminalspoliticans are just ways to keep them compliant.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          I don’t agree that it’s not their fault. There is a difference between stupid, and common-fucking-sense, something you don’t need an education for, nor daily doses of Wow Wow Wee to keep you from gaining it.

          In USA, the political system works nearly the same. If you don’t think American government is corrupt as fuck, and hasn’t been controlled by the rich families, then you’re blind and stupid. But in America,
          you see people staying in the lane lines,
          slowing down to allow someone into the flow of traffic,
          you can get quality internet with consistency and speed,
          you can get your food served hot and all at once,
          you can get your warranty honored without some childish lame attempt to not honor it.
          you can answer the phone with one single hello instead of 17 “hello?” “hello sir”, “yes, hello” “Hello good afternoon sir” “hello goodafternoon” “hello”….and on and on before the fucking point of the call is gotten to.
          you can call customer service and not instantly blamed for the problem you’re reporting, and you will never get a childish argument.
          you can hire a moving company when you move, and have your furniture in the exact same condition it was before it was loaded in the truck, instead of all marred up and scratched all to hell.
          you can get food delivery without 12 feet of tape on EVERYTHING
          you can can have a simple problem resolved within hours instead of days and days of follow ups, feedback, forwarding, escalating, lies, excuses…..etc.

          I do realize there are a few other third world countries similar to Philippines, some worse, but this is Philippine Fail blog, so the focus is on Philippines.

          Yes, everything has it’s cause and effect. But I will never believe it’s all the government’s fault. This is a democracy. A nation of the people ruled by the people through elections. If the people don’t have enough balls or common-fucking-sense to stand up and make their elected officials accountable, and stop voting the corrupt dumbshits back in office, and quit bending over and letting their government and each other keep fucking each other in the ass without complaint, then that is stupidity, cowardice, and absence of common sense.

          1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
            Marius O.

            You kinda missed my point. As far as education goes, the explicit aim of the Philippine education system is to MAKE people stupid. I’ve had conversations about what goes on in classrooms; their lessons are explicitly designed to eradicate whatever common sense they started with, and replace it with nationalistic slogans and illogical bullshit.

            As for the political system, no, it’s not precisely the government’s fault, but the people who pull the strings WANT it to be like this. Consider the rules about starting a business. The process involves a shitload of costs and hassles, and provides no benefits whatsoever. In fact, if you put your head above the parapet by going legal, all you do is expose yourself to the tender mercies of the BIR, who are a law unto themselves. Far better to stay poor and stay out of sight; if you have any aspirations to NOT be poor, somebody will make damn sure you’re put back in your place ASAP.

            Yes, the US is also corrupt, but corrupt American rulers are a lot smarter than corrupt Filipino ones. They know it’s better to provide rules that work, financial rules that aren’t transparently designed to shaft people, and some semblance of law and order. If you do that, the great unwashed will happily hand over their stuff; AND they’ll have a lot more stuff to take. You don’t have to force them or blackmail them, because when you tell them “this is a great country!” they can see that it actually IS, at least up to a point.

            Anyways, I’m not arguing that (most) Filipinos are clever. Sadly, 95% of them are dumber than a bag of rocks. The other 5% – the ones in charge – would just about pass a Turing test. Just pointing out that the latter take great pains to make sure they don’t face any intellectual competition.

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            I would agree with you. Even the idiots that want to keep the people idiots are idiots.

          3. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
            Marius O.

            And the Philippines is a democracy? Srsly? 🙂

            It’s a unique combination of idiocracy and oligarchy. Having a vote-buying spree every few years doesn’t make them a democracy.

        2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          I think the poll on the sidebar has you outnumbered. The vast majority of voters agree this blog is appropriately harsh. This article is one of many, and keep in mind, I’m not the only author here. There are several who are just as harsh.

          I suppose it’s the government’s fault that they piss in the street like dogs too?

          But you certainly have a right to your opinion, which I do respect, but disagree with.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

            Apropos the pissing in the street, it seems that the favourite ph animal is the stray dog. This is the One to emulate, and to let procreate wildly. As many would know, the stray dog has a habit of pissing in the street..

            It seems the de facto favourite animal is not the rooster but as said……

            One could almost suspect some kind of solidarity in this relationship..

  20. Profile gravatar of Paul

    You are but a child, FiloFail. I feel pity for you for I sense that you are hurting inside (based on the content of your posts and about how you deliver your posts) .

    You are lower than the Filipino people, this is the truth.

    Good day to you, child.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      So you agree that most Filipinos are stupid, and because I verbalize it, I’m “hurting inside”?

      That’s like saying “I agree the earth is round, but because I say so, I’m hurting inside. Look, if something or someone or an entire nation are fucking imbeciles, what’s the problem in saying so? You agree that Filipinos are stupid, but you just can’t stand to hear someone else say it.

      How typically Filipino.

    2. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

      You must be one of the alternate reality pinoys Paul, cause you and I obviously live in different dimensions. Just walk outside and LOOK at all the nonsense, especially in Metro Manila, it’s just chaotic and it’s getting worse. Been here 2 years and this site provides the needed venting to prevent us from going nuts. The only good thing about this country are the occasional beach trips and the hot women….. that’s it! Oh and the mangos 😀

  21. Profile gravatar of

    i agree with you one some points.
    but if you say some filipinos are not stupid, why not all this peoples together start some political groups or initiatives to finally change all this wrong things ??????
    because also the “smarter” “richer” peoples have the same stupid thinking like everibudy els living in this monky country!

    only peoples can change some thing, nothing coms from nothing.
    and only pointing with fingers tho the president and do nothing self for changing, is simple filipino arogance.

    so in the end, a filipino is a filipino and inside his heade is only a mindless filipino brain.

