Filipino’s are MONEY MORONS


I’ve brought up this topic before and I’ll bring it up again because I think it is of the utmost importance for Filipino’s to understand as well as outsiders. THEY ARE MONEY MORONS. I’m getting sick of the same bullshit I hear about one of my wife’s friends (if not, her herself) getting themselves back into another debt and creating absolutely no bright future or positive foundational prospects because yet again they’ve decided a credit card and loans = FREE MONEY! Sure, I’d say the Western world is getting really bad for debt and this can account for a good majority, but nothing beats these fucktards when it comes to being money morons……nobody!

Ask any Filipino native or OFW if they have savings and if they say “yes” they are either lying through their teeth or they have a MOUND of debt and are “saving” money they don’t really have. Take for example my wife’s friends. One is Filipino (wife) and the other a white Canadian (husband). It seems they both complement each other’s stupidity very well when it comes to money spending and lacking future planning. I guess the Filipino wife has transformed this guy into a Pinoy brained money spender, because he seems to be just as bad as her, pretending like they’ve got it all and they’re laughing to the bank, all the while the bank is laughing at them while they dig themselves a dismal future!

This couple was very lucky to have rented a house for DIRT CHEAP. You see, the owner basically just needed someone to house sit until he sells the land and the land is big, by a beautiful lake and in a booming area where there are lots of condo’s going up. So, meantime they get to rent this place for basically NOTHING and have a good chunk of money left over to plan for their future. The rent is basically equal to the cost of a tank of gas, I’m serious…that cheap! They have been struggling all their lives with a child, both working low waged jobs and not progressing and here is this GIANT opportunity for them to finally take advantage of a once in a life time chance at improving their personal capital! They could save, they could use the money towards a new house, they could use the money towards an affordable new car, and they could put money towards schooling to obtain a better career with a higher salary! But did they do that? Fuck no! That would be contrary to Pinoy mentality and money spending!

So you’re wondering what they’ve spent the money on. I cringe to hear my wife tell me a new story about them and their money moron tendencies. Part of me doesn’t want to hear it because I know the stupidity to expect, but another part of me wants to make an example of how they have chosen a wrong path so I can give my wife a better sense of what NOT to do and how to keep a family stable. So, latest I hear they have bought a big swimming pool for the back yard. It’s one of those stand up ones which range between $1000 and $5000! That’s a lot of money in Canadian if you’re wondering. They bought this pool just after the wife quit her job at a coffee shop making next to nothing. All the while showing it off on Facebook for people to look at. The husband currently has a job at a restaurant making very little and guess what? It’s at a hotel that is seasonal. By winter time there is no work, sometimes for weeks, months. What are they going to do then? Ah, who gives a fuck right? Let’s just live in the now, Pinoy style!

So this is the latest info I get, but what’s going to make you laugh here is the mound of other horrible life decisions they’ve made that put them in the category of MONEY MORONS. Just before the wife quit her job they decided to get a 2009 truck with about 100,000km on it and as you all know, trucks don’t run for cheap. That is for someone with a salary of $80,000 NET or more in my opinion. Anyhow, they have shit credit as you can imagine but they REALLY “needed” this vehicle and pleaded for a bargain. Well, the dealership gave them a “bargain” and upped that useless old truck’s price several thousand dollars to compensate for their horrible credit rating. So, after everything was said and done, they got a 2009 Dodge with over 100,000km on it for $29,000 and I don’t think that was including taxes! I couldn’t believe it when I heard it and told my wife, “Why the hell would they get an old truck for that price when they could have gotten a NEW car for $14,000 that would last longer and give better value to their dollar?” But asking that question about Pinoy money spending is useless. You get the same bullshit response, “Well they liked that and worked hard for it, so they deserve it”. Blah….just makes me want to puke. Well, now they are in a jiffy. Wife is broke with no job, they have this big expensive truck they don’t need and a new swimming pool in the backyard! Fucking morons.

So, to top it off, they are putting their kid through private school! Fucking private school!!!! People who get a salary of $100,000 combined income put their kid’s in private school, not a couple making less than $30,000 salary. But that’s not all! The wife is supporting a family back in the Philippines of coarse and you know that shit will never end. So, what really makes me angry is the future of this kid. They THINK they are giving him a bright future by putting him in private school (which was of coarse the Filipina’s dumb idea) but what they are really doing is digging the whole family into debt and creating nothing to fall back on if something were to happen. And you know what will happen eventually? That land will sell and they will be back to paying REAL rent costs and you know how much MORE they will be spending if that were to happen? How about x14 MORE! But who gives a fuck right? Let’s just spend like we are smart and rich and not think about that! Also, I had to fucking laugh. They decided to put money into savings for education. How the fuck do you do that with bad credit and the debt of an expensive dodge truck? Well, you save money you don’t have! That’s how!

