Filipinos are better than anyone else

Ok folks, Enjoy this one. this came in as a user-submitted post. I’m just going to publish the whole thing as is. He/she must be about 9 years old. But then again, MOST Filipinos have the mind of about 8 or 9 years old.

Enjoy a good laugh at this one.


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We are the Pearl of the Orient, therefore we are precious.

We are better than Americans, for it was by mere chance that their country is rich and ours is poor. Americans always rely on machines to do their work because they are lazy. They have machines to clean the floor, cut wood, cut grass, open tin cans, so many machines for lazy people. Filipinos are more industrious than Americans.

We are better than the Chinese or Japanese or Koreans or Germans because we speak good English. English is the language of science, technology and commerce so we Filipinos have a better understanding of those fields. Just wait, very soon Filipinos will go to space and we will be more proud than before.

Sa Tagalog:
Kami ang Perlas ng Silangan, kung gayon kami ay mamahálin.

Daig namin ang mga Amerikano, dala lamang ng pagkakataon na mayaman ang bansa nila at mahirap ang sa amin. Ang mga Amerikano ay laging naka-asa sa mga makinarya sa kanilang mga gawain sapagkat sila ay tamad. Meron silang makina panglinis ng sahig, panglagare ng kahoy, pangputol ng damo, pangbukas ng delata, maraming mga makina para sa mga tamad na tao. Mas masipag ang Pilipino kesa Amerikano.

Daig namin ang mga Intsik o Hapon o Koreano o Aleman sapagkat mahusay kami sa Ingles. Ingles ang salita ng syensa, teknolohiya at negosyo kaya mas naiintidahan namin ang mga bagay na yan. Maghintay ka ng konting panahon dahil malapit ng makarating sa kalawakan ang Pilipino at lalong meron kaming ipagyayabang.

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  1. Profile gravatar of peelking

    Oh yeah? Best huh? More industrious huh? How is that working out for you right now?

    I’ll tell you how..

    A third of your population are living below poverty level.

    Manila, Metro Manila, QC and all the other greater metropolitan areas are stuck in traffic gridlock 24/7..24 fucking 7. You know how much productivity is lost in this clusterfuck? Billions upon Billions. Yet non of your bright leaders seem to see that this should be their one and only focus to right your sinking ship, right now!

    Your average monthly salary is P 11,700, that’s about $279. That fucking sucks!!

    You keep electing fuck ups that do nothing but plunder your country and suck it dry like vampires on a blood binge.

    You have no respect towards one another as evidence with how you fucktards drive, among other things. I’m sure you walk around one of your obnoxious mega malls.. you ever see anyone open the door for someone, give right of way while walking, not jump in line given the chance? Yes, there is little to zero common courtesy.

    I could go on and on but let’s just start with the things above. You all have grand ideas but the most basic and fundamental things you seem to forget. Just start with common courtesy and not try to fuck each other over at every opportunity. Stop fucking electing the same assholes that clearly is only there to plunder and fatten themselves. Drive like normal human beings and not like some fucking moron.

    Believe it or not, I root for you guys. I am Filipino by ethnicity and birth. I want to see you guys do well. But you have to quit these delusions and face your problems. You ain’t the best at shit. You’re the worst at a lot right now. Until you guys realize this, you will continue to get ass rape each other. RIght now you all are a bunch of rats just trying to claw for some space in a very tight container. You all need to work together to figure out a way to get the fuck out of that container. Stay Still, Be calm and figure out a way out. Work together and not against each other.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Yep. The average Filipino thinks they can just make a statement with words, and everyone will believe it, regardless of the fact our EYES see the complete opposite of what comes gushing from their mouth in words. And the sad thing is, every other Filipino will believe the other Filipino’s words more than they will believe what their EYES SEE. They turn a blind eye to reality, and choose to live in the delusions and fables the pour out from their mouths.

      VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING is ass-backwards in Philippines. Especially the fact that in Philippines, WORDS speak louder that ACTIONS. To the idiot Filipino, what goes in their ears is more believable than what they see with their eyes.