  22. Profile gravatar of Yu-Gi-Oh!

    I strongly agree to this blog. Filipinos cannot take criticism and will even say bad things about you but if you do a constructive criticism they would always make an excuse to why they are like that and they don’t even think first of what the critic is saying about them. Filipinos think their English is superior and would even laugh if you pronounce the word correctly. Filipinos are one of the most racist bastards I have ever seen.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      True, true, and TRUE! Filipinos are so racist they don’t even see it. Whenever I speak proper English, or say anything in English, it’s like a fuckin joke to them and they laugh jokingly at every moment when English is spoken to them, especially when surrounded by other Filipino spectators, then it is followed up by that stupid ‘NOSEBLEED” comment half the time. They are very skeptical about having white/fair skin, so that automatically makes them racist towards anyone with darker-toned skin. You are right on about the criticism part, they get easily butt-hurt when you try to correct them. Filipinos is the biggest mistake in life, I sometime believe they were originally created to be animals, but they denied destiny and try to be as human as possible. Although they still fail at that.

  23. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    With all due respect in reference to this blog, saying “Filipinos are as dumb as a tree stump” is extremely offensive to me. Because that is insulting tree stumps. A tree stump is actually useful. Although it may be small, it still compose of wood which can be put to better use, and I can sit on it. A Filipino on the other hand is useless, not even for sitting on. Trying to drive common-fuckin-sense into a Filipino is just as pointless as drinking one beer.

    I don’t hate Filipinos, I just hate extremely stupid people, and 99.7% of all Filipinos just happens to be extremely stupid.

    1. Profile gravatar of

      dont aggre..
      filipinos are not usles.
      no filipinos, no!
      at least this blog give me sometimes a smille in my face, if i’m read the daily coments 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        I see your point andy since PFB does gives us foreigners the opportunity to bond together in an online community to vent together about the daily chaos that goes on in this country of hell. But I would rather prefer for Filipinos to act like humans, so we don’t have to talk shit about them on a blog like this. I would rather get out and try to know them better, hang out with them on a regular basis, and drink with them instead of talking about them on here. But since they give me so much shit to talk about in relation to them since their nature of entertainment and human interaction is so destructive; physically, mentally, financially, and especially FINANCIALLY, I am more reluctant towards being around them. I’ve been to other countries before, and I have never stumbled across a nation of people (if you consider Filipinos as ‘people’) so inhumanly idiotic in my entire life! I heard of defying the laws of gravity, well Filipinos surely have defied the laws of stupidity!

  24. Profile gravatar of Cleric

    Unfortunately, you don’t need to go out to see the truths in this blog. Just check the comments and posts from Filipinos in a lot of popular websites (youtube, yahoo, facebook, etc..) and you will see what I mean. And what makes it really ridiculous is that they think that their comments are witty, smart when they are plainly stupid. Some of them would give you an occasional heart attack… I mean people from others can be stupid too but I think we are at least in the top 5 in the world when it comes to stupidity (I was planning on saying we should be on top of the list but then I thought of some countries in Africa and Middle East). I am a native Filipino by the way and as my dad said, “If you can sell your nationality, you should just take the money and run”. I just don’t think anyone will be interested in buying it.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      As a native Filipino, I definitely have respect for you since you seem to have already came to terms with the shitty situations in Philippines and accepted it. I’m glad you are not the denial type like the countless many other idiots who gave me a laugh on this blog. Separating the good from the bad, you would be on the good side, until you prove me wrong otherwise.

      Yeah, I agree with you about in the top 5 part. It’s not number ONE, and I’m thankful I haven’t experienced number ONE yet, but I highly doubt I will ever go there anyway. My brain can’t handle further depths of stupidity than I have already witnessed here, I can’t even fathom how traumatizing it would be…. Hahahaha…..

      I have already noticed some of the idiot comments being blurted out by random Filipinos on some youtube sites, mainly on videos that speaks out against Filipinos. I enjoy reading their illiterate rampaging replies, which shows the level of stupidity they are at. They could prove more intelligence by not replying at all, and start working on their economical situation.

      I’m not gonna be totally anti-Filipino and say that Filipinos have nothing to be proud about, there are few tiny traits that they can be proud about, but the more they boast on about qualities they really don’t posses, the more I will contradict them with factual evidence of their faults and deficiencies. It’s as simple as that 🙂

  25. Profile gravatar of Don Lugo
    Don Lugo

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I agree with your post. I had the misfortune of dating and eventually having a kid with a Filipina and the more time I spent with her and her family and friends the fewer brains cells I felt I had left.

    Everything must be done according to some Filipino tradition, traditions that seem to be made up at random whenever they want something. Say, when I win big at a casino. They’re all lousy gamblers so they immediately come to me with their hands out saying it’s tradition to “share my blessing.” I remember when one sold their house and I asked for them to “share the blessing” and they laughed in my face.

    That’s another thing, their views on money. They are impossibly cheap when it comes to everything from silverware to Motrin but see nothing wrong with paying full price for any and all luxury goods and electronics. My ex-girlfriend’s brother lost his job and rather than look for a new one he sold his car so he could continue his shopping trips at Best Buy and Lacoste. And what is their obsession with knowing to the penny how much you earn and how much you paid for a car or a house? They spend, spend, spend yet have zero financial security unless you count calling up their relatives to send them money.

    You’re right that they don’t learn from the past or think about the future. No matter how many times a family member has ripped them off or made a boneheaded move they are right there to bail them out and show them there are no consequences for their stupidity. They always say they “have to” give money to their relatives when they blow it all, then call me selfish for not giving my grossly irresponsible mom a few hundred a month.

    When we were dating we were late to almost everything because we couldn’t leave the house without her and her mom bickering over something being out of place in the fridge or about some appointment that was weeks away. Or at the last minute her mom decided she wanted to go play mahjong so we had to drop her off first.