So let’s categorize the money moron mistakes they’ve made:

1.       Private school they can’t afford

2.       Big expensive truck they can’t afford

3.       Swimming pool they can’t afford

4.       Vacation to the Philippines they could not afford

So what happens when they lose that home? They won’t be able to afford private school, they won’t be able to afford the truck, won’t be able to afford big expensive vacations and will create a much worse credit rating for themselves while having NOTHING to leave their child when they die. Filipina wife has a property in Philippines worth peanuts while the husband comes from a family with little money. But no logical future planning with these people. None at all, and it just makes me frustrated when there is a kid in the picture. The response would be “but we are putting him through private school to give him a brighter future”. What purpose does that serve if the parents have no fucking foundation or stability for him? The stability of the parents comes first and then comes the stability of the child, but these people don’t think this way. I wouldn’t be surprised if the wife has a plan for her child to be a future slave for her and her freeloading parasite family back at home. Groomed from his young years on, only to serve his masters.

To conclude, imagine what they could have done if they were really smart? They could have paid all their debt and got a better credit rating. They could have saved for a house and ENDED their life of renting. They could have saved and put money down on a new affordable car. I mean, the best purchase you can make on a car is one that is 2-4 years old with less than 85,000km on it. They could have got one for $14,000 easily and it would last them much longer than an old Dodge truck. They could have put money towards college for the kid while he goes to public funded school (not the best school, but might as well get your taxes worth). They could have invested money in their own future! For the love of God, they have been in that house for 3-4 years now. 1 of those years could have been spent in school for the husband so he could obtain a better career! They are living in a small town with nothing to offer as well, which is another thing they don’t seem to be putting into account. It’s just frustrating and makes me roll my eyes at the dumbfuckery. On a positive note, my wife is looking at them as people with poor life decisions and does not want to emulate them whatsoever! Phew!

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    I have noticed that here too, that Filipino couples tend to put their kids in private schools! It seems that they carry this beliefs that they have that public schools are inferior even in the west! So I see Filipino couples working back to back to pay for private schools. And oh, you can’t have an old car park in a private school to pick your kid with. So they borrow more money to buy an expensive brand new car! And oh, you can’t be living in an old house if you are sending your kid to a private school, so they rent a more expensive house in a better neighborhood. And it just goes on and on, all for show!

    I told one Pinay that if a kid is dumb, no amount of private schooling will make the kid any brighter! She looked at me as if I was from another planet. Then I later heard she labelled me as “arrogant”!

    Ever heard of the term “paluwagan?”. This is savings Pinoy style. The Pinays here tried to recruit me with this “paluwagan”. How it works is, all the members pay, say $50 a month for 12 months. When your turn comes, which would be the anniversary of you joining up, then you collect the money.

    So if the group had 10 members paying $50 a month for 12 months = $6000! A lot of money, yes. There’s only one problem: The Pinay holding the money usually disappears before the next pay out. A really dumb idea of saving money. Tried explaining it to them…. blank look, don’t compute.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      Yep 🙂 heard this one many times and
      “oh shit the house was robbed and they took the 50,000 pesos which was the social club fund”
      mmmm ever heard of a bank account or somewhere safer to put the money

      and LAD — loans against deposit
      thats another stupid one
      you deposit money and then loan it back (your money) up to a certain loan to deposit ratio
      paying them interest for your fucking money!!

      Credit cards
      you have to deposit say 10,000 pesos as a deposit
      and your credit limit is 10,000 pesos … like whoa .. its a credit card but they want
      security on he CC to the max credit limit

    2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      Public schools are infamous for low quality in 1st worlds. Hell, anything your taxes pay for is usually low quality since most governments are in debt, don’t know how to handle money and lack serving the public. Instead the public gets served (can you tell I’m a libertarian?).

      If these people were smart, they would have invested their money in college and let their child go to public school. Hell, elementary is not that important as apposed to college or university, but like I mentioned, they have money “saved” for that too! Lol….these people are total morons and now my wife as given up trying to make “good” examples of them. I told her many times before, “their fucking idiots, they don’t know what the fuck they are doing, don’t use them as an example, it’s fucking embarrassing”. She doesn’t now, and she see’s that yes, I’m right!

      They love to show off and pretend, so let them show off and pretend while we progress and they digress. When that land is sold they are FUCKED!

  2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Well about private schools .. you wanna hear discrimination

    i went to a private catholic school and asked about enrolling my social climber of an ex gf’s daughter into it.