  2. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
    Pearl Of My Ass

    that IS my first post and my alias says it all.
    Rich = lazy And poor = industrious
    What did I miss !?!?
    Going to the moon ? What for…. Littering more ?
    Such naivity is blistering for the eyes.
    In any other blog that would be called Trolling, in here, mmmm… Well…
    This blog made me laughed for the last 10 months Iive here in Manila, thank you so much to all for helping me not feeling like a bigot.
    Much love

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Please explain to us how using hand shears and spending hours cutting a lawn, instead of using a lawn mower and spending minutes mowing the lawn makes Filipinos more industrious? We were industrious enough to use a lawnmower so we would have much more time to be much more industrious with other tasks. We use a can opener machine so we’ll have more time to avail ourselves to be more industrious in another task. We use machines NOT because we’re lazy, we use machines because machines do tasks FASTER, so that we can get many more tasks done in less time. THAT IS INDUSTRIOUS.

      HERE IS STUPID: Standing there, you see a lawnmower, and hand shears. In your tiny little illogical mind, you think you’re lazy if you use the mower, so you choose the shears so you won’t be thought of as lazy. If you mow lawns for a living, you might be able cut 2 lawns in a day. But if you had a Machine (lawnmower), you could easily cut 8 to 10 lawns in a day, thus making 3 to 4 times more money every day, to better support your family.

      You see, it’s your stupid idiotic thinking that keeps you idiots poor. Americans get more done. THAT IS WHAT INDUSTRIOUS MEANS, YOU IMBECILE!!

      Going to the moon….what for? It’s call discovery, learning, advancing knowledge, exploration, PROGRESS!. These are things you native Filipinos fail to do, which keeps you in the “idiot” category, and keeps you poor and stupid. The entire process of going to the moon was not only one of the greatest achievements of mankind ever, but out of it came countless inventions that helped America BE MUCH MORE INDUSTRIOUS while Philippines remained stupid and lazy with no respect or awareness of the value of time and how to be more industrious with your time.

      But I am absolutely confident you do not have the brain capacity to understand this logic. I honestly don’t think you even know the meaning of the word “logic”. This is why you are a complete idiot.

      Much love right back to you.

      1. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
        Pearl Of My Ass

        I feel like EVERY lines in my post came the wrong way. mmmmm…. Please read every lines in my post with “irony” and see my “alias” Pearl of my ass (!!!).
        Why ? (and I should have introduce myslef – my bad) I come from the most competitive, clean, safe and organized country IN the world (let you find out which / don’t want to disclose too much). I am not Pinoy and being here for a year or so now, makes me feel like maybe I become intolerant (and kind of a bigot) because I want to slap people by the hour. Your blog made me laughed so much (that was not ironic). I should obviously learn to write ‘post’ that can be understood without the tone of my voice in the back of my head, classic. though, I liked your reply to what you thought is a pro-pinoy argument, maybe, i discovered my role by accident 🙂
        Anyway, have a nice Sunday gentlemen.
        Still much love !

        1. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
          Pearl Of My Ass

          “going to the moon ? What for…. Littering ?” (because Pinoy litter everywhere and the little sod from the original post wanted to go to space and be proud..). Shit, all my jokes went flat…

        2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          WAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAH Good one pearlofmyass! You got us!

          But knowing filos, your “joke” cannot come across as a joke, because what you wrote in the post is very well within the realm of capability of the Filipino. It is completely believable, and not at all out of the norm.

          Anyway, glad you’re here. You’re going to be a fun addition to this blog, I can tell.

          1. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
            Pearl Of My Ass

            Are you saying that by “trying to be subtle”, I accidentally sounded Pinoy ?!?!?
            For cryint out loud, I must be carefull

  3. Profile gravatar of CebuBear

    God bless him, or her. There is something endearing about the earnest belief of an idiot. The pride of this 86er (average Filipino IQ is 86, average USA, UK, Aust, European is 97-98)is clear for all and should be admired. I can see the tears welling and the chests swelling. If this were not about the Pinas I would swear that was a troll, sucking us in with a BS post to get people wound up. But we know it is genuine, don’t we people? I call people like him (or her), Rizals, as in Jose Rizal. Misguided patriots you should tie to a post and shoot as an example to the rest. Viva Espana! hahahahahah

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      I respect your consideration that the poster may be male or female. But due to my experience in dealing with these fuckin idiot filipinos, I’m completely shocked and mind blown if they are considered ‘human.’ Instead of trying to clarify if the the blogger is a ‘HE’ or ‘SHE.’ Much better we just identify him/her (lol) as ‘it.’ You can just call the blogger an ‘IT’ for now on since there don’t seem to be anything human about it, along with the rest of these filipino idiots. Just to make it easy, I will start off by saying that my idiot filipina wife is an IT too. It just happens to have a female physical appearance, but nothing inside of that noggin of it seems to function humanly.

