Filipinos Are Intelligent (According to Filogic)

Ok folks, enjoy this one. This is a comment that was posted on the OLD WordPress blog site which SAYS VIRTUALLY EVERYWHERE THAT THE BLOG HAS MOVED HERE TO THIS DOMAIN.

I about choked on my coffee laughing so hard at this attempt to convince us that Filipinos are intelligent. I have inserted my own comments in red. I am looking forward to your comments! Enjoy!


After reading this blog, I was not surprised that many foreigners or Filipinos who grew up in abroad will find the natives “stupid” and yes I 100% agree on all the scenarios you mentioned, pissing everywhere, traffic jams, cutting on lines, corruption etc.

So Filipinos know pissing everywhere is disgusting, uncivilized, and a threat to public health and sanitation, but you do it anyway because you’re smart but don’t want to show it, and besides, everyone else does it. Sounds intelligent to me! 
however, it will be complete racist to say that we Filipinos in general are “stupid” foreigners must know that we are not stupid per se, in fact most of us are actually intelligent,
for example: OFW (overseas filipino workers) who only graduated primary school could easily learn 2 to 3 languages in just a few months while working abroad 

Please show some proof of large numbers of Filos learning 2 or 3 languages in a few months. Until then, it’s just an empty claim and defense mechanism.
another example: Filipinos living in poverty line when given enough capital to start his or her own business usually doubles or even triples his income after 4 to 5 years.

KEYWORD: “given”. Until it is GIVEN, they’ll be happy to lazy around waiting for that handout. Yes?
another: Filipino students along with some other Asians studying outside the country tend to achieve higher grades as compared to westerners. (not always of course)
see we are not stupid! Filipinos just pretend or act dumb because for most of us it is the easy way around, a lot of us want instant answers, or just don’t want to move outside our comfort zone, many of us doesn’t like responsibilities. <—VERY TRUE, AND YOU SELDOM TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, SO YOUR REASONING MAKES FILIPINOS INTELLIGENT? Intelligence enables a person to rise above those stupidities. Intelligence doesn’t make you continue in stupidity, it sets you apart from it. So try again please! Here in the Philippines there is such a mentality called “eh kasi ginagawa din nila kaya ako din” (since everyone is doing it, I’ll do it as well) even though we know that its completely wrong!<—so that makes you intelligent?
or another thinking “bahala na pwede pa naman bukas gawin yan eh” something like (whatever, I’ll just do it tomorrow) even if such actions can be done at the presnt!<—another mark of intelligence in your mind???

we Filipinos know what’s wrong, we also know all possible solutions to it, an yes we do have the right resources to get things done, (but due to your intelligence you choose not to use intelligence to take that knowledge and use it to actually become intelligent. That’s basically what you’re saying, yes? Sounds real intelligent to me!) but many of us are just plain hopeless and discouraged to what we see every day (I can not change things on my own anyway so why should I bother acting?)<—proof of intelligence again? further a lot of us are afraid to stand up, padrino or seniority system is still very much rampant here (maybe because you’re stupid? Ever think of that?) (accepting an employee based on personal connection not on merit or abilities) plus violence, force, threat and intimidation are being used both within private businesses and government. <—(more intelligence disguised as stupidity? Why not call it what it is…STUPIDITY!)

Look, intelligence means that when you see, recognize, and admit to a problem, you work together as a nation of intelligence to resolve it. You don’t just deny it, ignore it, and continue in it!!! THAT IS THE MARK OF STUPIDITY, LAZINESS, AND HELPLESSNESS!! And this habit is very much seen in the government, and the people are a product of the government THEY ELECT. When you have a nation of ignorant, stupid, dishonest, corrupt people, you will ELECT ignorant, dishonest, corrupt people because that’s all you have to choose from! 
and perhaps lastly, a lot of us are overly sensitive without giving a proper grip to reality (just read the other comments) come on guys don’t be hypocrites what the blogger is saying are quite true (80% accurate)

thank you blogger for sharing your insights regarding us Filipinos, I hope this would serve as an eye opener to all of us. I won’t regard this blog as something hateful rather just a little ignorance on your part. (^_^)

I see a spark of recognition and honesty in what this person is saying, but I also see the typical “defense, justification, and blame for stupidity and ignorance” tactics which slams any hope of resolution, correction, and progress into a concrete wall.

Scientists have taught chimpanzees how to communicate using a language which was taught to them through certain motivation techniques. Still, they will never come close to human intelligence. If this person wants to claim intelligence because they can be taught a language, but continue to offer lame excuses and blame as to why they refuse or choose to NOT USE THEIR INTELLIGENCE, that is equal to a person saying he has the super powers to lift a 20 ton truck which has tipped over and crushed a car, but chooses not to lift it because the people in the car might be dead.    


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    Wow. LOL. So Filos are intelligent, but they just act stupid by choice.

    Okay, run this through your head in the Pinoy accent. It’s funnier that way.

    “I ahm intelly jent! I ahm only ahk ting stoo pid bee kos eet ees my choice. Baht it does not mean I ahm not intelly jent. Eef you ahkt stoo pid by choice then you are not stoo pid bee kos you are making dee choice. Soh, dat meens you are intelly jent for choosing to ahkt stoopid. Magaling Pilipinas!”

    Note: When a Pinoy truly speaks intelligently, I don’t notice the accent. But when they go stupid, the accent just makes things funnier.

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    Fortunately for me, I read this comment before eating breakfast so I had nothing to choke on!!! LOL, maybe you shouldn’t drink coffee before reading a dumb comment Filofail, I would hate for you to get coffee or juice all over your keyboard and ruin it, that will put you out of business here, lol…. I wanna focus on the second segment of this comment because I find this really hilarious, and because it relates to my next story I plan on writing here. Even ‘IF’ a filipino learned a 2nd or 3rd language abroad, it doesn’t constitute as intelligence, not at all! It is actually worst for the public in the country you are working in because not only can the foreigners recognize the stupidity in your body language, but do you think they wanna understand the stupid shit OFW has to say too? I don’t see how learning a another language makes you smarter, but it does makes you more adaptive, I will give you that much, but you can’t claim points for intelligence for that. Ok, I better leave the rest of what I have to say for my story before I ruin it by continuing on with this comment.

    Message to FiloFail: Yeah, even I received a response to that very post I made about a week ago at the old website. Being that WordPress is more commonly known worldwide, viewers who means to visit your site are more likely to comment on WordPress first, is there a possible way to delete the blog off the old site or to automatically direct them here so that way viewers and commenters are not going to the wrong site? I know I made that mistake when I first joined too (stupid me…lol). Awesome comeback comments BTW FiloFail, you seemed to easily contradict everything that idiot commentor tried to say about Filipino intelligence.

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      FiloFail Post author

      Well, I sort of thought the BIG HUGE WORDS AT THE VERY TOP MASTHEAD ON EVERY PAGE that says:


      As well as this in huge text on the main page, as well as at the top of the posts:

      NOTE: This blog has moved to it’s own domain. Please go and subscribe there to continue to receive notifications of new posts. This blog will be deleted eventually.
      (but mark my words, even with this blog COVERED in these notifications, idiot filipinos will still continue to post comments here and act like this blog is still active. It really is quite pointless to even write this!)

      I mistakenly thought that would have been BLOODY FUCKING OBVIOUS ENOUGH to direct people here. I tend to still have some hope for the Filipino, because as apparently in this case, I continually over-estimate their intelligence levels.

      I guess now would be the best time to finally just delete the blog.

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    Be careful Filo. There are hackers on that site. I have good knowledge on computers and I just got 2 blue screen in a row. That never happened to me before (not with this PC). Probably some angry failipinos who think we bring some malediction to their country.
    Watch out.

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      FiloFail Post author

      Funny you should say that. I got a blue screen on my computer 2 days ago for the first time. I have a pretty good idea who it is. I have him blocked.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Wow that sucks, well I haven’t experienced any blue screen issues lately, maybe because I am still fairly new to the blog. I guess I shouldn’t give details of my whereabouts on here just to be on the safe side. @montreal: lmao on the ‘failipinos’ part, when at first I thot it was just a typo.

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    It was really nice that you actually red my post FiloFail and you even gave an effort to contradict everything I said! congrats. (^_^)
    however, you somehow missed my general point. “Filipinos are not stupid, we just don’t want to act!” (yes I know sounds stupid and it really doesn’t make sense right?)

    perhaps we have a different meaning to the word “stupid” .stupidity is the inability to perceive or comprehend the situation. this is not our case!

    alright I’ll try to answer you point by point as well.
    1.(So Filipinos know pissing everywhere is disgusting, uncivilized, and a threat to public health and sanitation, but you do it anyway because you’re smart but don’t want to show it, and besides, everyone else does it. Sounds intelligent to me!)

    -actually even I as a Filipino can not fully understand my fellow men regarding these actions.
    but this is more of lacking discipline rather than “stupidity” don’t you think?

    2. (Please show some proof of large numbers of Filos learning 2 or 3 languages in a few months. Until then, it’s just an empty claim and defense mechanism.)

    -okay you quite caught me there! it was actually based on my personal experience in law school. hahaha (and yes it was just a defense mechanism)

    3. (KEYWORD: “given”. Until it is GIVEN, they’ll be happy to lazy around waiting for that handout. Yes?)

    – for some unexplainable reason or perhaps no reason at all, Filipinos who work two to three jobs tend to be poor after many years of tireless work. I think it’s the lack of proper handling of money and investing properly. usually after pay day, Filipinos go straight to partying, gambling, shopping etc. thus spending their hard earned money in an instant. most of us has this mentality of living “today” rather than preparing for long term goals.
    maybe since you grew up in USA, you’ll never understand such mentality, you must take in to consideration that this is a third world country where even the seemingly most “stable” employees or even those those living in the upper middle class of the society are hanging by the economic thread and corrupt government, thus can lose everything you own in an instant. there is this thinking that (I’d rather spend every thing for my own happiness rather than let the government or greedy economic monopolists to place these on their personal pockets)

    4. (VERY TRUE, AND YOU SELDOM TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, SO YOUR REASONING MAKES FILIPINOS INTELLIGENT? Intelligence enables a person to rise above those stupidities. Intelligence doesn’t make you continue in stupidity, it sets you apart from it. So try again please!)