    “are you married sir?”
    “is she your daughter sir”?
    ummm… no

    Im sorry its school policy we only accept children from married couples as we want to create some family values in our school.

    like wtf.

  3. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    You want stupidity
    i had one ring from 4am to 8am over 25 missed calls.

    At 6.30am they were saying
    why arent you taking my calls?
    why are you ignoring me?
    im asleep!! wtf

    it was to do with her mom nagging her (yes from 4am!! )
    so the mum could get 50p load to call the brother in Manila to ask him for money for food.

    when filos want something they are PESTS

  4. Profile gravatar of beameup

    There is a strong tradition in the P.I. against savings… it’s “ingrained” in their “brain”.
    After 6 years of marriage I uncovered this mentality in my wife. As long as we were
    in the P.I. and I was the source of income, the “problem” never surfaced. It wasn’t
    until we went to the States and she started working. So, after 6 years of marriage,
    I suddenly discover all these hidden Filipino “surprises”. Needless to say, the marriage
    ended. “If I try to save money, it will just disappear (vanish) somehow”. I must send all
    my 3 older brothers most of my money every month “because they need help” (to buy
    Red Horse).

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      It takes a lot of work to make them snap out of this vicious cycle of throwing all their money away. I’ve jumped through so many hoops and manage to succeed most of the time with my lady. But damn, does it take a lot of time and effort! Wears ya out!

  5. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Filipinos think nothing other than themselves.
    When it comes to money they have zero idea about finances
    have you seen a person in a store when you buy something for 35p get out a calculator and you hand 50p?
    now how many times would this person do that if they are selling beers or drinks?
    it doesnt take Einstein to work out the customer will give a 50p or next bill up 100p.

    Theres HUGE expectations that the outside world is going to help these souls
    they justify lies, bad behaviour and cheating yet go to church on Sundays and pray for forgiveness.
    Lord I have sinned, but its ok, i am poor.

    Imagine this:
    Tell your friends overseas
    I am going to fly 12-25 hours to a country
    i will meet a girl who didnt have a good education
    a girl who has no job, no assets,
    whos family are poor
    i will help them also and spend my life surrounded by problems and situations
    i will help a family
    i will pay high visa costs
    and support her financially
    and then bring her to my country
    and clothe, feed and educate her
    but.. i got to do this to win her heart
    and if i stop giving its likely she will leave for another foreigner who
    she is told will provide.
    yup! thats what most guys fall into…
    would your friends say? — WHAT?

    Filos rip shit and burn. they expect others (aka foreigners) to bring a truck load of happiness to the
    table – largely financial happiness. Their happiness is linked to money.
    MONEY = HAPPY — loads of “love you babe, miss you, blah blah fucking blah”
    NO MONEY = “crying, i (them) feel in shame, hurt, no love you babe, miss your sorry ass, they LEAVE”
    Not for richer or poorer….
    they want to win LOTTO

    Filos bring nothing to the table, they are like a black hole or vortex.
    They are drowing in issues, problems as well as family problems
    and as soon as you enter into a filo’s “bubble”
    …………… BOOM
    you are being sucked dry both emotionally, financially and every way its a daily drain.

    Get me a job
    get me a pc so i can work online
    my brother needs this
    the house needs that
    grandma died and we need money
    hospital bills
    medicine … the list goes on

    The worst thing is above combined with
    guilt trips
    sadness … all bullshit.

    I’ve had friends turn up and then have a journey to where they were staying and the filipinas
    start crying — house needs paying, son’s uni fees, some other debts etc
    before THEY ARRIVED HOME. The guy (first time to PH but met her overseas) had
    paid it all .. the husband was away (foreigner works overseas) and didnt pay anything for her.
    She fucked around at home … ran up debts. so what happens.
    She moves in with the guy thats paying the bills 🙂 🙂 SIMPLE GAME PLAYED BY SIMPLE PEOPLE.

    I dreaded getting those messages:
    “im here in my boarding house crying”
    “my (insert whoever) is angry”
    “my (insert whoever) hit me as i not (insert whatever)”

    Every day the focus is on surviving and they are similiar to mice on a treadmill
    spin spin spin .. they do the same thing … day after day, week after week …

    Now go back to the question with the friends overseas above?
    want to still come to the Philippines?