    Of all the Filipino women I met almost all their husbands cheated on them or abused drugs and gambled foolishly and these women turned a blind eye to it all, either enabling or lying about the behavior because they only thing that mattered was preserving their image. For a long time I couldn’t understand why they tolerated this shit. Hell, to this day I don’t understand it.

    I can’t understand why they’re so afraid to be individuals and why they never seem to learn from their mistakes. Your blog is a blessing as I try to understand this seemingly bizarre culture.

    1. Profile gravatar of

      I’ve noticed that too, the completely demented sense of honor, at least from the Filipinos I’ve dealt with. It’s like there’s a huge, 10 foot deep hole in the middle of a living room and the solution is to put a rug over it. If it ‘looks’ good everything’s ok, but of course someone’s going to fall in.

  26. Profile gravatar of K. C.
    K. C.

    I’m not Filipino, but I’ve had the displeasure of dating a Filipino guy. He was this fuckwad who we’ll call DF. Let me just say: WHAT. A. SCHMUCK. I’ve also grown up in Hawaii, where there’s a huge population of native Filipinos, and let me just say that FiloFail, your arguments are spot-on. Thank you for writing this article, I thought I was the only one who thought this way! If I could give you a high-five, handshake or a fist-pump, I would.

    You’re right about them being narrow-minded and defensive as all hell. DF was incredibly narrow-minded, and extremely defensive. Any attack against him or his family or idiot friends (oh dear Lord, his friends were MORONS, and annoyed the piss out of me) would garner an all-out verbal war. He had some vendetta against his sister-in-law, and I’d never met her, so I couldn’t judge, but once during his bitch-rants about her, I suggested as to why maybe she was behaving in the manners in which he was complaining about, and he went all “I don’t think we belong together. Do you know how much trouble this woman caused my family? You don’t understand me.” Also, whenever we would have fights, he would ignore me for DAYS AND DAYS while I wanted to work things out, and would have me in high emotional distress during the entire time (to which, he probably was too brainless and/or selfish to even give a fuck). His logic to all of that was, “if we’re not talking about it, we’re not arguing. And that’s good, right?” THIS I SWEAR. He even once tried to accuse me of being materialistic, just because I like to shop (what majority of the female population doesn’t??) and would reblog pictures of Dior or Louis Vuitton on my Tumblr page. Yeah, I’m totally NOT kidding.

    And at restaurants here in Hawaii, God forbid if you get a Filipino server. Don’t expect good customer service, or your order to even get to you correctly. I swear, once at a restaurant, I told our Filipino waitress, “I would like bacon, eggs sunny-side-up, and hash browns.” And then she barks abruptly (not rudely, but really, really brusquely), “and how would you like your eggs done?” To which I reply, “sunny-side-up.” And then she asks, “and what starch would you like?” To which I patiently reply, “hash browns.” And then (I swear, I swear on all that is good) she asks again, “and how would you like your eggs cooked?” I was like “?????????” is this person serious????

    Also to them being lazy, I’ve actually personally never met a lazy Filipino person. But I have friends who own businesses that employ Filipino immigrants that attest that that is true. A good friend of mine owns a coffee house, and said that there was this older Filipino lady that he employed there for a short while. For one thing, he always complained that whenever she had an order, she would get someone else to run it to the customers for her. Whenever she got a coffee order, she would always get someone else to make it for her. He said that he had to chastise her a few times (to which she would always talk back rudely, how classless) about scooping the cup directly into the ice bin, when sanitary regulations dictate that one is supposed to use the provided ice scooper. He said when he scolded her about that, she would reply, “but that takes too much work. That’s stupid.”

    Also, you’re right about them always thinking they’re so brilliant, when they’re really brainless morons. DF’s mom was a prime case. She was such a know-it-all, every time you had a conversation with her, she would always interrupt you and finish your sentence for you. To which, 80 percent of the time, she was wrong. OR, before you could finish your sentence, she would butt in with “I know, I know.” I don’t want to even mention that this woman also put KETCHUP in bolognese sauce. THAT was DISGUSTING. And then DF would always tell me (again, an example of them being extremely defensive, almost like a yippy chihuahua that bites anyone who tries to pick it up) “Go ahead, say it, I know you hate my mom’s cooking.” NO SHIT SHERLOCK. DF also didn’t listen to advice for shiiit. He always thought he knew better. For example, he would think that Asian immigrant students were the nicest people on Earth. Don’t get me wrong, some of them are really cool. But I’m Asian myself from an Asian family, and I know what kind of shit those people are all about too. And whenever I would try and warn DF about “don’t trust so-and-so, normally when those kind of people like that say/do that, they mean this-and-this,” DF would not only disregard what I said, but he would get mad at me and even accuse me of being jealous. Jealous? Me? Um, yeah, no. I didn’t even have the heart to tell him what my friends (who were mutual friends of these people) told me these people would say about him behind his back. Maybe I should have, but he wouldn’t have listened anyway.

    Also, don’t EVER marry a Filipino man. If DF is any true of a testament to them, they’re selfish as all fuck. They don’t give a flying rat’s ass about anything or anyone but themselves. I never felt as if I was DF’s girlfriend. I always felt as if I was more like his dog. Sure, you love your dog. But at the end of the day, you leave it on the side while you go and have fun, and expect it to be all happy when you come back. No sir-ree, you cannot do that to a human though, which was DF’s mistake. Also, DF never even gave one nod or appreciation to anything I’d done for him, which included waiting an entire year for his miserable loser ass to come back from Okinawa (because he sucked too much to get a job in America. LOL, he thought he could be a graphic designer or comic strip artist, when his drawing skills were a little higher than that elephant on YouTube who can kind of paint portraits), and instead all he thought about was “how am I gonna look to my cunt-personality friends” or “what’s convenient for ME.” Horrible. So yeah, okay, I cheated on him and left him for the guy I’m with now (which his previous girlfriend, from all accounts I’ve heard, did too). But ask any woman if she would bend over and take being in a relationship with a guy like that, and she will always honestly say “HELL NO.”