    -I’d rather say this as using “intelligence” on an evil way,
    just imagine why could a single corrupt Filipino could scam his way to the wealth ladder and yet can not help a single poor family through a decent-legal job? BECAUSE THAT’S THE EASIER WAY!!
    Like what I implied previously Filipinos are not necessarily lazy nor stupid but a lot of us who may find a much easier way will instantly grab it even if it means it will be at the expense of other Filipinos or the society as a whole. (extreme greed and crab mentality)

    5. “further a lot of us are afraid to stand up, padrino or seniority system is still very much rampant here” (maybe because you’re stupid? Ever think of that?)

    – again you clearly don’t understand the lives of thousands of Filipinos living below poverty line. A Filipino who earns only 10 pesos a day will surely clung and use his personal connections to get a clear cut advantage against other Filipinos and will even accept all bribes given to him or her without even batting an eyelash. Again, this is because it is more of taking an instant solution rather than stepping up and doing the right thing.

    6. violence, force, threat and intimidation are being used both within private businesses and government. <—(more intelligence disguised as stupidity? Why not call it what it is…STUPIDITY!)

    -Dude you are being threatened and a gun is being pointed at your head BY THE VERY PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE PROTECTING YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! (police, government officials, military etc.) and your family is being blackmailed and threatened too.
    yes I know we were the ones who elected them, however you should realize that even Government positions are manipulated and monopolized by just a very few powerful families! plus since even track records of politicians can also be manipulated and all candidates are on their best foot forward it will be extremely difficult to pin point the "good" people during election campaign don't you think?

    7. (Look, intelligence means that when you see, recognize, and admit to a problem, you work together as a nation of intelligence to resolve it. You don’t just deny it, ignore it, and continue in it!!! THAT IS THE MARK OF STUPIDITY, LAZINESS, AND HELPLESSNESS!! And this habit is very much seen in the government, and the people are a product of the government THEY ELECT.)

    -Yes we see what's wrong but many of us are just too scared or perhaps too self centered that they don't give a damn to other people! we don't deny anything we are poor, our government is corrupt! we know that! and also we will be on a veeeeerrryyyyy long way on uniting our voice to change things! (again this is because of self interests)
    usually people will say "the society is the reflection of the government they elected"

    ……So in conclusion, are Filipinos stupid? for me, no! of course not! but are they or should I say we, a bunch of selfish-greedy fucktards? or coward self-centered assholes? YES DEFINITELY! (which is also never a good thing)

    if you still think Filipinos are stupid, then fine that's your opinion I respect that, but I hope you somehow get my point… peace (^_^) (God this country has loooooonnngggg way to travel!and a thousand things to change! fingers crossed!)

    1. Profile gravatar of FiloFail
      FiloFail Post author

      Well my Filipino friend, I’m not going to keep going around and around and back and forth with you on this. You have only offered more explanations and excuses for stupidity and ignorance and corruption by the people who elect stupid, greedy, ignorant, corrupt people into leadership to be controlled by stupid ignorant greedy rich families.

      Your explanations simply show you are a stupid ignorant greedy nation of people. It does not show you are intelligent. It just shows different classes of stupid ignorant greedy corrupt people, and it’s cycle of perpetuation. If you were intelligent people, you would elect intelligent leaders who would use intelligence to make change and govern the nation into the much needed changes. But that does not happen.

      What happens is the same vicious perpetuation of stupidity, timidity, cowardice, and ignorance. And the same perpetuation (which you have shown here) of lame excuses, blame, and justification for continuing the stupidity. You have not recognized it and offered solutions. Filipinos are clueless on coming up with solutions to problems. You are experts at blaming others for your laziness, and non-action. You are experts at not taking responsibility for your lies and corruption. You just offer explanations why you’re corrupt and dishonest, and why you can’t change. You just accept it all, shrug your shoulders, make excuses, lay blame, and carry on.

      This shows incompetence as a nation of people to govern themselves. Ultimately, the POWER is in the PEOPLE. Not the government. Stop blaming the government. Start taking responsibility for COWARDLY NOT DOING A FUCKING THING ABOUT IT. Nobody there is brave enough to die for change. And for change to happen, you’re going to need multitudes of brave people to rise up and risk their lives for change. I don’t see that happening. You’re not brave enough as a people, and you’re certainly not intelligent enough as a people. You’re all too busy making excuses, blaming, and justifying your “choice” to remain stupid. Sus!

      Cheers amigo!

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    by the way sorry I didn’t properly red that the blog has moved to a new domain, I was too excited reading your blog and other people’s comments….. stupid me!! (can you blame me? I’m a Filipino! hahaha) (^_^)

  6. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Heeeey! What happened to diplomacy? I am starting to like this “Kram on” guy. lol. He is one of few Filipino nationals who can take the time to express himself this thoroughly and he replied to all your questions paragraph by paragraph. He may lack the initiative to stand up for himself and give excuses, but he can be useful in spreading the word of what is being said here if we don’t intimidate him too much. But all in favor, FILOFAIL is right about everything that he has mentioned. Unfortunately during my research on the Philippine Constitution, there are laws out there that prevents change in this economy, and sadly enough, they are punishable, but not by death since the death penalty has been abolished since the 1987 RPC in Philipines. Sometimes you have to take a risk for the better of the people.

    1. Profile gravatar of FiloFail
      FiloFail Post author

      The only thing Krap is good at is failing to prove Filipinos are intelligent as he first claimed, and as you can see this progression, all he does is try to find more excuses and justifications for their stupidity. He claims Filipinos are not stupid, but intelligent, then in the same breath defends their stupidity. So what the fuck are they? Intelligent or stupid?????

      What an idiot.

  7. Profile gravatar of kram

    FILOFAIL, I assume that you do know that a lot of other countries are living on the same condition as ours’, if your mentality is to assume a county’s people are stupid on the premise that they are poor even after many years or even decades then it’s like you’re telling me that 75% of the entire world is stupid? (Yes, I know… why are you comparing yourselves to others?) but that’s the way I interpret your narrow mind…. sorry!!
    Okay FILOFail I’ll just clarify things. What the hell are you saying that we are on denial? I never denied anything I said we are living in a poor country and our government is corrupt! We acknowledge that!
    You are telling me that the whole post was just another “blame game?” I never blamed the government per se, (yes they are part of it since it is the reality) rather I’m blaming much more our own greed, selfishness, and cowardice.
    You know what? It is very unsurprising to Americans like you to easily look down on us, you basically inherited that wealth what you’re experiencing now is NOT because of your generations’ efforts rather because of your forefathers, WAIT…….OOOOHHHHH YEAH I FORGOT! Your forefathers are ALSO STUPID FILIPINOS….. HUH I guess you’re not entitled to the credit…. sorry!

    Well since you’ve been talking about “stupidity” on electing the ineffective government officials; let’s look at your own political fiasco, shall we??? (Yes again, I know being not an American myself, I’m not completely updated to your “issues”)
    I’ll focus more on your 112th & 113th congress and 2 most recent presidents (Obama & Bush)
    1. In 2011 your 112th congress voted repeal the Affordable Care Free Act for the 33rd time, which according to the democrats could have saved 20% of public health budget.

    2. How about The Continuing Appropriations Act, of 2012 which made a number of appropriations, primarily for the Departments of Defence and Homeland Security, while virtually leaving none to health care?

    3. How about your 112th congress’ (continued by the 113th congress) Budget Control Act which produced debt ceiling debacle, where Standard & Poor’s; HSBC and even the international monetary fund to downgraded the United States’ credit rating. For both 2011 and 2012?

    4. Or maybe the failure of your congress to pass all the 13 appropriations bill that should have been done last October 1, 2012 yet wasn’t finished up to December of the same year?

    5. Or maybe the 113th congress’ No Budget No Pay Act of 2013, which placed temporary restrictions on Congressional salaries, and cost you 10 billion dollars of operations, just to be suspended until a concurrent resolution on the budget is passed?

    6. Or just last 2012 when your house republicans cut $16.5 million in subsidies to rural airports and to rewrite the rules around unionizing airports, which eventually led to the shutting down of FFA (Federal Aviation Administration) and cost the government $450 million from uncollected airline ticket taxes alone?

    7. Or your 112th congress’ creation of the Special Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction — better known as “the super committee.” Urging the so-called “spending sequester,” which cut more than a trillion dollars in dumb, blunt ways that neither party liked and that badly damage your slowly recovering economy. (which is being repeated by the 113th congress as of April 2013)
    .OHHHHHH YYYYEEEEESSSSS I forgot you bunch of IDIOTS voted for these people!! Hmmm sounds reeaaalllyy INTELLIGENT to me!! Well or maybe you Americans are so geniuses you voted for stupid people to balance things out?? Bitch please!

    Now let’s go to your 2 recent beloved presidents (obama and bush)

    1. During the occupation of Iraq under former pres. Bush’s administration, it strained your economic and political ties with the EU especially Germany and France (under Angela Markel and Nicolas Sarkozy respectively)

    2. The Martha Stewart Jailing. The original case concerned an anticancer drug that was made by the company in which she held stock, ImClone. The corporate stock took a dive after the FDA barred the drug, but later tests revealed that the drug was everything the company said it was. (under Bush)

    3. How about bush’s Failure To Repeal the AMT. There have been no shortages of warnings about the Alternative Minimum Tax. This sneaky little prosperity killer snag another 3 million taxpayers year by 2007 and 2008, and another 30 million by the end of the decade.

    4. Failure to Rein in Fannie and Freddie. Americans may very well have a housing boom on your hands. Housing prices have doubled in some markets from 2001 through 2004. The median price of a single-family home has risen from $145,000 to $183,600. The boom is caused by artificially low interest rates but facilitated by two federally chartered private institutions that are effectively too big to fail. They have doled out mortgage welfare for so long and to so many, that most Americans no longer know what it means to have to scrimp and save for a house.

    Now obama… (actually I quite like obama as president)
    1. Opposing the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. Economists actually predict modest increases in U.S. exports. The upshot for an important ally in the war on drugs, however, is high, and consolidating Colombias commitment to open trade with the United States is a worthy goal. Yet obama did not saw such potentials.

    2. Under President Obama, by April, 2013, 64 months after the prior jobs peak, almost 5½ years, we still have not recovered all of the recession’s job losses. In April, 2013, there were an estimated 135.474 million American workers employed, still down about 2.6 million jobs from the prior peak of 138.056 million in January, 2008.