    When you think about it …
    You have a group of people AKA family ganging up.
    they are rip shit and burn types
    and ALL want to get their little brown noses in on the action.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      And murder! Don’t forget murder, foreignerhardpinoysoft , don’t forget murder! If these low lifes can not get what they want via “love you long time babe”, “if you really love me, you will buy me____” (fill in the blanks), they’d resort to murder or even blackmail, denying you access to your own child! Yep, seen it all, heard it all. Still surprises me that Kanos flock to this shit hole to find a bride! And often, such brides bring nothing else to the marriage table but her fresh young ass. Never worked all her life, never finished studies and therefore no prospect of ever getting a job anywhere else. If she has the drive, she might, just might get accepted as an ass-wipe in ‘merica,

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        Yep Sarah, lifes cheap and you only have to look at:

        1. most will have a pinoy floating around from a previous relationship. Think for a moment. Asswipe pinoy gets jealous as they do.

        I met filipina who was married and said, we havent seen each other (pinoy) for years. Yea right, I bet you that as soon as pinoy boy found out his “wife” was going out with a foriegner he would want what is known as “fuck off money” as legally he is still entitled to 25% (half of the wifes share) if eg. foreigner sets up a bank account and deposits money into her account its 50%. Heard that many times.
        Like someone said, filipinos will take 2/100ths of diddly squat and churn it over… zing zing zing ..many times and try to make something out of it. They got nothing so something is better than nothing so generally they “try it on” and having a wife (whom you not seen for years) but legally have a connection is one way to come in and try it on.

        Sadly, theres been many cases leading to murder. Jealousy or even where the girl thinks shes ripped enough out of the white guy and has a “turn” wanting to go back to the pinoy.

      2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        How about the racket: where I introduced you to the foreigner and therefore you have to pay me a percentage, because without my introduction you would never have met and therefore you would be broke and homeless still, living with the parents nagging you.
        Talk about churning the purse.

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          I worked in the middle east and everyone of the the flips I worked with, had an aunt, sister,, mother wanting a kano boyfriend.
          Of course, he would be on the gravy train too.

          I hoped everybody has noticed my spelling and good English.

        2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          I worked in the middle east and everyone of the the flips I worked with, had an aunt, sister,, mother wanting a kano boyfriend.
          Of course, he would be on the gravy train too.

          I hoped everybody has noticed my spelling and good English.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            My wife and I get the same thing. Soon as they find out has an American husband the pinays ask for an American bf and the pinoys ask for job in the states.

  6. Profile gravatar of beameup

    It can be a good place to find a “traditional” wife, but the key is to stay with them in the P.I. and make sure they are “educated” or at least have some “business sense” (some actually do). I had a very smart gf that I SHOULD have married, but I was enticed by “young things”.

  7. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    As George Bernard Shaw said “never wrestle with a pig, they get dirty and the pigs like it”. In other words, never fight a battle with a filipino, they will get embroiled into more drama and they will like it. You will lose the battle and the war in one. On money…. These Filipino covert narcissists will tie in money to love. They wont know what they are doing wrong and attach CARE with money with their greedy needs. They are delluded in a lot of cases and get highly offended even if you tell them where they are going wrong and then try and turn everything back as if the foreigner is arrogant, judgemental, feeling blamed, wrong and has something against filipinos. Have you seen how many people have been banned or declared “persona non grata” over comments that are basically true – eg. rubbish etc.

    Anyway, covert narcisits you cannot please and i have seen many foreigners setup filipinas, give them something like land, trike businesses to the brothers, food, costs etc and the filipina says “i dont think you still love me” as in gimme gimme im a greedy fucking filipino and want more and the more money you give, the more you indicate you love me and my family. Don’t fall for this vortex. It will be like a black hole and the victims of their own circumstances will make you a victim of theirs.