    Also, they definitely live in a fantasy world. They want to have their cake and eat it too. DF wanted to go to Okinawa for a year, which he did. I told him I didn’t want to do long-distance, but he begged me to stay with him. I reluctantly agreed, and man, that effed up my life. I’m so glad that towards the end of our relationship, I got back in touch with my childhood love, and left Derick for him. He also thought he could make a living off of being an artist. In Hawaii, and in this day and age, that’s kind of nearly impossible. Your odds of making it in Hawaii as an artist are literally the same as your odds of being drafted into the NBA. And that’s if you’re reeeealllyyyy reeeeaallly REALLLY good, which as aforementioned, DF was SO far from.

    The stupidest doctor (yes, an oxymoron, but quite true) I’ve ever met was also Filipino. DF and I were once on a getaway, and I remember getting my time-of-the-month, and having horrid cramps. DF took me to the nearby clinic (as the place we were in was quite rural, and didn’t have a real hospital nearby) and the doctor who was native Filipino told me, “I’m going to take some of your shee-shee (yes, she actually referred to urine as “shee-shee”) and see if you have an een-peck-shin (infection).” So, I did the urine test. She comes back 5 minutes later and tells me, “you have an infection.” To which, she gives me these absurd antibiotics. So anyway, when I returned home, I paid a visit to my regular practitioner who assured me, “those are just menstrual cramps. Where did you get those antibiotics from?” And after telling her it was a doctor that my idiot boyfriend took me to, my practitioner literally told me, “stop these antibiotics NOW. You have no infection, but this will definitely give you one.” And here’s what gave me a laugh: That very night when I saw DF, he asked “did you take your antibiotics?” To which I replied, “Hell no, my doctor told me not to.” And then DF said, “yeah, but the other doctor told you to!” Um, what? Was he serious? He actually expected me to listen to that quack doctor the likes of him took me to, rather than my regular practitioner who’s proven to take good care of my health and well-being for YEARS.

    So really, before everyone else here comes out with their defensive knives, please hold back for a second before you hurt yourself. I commend FiloFail for writing this article, as believe me, there’s A LOT of the world who agrees with him. And everyone is entitled to their opinion, especially if it’s a fair one.

    (I am not, by the way, referring to Filipino-mixed people, as the guy I am with right now is Filipino, Japanese and Hawaiian-mix, and I absolutely love him and everything about him. I am just talking about the full-blown ones.)

  27. Profile gravatar of kuyapapa

    I don’t consider myself a racist,a hater,or even one to stereo-type but there is a lot of truth to stories I see here. The stories are funny because I can relate to almost every one of them but it is not because filipinos are fucking idiots. The people from other countries who marry them are the true idiots. They don’t have anything to lose in ANY way. The Philippines is a shit hole, a toilet. Anyone who “expats” there is really a fucked-up useless shithead and I’m actually surprised they could even post here because their “family” there will eat, steal or sell any thing an expat might have if there for 6 months so it is surprising a computer could be left.

  28. Profile gravatar of

    To be honest I dont think its the Filipinos fault. They are all hard working and try to make a living and raise a family. You say the Philipines isnt clean, its true. But the reason why is because of the politicians. People become really greedy these days and politicians make fake projects that supposedly help the poor but all they do is get the money out of it. Its not their fault that they can’t get the education they have! Right now I think that they are the same as everyone in the whole world. The schools there are over crowded. I am a filipino and Im a lucky one. I got to America and got proper educations. They are ‘dumb’ because they dont have enough money. This goes for everyone in the world but its happens more to Filipinos. Im saying that they need to have a proper goverment with proper politicians in order to change how it looks. They already have so much to worry about with money. All Im saying that all of your reasons happen all around the world so why dont you make a why africans are dumb blog? You need to stop this, it hurts Filipinos but not all of us are like this.

    1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      The reason Filipinos are vilified as dumb is because (a) they blame everything on politicans (you know, the same ones they elect, over and over again, as soon as they get out of jail) and (b) they think it’s all about money.

      Money is simply a tool, and Filipinos are holding it by the wrong end and wondering why it doesn’t work. Most of the Filipinos I’ve met have NO CLUE how rich they are. I know a guy who owns forty hectares of land who lives in a nipa hut and subsists on rice and shit from the sari-sari store. Forty hectares in most countries makes you a millionaire. In other countries, it makes you a fucking KING. So why is he still poor? Because he’s an idiot. He has no clue what to do with his 40ha. He’s got a billion different options, but all he does is grow rice in one corner. Rice. Which has no market value and impoverishes the soil. He’s an idiot.

      So now we’re going to blame education, right? Well, there’s a whole internet out there, which most Filipinos have access to, where you can find out anything and everything about tropical farming. It can, at least, put a zillion ideas in your head. And you could try them. And see which ones work.

      Or, if you’re Filipino, you can simply ignore all the knowledge that the rest of the world has to offer, sit in your nipa hut, and complain about how the gubmint is making you poor.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mega-BrainDrain