    3. Obama’s so-called recovery included the longest period since the Great Depression with unemployment above 8%, 43 months, from February, 2009, when Obama’s so-called stimulus costing nearly $1 trillion was passed, until August, 2012. It also included the longest period since the Great Depression with unemployment at 9.0% or above, 30 months, from April, 2009, until September, 2011.

    4. Another, the issue regarding Edward Snowden, (the Prism program) which was considered a breach on the right to privacy and angered the entire EU again! Causing them to adopt stricter data protection policies and limitations on shared information between Washington and Brussels.

    Wow Americans are really the world’s super hero isn’t it?! Inducing war, human rights violations, etc.
    Damn, you Americans are really STUPI… Ahem! ahem! Intelligent to vote for these people…..

    Just to avoid possible copyright infringement…… please refer to these links if you want to.

    You see my American friend, we are not to too different after all, the only difference between us, is that you are living in a rich and powerful country and we Filipinos on a poor one.
    And also your country just so happens to have been politically more mature and independent 200 years before us and a huge & good start compared to ours’ you must understand that we are still on a process of developing, unfortunately a painfully slow one.
    Again, like what I said earlier it is not you who worked on your prosperity, but the people decades or even centuries before you, without them you’ll be a bunch of STUPID fucktards LIKE US!! so please don’t you dare act oh SO BIG in front of us nor to any third world country; in fact the reason why USA is slowly going down the economic drain right now is because of your STUPID generation!
    By the way since you are actually Filipino by blood and now living here, what exactly have you done already to help your technically fellow Filipinos?? Because if none, then you are just another whining hypocrite!!!

    Lastly, just to show you how others perceive Americans…. (some are extreme stereotypes though)

    1. Profile gravatar of FiloFail
      FiloFail Post author

      Wow, you writing a book? Looks like I really struck a nerve in you! Guilty maybe?

      This blog is on Philippines, not America. I won’t defend America, they’ve gotten pretty damn fucking stupid. But there you go again with your justifications and the “if they do it, I can do it too” dumb fuck mentality. But you you idiots have one up on America. We don’t whip out our cock and piss on streets like a fuckin’ dog. We know what lane lines are for, etc….

      Your original comment claims Filipinos are actually intelligent:

      “…however, it will be complete racist to say that we Filipinos in general are “stupid” foreigners must know that we are not stupid per se, in fact most of us are actually intelligent,….”

      But you have absolutely FAILED to prove this. In fact, all you have done is DEFEND their stupidity by pointing out other’s stupidities. All you have done is tell us WHY you’re so fucking stupid with excuses and blaming. And now you’re talking about stupidity in America. So how does this prove Filipino intelligence????? You have utterly and completely FAILED at proving how intelligent Filipinos are, according to your claim.

      I approve your comments because the more you open your pie hole, the more you prove this blog right. Keep it up.


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        FiloFail Post author

        In America, I can go an ENTIRE YEAR without a single internet connection interruption.
        In Philippines, I have daily internet connection interruptions.

        In America, I can have any warranty honored on the spot.
        In Philippines, you get excuses and stupid fucking bullshit reasons why they won’t honor a warranty. The government is not involved in that. It’s just private businesses.

        In America, I step into a pedestrian crosswalk and all cars will stop, and remain stopped until I am completely out of the marked crosswalk.
        In Philippines, I step into a pedestrian crosswalk and get honked at and nearly smeared like road kill, and not a single car stops. I even got sideswiped one time by a dumbfuck Filo’s mirror, and the worthless shithead didn’t even stop to see if I was ok.

        In America, I can go to a restaurant and get my appetizer or salad BEFORE my main course.
        In Philippines, I get whatever they happen to bring out, whenever they want to bring it out. At least 70% of the time, the appetizer or salad comes AFTER the main course. Idiots.

        In America, when I pay for anything, I get proper change back.
        In Philippines, when I pay for anything, 90% of the time they return with PARTIAL CHANGE, and ask “sir, do you have 100 pesos?” OR I’ll just get short changed period. Fucking morons.

        In America, I can return a recently purchased product that was defective, and get an instant replacement.
        In Philippines, I can return a recently purchased product that was defective, and be told “sir, we will ship it to Manila for inspection/repair, please allow 4 to 6 weeks.”

        In America, I can have a problem-free day, even a problem-free week!
        In Philippines, no matter what I do, no matter where I go, no matter what I buy, there’s always SOMETHING frustrating, stupid, wrong, misunderstood, fucked up, on a daily basis.

        In America, I can go to any public restroom and find toilet paper to wipe my ass.
        In Philippines, you can’t even get toilet paper in a public restroom in SM, one of the biggest, richest companies in Philippines.

        In America, minor accidents happen. And when they do, people have the intelligence to move the vehicles off to the side and discuss legalities or wait for a police report.
        In Philippines, minor accidents happen. And when they do, no matter how minor, even a small dent or scratch in a fender, they make a fucking crime scene out of it. They just leave their cars in the middle of the road, fucking up traffic for hours waiting for another stupid fuck with a badge to investigate and determine fault because neither of the dumbfuck drivers will admit fault, but rather blame each other and deny what really happened for the sake of self preservation.

        Please, you were saying most Filipinos are actually intelligent? I guess for 7 years I have not been seeing “most Filipinos” then.

        1. Profile gravatar of William

          GAME, SET, MATCH – “Used to indicate that a person has definitively beaten the opposition in a given situation.” – Urban Dictionary

          Sorry Kram… you’re clearly out of your league here. FiloFail has just served you your head back on a platter. Enjoy!

          “I won’t defend America, they’ve gotten pretty damn fucking stupid.” – FiloFail

          AMEN! I wholeheartedly agree!! I will never defend America either… that’s why I migrated to this FUBAR country in the first place! Only I didn’t realize at the time that it was MORE FUBAR THAN AMERICA!!!! Fubar times 3!!! Fuck Me!!!

          FiloFail – your “In America” statements really say it all. Honestly, I sincerely wish that the people of this country all had the opportunity to see America with their own eyes, and really understand the difference that we are talking about here. Businesses CAN serve the customer. Warranties CAN be honored. Meals CAN be served on time, in the correct sequence of dishes, still warm, with condiments already available at every table. You CAN cross the street without risk of being pancaked by an idiot!!

          In one month, I will leave this wrecked country, and I can’t tell you how ecstatic that makes me feel. My country is not perfect by a long shot, but at least there I can walk anywhere without disparaging coughs, sneezes, and ugly stares that I get here every-single-fucking-DAY!!!!

          The people of this ruined country hate me, a foreigner, an “Amerikano.” I get that. Good for you. I don’t need this shit country either. My country is not perfect, but to be honest, right now, I can’t wait to kiss the ground when I arrive there, out of gratitude that I will never… EVER… have to look at another Filipino douchebagger again, or hear their cough, or see their ugly expressions, ever again!! Farewell Philippines – you won’t be missed! You can die in your poverty and ignorance for ALL I CARE!!!

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      I guess diplomacy had totally flew out the window on this subject lol. FILOFAIL did mention the whole finger-pointing method, which you just did in your comment just now Kram, way to go to prove him right again! Ok, lets do a reality check, which country is copying off of who here? Honestly, I had never even heard of Philippines until I was in my late teens, and that was only because of (wait for it, wait for it…..) Manny Pacquiao. I don’t see America playing any Philippine movies in their theaters, I don’t hear American song writers/singer singing any filipino songs, I haven’t heard of America copying off of game shows that were made in Philippines, and the only reason why we may import Filipino goods to America because we do have Filipino immigrants who wants to feel at home having filipino products in the US. When Philippines import products from the US to Philippines, it’s mainly because you all are not familiar with high quality goods, especially MILK. How is it that the milk here in Philippines are served on warm shelves in stores instead of in the fridge section? Ok, I’m gonna give that point a rest because I think we all get it. Philippines COPY off of America, BOTTOM LINE! I am not in favor of defending America either because their system is a bit corrupted too, but their stupidity doesn’t effect me on a daily basis like it does for me in Philippines. I can at least ask for directions in America and be taken to the proper place, people use lane markings accordingly so nobody isn’t almost getting into an accident every minute of the day, I can walk to the nearest store without 10 beggars approaching me daily, if something doesn’t work I am guaranteed satisfactory service to get it working or my money back, I can go the mall and take a deuce in the bathroom without having to pay for some bullshit toilet paper (actually, the TP is free and durable quality), and I can definitely shop around there without 20 idiots calling me “SSSiiiirrrr” all the time. When stupidity effects you, then it’s a problem. America has its problems, but stupidity definitely isn’t the main issue. I would admit that America is dangerous and you are more likely to get robbed, shot at, or killed by some psychotic maniacs that are on the loose since our gun control laws are out of control, and the law enforcement system is very corrupted too, but American stupidity rarely effects me, and it has never been on a day-to-day basis like it does here in Philippines. If it makes you happy to hear me say that America is fucked up, yes it is ‘Fucked Up,’ but the good outweighs the bad over there, but I can’t say the same for Philippines, there is too much bad here that the good good of this country is barely recognizable.

      American stupidity is normally self-inflicted, but Philippine stupidity affects themselves and every around them and everyone they associate with. That is why I am here on this site!

  8. Profile gravatar of kram

    Wow, you writing a book?…. nope! I’m producing a film!
    Looks like I really struck a nerve in you! Guilty maybe?…… to be honest a little actually
    (^_^) hahahaha…. was I being rude? sorry if I was too harsh on my reply, I was just practicing and applying my argument skills I learned from law school (and yes I’m gonna sue you….. haha kidding)

    I won’t defend America, they’ve gotten pretty damn fucking stupid…… hahaha…Oh God,I guess we’ll all return to stone age then…. huh this world is so doomed! (or maybe that’s a good thing since everyone will be stupid, then stupidity will be the new normal norm!) :-p

    anyway, I really don’t know how in the world will I make you see even just uhhhmmmm at least 1% of what my point is.
    okay I give up, somehow…. I guess there are actually two types of Filipinos

    1. intelligent Filipinos who use their brains for their greedy, self-centered, f****d up ambitions.

    2. and yes the REAL stupid ones. like what you are pointing out…… I really hope you agree with me on my conclusion.

    (I approve your comments because the more you open your pie hole, the more you prove this blog right. Keep it up.) perhaps true, BUT this same pie hole is what drills other people’s brain to force them open for new ideas!

    wow, I think I’ll enjoy following your blog…. again sorry if I was rude…. peace (^_^)

    1. Profile gravatar of FiloFail
      FiloFail Post author

      Rudeness is allowed here.