  4. Profile gravatar of roadking

    & as usual the comments made in the original post are mainly down to Jealousy, which seems to be so rampant here.
    That coupled with the intelligence of your average 5 year old, what would you expect…

  5. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    I had an amazing party yesterday, drunk my ass off, and had a laugh. But after reading this blog, my laugh just now is more hysterical than the laugh I had last night. This argument is obviously one-sided. No need to contradict what is obviously beyond reasonable doubt WRONG. Even thought he claims to be non-pinoy, he definitely inherited the Filipino’s Filogic somehow. If Filipnios were smart enough to invent machines to get work done faster, they will have more time to do other shit. It’s as simple as that. They barely have time to accomplish the work they are already tasked to do, so if anything, they are in dire NEED of our machinery. But because they were not smart enough to create it themselves, now they (the blog writer) wanna bring discredit and shame to our inventions because they don’t have it. That sounds very crab-like to me (If I don’t have it, you can’t have it. And if you have it, it’s bad). Always trying to bring the world down because you lack the ability to bring your country up to economical standards.
    I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume that you are pinoy, trying to say you are not pinoy. Well, you are obviously saying that “PHILIPPINES” is better than “AMERICA” and other countries. Why so patriotic to Philippines? Have heard of the term “Sound like a duck, looks like a duck, it is a duck?” Well anything that a typical filipino idiot would say had just been displayed through your delusional optimistic patriotism for Philippines and your idiot English grammar. Being good English does not constitute that you idiots are smart. Half of you barely even speak it well, yet alone understand it. Here is my opinion, if you Filipinos want to sound more intelligent, much better you don’t learn English at all. So that way the world can’t hear and understand how pathetically stupid you people really are. But it’s already too late, now I know whatever you idiots have to say in Tagalog is just as fuckin stupid!

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      And to top off on that, we don’t invent machines just to make our work easier. Some inventions (machines) are created for entertainment purposes too. Look on the back of all your electronics RIGHT NOW, and tell me which one says ‘MADE IN PHILIPPINES,’ and I don’t mean go straight to your fuckin rice cooker. Shiiiit, even half of those are not made in Philippines and you can find a rice cooker in every pinoy household. I tell you right now that my TV is not made in Philippines, my XBOX is not made in Philippines, and my computer sure as hell is not made in fuckin Philippines. Last time I checked, I can find these merchandises sold at your SMs. So if these so called “Machines” are sooooo bad for you, then why the hell do your country go through the time and money to import them? Luckily America makes half of this shit, so no need to do alot of importing. For GOD sake, how many CARS are made in Philippines? My guess is 0, and your fuckin jeepneys don’t count either. Ok, I think I made my point good enough. Have fun trying to contradict this one you obvious filipino idiot! LMFAO!!!

          1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            A party guy like myself needs a XBOX, trying playing a 4 player game on a PS3….lol. Online don’t count. But everybody has their preferences. I guess I will make a website in the future 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Ok, sorry about that pearlofmyass. It’s just the part in the beginning of the post that says, “We are the Pearl of the Orient” and the fact that you said in a comment
        “that IS my first post and my alias says it all.
        Rich = lazy And poor = industrious”
        Those few things made me think that this was your post. Sorry again for the mix up. But I am still against the message and the poster. I am not against you if you don’t hold any claims towards this post. I apologize again for the confusion 🙂

        1. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
          Pearl Of My Ass

          No no no, my mistake from the beginning – my confusion, I tried to be funny but actually crucified myslef 🙂
          You know, I have been reading FILO, FAFI & Heyjoe for months now, I am your biggest fan and deeply feel for you guys cause I struggle myself through this mayhem called a country. I come from a place where using a lawn mawer during ‘lunch time” is forbidden so it does not bother people having lunch on their adjacent terrace/garden (yes, such places/country does exist – a bit extrem, but so..), so believe me, ‘baffled’ is my middle name and when I share my ‘stories’ with friends and colleagues back at home, they think I do exagerate, and that I am ‘borderline’ xenophob… I know I am not. I am a 40ish European/expat leaving in Makati with a lot of priviliges, so I know I do not have it as hard as you guys, still, I feel for you. Take care and talk to you soon.