      Filipinos deserve the sorry state of the nation they are in. If you elect a stupid crook to lead you – then you get what you ask for. Then they blame it on the government. Politics such a big deal in this country – as in its the topic all the time. The country revolves around 3 major things: policitics, showbiz and basketball. So you’ll mostly see the same group of faces rotating about in these 3 domains. Juan don’t you deserve any better? When will you ever learn? The reason why Filipinos are poor? I think it’s because people are not serious. But that’s just one reason. Another reason is upbringing. The behavior of people around them is what they’ve seen all their lives – and this becomes the norm. Kickbacks in gov’t projects has become the norm – the system. It’s what will run the next campaign for elections, and the motivation for running for top positions. Lagay (bribes) to officials and law enforcers become normal. Garbage and shanty houses become normal to the eyes. I live out of the country now, and everytime I go home to the Philippines the filth and eyesores become ever more glaring. I used to not get bothered by them that much when I was young growing up there. But now it’s like I ache to see how backward the Philippines is when I compare it to our neighboring countries. I went on vacation to Malaysia some time ago. I was fascinated to not find any shantyland eyesores and with the convinience they had with a train connecting the airport to the city. I think the Philippines has just been too engulfed by poor citizens – coz a poor family would be large, while rich ones having just a few kids. Slowly the demography just becomes too heavy on the poor side. And we all know poor and dumb begets poor and dumb like an endless growing cycle. If I were to make a law: I would want the voting power to be proportional to your level of education. Like 1 guy holding a graduate degree should have 100x the voting power of a household helper. It will ensure those who become managers of the country are smart and responsible. They way things go – the poor have the say in choosing the leader coz they have the mass base. This country is a crazy circus. i am glad to be out; but I pity those who have to bear all this shit. I go to see the news in Inquirer and its all about investigations and anomalies and corruption blah blah. Senators we are paying so much to provide the laws of the land are just wasting their time – OUR Time and money. The Philippines needs good drainage, good train systems, reliable water and electrity services, and good side walks. Why don’t you focus on these three for a while and quit all the shitty crap on your blame games. I hope they clean up their act before it’s too late.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        If you want to butthurt a flip ,, just tell them they should copycat Malaysia!!!!
        I was in malaysia,, We traveled 50 kms on the train from the airport to kl central.. wonderful trip…
        there is 50,000 people working for microsoft in penang.. imagine the mess if that were in da feelippines.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          Yea! The only “christian country” in Asia. The worst functioning country in Asia too! Great advertising for christendom and the Catolic Church! Be Proud….by all me

  29. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
    Marius O.

    BrainDrain, you’re right. This shit has gone on for so long that people think it’s normal. It was shit before they were born, it was shit while they were growing up, and they assume it’ll be shit for the rest of their lives.

    In most countries you can’t vote unless you have an address and pay taxes, which effectively eliminates 90% of the halfwits. Certainly in the Philippines it would be an effective way of taking power away from (eg.) squatters.

  30. Profile gravatar of Don Lugo
    Don Lugo

    What I find most infuriating about Filipinos is their smug superiority over the products they waste their money on. Eight of them living in a house earning just enough to cover the bills but whatever disposable income they get they spend on shit like G-Shock watches and Nike socks and act as if these are luxury goods out of the reach of the common man.

    News flash: If you can walk into any mall in the U.S. and buy your gaudy watch for under $200 it isn’t a luxury item.

    Same goes for how their eyes light up with envy when I come to one of their thee dozen a year picnics with a Lacoste polo shirt on. I bought it at a thrift shop for six bucks but they think I’m Donald Trump.

    They’ll always look down on you for choosing to buy something other than Nike or Apple. They’ll sacrifice anything for a Louis Vuitton bag and then eat grade F meat from the shithole Filipino grocers in the poorest neighborhoods of town.

  31. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    besid emy baranguay hall, there is a water line busted. so water pours out of there 24/7.
    so,, when is asked ” who is going to fix it,, well we foned the water company”!!!
    well the water company does not give a rat’s ass cos they pass this cost onto the bill payers. It is ”called system loss”… same with electricity theft.. i think meralco charges 7 perccent of their bill to theft. so why waste money and time when the honest bill payers pay for it???

  32. Profile gravatar of doggone

    I am a half-Filipino, born as a foreigner in the Philippines and had lived there the first 24 years of my life. During that time, I associated with many foreign and mixed friends and locals who were quite ok, but also got to know many incompetent stupid types as well. I remember that when I left for Europe in the early 80s, I had grown totally frustrated with the stupidity all around me, but attributed the frustration more to myself as being a spoiled, impatient, young university graduate, positioned in an idle, less ambitious society, full of insecurities, complexes, as well as character and identity issues. A fact worth mentioning is, that although I was brought up in the lush area of Makati, I had never failed to notice the major poverty and truly felt sympathy for anyone seriously struggling to raise themselves out of their misery through honesty, diligence and hard work. My pledge was to somehow see to it that I may someday contribute to the worthy needy.
    My start in Europe was quite difficult, because,though officially born European, I have an unclear, somewhat exotic appearance, and racism in Europe hadn’t stopped by then and in fact continues to be an issue. Nevertheless, I studied at the University again while working and struggling very hard to gain a reputation as a reliable and efficient employee. Though more deserving, I have reached a fairly good managerial position at the Company I work in, to the envy of many less efficient and less diligent European colleagues. In the many years I have worked here, I have also come across the same experience with laziness, stupidity and incompetence in pure European nationals as in the Philippines and have been able to analyze both situations as follows:
    whereby the lazy, stupid, inefficient European believes in its (his/her) superiority in assuming intelligence and is more sophisticated in passing responsibility and blame for mistakes to others, especially to those down the organisational hierarchy, the Filipino type stupid-inefficient does not come from unawareness due to assumed intelligence, but due to inherent insecurities and complexes. This is aggravated by the circumstance, that most of the more internationally exposed Filipinos are working at the hierarchy’s end, in demeaning low status jobs as helpers, cleaners, waiters etc, or even in higher qualified jobs as nurses, engineers, but all in all jobs with high activity and thus open to tendency to be the direct receiver of blame if things go wrong. As a further consequence,such workers are pressured to shy away from making quick decisions, revealing errors and weaknesses and taking responsibility. So here the source of the problem is two-fold: possible lack of qualification and inherent insecurity.

    After 34 years of absence, and after hearing news from some relatives over some overwhelming progress, I finally decided to visit Manila in July this year (2014) to open up two scholarships for high school students.