      This all started with your original comment I copied from the old site. You said most Filipinos are intelligent. I don’t know how you can possibly claim that it is intelligent of private business (run by “most Filipinos” (with no government involvement) to make it an institution of not honoring warranties, making it standard operating procedure to first attempt to blame the customer for whatever the customer is complaining about, and if that doesn’t work, argue with them, making stupid bullshit excuses, tell you they will call you back, and VIRTUALLY NEVER EVER EVER ACTUALLY CALL YOU BACK. ….That is what I go through with ANY BUSINESS OR UTILITY OR ANY FORM OF BUSINESS OR SERVICE 100% of the time. …oh I could just go on and on. These are “most Filipinos” I deal with EVERY FUCKING DAY!

      Not “most” Filipinos, but ALL Filipinos, for the past 7 years I have been here, will NEVER stop for me or any other pedestrian in a pedestrian crosswalk, EVER! It has NEVER HAPPENED IN THE 7 YEARS I HAVE BEEN A PEDESTRIAN IN PHILIPPINES. And you know as well as I do that in this country, if you have a car, you are not poor! That is just the tip of the iceberg of the levels of ignorance and stupidity I experience every single day that I step out my front door or get on the phone.

      Yes, I have encountered a small handful of Filipinos here that showed a spark of intelligence. That is why I say the opposite of what you claim. I say MOST Filipinos here are FUCKING STUPID IMBECILES with NO COMMON SENSE, NO ABILITY TO REASON OR RATIONALIZE, no ability to admit when they’re wrong, and barrel forward at full force for self preservation at any cost, thinking it will make them look smart. But in fact, it just makes them look MORE STUPID.

      The fact remains, this is a nation of complete idiots.

      1. Profile gravatar of kram

        As I can see your argument, you ALWAYS equate problems with stupidity!
        traffic-jam = stupidity
        failure of utility companies = stupidity
        problems on the pedestrian = stupidity
        different way of eating = stupidity
        minor road accidents = stupidity
        dude, yes stupidity IS part of the problem but this is just a piece of a jigsaw puzzle!
        -example utility or business not even bothering to call you back or replace/repair the broken item you say?…. from what I can see, that’s not stupidity that’s GREED! the company not wanting to spend even a single peso for their costumers.
        -appetizers being eaten after the meal, just because something is a little different from what you used to be doing you already call that stupid??? really?
        -short change you say? based from your example, I can see that as being carelessness or apathy towards the customer and not stupidity. the clerk not giving a damn about the costumer’s needs.
        -pedestrians, I don’t know where you live in, yes people don’t give a damn fuck if you are crossing, but as far as my 25 YEARS OF living here, I could say I only experienced those for maybe around 45-60% of my encounters (bulacan, quezon, cavite, mandaluyong city, makati city)

        “And you know as well as I do that in this country,” AHA EXACTLY ONE OF MY ARGUMENT! “I’ll do it because everyone is doing it!” congratulations, you’re becoming ONE OF US now.

        again and again and again, shit happens, stupidity definitely exists, and asshole people are around, but you should never ever equate everything as if such problems is only a single picture, or as if Philippine problem is just black and white! you must consider a lot of things to solve these…. living here for 25 years…. believe me it is much much more complex problem than what your “OH GOD THAT IS SO STUPID APPROACH”

        1. Profile gravatar of FiloFail
          FiloFail Post author

          Listed in menu as “Appetizer” What do you think “Appatizer” means Einstein?

          It is nothing more than stupidity to behave apathetic towards customers who are patronizing your business. My god you’re just so full of excuses. So tell me, is it good for business to want return customers? Do you think poor service, apathy, illiteracy (knowing what “appetizer” means) toward your customer will produce return customers? Is that smart? So you’re saying Apathy, not giving a damn about customer’s needs is intelligent?

          Continuing to make a complete ass of yourself in blog comments thus proving the blog topic correct…intelligence?

          Just more cognitive dissonance. Keep it up. Intelligent readers are thoroughly enjoying watching you do this.

          All you are doing kram, is pissing down my back but trying to tell me it’s raining. Idiot.

        2. Profile gravatar of FiloFail
          FiloFail Post author

          “-short change you say? based from your example, I can see that as being carelessness or apathy towards the customer and not stupidity. the clerk not giving a damn about the costumer’s needs.”

          This is fucking hilarious!!!!

          “We’re smart, but we’re poor, and so to fix that problem, we don’t give a damn about customer’s needs, and we don’t pay attention as a FUCKING CASHIER, AND IT’S MY JOB TO MAKE CHANGE FOR CUSTOMERS BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT MY EMPLOYER PAYS ME TO DO. Oh I’m intelligent, because I know I don’t have to pay attention to do my job right, because all I need to do is MAKE EXCUSES, AND BLAME SOMEONE ELSE FOR IT. The customer will understand and come back. I’m intelligent!! I’m intelligent!! HEY LOOK! I’M PISSING DOWN YOUR BACK BUT IF I SAY IT’S RAINING, IT’S RAINING!!!

          You just keep digging yourself a deeper hole of utter and complete idiocy kram. You are a total institution of Philippines mind numbing denial, blame, justification, and UTTER STUPIDITY!

          Hilarious! Thank you for this! I love you kram! You are what this blog is all about. Welcome!

        3. Profile gravatar of FiloFail
          FiloFail Post author

          kram, besides yourself, how many other village idiots share your point of view in Bagumbayan? I would guess all of them.

          By the way. I know who you are now. How’s the weather there in Bagumbayan?

    2. Profile gravatar of FiloFail
      FiloFail Post author

      kram, you do not offer any new ideas. You couldn’t drill my brain even if you had an oil rig drill. The only thing you have offered is cognitive dissonance. You are in a deep state of denial. You keep trying to give an illusion that you have some kind of deep point that I’m not getting, but you have repeatedly failed miserably at making any point at all in regard to “most Filipinos are intelligent”.

      It’s good that you quit now. I do appreciate the half-humble down attitude though. I do realize it’s just the Filipino institution in you, and you just can’t help it.

      1. Profile gravatar of kram

        I promise this will be my last reply to you FiloFail for this post….. I swear! (^_^)

        Listed in menu as “Appetizer” What do you think “Appetizer” means Einstein?

        -Okay I somehow stand corrected there; I thought it was just about eating the salad after the main course, (which could depend from one person to another on how he wants to eat his meal) because you said on your previous post (“In Philippines, I get whatever they happen to bring out, whenever they want to bring it out. At least 70% of the time, the appetizer or salad comes AFTER the main course. Idiots.”) you never said that what they are serving you was listed as “Appetizer” on their menu. If that’s the case, then YES I AGREE IT IS INDEED STUPID!! next time please clarify things first okay?

        “It is nothing more than stupidity to behave apathetic towards customers who are patronizing your business. My god you’re just so full of excuses. So tell me, is it good for business to want return customers? Do you think poor service, apathy, illiteracy (knowing what “appetizer” means) toward your customer will produce return customers? Is that smart? So you’re saying Apathy, not giving a damn about customer’s needs is intelligent?”
        -I got your idea here, you’re like saying “you want your costumers to return and patronize you? Then do your fucking job properly!” “it is so stupid to think that costumers will still return after you refused to give a damn on their needs you bunch of idiots”

        -again you’re obviously looking at the situation on just a single perspective. Remember my argument “since everyone is doing this, I’ll do it as well mentality?” it also applies here IN RELATION WITH being greedy or self-centered.
        (I won’t name drop any restaurant’s name here to avoid possible libel case, I hope you understand I’m just being extra careful)

        Ex: restaurant A, is greedy that it does not properly caters the needs of its costumers just to save a few hundred perhaps. Certainly commonsense will tell you that eventually this restaurant will lose much more money in the long run since the costumers who had a bad experience will never come back right?

        HOWEVER restaurant B also has the same greedy mentality and is doing the same kind of treatment against their own costumers! And so is restaurant C, restaurant D, restaurant E,….. so on and so forth…..
        so at the end of the day, will these costumers still patronize the bad reputed-ill mannered restaurant? HELL YES!!! or he’ll just end up on another restaurant who will treat him in the same way (different name same experience) now, will these restaurants still prosper despite their greedy attitude? OBVIOUSLY YES!! (this situation applies on other forms of businesses as well) ….did you get the pattern??
        “We’re smart, but we’re poor, and so to fix that problem, we don’t give a damn about customer’s needs, and we don’t pay attention…. etc.”

        -who says we’re trying to fix the problem through bad services or not paying attention??? I never EXPRESSLY nor IMPLIEDLY said that!! What I’m saying is, THAT IS THE PROBLEM we are NOT even trying to fix things in the first place, and we are not paying attention and we don’t give a damn …please try to understand the exact message first before you rebut the argument.

        Alright this one is funny
        “Oh I’m intelligent, because I know I don’t have to pay attention to do my job right, because all I need to do is MAKE EXCUSES, AND BLAME SOMEONE ELSE FOR IT.”
        -Okay, Excuse, blame…… I’M SURE YOU KNOW FROM THE VERY BEGINNING that I have been acknowledging our own flaws, for so many times, I’m just pointing out that my reason behind such flaws is JUST different than yours! (Yours is stupidity/idiocy) (Mine is greed, selfishness, envy, crab mentality)
        so what in the world are you saying that I’m trying to deny anything or blame others????? I’m blaming ourselves!!

        “kram, you do not offer any new ideas. You couldn’t drill my brain even if you had an oil rig drill. The only thing you have offered is cognitive dissonance. You are in a deep state of denial. You keep trying to give an illusion that you have some kind of deep point that I’m not getting”
        Dude my argument is very simple that perhaps even a 1st grade student will understand.
        It’s so simple: “Filipinos are not stupid, however I COMPLETELY ACKNOWLEDGE that we are very poor because of OUR OWN DOING, though of completely different reason/s behind than yours. (greed, selfishness, envy, crab mentality)
        Tell me what’s so difficult in understanding that???
        Alright I’ll try to make this as simple as possible for you to comprehend, and yes I will also use my own experience so I won’t appear hypocrite.