          1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Ok, now it makes more sense now that you described it to me. Let me get this strait, so you created your screen name specifically to contradict this post when the poster said “We are the Pearl of the Orient.” At first it gave me the impression you were the poster because of your name in relation with that phrase in this post. Sorry I had you mistaken for a filipino idiot, you actually come from a country that actually believes in ORDER, OBEDIENCE, DISCIPLINE, and RESPECT unlike this one.
            Maybe mowing your lawns during lunchtime may sound strict, but at least it is more courteous than these inconsiderate nincompoops blasting their horns at 7 o’clock in the morning! Especially on election days! At least there is a mandatory moment of silence in your country. Good luck trying to shut these idiots up for whole minute! I know this has nothing to do with the topic, but just want to put this out there: While I was visiting my friend in Mindoro a few days ago. At the Batangas ship port, it is just as fucked up and disorganized as their airports. I mean, whenever it is time for boarding, and I mean the VERY second every pinoy hears the first boarding call, they ALL gaggle fucked up to the entrance gate, forming like 3 or 4 lines. The funny thing is that, your ticket is gets checked in at the entrance one-by-one. So regardless of where you are in the gaggle fuck, you still end up walking out the gate one-by-one. Would it be so hard for them to for ONCE form one organized line, and resist the urge to cut as much people in line (or the gaggle fuck I mean)? Just like at the airport, you have your own seat number in the ship/ferry, and it wont leave until everyone is boarded (assuming that all the passengers are on time). So why is everyone rushing to cut in line? Is it a race? Or do they need to display to everyone how many people they can skip before boarding on the boat? Some idiot tried to cut between me and wife, so I friskily shoved him aside. He gave me a dirty evil look as if he wanted to do something about it. That is ok because I’m itching to put one of these idiots in their place physically! They seriously need to learn some respect. I don’t understand why some parts of this world even care to help this dying country. I hope our president and other world leaders are aware of this kind of behavior. If I was the president, I would NEVER lend a hand to this country.

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            The 6pm prayer time nationwide; All of Philippines stops all lying, cheating, stealing, plundering, pushing, shoving, buying votes, stealing ballot boxes, and scamming so they can pray together as a nation of devoted Christians for a moment.

            When prayer is over, they resume what they do best; lying, cheating, stealing, plundering, pushing, shoving, buying votes, stealing ballot boxes, and scamming.

            They all make such a big deal of their faith in God. They write “God’s Gift” and “God Is Good” on their Jeepneys, tricycles, and cars. They will tell you how much faith they have in God to provide for their needs. Yet they will not hesitate to lie, cheat, and steal for personal gain. Such strong faith huh? This just falls under the “words speak louder that actions” trait of the Filipino. As long as you SAY and PROCLAIM faith in god, you don’t really have to actually have faith in God. Because if you did, you would not lie, cheat, and steal…..and so very blatantly and shamelessly.

            If these fucking pathetic fools are “God’s handy work”, then I’m the President of Zimbabwe.

  6. Profile gravatar of

    FAFI…for some reason I couldn’t reply to your last comment to Pearl but it made me laugh so hard. I had a similar experience just this past weekend regarding Filipinos inability to queue or follow simple directions, but this one had an interesting twist. I just returned to Manila from South America this past weekend. I connected in NYC at JFK airport where about half of the flight was Filipino. Waiting at the gate and striking up conversations with the people around me, they seemed like the most normal people in the world. We talked family, sports, politics, etc… When we boarded the Filipino family sitting in front was courteous and the dude sitting next to me was cool. Long story short…NORMAL people. After the long flight, we begin our descent into Manila and the most amazing thing happened. These same seemingly normal people started turning into the same ignorant dumb fucks you see every day on the street here. It began with the incessant sniffling that the men do (like a nervous tic), and the constant getting up into the overhead bins AFTER the flight attendant made the announcement to buckle up and get ready to land. The pilot even had to intervene and make an announcement that we couldn’t land until everyone was seated. Do you think that mattered? NOPE! So we landed finally, and of course the announcement to stay seated until the plane finished taxiing to the gate. Apparently the majority of the plane took this as the announcement to GET UP and get their things from the overheard bins. I was watching in amazement. The flight attendants were going nuts. When the plane finally did arrive at the gate and it really was time to get up and file off, these same normal people that I had spoken to not 15 hours earlier had been replaced with mindless dumbfucks climbing over each other to be first off – blank-staring me to death as I tried to walk off the plane like a normal fucking human being. I got through immigration and was waiting at the baggage claim, and I swear those same “normal” people had turned into the same inconsiderate morons we gripe about on this board day in and day out. I got my bags and stood next to that nice family (that I spent so much time with at JFK) at the customs area. I waved goodbye and – you guessed it – they blank stared me.