    I was distressed to see the worsening of the people’s general situation– which, when one is just a tourist or remains in Makati– is covered behind the facade of the high- rise buildings and consumer temples offering expensive unaffordable foreign imports. I observed that the people are still filled with their complexes. Foreign is better than local, brands are important not quality. A survey of the television programs show a series of channels with American based advertisements in taglish. Submissive mannerisms are overall, quick decision making and decisive action inexistent (everything double checked five times but still faulty results at the end). It seems that all this insecurity causes mental blockage, sight or reading problems, illogical thinking, irrational behavior, forgetfulness, etc, resulting in the impression of sheer stupidity.

    So are Filipinos in general stupid? Those who are not necesarilly genetically stupid or just lazy appear so, due to the inability to find the strength to acquire the basics to act efficiently, with confidence and responsibility.

    1. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

      I don’t know in which country/countries you have worked in Europe but I have completely different experience as an European. We Europeans in general are not shy to take responsibility or blame, and it’s considered cheap and cowardly to blame others. Europeans don’t fear loosing their face as many Asian do.

      Btw. Are you saying that Filipinos working in Europe are considered stupid because Evil Europeans blame them on their mistakes? 🙂

      Could you also explain why is it that Filipinos usually work in low status jobs? Is it because racism or could the competence and skills of Pinoys have something to do with it?

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        C’mon Jack, why do you ask questions you already know the answer to? Well in my opinion (which should be the general opinion of most people who been to PI), it’s really a competence issue, and they are universally known to fuck everything up. From every establishment I’ve been to in the Philippines, something ass-backwards comes about while dealing with them. At the college I attend to; The teachers are incompetent, the students are highly inept for their grade level (they even need a HUGE grade curve to pass their subjects), fast food joints fucks up my order at least every other visit, 24-hour security guards sleeping on duty, cashiers (enough said), PNP (must I explain?), Barbers with their weird measuring system, Cell Phone/Laptop repair services (they either can’t fix it, or it takes them weeks), and these engineers (they call themselves) who temporarily fixes a problem with raw or under-rated materials.

        It’s not only that, but how many Filipinos have you heard of working at top-rated jobs? It’s a very small batch for sure!

        1. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

          Yeah, I know, but for once I would like to get good explanation from Pinoy why they are considered stupid/lazy even they actually are geniuses (according to them)

          There’s always some weird reason why they don’t succeed. God’s will, they’re shy, hurricanes, bad luck just name it 😀

          If it looks like shit, smells like shit, and tastes like shit, it probably is shit. So if person behaves like stupid, talks stupid, and does stupid things s/he probably is stupid. 🙂

        2. Profile gravatar of Don Lugo
          Don Lugo

          My Filipina ex’s brother told his nephew that school in the Philippines is much tougher than in the US. It was all I could do to stifle my laughter.

          1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            LOL! Mwuaha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!! You gotta be fuckin kidding me!? Really? What else did he say? Did he say how the driving is better here too? Or perhaps he mentioned how clean the streets are here and how it’s not polluted with trash, dog shit, and human urine. Wow! You totally found yourself a comedian. Thanks for the laugh before going to bed Lugo.

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            I think he was probably right. It all depends on the context of “tougher”.

            First of all, you have to realize that anything that involves thinking or learning is tough for the Filipino. Learning is something they just culturally resist. If the Filipino found learning easy, they would be learning from their mistakes and problems, instead of ignoring and repeating them over and over and over again.

            Now add to the mix a Filipino teaching a Filipino. I mean, honestly, these idiots can barely communicate properly in their own language. Schools have to be tougher here than in USA. You have 1 idiot trying to teach a room full of younger idiots. Now how easy does that sound? Sounds like a total nightmare to me.

            What makes it less tough in USA is that the teachers can say what they mean and mean what they say in a concise and understandable way. And if a student doesn’t understand something, he/she can ask, and the teacher will be concerned enough to clarify and see to it that the student gets the proper understanding. There’s reason, logic, and common sense, and an ability to communicate properly in the USA classrooms. Certainly that makes things a whole lot easier than Philippines.

            So in that context, I think your ex’s brother was spot-on correct. In that sense, schools in Philippines ARE tougher than in USA.

          3. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Fuck Filo, you managed to successfully counter what I said logically enough to the point where I’m starting to doubt my response to Lugo. Yes, in that sense, it is tougher. But as far as the educational material and compliance towards common sense, it’s easier in Philippines. In reference towards what Filo said, I can enumerate some factors that makes it tougher to learn here compared to other well developed/intelligent countries.

            1. Yes the teachers are fucking idiots. They have little regard in their student’s education and are reluctant to provide any additional help then they are obligated to. They tend to forget assignments they issued, so you sometimes waste your time doing them. They are too cheap to give hand outs, so you must write word-for-word during note-taking trying to understand their improper pronunciation of English. If you have principles, you wont survive during their exams since cheating is allowed. When they proctor exams, they allow students to cheat, but YOU being the honest foreigner refusing to cheat like a piece of shit Filipino, you end up getting a lower score. Yep! That is tougher!

            2. The students around you are idiots too. Besides their dishonesty in cheating, they tend to be chatty during classroom discussions. Therefore it’s TOUGHER to hear the lesson. Good luck trying to take an exam or do your assignment without hearing the instructions. And being a poor piece of shit Philippines school, they don’t have text books in most subjects. So with no book reference, and not hearing the lecture, it sure is TOUGHER to pass my lessons. On top of that, there is no discipline factor. There is NO PUNISHMENT for the negative actions they do. But in their eyes, these actions are not negative at all. According to my idiot Department Head professor, she calls it “Them Being Happy.”

            3. I already said this above, but are no text books, and most information must be heard through a class of loud and annoying talkative Filipinos. There is no transmission of information being transmitted from the teacher to the audience. It’s just one big blur of noise clouding the room.