    1. Profile gravatar of Gerd

      Dear Foreignerhardpinoysoft,

      you are fully right to say that 1st world men shouldn’t fall for the Filipino vortex of “give me this and give me that”. I knew a guy from Scandinavia (I’ll call him Olav here), we were talking for a while and he wanted sthg serious with me. Ok, fine, we talk…and he asked me about my family background, if I had a job, and so on. I noticed that he went to visit his grandma much more often (he boasted that “in Northern Europe, people are very indipendent, no problem if Granny lives in the nursing home”). I asked him why, and after some fibbing from him, I discovered the truth: there was a “petite, slim, tanned and sexy Filipina” (well, if I work in the entertainment business, I guess people don’t find me so ugly…) working there. He said “You see, you are so faraway from me, European women are too complicated and gloomy, while Filipinos are happy-go-luck, cheerful people; she has a steady job, while you haven’t, with your movies and TV productions; moreover, Southern Europe has become also expensive, while the Philippines aren’t, so I can open a business there more easily, by selling my properties here in Scandinavia”. I replied “As you were so curious about my financial situation, my job, etc, what does this Pinay do? Is she a scientist, a doctor, graduated from Harvard, as you think that my acting job isn’t good enough for you?” He replied that the Filipina was a caregiver in Granny’s nursing home (caregiver=a kind word to say “rear-end wiper”), so in the future she would have been able to take care of his parents, himself, etc, because he added “Pinays are family-oriented and down-to-earth, while you are too indipendent and perpetually with your head in the clouds with your movies, Gerd” (One thing: if I don’t work in my movies and commercials, I have nobody to open his wallet for me, so, I have to do so, to keep a roof on my head and pay my bills. And Olav said that people from Southern Europe were too attached to their families and now he praised Pinays to be “so family- oriented…the irony). Well I wished him good luck (he badly needed it, I heard too many stories of European and North American men sucked dry by their Pinays, also confirmed by this blog. Luckily I wasn’t the only one not to like some Filipino habits…). Some days ago, Olav wrote me an e-mail, asking how I was doing, etc. I explained him that everything was ok with me,” what about his Filipino angel, instead?” He said that when he visited the Pinas with her, the problems started: “buy me this, and buy me that”, no privacy because of her intrusive and greedy relatives “it’s my family”, sluggish (to put it mildly…) bureaucracy to obtain even information to open his business… “it’s like this in the Pinas”…” I answered him just with this sentence: “Serves you right, buddy”…and I told him about this blog 😀

  8. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Have you seen when they make money here and become a bit more well off?

    Filipinos will buy a small house but get a BIG CAR. Greeat fucking investment idea… sink a big chunk of cash that you pay off no doubt into a depreciating asset. But wait? How can they afford the Mitsubishi Estrada they all aspire too? 1.8million pesos new price .. how? they must have the cash .. or lying to the government tax department. As supposedly these people have never any cash, especially when you want to do something with them .. eg. my friend had a wedding and they asked him (foreigner) for money to help the wedding as a whip around but when it came to his turn .. the family said they have no money 🙂 haah a well used expression “walla kwarta” – yet had houses, cars etc

    Have you seen the other BIG MAN, BIG DCK filipino that will buy a number of cars — usually an estrada black, a hummer, but i have seen around in the Visayas a ferrari, a yellow and orange Lambo, some porches… yup! what you gonna get out of that with the roads … 2nd gear??? — whats goinna happen if some trike or taxi driver scrapes past it… they wont have the insurance (naah either too stingy or ignorant to think about insurance — duh what the fuck is that) to pay the bill and as many of my friends have experienced will do a runner when BIG dick pinoy goes and chases them for the repair bill.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      Lol….it’s hilarious, they are horrible in Western countries. My wife works with this Pinoy who bought a brand new Subaru and pimped it out, meanwhile he just divorced, lost his house and is probably in debt up to his eyeballs, but he still has the car! He has to display himself as high status, since that is of the utmost importance.

      Expensive purses, flashy cars, designer clothes, all the electronic gadgets you can imagine, and they wonder “why don’t I have money?” They only know one thing with money. SPEND.

      Investing is not wired into them, saving is not wired into them and making logical money decisions is not wired into them. Dumb, Dumb, DUMB!

  9. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    The world of finance an money exchange from foreign currency seems worlds apart in the level of understand and the level of greed and the level of need.

    The Australian dollar for example had dropped dramatically from 41/42 pesos to .34 peso (give or take), Our euro friends and the pound as well has also dropped. The only thing that seems to have gained is the USD.

    My point is … Money has become harder to get after converting. We are talking 20% – TWENTY FUCKING percent on 15,000 is 3,000 pesos LESS. Now as people know you can burn through 15k reasonably easy …rent, food, all the hangers on that want to have a slice of YOUR PIE in this C(O)UNT’RY

    The problem arises with FALLING CURRENCY is that expectations of filipina DON’T FALL ..thats what remains constant and no amount of saying we have to cut back, im getting less money blah blah means didly fucking squat. They just have their narcissistic focus of me want, me want to be wined and dined by you handsum man and ride taxis and not jeeps and live the life you live at YOUR FUCKING EXPENSE and Mr Handsum man I dont give a shit about YOUR countries currency situation, so sorry honey … but my expectations of you are beyond normal and you still have to provide. I really dont give a fuck if you are getting less… thats the attitude.

    1. Profile gravatar of Beavis

      Come on, man. Foreigners don’t have problems – you didn’t know that? And come to think of it, most of the time, foreigners aren’t really people either.

    2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Ive noted this before myself the child bride refuses to take an allowance cut, as a matter of fact she wanted a raise.
      And then bitched about how her money had dropped at the money changer after hanging on to it for 12 months waiting for it to go up more..
      HESUS H CHRIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Or we buy gold as it always goes up.
      Refuses even to look at the price of gold but knows it always goes up. especially in the Philippines.
      And Jewelry is worth more than gold ingots. DOH

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        You even have to be careful with gold ingots now. I saw where a guy bought some that had a stamp from a company with a good reputation. He later got them checked and found out the core of tungsten made up most of the weight. Seems these are coming out of China.