    So I am now convinced that there is something in the atmosphere here that triggers the dumbshit out of their brains. HAS to be

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      That is because they now have the home field advantage to be as fuckin stupid, inconsiderate, ignorant, selfish, and disrespectful as they want! Do you think Filipinos really enjoy following the rules and complying with orders and regulations? As you said, you were RETURNING to Philippines. That means those idiots were RETURNING back to Philippines too. So they had to hide and cover-up as much as possible how corrupted and dishonest they were until they came back, and as soon as they entered Philippine Airspace, they feel that it is normal to revert back to their regular corrupted ways. Think of it as this: It’s like a fat guy going to a club bar surrounded by hot babes. What does the fat guy do? He sucks his gut in to impress the ladies. When the party is over and he goes home, he exhales and allows his fat to dangle again. The same concept applies to your experience. That Filipino family you spoke to were simply just holding in the Filipino mentality that was dormant inside them until they felt free to let it ALL OUT. What did you expect? I bet they were tired of obeying traffic laws, waiting in lines like normal people, putting trash in an actual trash can, seeing people of dark complexion playing major roles on TV, following instructions, and being respectful to others. They hate all that shit! Them getting up during the decent into Manila was only their first act of reverting back to their “NORMAL” ways. Take a guess how they drove home from the airport? I will give a hint and tell you right now that it was nothing like how they drove during their vacation (if they were even allowed to drive).

      1. Profile gravatar of

        I agree 100%…just never ceases to amaze me the level of idiocy in this country. Regarding the dark complexion issue its sort of a sore spot with me. I am an African-American married with a young daughter living here in BGC. She is only one, but if I could collect one peso for every time her moron pediatrician has recommended we see a dermatologist to lighten her skin I would be financially better off then these crooked ass senators. Every time we go in for her shots and checkups she says the exact same thing — “oh wow her skin is getting lighter!!” as if thats the objective. And every single time my wife and I get pissed and give her the eyebrow-raised-side-eye. I could rant on this topic forever and a day so I’ll stop here but you get the point

  7. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    Ok, now I’m a bit confused here. Pearlofmyass, you are NOT the one who sent the post via user submit pretending to be a typical deluded Filipino? Please clarify.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
      Pearl Of My Ass

      Nope. But becau he wrote “we are the pearl of Asia…. Blablabl”, it was a revelation to me, I shall be known as: Pearl Of My Ass….
      I definitly confused the shit out of this thread didn’t I !?!?
      Time for a glass of wine, cheers gentlemen.

  8. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
    Pearl Of My Ass

    Guys, what is it that every time I am in the men’s room and a Pinoy comes for a leak, he first scrapes his throat like he just came out of a coma and that his snot fusion with his larynx, then spit the load in the pisser. The noise is just disgusting. And they all do that ( then of course leave the premises without washing their hands…).. Why?

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      I wanna retouch on the last part you just said pearlofmyass because this disgusts me too. It’s bad enough that their bathrooms are not always equipped with the necessities needed to conduct proper hygiene, but do you think about the restaurants that are that way too? Last time I checked, it’s mandatory for employees to wash their hands after they are done using the shitter. Some bathrooms here don’t even have soap, so now you know you are eating a shit-sandwich at some of these restaurants. Think about that next time you eat at Jollibee and there is no soap.
      As for what Justabari mentioned earlier about there being something in the air that triggers a Filipino to behave the way they do. I believe there is some type of aura they possess that causes a Filipino to act in their natural uncivilized manner. I will give you all an example by telling you about my dinner tonight. My idiot Filipina wife invited some relatives over tonight. We all have our natural ways of eating food right? As for me and my idiot wife, we have our natural eating habit too. But since her primitive, cavemen-like guests were eating their rice with their hands, my idiot wife advised me to conform to their ways and eat like them too. Well, she obviously transformed from ‘civilized’ to ‘savage’ and started eating her rice as if it was a fuckin burger. Just the point that she advised me to change my ways of eating is what got to me. I’m not changing my ways because these primitive apes showed up. I know that some Filipinos eats rice with their hands, but we haven’t did that once, and NOW she wants me to change? Ok, it’s just whatever. Anyway, my idiot wife is trying to view what I’m typing and she is noticing I’m trying to hide the screen from her. Sorry I gotta cut this short, but gotta go!