          4. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
            mother teresa

            My girlfriend was attending a shall we say a medium level college in Cebu. She said the proffesor told the class to take out a half sheet of paper. She then said the entire class momentarily looked at each other with a blank stare then they went into a confused frenzy for about a minute as to what to do. Finally one of the students raised his hand and said in a very serious manner “sir we only have whole sheets”. My girl was so proud because she knew(im not so sure) what the professor meant.

          5. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            That shows the utter and complete absence of simple logic, common sense, and problem solving. Somebody on this blog had said the Philippines education ONLY teaches students how to pass exams, that’s it. There is no logic training, problem solving, or anything they need to get through any average day. The only thing schools in Philippines concern themselves with is equipping the students to pass exams. Everyday life skills, logic, reason, common sense…’re on your own.

          6. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            That is damn correct! Before every major exam, they conduct a review day. Some professors just gives out the answers of the test questions as a class. Sometimes the questions and answers I hear does not even pertain to the lesson that were taught during that period. It’s just a series of matching answers with questions, regardless of it’s relevance towards the subject.

            I admit that I almost fail a test because of this, because I was suppose to have a mid term test, which was suppose to cover everything you learned in the past 5 weeks, but I missed that one-day review day since I was helping out my buddy in Mindoro. When I came back the next day to take the exam, every question on the exam wasn’t anything that was discussed in the past 5 weeks, and it wasn’t even relevant towards the subject. Turns out the answer to these questions came from the one-day reviewer I missed. They completely missed the point of mid-term exams, but I can’t blame them. They didn’t learn anything throughout that term, so they were just given answers to memorize until the next day, then they will eventually forget that knowledge soon after the test. Good old fashion “Cram” and “Forget” method.

      2. Profile gravatar of doggone

        JacktheBlack, why so defensive? Do you want to say that stupidity in Europe does not exist at all and that ALL Europeans accept responsibility and blame for their own mistakes? Do you actually have no idea why SOME people leave their countries to seek opportunities abroad, however bad these are, in order to support their families? Are Filipinos the only foreign workers you know working in low status jobs? What about some Middle- South Americans in the United States? Are they all considered stupid to you as well? My former stupid, smelly helper was a former, obviously uneducated East Block European. A friend of mine had a cleaner who actually was supposed to have been an Engineering graduate. And one actually got robbed by one after many years of service and trust.
        As you apparently are one of those “intelligent superior Europeans”, it cannot be expected that you would be capable of understanding my comments on a less emotional and more objective level, otherwise you would have noticed, that there is no blaming involved, nor any suggestion concerning any Evil European blaming any Filipino for any mistakes.
        Do you have any personal reason for supposing this?

        1. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

          Your response is excellent example of default modus operandi of Pinoy. Instead of providing any response/proof/justification you attack and go to personalities. Well done, I now believe that you are genuine Pinoy.

          Nevertheless I would still be interested in to hear your theory behind your claims.

          And no, I’m not defensive nor superior (never claimed such things), and I’ve dealt with numerous morons in Europe. I also assume that man in your position, if your claims are true, understand the context of this blog, which is Philippines, and the stupidity of Pinoys.

          1. Profile gravatar of doggone

            Wow! How intelligent you answer!. But then, you actually didn’t say anything of value.

          2. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

            Thank you for verifying my theory already twice. As anyone with two or more brain cells can see, debate with you doesn’t go anywhere, and how could it because you are and behave like typical Pinoy. With that I wish you all the best, and good luck in your delusional world.

          3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            And the Pinoy, after being kicked to the curb, walks away all torn to shreds, tattered, and broken, claiming victory.

            The Pinoy Pride shines through again. That is Pinoy Pride; losing by a landslide, and still claiming victory.


          4. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            @doggone – Oh he said something very valuable, but your Pinoy Pride won’t allow you to admit it, or see it. We here at understand this. We see this oh so clearly.

        2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

          doggone, I only had to read one sentence to know how much I hate you. I would rather explode in blind rage against you since I know trying to reason with you logically is futile. Whatever you have to say, just shut it! You are a dumb typical piece of shit Filipino who can’t hear words of the wise. If you haven’t read every post (or at least browse every title) of this blog, then you are just avoiding the truth, which is what we have been speaking of this whole time. Yes, the world has imperfections, and the excuse that every fucking dumb piece of shit filthy Filipino would always say is that “You are not perfect either.”

          No fucking shit! But on a perfection scale from 1 to 10, other developed countries would average to be around a 7, while Philippines is rock bottom, somewhere around 2. 7 and 2 is not perfect on a rating of perfection, but it appears that Philippines has a shit load of problems to work on to be on par with the rest of the world. Since you are a dumb piece of shit Filipino who I wouldn’t hesitate to step on. Let me ask you these TWO simple questions questions.

          1. Do you think it’s acceptable for children as young as 5 to be out on the streets homeless, and begging for their own survival?

          2. Why do Philippines allow this?

          I don’t think any well developed country will agree allowing children to suffer as much as your filthy and pathetic country does. My country don’t allow it, and I’m sure the other members on this site (who comes from their own well developed country) does not allow it too? And if you decide to answer this question, try to answer it without blaming your government, like what every typical Filipino do. My country has organizations (that is not affiliated with the government) that keeps kids off the street, so why can’t Philippines?

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            You’re mighty generous giving Philippines a 2 on your perfection scale FAFI. I would have said Philippines can’t even come within the same zip code of that perfection scale (except of course in their own mind, which is the root cause of most of their problems…Pinoy Pride. It’s what keeps them dumb as fuck, failing, and ignorant).

            The reason why there is so many blogs and controversy about Filipino stupidity is that the stupidity of the Filipino goes WAY BEYOND anything you could even consider average or trivial. Filipino stupidity is newsworthy, blogworthy, and always out stupids itself.