  10. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    I remember I wanted to downgrade the unit and the gf started crying!! … apart from the 20 year old cousin moved her self in to the 3rd bedroom and ate dinner at the house every night (which was the same deal with the last gf) .. I worked out she was crying as I wanted a smaller place and the cousin will be out living in a boarding house again——BOOO FUCKING HOO …

    1. Profile gravatar of Beavis

      It is impossible to explain something like, “your cousin isn’t my problem”. It just doesn’t seem to compute. I stopped trying to figure out if this lack of understanding is just part of the act, or if it really is cultural. Well, it isn’t something that needs understanding. The cousin still isn’t my problem, and never will be.

  11. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “I remember I wanted to downgrade the unit and the gf started crying!! … apart from the 20 year old cousin moved her self in to the 3rd bedroom and ate dinner at the house every night (which was the same deal with the last gf) .. I worked out she was crying as I wanted a smaller place and the cousin will be out living in a boarding house again”.

    foreignerhardpinoysoft, that cousin reminded me of a Kano neighbor we had in the city. His Pinay GF had a bakla friend who was homeless. She moved in the bakla supposedly as a temporary arrangement. Bakla occupied the 2nd bedroom (which was meant to be the Kano’s office / gym), and as to be expected, ate everything in the house without giving anything in return. Well, as you know with Pinoys, they get very comfortable real soon, especially if someone else is paying. After 2 weeks, Kano started asking when will bakla move out? GF said “he has not found accommodation yet”. Of course he has not because he was not intending to move out! By the 3rd week, Kano said “he needs to move out before I get back or else I will put his things outside!”. said Kano as he walked out the door.

    Five hours later, Kano came home and bakla was still in the apartment.. Kano got mad and grabbed bakla’s things and put them out the gate. As you can imagine, there was a lot of yelling and screaming. Bakla was soon out the gate, but started yelling calling the Kano all sorts of names. Remember, this is the Pinoy the Kano housed and fed for three weeks for free. Utang na loob? It’s just another Filipino game to extract the maximum out of you.

    Eventually Kano left the apartment telling the GF “get rid of him, or I go!”. Faced with becoming homeless and penniless herself, do you think the GF would stick to the bakla friend? Remember, this is the Philippines. It’s dog eat dog out there.

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      The child brides brother is a Bakla, poor bastard he is butt ugly bakla, nice enough guy.
      But a bit confronting having him stay.
      He arrived one day suitcase in hand.
      This was very strange as he normally shows up with out any suitcase.
      I asked the child bride what he wants, The response, HE IS KAWAWA!!!!!!!!!
      Ok when will he be UNKAWAWA, ????????????
      He has no work.No money etc.
      After three days I tried again, He is still Kawawa!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I walke accross the road to a resort where they had out a sign for a Kitchen Hand, spoke with the manager,
      It took me 15 whole minutes for me to find him a job.
      I walked back and informed the child bride and bakala he had a job.
      I told her to take him over and introduce him to the manager as she knew the manager.
      But a kitchen hand that is a fucking slave !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      BUT ITS A JOB. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I told them both if he is gunna stay with us he has to work, no bums in my house.
      I never saw him again for six months !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I apologized to the manager about the job, he said he sees it all the time, he can never keep staff, , and as a Kanoe he has to pay Manila Full Rates, not like the local flip resorts. But can not keep staff.
      They get a bit of money in their hands and they are off to the province to lord it over their friends and family about their great life, when they come back broke and expect the job to be still there waiting for them.

      The upshot the bakla is now NOT KAWAWA he has a job, funny how making him work or leave had the desired effect.
      Feed a stray cat it will never leave.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        ” He is kawawa, He has no work.No money etc.”

        So why racked up on your doorstep complete with full luggage? Because he and his sister expects the Kano to feed and house him for free!!!! No work, no money = first thing we do in the west is try get a job! Not so for these lazy free-loading, dependent, narcissistic personality disordered Failipinos!

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Narcissistic!!!!!!!!!!! Sarah
          Nope he is too damn punget for that , he looks like an Eita short and rotund.
          But as a Bakla we have to cover the mirrors in the house and open up all the windows.
          Either he wants to look at himself or is preening his punget self.
          Just because he is punget, doesn’t stop him being a Bakla.

          If you are going to be a Bakla, it helps to be Magunda.
          Did I mention he is a queen Tooooo!!!!!!!!!!