        -Last week I was driving my dad’s car on the way to Malolos, Bulacan while nearing an intersection the cell phone rang and It answered (no I’m not calling while driving, it was on the top of the dashboard and was set on automatic answering mode and under loud speaker)
        One of my dad’s clients called under an emergency and he was asking me to fix certain documents, for me this was an opportunity to make a big impression, as I was about to cross the intersection, the traffic light suddenly went on stop, yet still I beat the red light and even went on a No U-turn slot just to cut some minutes and save a few diesel.

        So, does this mean I’m too stupid not to understand that beating the red light is against the traffic rules and thus may cause traffic jam? Or maybe I’m so ignorant to traverse a slot which clearly says no u turn? …. NO! Not necessarily! I know exactly what I did, I know the consequences, but I still pushed through, why? Because for me at that time, MY TIME IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYONE ELSE’S I don’t give a damn fuck if it will cause a traffic jam nor if those people will be late for their personal events or appointments. It was about ME, ME, AND ME!

        -another, around a month ago I went to the NSO (National statistics office) to get an official copy of my birth certificate, while on the line, I was chatting civilly with two seemingly old women (one said she’s only 54 and the other 55…. but they both look 65 already!) anyway just a few minutes after, a priority lane was opened (for pregnant women, senior citizens, disabled etc.)
        Then the two ladies went straight on to the said lane knowing completely that they are not yet considered senior citizens, therefore not entitled to such privilege! Because of their old features no one suspected them of what they did.

        -so should we conclude that these women as too stupid or idiot not to know that they are not entitled to be on the priority lane despite the fact that a huge signage was well written and it was announced twice?

        OBVIOUSLY NO!! In fact they used their minds and old features to take advantage of others, to guile, to fool, and to disrespect those who waited for so many hours. Clearly, they don’t give any ass-shit if they will undermine the rights of the real senior citizens who SHOULD BE on their place.

        -and yes I did not do anything even if I knew what was wrong, since it was my turn on the window already, and of course I didn’t give a damn too anyway (my concern is my birth certificate, not their personal shit!)

        These are just a very few example of what I experienced for so many years!
        You see now, it is not stupidity that makes this country full of shits, yes again I know it also very much exists, but mostly and often it’s about one placing one’s self above the others! It’s about getting what you want at the expense of other people! It’s about gaining without sacrificing anything on your part!

        “This thread is the best and most conclusive evidence in favor of the topic of this blog. I’m thinking kram is in serious need of a tissue about now. He is running home crying, and because of his utter stupidity, he keeps running back here for more. Pretty pathetic when you think about it. I am almost feeling sorry for the poor boy.”

        -Hahahaha…. believe me, when you face dozens of lawyer-professors for almost each day on your classes, dude mental and emotional torturing is soooooo normal!!! Figuratively and academically speaking.

        “By the way. I know who you are now. How’s the weather there in Bagumbayan?”
        -Wow you actually searched for me?! Hahaha nice! (^_^)…. Sadly, it’s quite rainy here….. :-(

        Hhmmmmm…. come to think of it, being a greedy-selfish bastard is MUCH WORSE AND MORE DANGEROUS than being stupid or idiot.
        why? well, in a small community if a group of stupid people are educated or at least was slapped with some common sense, more probably than not their problems within the community will be solved since a group of people can already decently lead them.
        Unlike a bunch of selfish-greedy fucktards, the more you place something on their heads, the more they will use them against other people, the more they will manipulate, the more they pose a threat to the society they walk in, the more they will damage everyone…. well I guess Filipinos are not stupid but the Philippines is a much scarier place that one might expect!!

        FiloFail is actually good to be honest….. Kudos to you!

        Seriously, I didn’t even made a single dent on your fully established belief?
        Either you are just extremely and unreasonably stubborn, or my argument is insufficient to drill your head…. haha. (^_^)

  9. Profile gravatar of kram

    Hi FAFI, nope diplomacy didn’t flew out of the window, at least not on its entirety, I just tried a harsher approach, but yah I actually saw his point and agreed 50% in the end! (^_^) yes as a Filipino I’m guilty of doing the finger-pointing method. I was trying to FORCE HUMILITY upon FiloFail by pointing out America’s own shit, which I think I somehow failed to do…..
    well maybe that’s the reason this country is SO F****d up, we copy your shit PLUS we add our own shit on the mix (absolute corruption anyone?!) (^_^)

    1. Profile gravatar of NeoGeo

      It’s really a shame. The Philippines has so much potential. But the Filipinos have to drop that goddamn pride and stop making excuses. Douglas MacArthur once said: “Give me 10,000 Filipinos and I’ll conquer the world.”

      If he was around today, he’d probably ask: “Where are those 10,000 Filipinos? Because all I see is a nation of cowards and fucktards.”

  10. Profile gravatar of FiloFail
    FiloFail Post author

    This thread is the best and most conclusive evidence in favor of the topic of this blog. I’m thinking kram is in serious need of a tissue about now. He is running home crying, and because of his utter stupidity, he keeps running back here for more.

    Pretty pathetic when you think about it. I am almost feeling sorry for the poor boy.

  11. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Kram, I hope you wasn’t absorbed into the illusion that I was on your side. I do my best to always be as neutral as possible, and I always voice out my non-bias opinion, but beyond reasonable doubt FiloFail’s point holds more water than the Pacific Ocean. I even tried my best to put myself in a Filipino national’s shoes and try to personally contradict Filifail’s point of view to myself, but I just can’t argue against something that is right and is also clearly obvious to me. Ok, fine Kram…. I will give it a try….. FILOFAIL!!! YOU ARE WRONG!!! FILIPINOS DO STOP IN CROSSWALKS FOR PEDESTRIANS WHILE THEY ARE CROSSING! FILOFAIL, QUIT LYING ABOUT THE WARRANTY ISSUE IN PHILIPPINES, I ALWAYS GET MY MONEY BACK FOR DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS!!! FILOFAIL IS WRONG ABOUT THERE NOT BEING CONDIMENTS AT RESTAURANT TABLES BECAUSE RESTAURANT MANAGERS ‘KNOWS’ THAT THEIR CUSTOMERS WONT STEAL THEM!!! FILOFAIL why are you saying all of these horrible things about Philippines! *cough-cough* sorry dude, but I have to stop there Kram, I can’t lie to myself any longer. I choke on bullshit. And if I actually thought what Filofail was saying was a lie, then I will be in complete denial. Don’t think of Filofail as just ‘SAYING’ this. He isn’t only just saying this, he is voicing the ‘ACTIONS’ that he lives through here on a daily basis. Do you have the pair of eggs to admit that this is true too? Well, actually you already did admit this in one of your comments above, you are just denying the frequency that it happens. But if you do believe deep down that all of what Filofail is saying is wrong, would you bet your life on it? Seriously, I want you to experience one of his moments as a test. I dare you (in one day) to cross 20 crosswalks during rush hour, and if you come out alive or without any broken limbs or bruises, I will proudly admit that you are right about at least one thing.
    Don’t be too upset about what Filofail said, he is only pointing out the obvious truth. Would you rather hear the ugly truth, or the bullshit sugar-coated lie? Sometimes the ugly truth has to come out hard and aggressive, that way it sinks in deeper. If Filofail said it the ‘goody-two-shoe girl-scout selling cookies’ way, there is no way you would probably respect his views, and he would be ran all over. This is not a dick measuring contest, we can all agree that both America and Philippines are both fucked up. But currently Philippines has a variety of issues that needs to be worked on, so this country can be a more sanitary, satisfying, sophisticated, and civilized place to live in. Yet alone to visit. I’m not on the short end of the stick since I only have 3 years here, but 3 years will be 12% of my life wasted here if I manage to stay here that long. I have my mistaken reasons for being here, and I sure am going to try to make the best of it, but while I am attempting to make the best of it, the stupidity here makes my experiences here a lot worst. Take a moment to clearly think about what is trying to be said here before your next post.

    1. Profile gravatar of kram

      nope I’m not expecting you FAFI to be on my side, people who,posts here shares their negative experinces and view about the Philippines and dealing with the natives. and yes even I at times become victim and even guilty of perpetrating such events as well.

      don’t think I’m trying to sugarcoat anything, this country is SHIT i know that. I just have a different view as to the reason “why”
      I’m trying to destroy the notion that Filipinos are stupid but, I’m also saying that this country is FAR FAR FAR away from the Wonderland-land of OZ fusion that many of my fellow Filipinos perceive.

      believe me, I respect FiloFail’s opinions in fact I conceded a few times, I also believe that the truth does need to be thrown fast, hard, and aggressively, so people will wake up….

    2. Profile gravatar of kram

      nope I’m not expecting you FAFI to be on my side, people who,posts here shares their negative experiences and view about the Philippines and dealing with the natives. and yes even I at times become victim and even guilty of perpetrating such events as well.

      don’t think I’m trying to sugarcoat anything, this country is SHIT i know that. I just have a different view as to the reason “why”
      I’m trying to destroy the notion that Filipinos are stupid but, I’m also saying that this country is FAR FAR FAR away from the Wonderland-land of OZ fusion that many of my fellow Filipinos perceive.

      believe me, I respect FiloFail’s opinions in fact I conceded a few times, I also believe that the truth does need to be thrown fast, hard, and aggressively, so people will wake up….

      1. Profile gravatar of FiloFail
        FiloFail Post author

        kram, I am sure you have read the “about me” page, and I assume you have read many posts and comments on this blog where I say:

        “The purpose of this blog is partially for my own personal therapy and venting my frustrations I am force to endure daily in this country of mindless imbeciles. It also serves as informative to those foreigners who may be planning to stay here long term. Philippines will not tell them the truth, nor will travel agencies. This blog serves the foreigner with REAL LIFE DAILY EXPERIENCES from those of us who have been living here for several years. This will give the foreigner some real accounts and a general idea of what to expect when they get here, or to help them decide to come here at all. Many of the comments by readers completely agree and identify with my posts. This blog is just one of many which express the same frustrations and opinions.

        I really don’t believe this blog will help native Filipinos. I have come to the conclusion they are helpless because on the most part, they are completely shut down and closed off to real progress or change or accepting truth and reality. On the same note, I am certain it won’t hurt them any more or less than they hurt themselves every day with their crab mentality, hypocrisy, and senseless thirst for revenge against each other for even petty little bullshit things.

        They do not listen or care about criticism of any kind. So this blog is not necessarily here for the native Filipino.This blog is primarily here for ME and those from outside of Philippines who must live here or stay here long term and are as frustrated and as mind-boggled as I am about the level of idiocy, stupidity, and absence of logic and reason in Philippines.”