            Just when you thought you’d seen the very height of stupidity in Philippines, there’s always something you’ll see later that beats it. Their stupidity knows no boundaries. It boggles the mind. And that is why the Pinoy is always running into arguments about it online. Because they absolutely refuse to see the reality. They make themselves look even more stupid by spouting off all that Pinoy Pride shit, and when you ask any one of them what exactly about being Pinoy they are proud of, you get no reply. They don’t know what they’re proud of. They’re just “proud to be Pinoy” and that’s where it ends. Such morons.

          2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Ironically how you brought up the Pinoy Pride question, because lately I had asked a girl who is in our senior class about “Pinoy Pride” and how “Its more fun in the Philippines.” I got half of it on tape when I asked her about why it’s more fun in the Philippines. Thing is, she wasn’t able to provide me with a straight answer. There really is nothing ‘MORE FUN’ about this shit-hole unless some delusional idiot finds a reason to like it.

            I find it strange for anyone to love Philippines, because it’s obviously undeveloped and inferior to other countries, and even if you haven’t traveled outside of Philippines, most of their TV programs shows Philippines how other developed countries looks like and functions. Just turn to HBO and watch some foreign films, and they can SEE how the rest of the world operate, but they still fail to see that and continue with their own inferior lifestyle.

            As for the rating, I try to be as unbiased and fair as possible. 1 is the worst, and I’m sure there are a few other desert/backwater countries out there I wouldn’t dare to visit and would be considered to be hazardous and life threatening for me to enter, like Afghanistan or North Korea. A shit-hole like Philippines is would be 2nd worst from that.

  33. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    Insecurity is a huge problem for filipinos. Their insecurities almost border low self esteem. My son’s stepfather went from grade school all the way through university at UP in Manila. Yes UP actually has a grade, middle, and high school for children. Both his parents were professors there and he actually lived on the campus his entire life in PI. He was BRILLANT and eventually migrated to here in Florida. His first job here was a cashier at burger king and eventually became a manager. It took him years to apply for what i call a REAL job. He finally applied as a college professor, took the test and immeadiately got the job. This is a tiny collegewith his pay being not much as to maybe around $50k per year. He should be an engineer for NASA but what i see in him is he is so insecure and afraid at failing(might lose face) that he doesnt want to explore his real potential. He really feels inferior and its a pity and a waste of what he could be. I see this in a lot of filipinos.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      You hit the nail on the head mother teresa. The filipino does not strive to succeed out of fear of failure. They see no honor in “giving it your best shot” and failing. Better to succeed in something you could train monkeys to do, than reach for your potential and risk failure.

      What they don’t realize is, the most successful men and women on earth had their fair share of failures before they became successful. And the only reason they finally DID achieve success was because they did not fear failure.

      The Filipino mindset is so fucking ass-backwards, it’s why they are such failures as a country. It is truly sad.

  34. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    Im sorry my last statement was about my son’s friend’s stepfather.

    @doggone. I’m not stating this about you. What ive witnessed in the philippines is many people of privlage are almost in a fantasy world as to how they interact with the general population. Everyone around them are constantly bowing down for them. When you mix privlage with a mestizo it multiplies the fantasy even more. When many privlaged filipinos migrate to another country the fantasy life disapeers and the filipinos are struck with culture shock. Nobody bows down for them. They immeadiatetly think its racism. My exwife claims somebody is racist to here about every2 or 3 months. Im 53 and when i walk through a mall in PI I usually have a hand full of 20ish year old girls giggling at me. Im in a fantasy world. When i get back to the states and walk through a mall nobody looks at me. Im lost. Is it racism no its just that im so fucking ugly no woman here is interested in me. I have 2 mestizo boys that i knew if i raised them in PI it would be hard for them to adjust from the fantasy world of PI to the unfantasy world of usa. I raised them in usa, they are half filipino they have NEVER had anyone treat them with racism in usa. They have had many experiences with people giving them a hard time about whatever but it NEVER had anything to do with racism. They have NEVER felt racism here. They live in the real world not some thought up perception.

  35. Profile gravatar of doggone

    I can’t fail noticing that my comments have stirred up some emotional feelings concerning racism without intending to do so. Believe me, I had no intention of making racism the source of the problem at all. My purpose was actually to lay down some not all- inclusive personal observations in order to contribute to an unemotional understanding of the issue involved from another perspective. I must have hit a sensitive spot, considering the defensive tone of the feedback concerning racism in the blog. It would be a nice contribution to the conscience of all successive readers of the thread if someone could now outrightly rule out the existence of racism in Europe and in the US in the Philippines or anywhere else for that in the next comment as racism obviously has no relevance to the issue at hand. On the other hand I abide by my conclusion: The Filipinos will have to work really hard on their competence and self- esteem.

    1. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

      I don’t know if others are as emotional as you (you addressed emotions quite many times), which I find adorable, or do they just try to correct the misconception that Pinoys in general are object to racism.

      Racism exists everywhere, but in different forms. In Europe the targets are usually from Africa, Romania, or some of the poor ex soviet country. In south the gypsies and Afghans also get their share. But Asians are seldom targeted because of their reputation (thanks to Japanese) of being highly intelligent and hard working.

      As per my personal and professional experience, working in all levels from executive to grass root level, promotions/assignments have been always given based on experience and skills. If local and foreign were on the same line we could prefer the foreign because of fluency in English. Skin color or country of origin had nothing to do with it, it was and still is only about skills.

      Unfortunately I didn’t come across a single Filipino in corporate environment before arriving here. Either there weren’t any competent ones or the companies didn’t employ any.

      What you should, as manager, also understand is basic psychology. Humans have tendency for self deception. They always find excuse why something went wrong, be it gods will, favoritism, racism, instead of accepting they might lack some skills. Pinoys seem to excel in this practice.

      As a side note, my friend in Europe is immediate superior for a large multinational group with Pinoys. He quite often says that they lack competence and have to be supervised constantly where as other nationalities under him doesn’t need to. Note that he refers to lack of skills which has nothing to do with race.