          Thank god Ive got an ensuite when the family visit. Air conditioned parents retreat for me to hide in.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            To be honest Don, I have yet to meet an attractive Pinoy bakla or ladyboy!! They are all panget!! No matter how much they plaster their faces with make-up, they’re still panget! What did I say on my other post? You can not make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear! And Pinoy baklas are worst than a sow’s ear! I’ve seen Thai Ladyboys, and you’d swear you can not tell them from a real girl. But Pinoy ladyboys? You’ll have to be on a combination of drugs, alcohol and dim lights not to recognized one!

            Aside from bakla cousins, I also have a ladyboy cousin who’s had multiple plastic surgery funded by a Kano BF. WTF is wrong with these guys who hook up with ladyboys????? Isn’t your own” tackle” enough for you?

            Anyway, ladyboy cousin turned from a dark brown to light brown ladyboy, plus nose job, plus lip reduction job, plus dermabrasion. Does he looked like a girl? NO! He still looked like a dude! But here’s the catch. Kano BF wanted a baby. Ladyboy of course don’t have those facilities to make one! So they decide to hire a surrogate Pinay. There’s only one problem. Kano decided to hook up with Pinay surrogate mother. What can I say? real P…y beats ladyboy hands down.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Too punget? Get serious. Have you ever met a filipino that has not thought they looked great? The mirror does not lie but the filipino will accuse it of lying. A filipino never met a mirror or camera they did not love.

  12. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “so in the future she would have been able to take care of his parents, himself, etc, because he added “Pinays are family-oriented and down-to-earth”

    For as long as foreign men kept buying this fallacy that Filipinos are ‘family-oriented’, they will forever be susceptible to scams! Filipinos are no more family oriented than the rest of the world with good moral values. I have known Filipino families quibble over ‘who will take care of mum?’ Families steal and scam from an OFW sibling with no qualms! including stealing from a newly deceased Grandmother! Family oriented values is the biggest bullshit that’s come out of the Philippines, side by side with “Filipinas are loyal, faithful, and the best wives in the world”. Welcome to fantasy land…..

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      Sarah, they have no truly moral values. It is only something they do when others are watching. If no one is watching, if they think no one will know, morals have no value. Ignorance is bliss, and they will fight to stay ignorant. And how dare one try to lift the veil with reason. Many say don’t take the girls back home because they become Americanized. That is not what is happening. Yes, you can get a younger girl here very easy, but it is a myth that they are better, it is an insult to many hard working American woman. Too many woman do hold a job, get up and get the kids ready, feed them, take them to day care, pay for the day care, work all day, pick them up, go shopping, cook and clean up. The problem I had in the U.S. was being with someone with a Filipina attitude (but I didn’t know what a pinay was like at the time) and I have to admit, as bad as she was, I had seen nothing yet. It is not that they have become Americanized when they go to the states. It has to do with status, image, narcissistic fuel. It is like this, when living with them here in the Phils they have a foreigner, their status is way above the norm, even if to us it is considered basic. The STATUS is now way above a squatters, they now feel they are better than the others, they can show off how much more that they have. But move them to the States and that all changes. They see the beautiful houses, they don’t see the sacrifice many make to own those houses. You live around other working class people, so they don’t see the projects, don’t see the homeless shelters, don’t see the white trash and the ghetto areas. They see the lower end of working class. They see all there is in the stores to buy. They see the beautiful homes as they go to their jobs. They no longer feel the status and image they felt in the Phils with the same foreigner. You don’t give them all that they see and you are now a very bad sub human for failing them by lowering their social status. They do not see it as an opportunity to work, learn, sacrifice, build, grow and succeed, to obtain what many other good Americans do. They want it NOW, you owe it to them NOW, they are in America, the home of free money, where you get everything you want without any sacrifice. And if you don’t give it to them you’re a very bad person, NOW. Envy, they envy and they want to be envied. Lack of EMPATHY and an overabundance of ENVY. The U.S. is a land of opportunity, but you work and sacrifice for it, it is not just given to you. They are Failapino, faced with a new standard of image and much more to envy.

      In Walmart one day when we were first back in the U.S. we ran across a much older Filipino woman stocking shelf’s. She told us she was a school teacher back in the Philippines, she said she thought she knew everything before she came to the U.S. Then she said, “I knew nothing, there is so much to learn here, so much I didn’t understand”. I hoped my ex would of caught on, she didn’t. That woman is someone to be proud of, she came with pinoy pride, but was already what makes America proud. No gime, she was show me, teach me, so I can grow.