        So Einstein, nobody is trying to wake any Filipinos up. They are fucking brain dead and hopeless. And you have MORE than proven that.


        Again and again and over and over you just keep simply re-labeling stupidity.

        Intelligent people KNOW that GREED HARMS PEOPLE. Intelligent people KNOW that they can CHOOSE to be greedy or not to be greedy. GREED IS A CHOICE!!! And when you choose to be greedy, you are either STUPID because you don’t realize you have a choice, or you DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT OTHERS which is also stupid, because you’re going to go around hoping others will give a damn about you.

        Intelligent people can CHOOSE to be apathetic or not. If Filipinos know that apathy, greed, dishonesty are the root of the cause that MAKES DAILY LIFE SUCK HERE, and they acknowledge those facts, yet choose to continue in it because everyone else is doing it, then that means they are not intelligent enough to start with themselves to make a change in themselves, and share that philosophy with their friends so that the chain of really bad stupid personal choices will stop.

        Any intelligent person can look at a mass of greedy people, and say to him/herself, “Wow, those apathetic people are greedy, I will not join them because I know it is wrong, and I will choose the right way. And hopefully others will decide to do the same, because I am doing it.” But that doesn’t happen nearly enough at all. Why? Because the utter lack of intelligence. It takes power and brains to do the right thing. I wonder why so very few does the right thing here. Everything you are excusing are FILIPINO’S PERSONAL BEHAVIORAL CHOICES. But you join with them in the “everyone else is doing it so it’s not wrong and I’m intelligent” mindset. You are a blind idiot who is trying to complicate something that is so very simple (if you have even a spark of self-respect and honesty).

        You simple are not intelligent enough to know what intelligence is, which makes perfect sense.

        Intelligent people can do stupid things now and then. And intelligent people can recognize their stupidity, admit it, and learn from it, and make a choice to NOT REPEAT IT. Why? Because they saw the harm it might have caused to others. And that’s where apathy comes in. When I see the harm that my stupid choice caused, I have one of two choices. I can give a damn, or I can not give a damn. Very simple. My civilized, intelligent mind can work this out pretty easily. If I don’t give a damn about what my stupidity did to others, that would reduce my level of civility and would contribute to the breakdown of order in society. If I do give a damn about my stupid action, then I can simply learn from it and NOT REPEAT IT, and contribute to the progress in society. I can work this all out in my mind. I can choose to be stupid and succumb to my greed and self interests (which would be a stupid choice, and because I am intelligent enough to know that it is harmful to society, and I am a part of that society). OR I can use my intelligence and do the right thing, which others will see, and hopefully be inspired, and do the same (if they’re intelligent enough).

        But this is what brings me to the conclusion that the majority of Filipinos are stupid (quite the opposite of what you claim). In summary, We are all human and are prone to errors in judgement. We are all prone to do stupid things and make stupid choices.

        But the difference between intelligent people and the average Filipino is this.

        Intelligent people learn from their stupid choices, and don’t repeat their mistakes.

        The average Filipino does not really know he/she is stupid. They lack the intelligence to make good choices that will enact change. If they know that because everyone else is doing wrong, and for them to simply follow in it is wrong and harmful, yet do it anyway, they are making a stupid choice. And they continue to make that stupid choice day after day after day. I don’t believe that pure stupidity can recognize stupidity. What makes a person stupid? Well, one thing is the INABILITY TO LEARN. And if Filipinos know what they do is wrong and harmful, and they know what the right thing to do is, yet choose NOT to do the right thing, then they are stupid. And they will continue to complain about their corrupt government while continuing to elect corrupt people. Choosing to be corrupt is NOT an intelligent choice!!! Filipinos continue to choose the wrong and harmful way. This makes them stupid. They complain about how difficult life is here, yet they stupidly CONTINUE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE CAUSE!! They continue to believe ridiculous spiritual bullshit and completely negate scientific facts. The do not seek progress and a way out. They just stupidly continue to stay in the pit, and pull those that start to climb out of the pit back down in the shit. They don’t have the intelligence enough to see that that person climbing out of the pit could possibly be the leader they need to make the necessary changes and lead Philippines into progress and prosperity. HOW INTELLIGENT IS THAT???

        I’m glad you will not reply. Because we will just hear more of the same stupid excuses and alabies for stupidity, and continue to wonder why you continue to miserably FAIL at giving even the most remote proof that “most Filipinos are intelligent”.

  12. Profile gravatar of

    Filo..its been awhile since I have commented on this blog, and the reason is I was conducting an experiment on my Filipina wife and her family. I kind of got tired of ranting and raving so this was just something new to try. The results are incredible and I cant wait to share them with you guys.

    Being from the US, I think the dynamic between husband and wife is a little different than most places. It tends to be more 50/50, give and take, bouncing ideas off of each other, etc… Needless to say I think that is part of my problem here – I brought that dynamic into our marriage and its working famously (sarcasm intended). So i decided to change things for a week and be the aggressor/dictator/borderline-asshole for for all decision making and family matters involving my wife, the kids, and her family when they come around.

    When we woke up in the morning I told my wife what to cook for breakfast. I told her when it was time to get the kids ready for school. I told her we were going to the movies that day. I told her what movie we would be watching. When her sister came over the house to “borrow” money I told her “fuck no” without following up with the reason why not. When she told her bullshit story I gave her the famous blankstare and changed the topic. You get the idea… Long story short, my house ran like a well oiled machine. My wife thrived in her new role, but the most disturbing thing about this was she never questioned my new attitude. Neither did anyone in her family. In fact they seemed to gravitate toward me…

    After a week of doing this…I went back to the old dynamic of treating my Filipina wife as my equal. Asking her what movie she would like to see. Asking what she would like for breakfast. Asking her opinion about some current news event, etc… Her brother came over this time and asked for money and I listened to him feed my wife the biggest line of bullshit you ever heard about why he needed 50k – and they actually held a lengthy conversation about this after I refused to interject. At each stage I watched her fumble, stumble, and “dumbshit” all over herself while she had to make the simplest decisions. When her family would come over they were lost without the voice of reason – bumping into each other, walls, and doors. All of this leads me to the logical conclusion that Filipinos are in fact zombies. There can be no other explanation. They are not capable of making logical decisions and are only able to complete instinctual tasks such as eating, sleeping, etc…

    I love my wife to death, but she is most comfortable when being led by me. Placed in a role where she is my equal results in one cluster fuck after another. Her family on the other hand is incurable. I am seriously considering a NatGeo special on them as soon as I can acquire the funding

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      *applause* JustJarabi!!! Nice, freakin nice and well said! You pretty much just reflected my life as well. You sound almost like me in my stories. I have filipina wife, and I love her to death (well, not as much as I did before) but she is still as dumb as a bag of rocks and I’m not afraid to admit it. My wife’s family is in the same boat too when it comes to being lost in general logic, but there is only one thing that I have to contest on your end that makes my wife different from yours…. I don’t think my wife’s filogic and stupidity is curable. Your’s may be, but mine is completely incurable, HOPELESS! After 3 years of marraige and another 3 years of knowing her prior that (6 years totoal), she hasn’t made any attempt to be successful and make success life choices, still not getting a job but leeching off me for her the benefit of her survival. I had always tried to put her as my equal and make decisions with her, but then they turned out into complete chaos. I married her because she was sweet, cunning, and had a good positive attitude, but if I knew about all the high levels of stupidity that ran through her thought process, her uncivilized behavior (like pissing on the bathroom floor or in the shower instead of using the toilet like a normal human being), and her primitive life-style (she is from Mindanao, enough said there) then I wouldn’t have even considered marrying her. I thought that after 6 years of being together, there would’ve been some improvements in her, but the only noticeable change she has made was being on time and not being late to complete tasks asked of me (which I rarely ask for anyway). The bond between you and your wife seems to be stronger than mine, so I hope you two continue to have a happy marriage, I’m still contemplating if mine will work out, I have 3 years here to find out!

      1. Profile gravatar of

        I definitely feel your pain my dude…we should all plan a monthly reunion tour and get together for drinks to really get these stories in LOL. I nominate Makati or BGC as the first location

    2. Profile gravatar of NeoGeo

      “When she told her bullshit story I gave her the famous blankstare and changed the topic.”

      LOL. I think that’s the perfect way to do things. You should do that from now on whenever they hit you up for money. Or even better, just go full retard to give them a dose of their own shit.
      For example:

      relative: I need some money. P50k should be enough.

      you: Okay, first you give me P50k to cover the loan and then I will loan you P50k that you will never have to pay back. Sound good? It’s like getting a free loan. So come back when you have P50k and I’ll give you P50k for FREE.

      Let them ponder that for a while.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Dude that is epic and should definitely work. I can even hear the creaky gears churning in their heads as they ponder exactly what that means –> “Free loan? REALLY? But how can I get over on you if I give you 50k first? hmmm…for awhile ha?”

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

          A monthly gathering? Sounds awesome, and fortunately for me I’m about an hour away from there. Unfortunately some of the other members may live in Cebu, Mindanao, or somewhere really far away. Plus some of us have busy schedules, like me attending this school to get dumber and earn a free college degree. I definitely like the idea, we should all talk about it more. I need to find a bar that serves more than just Red Horse and San Mig around here anyways. I’m tired of my local bars. Since I go to school here, I have mountains of filogical topics to talk about, I encounter stupidity on a daily basis here. It’s ironic that I’m saying this because I’m writing this right now on my lunch break, and I just came across a filogic scenario with one of my idiotic classmates, that’s why I’m here to blow off some steam. Well, it’s time for me to go back and be bombarded with stupidity again, lunch break is over :-(

          1. Profile gravatar of FiloFail
            FiloFail Post author

            A monthly gathering? Great way to get stabbed or shot by a grudged out pissed off Filo.

            Not a good idea. Not in this country under this topic. No fuckin’ way. I’ll pass. These idiots are so bent on revenge for the slightest thing. Who knows who will get in on it with alterior motives.

            I’m not paranoid, but I have learned to stay on the side of caution with these vengeful grudge-holding crab mentality dumb fucks. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers!!