    2. Profile gravatar of

      I have noticed that as well. For a group of people who never stop bleating on how clean they are, a disproportionate number of Pinoys do not wash their hands. I actually heard the justification when I asked a waiter that there is no point washing hands as they have to open the door and the door handle would be dirty; Pinoy logic….

  9. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Another thing just came across my mind regarding this topic as I was eating out today and I wanna address this to the poster. You say we are lazy because we use machines and technology to make our lives easier? Do you know what is fuckin funny? You fuckers are even lazier without technology! How lazy do you have to be to just dump your trash in the streets, instead of just holding onto it until you come across a trash can? How lazy do you have to fuckin be to throw your own tray of food away when you dine in at Jollibee or McDonalds? I know it is the cultural norm to just let your tray there and let one of the waiters throw it away for you, when they eventually get to it of course. I remember a time when I ordered a meal at McDonalds for dine in, and there was no fuckin place to SIT! Most of the tables are taken, I understood that, but the other tables that didn’t have customers were full with previous customer’s food trays just sitting there. I’m not gonna set my tray next to a pile of trash. Shit like that NEVER happens in America because we have the decency to throw our own food away!
    I just conclude this by saying this: When you lazy piece of shit Filipinos are lazy, it only increases pollution. When Americans are lazy (in your sense), all I see it doing is increasing production. What I mean by that is: I would rather be LAZY (as you call it) and use a chainsaw instead of a hatchet to cut down a tree. Chainsaw is faster, I can cut down more trees in a day. More production, but it’s lazy to you right? Instead of using a hatchet to cut down one tree all day….lol, have fun with that you idiot Filipino. When a Filipino is lazy, it’s much easier to just piss in the streets instead of holding it in until you walk by a 7-eleven, which is posted on almost every street here. Even going to one of your SMs will due, at least you can wash your filthy hands afterwards. I think I clarified enough about Filipino laziness and American laziness enough. I can’t wait to hear your justification on that, or any other idiot Filipino listeners!

      1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
        Hey Joe

        Well according to his pea brain I must be the most lazy guy in this country.
        First off I am a ASE cert master mechanic of almost 40yrs. After I sold my shop back in the states and was stupid enough to pack all of my shop equipment, hoist,trany jack, computerized diag equipment so on so on into a 40foot box and ship it here. Including my lawn tractor!!
        Wow what was I thinking.. I could just cut my 3/4 Hector of thick ass grass with shears.
        Boy am I dumb..
        Let’s see. I can hire a crew of locals to do a shit-ass job, steal all the fruit off my trees..sit on there lazy ass all day and figure out what else they can steal from me, not show up for work, hit me up for a advance in pay THEN not show up for work.

        OR when ever needed I can turn a key and use the tractor and be done in less than 3hrs.. It looks beautiful. The tractor has never stolen anything from me, never screws off and always does more than I ask it to do. Ya..okay I have to buy it oil and filter changes and sometimes a belt. But other than that it does it’s JOB and does it well. FAR more than I can say for pinoys !! All for the price of a tank of fuel..less than I would have to pay 1 of these lazy fucks. Oh ya, the tractor has cup holders for a cold beer on the go and cruise control. You are out of a job!!
        Then there is all my shop equipment. Ya, right like I would let one of you retards even touch my cars.. I see ya with your 2-3 wrenches and a hammer tied up in a dirty rag, and you call your self a mechanic !!!
        Give it a rest…. go to school and learn to repair cars the right way… and NO that does not mean rig stuff with wire and bubblegum and rebar or just some shit you find around and make stuff up. Admit it.. you are clueless retards that refuse or can’t learn.
        I can do more and BETTER work with all my “fancy” air tools and proper tools for the job in 1 hr than you fucktard could do in a day and you KNOW it. And I an 3x your age but can still outperform you on my worse day.

        Why oh why did I come to this place ?????
        Guess I am the stupid one…I don’t know.