    2. Profile gravatar of Gerd

      that’s why I wrote Olav “Serves you right, buddy”. Moreover, if someone from a developing land wants to marry you so fast, a bell should be ringing…and this is valid for all people from the 1st world.

  13. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    The other thing is NEVER EVER LEND filipinos money.

    Everyone that comes to this country will be approached by a filipino especially when you get into their “personal space bubble” these shameless people will then think .. its time to ask for a handout. I’ve been asked many many times for loans and i say here, (for small amounts to cover say food or fares or something, rent on a boarding house for 2 weeks) have it. but i say sorry i dont lend to filipinos
    they say Why? .. are yo thinking im a liar? lol .. yep .. 100% rate of non payment over 10 years .. are you trying to buck the trend? they always love to think they are different … somehow .. why the fuck is that???filipinos know their race sucks when it comes to runners and non payment and try to save face by denying they are the same when they are!! even when they have failed at repayment they still promise like bullshit artists next time round .. NO SHAME.

    You always get:

    1. Ill pay you next salary – LIES (When next salary comes, oh .. there was a delay as i had a deduction or the company not pay me blah blah )
    2. I promice – have you ever trusted a filipino promise? – DONT
    3. The aunt sending me my allowance bullshit – sorry .. that wont mean you get paid back
    4. Ill pay you 20 or 30 or even 50% interest for this month – sorry .. if its so good .. go to Mhullier havent paid back a cent yet

    Filipinos will always promise BIG when they want something and underdeliver and FAIL when its time to deliver and pay up.

    1. always on time
    2. always answer the phone
    3. always reply to texts
    4. ring constantly. It was nothing to get 20 to 30 missed calls over 2 hours.
    5. rise early from sleep – it was nothing to get calls from 4am missed ..with texts for help
    6. always be kind and caring personalities (lol!! isnt that how they want to be seen by the world – kind and caring little mother fuckers — well its fucking false my friends)
    7. seemingly they find the money (off other foreingers, but wont tell you how many guys off the list have paid them) eg. i hadnt spoken to one girl for 8 months. I said hey how are you. NO hi!! how are you kiss my asshole, hows your father. nope, narcassistic bitch as they are said .. can you buy me load. Yep, this is how they are. First reply is I NEED SOMETHING FROM YOU. you note how they are. its always I DONT MISS YOU, with filipinos its I NEED SOMETHING FROM YOU..

    1. they wont answer the phone
    2. they dont reply to texts
    3. they dissapear
    4. they have another excuse (i lost my job, my salary is late, i got robbed, i got booted out of my boarding house etc)
    5. they will ask for more money

    TOURISTS – some of these guys annoy the crap out of me. They are like drunken sailors and i have seen a guy pull out a roll of loose 1000’s from his pocket perhaps 20 notes and hes fumbling through trying to pay a drink – what message does that send?

  14. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “It is not that they have become Americanized when they go to the states. It has to do with status, image, narcissistic fuel.”

    I really wished foreign men would stop blaming the western women for their Filipinas changing upon arriving in the west. Really, the Filipina changing to a westernized woman has got nothing to do with American women’s culture but more to do with how she feels about you in the first place. Do any of you actually believe that ‘love’ can be switched on and off if and when a woman changes her environment or don’t get her way? To me, that is not LOVE! That is using “LOVE” as a means to an end. Therefore, please stop blaming western women for your poor choices of foreign brides. Instead, analyze her real motives before you take get married. For many of these women, love does not equate marriage and vice versa, The sanctity of marriage is alien amongst them.

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      No, real love can’t be switched on and off. But they do blame you anyways, they claim they really did love you, but you treated them so badly. It is your fault they changed. I swear, she believed it herself but I knew it was total bull shit. Blame this shit on becoming Americanized is an insult to my daughters, they are not that way, they went to school and worked when not in school starting at 16. Actually both of them took their support money, worked and moved out of their mothers before they finished high school. They paid for their own collage and never asked for help when support stopped. Even when I offered a little help they didn’t take it. They are self made, that is where true pride comes from. With them I was blessed. Americanized my ass.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Thank you biggestloserx2! You are one of the very few I’ve come across who defended western women & acknowledged where the real fault lies! And it’s not from western women! really, if you hide your Filipina from society for fear of western women influence, should you not ask yourself the validity of her feelings for you? For sooner or later, she will jump ship with or without western women whispering evil things on her ears.

  15. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    It has to do with status, image, narcissistic fuel.” yep and they dont do that
    if you dont like it leave shit in the states ..they will go to some government department and complain about ill treatment and make a fuss.

  16. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    slow down guys! I’ve got a lof of catching up to do on sow’s ears, evil witches, tackle and child brides! Phew………where to start?