          2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            FiloFail definitely holds a point, there is no telling who is listening in on this topic. I was referring to discussing the terms of our meeting/hangout outside of public view, but then again, giving out our email address on here isn’t exactly safe either. I will just stick to blogging on here as our way of meeting up. I’m too busy with preschool (which how it feels like) and my idiotic wife anyway. Maybe we can all meet up in America when/if we all get there again. School is now over for me, and now I need to recover my brain from the mind-boggling raging chaos my school has bestowed upon me. I swear these idiots acts like 3rd graders! Always screaming and shouting, yelling nonsense. One idiot got busted for cheating yesterday during a math test, I happily applauded as the teacher crumpled up his paper and told him he was disqualified. And yes, I actually did that. It was about time one of these fucktards gets punished for cheating/copying off of others. I see it all the time but nothing rarely happpens to them, which was why I was so relieved and excited to see some sort of justice finally brought upon these bunch of cheaters. I drunk a beer last night in Celebration of that event :-)

  13. Profile gravatar of Unmugged

    Hello FiloFail, I dont read blogs at all but I came across your site because a few angry Facebook friends shared your blog saying how they hated it and hoped their friends would join them hating (heh?). So for the past hour Ive been reading one topic after the other and Id just have to say, and I needed to register for me to say it – you sir are the voice of reason and you are awesome. I am a Filipino, born and raised and resides in the Philippines, yet I cant agree more with everything on your blog.

    1. Profile gravatar of FiloFail
      FiloFail Post author

      Well thank you. And thanks for being one of the few with power enough to recognize and admit to the realities here, instead of keep it going by denying and blaming and lashing back at a voice of reason.

    2. Profile gravatar of FiloFail
      FiloFail Post author

      So what are they saying about this on Facebook? I’m sure it’s basically something like, “Hey everyone, there’s a blog that is spreading the hard truth and reality about us, so join with me in hating and lashing back at it and continue to pretend and deny what that blog says isn’t true! JOIN WITH ME IN KEEPING THE REALITY ABOUT US A SECRET!!!”

      Maybe it’s not really in those words, but essentially, that must be what they’re saying.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Freakin awesome FiloFail, looks like your blog is grabbing more media attention. Mind if I swoop up some more Failipinos to come visit this site? I know just the place where to go. Grant me the permission and I will bring them (at least try to). I’m surprised that this article has 44 comments (45 now) but only 2 votes, how messed up is that? Anyway, keep up the good work, nice to know that a few people agrees with your blog, national citizen or not. I always knew you were right (how else do you think I found this place (lol)!

  14. Profile gravatar of kram

    Since I already promised to FiloFail that I will no longer reply to his message, thus I will address and post this as a personal reflection for all the foreigners (or perhaps even other Filipinos) that happens to visit this section of the blog and have the same negative perception about us Filipinos.

    I told him (“I promise this will be my last reply to you FiloFail for this post….. I swear! (^_^)” but since I consider this as a reflection and not a reply, and since I’m addressing this to other people and not to him, so I guess this doesn’t count nor included in my promise right???….. yes yes I know I know, call it stupid justification….. whatever!)

    After a careful reflection, I now understand the reason/s why foreigners regard Filipinos as “STUPID.” I arrive at the conclusion that both sides of the argument are probably correct! Maybe it will depend on what perspective an individual is looking.

    NO Filipinos are not “stupid”, but also YES we are indeed “stupid” (yes yes I know people will say “what the hell is this Kram guy is saying? Stupid then not stupid…. this guy is obviously an idiot; he is in complete in denial and making excuses blah blah blah…..) but wait, before you (whoever you are) will think that way, here’s my thoughts…..

    For me I think there are actually two ways to look at the Filipinos,
    One would be (my point of view) is to look at a Filipino as an individual and how he or she acts for himself or herself, I believe and will always believe that a Filipino has the intelligence (not necessarily on academics) or (If you are disgusted to attach the word “intelligent” to a Filipino) at least has the abilities and potential to make himself or herself better. So if that’s the situation, then, NO WE ARE NOT STUPID!

    The other point of view (I’m trying to look from a foreigner’s point of view) is to look at the Filipinos as a community and how each one relates and interacts with other Filipinos or even foreigners. In that case then YES WE ARE STUPID!!

    We have all the potentials and the abilities to succeed however, … comes the stupidity…….. when acting outside our personal interests we commit the same mistakes over and over again (usually intentionally to prevent others from gaining or become better) when acting beyond our personal interests we no longer realize that by pulling each other down, all of us suffers in the long run, stupid right??? Or like what I have been saying over and over again, because we just don’t give a damn to others. That’s the reason why we appear very much stupid from the eyes of others.

    In order to understand this kind of “Filipino Mentality” which I have been trying to explain, I think the best way is to made an example of the Filipino communities that exists outside the country (Yes yes I know people will say “why the hell are you referring to those outside the country idiot?! Why not use the Filipino communities here since this is your home country and nearly every Filipinos are living here in the Philippines?!) Well because so you (whoever you are reading this) can easily see how this negative mentality works, since there will be huge contrast between the Filipinos and the society they are living in…. here goes…..

    Some good examples are the Filipino communities living in Paradise Hills, San Diego, California and also those living in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California.
    Based from my own experience, Filipinos living on the said areas especially those who had been there for more than five years are generally successful, If ever you meet them you’ll see that those Filipinos has stable and good-paying jobs, they live in very decent houses, they often go shopping & eat on classy restaurants, possessing a lot of advance and even expensive gadgets, and usually owning two cars per family. (No no I’m not fucking bragging… I’m just telling my observations)

    However on the much uglier side of the spectrum, one will be shocked or even disgusted to see that there is very little
    to no interactions among them, they don’t have local organizations or support group that intends to help other Filipinos, they don’t give a damn to each other’s sufferings
    in fact many of them really hates being associated with other Filipinos and anything related to their native culture, and even shun from society their fellow Filipinos,
    unlike other Asian communities who proudly attach their native identities with their American citizenship like
    Chinese-Americans, or Indian-Americans, or Japanese-Americans; but for Filipinos, being called “Filipino-American”
    is something disgusting, they are so mentally back-warded they even discriminate each other, and on extreme occasions
    will even try to destroy the reputations of other Filipinos just to prove that they are better than them, or prevent newly arrived ones from succeeding. I myself am revolted and angered by this kind of attitude.
    Now, are Filipinos “stupid?” well the answer to that will COMPLETELEY depends from what angle you are looking.

    Yes I know very much that people will say, “This kram guy is just making lame excuses or justifications for Filipino stupidity, he is clearly a shallow and narrow-minded fucktard”
    Well before you (whoever you are reading this) think that way, let me ask you something. Who do you think is the REAL Shallow and narrow-minded person
    A) Me , who has been trying to absorb and understand other people’s ideas and beliefs and even conceded for a
    few times for that matter, and who was also trying to look at the situation from all possible angles.
    B) “SOMEONE” who relentlessly says something like “you kram is completely stupid, you are the best example of Filipino stupidity, you are just making lame excuses, you are trying to prove Filipino intelligence, in which you UTTERLY AND MISERABLY FAILED blah blah blah blah…… WHITHOUT even trying to look from MY POINT OF VIEW???!!!!!

    Well, if that’s the situation then I’m very much confident to say that I think I’m NOT the REAL shallow and narrow-minded fucktard around here!

    Anyway, I’m sure anyone with a brain will know that the answer is “VERY OBVIOUS!”

    I’m not saying that my conclusion is 100% correct, in fact I might even be wrong to begin with, but at least I tried to stood my ground while keeping an open mind to understand why such extreme hatred towards us exists, unlike “SOMEBODY” who has completely and absolutely unbending belief or maybe because he has a pea sized brain, it can only hold one concept thus can no longer absorb other ideas…… hhmmmmm

    As a Filipino, I love the Philippines; yes this very disgusting, full of retarded, completely dysfunctional country named “PHLIPPINES” and I also believe that as a Filipino I have the moral obligation to defend my countrymen (that’s the reason why I kept on posting on this part of the blog) however, at the same time I will NEVER EVER deny nor NEVER EVER be blind and deaf from the very ugly reality that already devoured the Philippine society, very much CONTRARY, and OPPOSITE to what that “SOMEONE” has been continuously and STUPIDLY trying to say and emphasize!

    Well I guess if you are talking to “SOMEONE” with a brain of a chipmunk’s, no matter how hard you’ll try to explain the differences between a walnut and a peanut, everything will still be fucking the same to him in the end!

    …..I’m just being optimistic but at the same time very realistic!
    This will be my last post for this entire topic….. Thanks for reading (whoever you are)

    1. Profile gravatar of FiloFail
      FiloFail Post author

      “B) “SOMEONE” who relentlessly says something like “you kram is completely stupid, you are the best example of Filipino stupidity, you are just making lame excuses, you are trying to prove Filipino intelligence, in which you UTTERLY AND MISERABLY FAILED blah blah blah blah…… WHITHOUT even trying to look from MY POINT OF VIEW???!!!!!”

      Who said we didn’t try to look from your point of view??? WE DID!!! AND FOUND IT TO BE FUCKING STUPID LAME EXCUSES!!! IDIOT!!

      Just because we don’t agree with your institutionalized excuse and blame reasoning, doesn’t mean we didn’t look from your point of view. You just don’t understand that your point of view is still nothing but the blame game and excuse game. And you can’t help it. You have SHOWN AGAIN THE IDIOT FILO MENTALITY. If someone doesn’t agree with you, they are not getting your point or not seeing from your point of view.

      I go through this with my native partner all the fucking time. If I don’t relent and give in to him, he says, “no no you’re not getting my point!” and I have to jump in and say, “Yes I do get your point, I’m not stupid, I see your point very clearly and it’s stupid and inefficient! And as long as I am the CEO of this company, the final decision is mine, and if I go with your point, it is very inefficient, and causes much more work that it’s worth! You are simply thinking only of yourself, and not the whole entire good of the company and everyone involved! So I DO get your point, and don’t agree!”

      Kram, what you don’t realize is, that we have all read your drivel, and we have all have seen what you’re trying to do, and we see it for what it is. EXCUSES. You keep saying “Filipinos are intelligent” yet, EVEN NOW, you keep acknowledging stupidity, making excuses for it, AND FAILING TO PROVE THEY ARE INTELLIGENT!!!

      Look, we live here, we go about here, we deal with idiot Filos EVERY DAY. And we deal with some kind of hair-pull frustration, stupidity, failure, ignorance in everything we attempt do accomplish, buy, go, whatever. WE DON’T SEE A SPARK OF INTELLIGENCE AMIGO!!! SORRY!!

      The words that spew forth from your tiny little disgruntled mind will not come close to our very real, very personal experiences that we have daily in dealing with you idiots. The words you speak are far LESS convincing than the day to day hair-pulling frustrations, utter mindless stupidities, unbelievable ignorance we endure day by day with every single thing we do, with every service we pay for, etc….So it’s probably a good time for you to just shut the fuck up at this point.

    2. Profile gravatar of FiloFail
      FiloFail Post author

      This “Filipino mentality” is the root of your stupidity!! If you were intelligent, you would be smart enough to see how stupid the “filipino mentality” is. You act as if you are smart, but have no choice about how you think about things. It’s like “I’m forced to behave stupid because I have Filipino mentality in which I have no choice about having it.”

      IF you’re smart, you would know right from wrong and have the intelligence to NOT choose the wrong. Idiot.

      “We’re actually smart but we live and act stupid because of Filipino Mentality. Filipino mentality is our excuse to be fucking morons, but we’re actually smart!!”. HOW FUCKING IDIOTIC IS THAT????

  15. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    After visiting this country 11 times and staying here 4 consecutive months, I have to go with Filofail on this one. Kram, I hope you don’t think you are trying to claim victory in this argument by making one last final statement and walking away saying “This is your last post.” If so, then you obviously haven’t heard a word we been saying on here, your time reading these post has been totally wasted. Hopefully you are at least reading these responses if you really have decided not to post again on here. Since the average filipino’s reading comprehension and attention span is very low, I wont write so much this time so I’m SURE that you grasp the key points I am trying to say!
    Like I said last time, don’t look at this argument in a biased perspective. You stated that “I am filipino and I have the moral obligation to defend your countrymen.” That statement already declares that you are going to contradict every point said on here to its full entirety regardless of how true it is. You already lost the moment you made that statement. Plus you keep contradicting yourself over and over to the point that you even got me confused. You speak of perspective as if one way is wrong or not. How about the overall perspective? If one person from each country visited Philippines, do you think they would all feel the same way as the few individuals who blogs on here weekly? And let me guess, the only people who would disagree that Filipinos are stupid is another Filipino right? I already know why you failed at seeing it the overall perspective, because your perspective of life comes in low quality. There is no such thing as a better lifestyle for you because this is the best lifestyle you have ever experienced. Take a trip to America for a week and you will see the difference, if the plane ticket is too expensive and the trip is too long, then visit Korea. I know they have some economic standards. I can’t argue and expect to win against you until you see the light. For some people like you, it takes visual evidence to win an argument, because what we say just isn’t good enough.

    A little tip for your trip to save money: Go to if you want to book a cheap ticket, sometimes they have promos for as low as 3,000php for a round trip ticket for international flights. I’ve done this plenty of times, now experience other countries!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of

      Have you ever been to Singapore? Holy shit dude…its a 4 hour flight from Manila and it might as well be on Mars. How can a country that is so close be so damn different? There is discipline, the country is clean from border to border, there is foreign investment, and thriving business. Acts of corruption in government are punished swiftly. Taxis are honest and cheap and the airport is spectacular. The objective country wide (in talking with my Singaporean business colleagues) is to create a country from the inside out that every citizen can be proud of. Air is clean to breathe and the Singaporeans are skip-a-dee-doo-dah’ing every fucking where without jaywalking or blank staring each other to death. And get this…Singapore was a piss-poor country just a mere 40 years ago. President Aquino and his band of buffoons needs to take a field trip there with nothing but video cameras and notepads. How in the HELL can the Philippine government be as inept as it is with a perfect model like that to follow just a stone’s throw away? Totally un-fucking-believable.

    2. Profile gravatar of

      I just dont get it man…reading Philippine newspapers, watching the news, and following the government – i get the same feeling as when I watch my kids and their friends play “house” or “school”. They make decisions that kids would make and as their parents you chuckle at those actions, shake your head, and continue drinking your coffee. I swear I do the EXACT same thing when watching the news here or people watching at Starbucks

    3. Profile gravatar of

      “The Asian Tigers or Asian Dragons is a term used in reference to the highly developed economies of Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. These nations and areas were notable for maintaining exceptionally high growth rates (in excess of 7 percent a year) and rapid industrialization between the early 1960s and 1990s. By the 21st century, all four have developed into advanced and high-income economies, specializing in areas of competitive advantage.” –> there is a country in the middle of these that is notoriously missing from this paragraph. I love when Filipinos respond to our complaints with “WE ARE A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY!! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT??!” ummm…the four tigers were piss-poor at the same time as you and uhhh….

      1. Profile gravatar of mike-test

        When the Americans left Failippines after WW2, its was not a shithole back then. Pinas was the envy of SE Asia. USD to PHP is said 1:1. Airforce is said to be the strongest in Asia. Pinas actually had a very good start. But becuase filipinos are stupid as they are they shifted the gear in reverse and never look forward since then.

        Singapore, S.Korea were litirally dirt poor back then, while Taiwan literally started from scratch as they escape the mainland. HK was a Brit colony and doing good so I guess HK should be Pinas benchmark.

        1. Profile gravatar of

          I actually heard the same thing and love looking at the pictures of Manila from the early 20th century. It was beautiful and the Filipinos carried themselves with such class and grace. When I was in Oman on business I found a 1 Peso coin made of pure silver dated 1907 that was worth 1 USD in it’s time just as you said. WTF happened here my God…

          I just get frustrated when I get back here from trips to places like Singapore where when I see government officials like the Prime Minister speak or make sensible decisions that actually benefit the PEOPLE of his country both short term and long term. He actually has experience in you know…PUBLIC SERVICE and POLICY. Things you kinda need to be in Government. He is surrounded by people with GOV experience that are on the same page and make decisions that you know…benefit the PEOPLE and the COUNTRY. Then I land at Terminal 3 and pick up the Inquirer to read this headline –> “Binay unfazed by Pacquiao presidential ambition”. WTF??!! Are you serious?? I actually had lunch with Pacquiao in GenSan and he is everything you would expect a boxer to be. Completely detached, surrounded by YES men, unfocused, spoiled, entitled – and a complete moron. If he is elected President….

          Aquino HAS to see what his contemporaries are accomplishing…I have no idea how this guy wakes up goes to work everyday with this country in the condition that it’s in.

      2. Profile gravatar of FiloFail
        FiloFail Post author

        Thanks for these examples. I agree that Filipinos don’t have a shred of intelligence nor an ounce of humility, nor a speck of responsibility to go beyond where they are at. I truly believe, based on their stupidity, that this is as good as it gets for Philippines. They are completely helpless idiots.

        1. Profile gravatar of

          Dude…the worst part is you know these senators travel to other countries. They see what a functioning government looks like and what benefits it is capable of bringing the people and the overall economic posture of the country. I just read that a huge portion of Sotto’s pork has been traced to some scam involving decreasing the smell of garbage in an area of his province that didnt even have an issue with it. The 10 Billion Peso scandal investigation will go nowhere and Im sure its just the tip of the iceberg. Just utter morons with not a shred of interest in public service or the Filipino. Amazing…well, not anymore

  16. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    Corruption being such a serious problem, the Philippines will never be able to improve. Until the Filipino people wake up and demand honest government nothing will change. The Philippines is one of the most corrupt countries on the face of the earth and everyone knows it. It is part of the Filipino character. The politicians, police, judges, customs officials, immigration officials etc. etc. are all corrupt. Even Barangay councilors, some of the lowest office holders, demand lagay to approve projects in their barangays. It is rampant. When you see high government officials on TV talking about stopping corruption does anyone actually believe these officials have never accepted bribes. Do people really believe that people become policemen or politicians or government officials because they are concerned about their fellow Filipinos? Or do you think they know it’s a chance for them to make money fast? I am sure there are some honest individuals but not many. Until these crooks are put in jail and made to pay for their crimes nothing is going to change. But they are never jailed because they are all working together to cover up their crimes and they realize if someone goes to jail they will sing like a canary and that would jeopardize all of them.

    1. Profile gravatar of

      Heyjoe totally get that…just saddens and frustrates me is all. Filo has been saying since I started reading this blog that Filipino citizens are conditioned to take it up the ass with no complaint. It’s so true and unfortunate that those in government know and embrace this “condition”. They literally get away with murder – see “Ampatuan trial farce/sham” – and dare anyone to contest. I think Filo is also correct in that what you see now in 2013 will be the best the Philippines will ever be. What an unbelievable shame that no one in government seems to have the foresight nor the inclination to realize that a little forward thought, honesty, and humility would push this country over the top and in place with the rest of the countries surging around us. As I’m typing this I just heard on the news that the senate will reopen discussion on the proposed anti-obesity bill. What am incredible bunch of morons – lets waste more time passing bills that will do nothing to improve the country or provide the ability for the poor to feed their families. No…lets discuss anti-obesity today. Holy smokes dude…

  17. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    Totally agree Just Jabari. The Philippines is faced with so many problems but the people in charge just don’t want to deal with it. Anti-obesity is the last thing they need to worry about. Most of the population doesn’t have enough to eat and they are going to worry about a few fat people. How about educating the millions of people forced out so school at an early age because they can’t afford to go to school or because they need to work to help feed the family. Or the military that doesn’t have adequate equipment to fight the insurgents because of inadequate funds or the fact that the Generals skim off the money that is suppose to go for the supplies the military needs. The NPA insurgency has been going on for decades but these politicians won’t give the military the proper equipment to defeat them. The Abu-Sayaf are still around. There aren’t that many of them but the government can’t seem to find enough will
    power to put an end to that problem. China is building bases on Philippine soil and the Philippines is powerless to do anything about it. But when the U.S. and Philippine military have joint VFA exercises there are thousands of Filipinos protesting the VFA agreement. Why the fuck aren’t they pissed off at China? You can read almost daily in the newspapers about police extorting people and the ongoing corruption in government but yet the Senate is worried about fat people. There is just no hope. FILO is right. Things won’t ever get better. I have lived here along time. There are lots of things I enjoy about the Philippines. I have many dear Filipino friends. When I bitch about shit to my wife she reminds me to relax and enjoy our blessings. There really isn’t a lot we can do about it. So enjoy what we have and don’t worry about what we can’t change. But Son of a fucking bitch. This place could be so much better.