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

          If you are stupid hey-joe, then I guess I am the biggest idiot of all! I came here, married one of them, and going to school to be taught by their idiot professors. Most of these so-called professors only reads the course material the night prior to their class, some don’t really know what they are teaching. Machines are obviously way more productive than any Filipino, and of course more productive than any human being. This is my philosophy: One machine can do the work of 10 people, and one person can do the work of 10 Filipinos. When I say person, I mean any normal human being who possess logic and normal thinking skills, most of these Filipinos obviously don’t have that. With that said, one machine can do the work of 20 Filipinos. Sad, but true. I show these Filipinos up on a daily basis at the college I go to here, but what do you expect? It’s like repeating grade school all over again. No mental challenge here.

          1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
            Hey Joe

            “This is my philosophy: One machine can do the work of 10 people, and one person can do the work of 10 Filipinos”.
            Right on FAFI. Love it.
            Around 3yrs ago we build a house. Dealing with these mental midgets was about to drive me insane. At around the 75% point in the project we have had enough. Fired the entire crew and took over with me myself and I in charge. I am not a young man, but I just could not deal with there lies and BS excuses for why they just can not do a simple task. 2yrs later I am down to painting now. Most of my time is wasted re-doing all of the screw-ups.

            One small joy I get is the looks on the locals faces(former employees)as I drive by on the tractor with the trailer loaded down with what I measured as 7 wheelbarrow loads of sand/stone/cement in one load. Yes boys.. you are out of work ! Why??? simple, you are all retards. One old kano can do all of your jobs.. True I am slow..but I have nothing but time. I have FAR-FAR fewer headaches with them GONE and more money saved with the lack of re-do’s. Must admit, my back sure hurts 🙂

            Sacking all of them was good choice for me.

  10. Profile gravatar of NeoGeo

    Okay, here’s some Pinoy Phail from half a world away.

    I recently bought a Tracfone here in the US. For those that don’t know, it’s a pre-paid phone type of deal. I’m not a prolific cell phone user in terms of data so it’s cheaper for me to just pay as I go.

    I was down to 50 minutes of airtime left so I bought a pre-paid card to boost my minutes. The phone recognized the purchase when I input the code, but never updated my minutes. So, I called the customer service number on the back of the card. This is where the Pinoy Phail comes in.

    Many Pinoys love to think that the Philippines is world class in high tech simply because of the boom in call centers. LOL. I’m predicting that the so called boom is about to go bust in a few years once the companies find out just how terrible the Fail-a-pinos are at their jobs.

    How do I know I was routed to a Fail-a-pino call center? Their accent coaches are very good, but they aren’t perfect, and neither are the Pinoys that try to mimic the American accent. I’ve been around Pinoys long enough to pick out the accent. Only Filipinos that have been out of the Philippines for a great period of time and have ditched Tagalog (or any other Filipino language) have truly lost the Filipino accent.

    So I explain the problem to the call center guy. I bought an airtime card, input the code, code was validated, but my minutes were never updated. Sounds simple, right? I had the card with me in case they wanted to verify the pin number. Most normal call centers would just have me verify the last few digits on the pin and then check to see if my account was updated. If not, they would go ahead and update it manually.

    Well, this place tried to do that. But this place had Fail-a-pinos in there. So the guy has me verify the pin. Fine. Standard procedure. He then verifies that my account was not updated. Good so far. Then he tries to update it manually. FAIL!

    All I kept hearing was the following:

    “Sorry, sir. The application I need is loading slowly.”
    “It seems the application I need is giving me an error.”
    “It seems the application I need has frozen.”

    Guess how long this went on for. Just over one hour. That’s right. ONE HOUR! WTF!!!

    But in the minds of the Fail-a-pinos, I guess this call center was hard working and industrious. They took a whole hour to fix one problem. Wow! Really hard working.

    More than likely, there’s a dumbass, thieving Fail-a-pino working as that call center’s network engineer. He probably pocketed most of the budget for equipment and outfitted the place with cheap, outdated servers. I mean, think about it. Constant app failure in a call center for an hour. That’s got “standard stealing Pinoy” written all over it.

    So, thanks to them hard working Fail-a-pinos, Tracfone just lost a customer. Once my current minutes are gone, I’m switching to another carrier. When the outsourcing companies find out the Fail-a-pinos perform worse than trained monkeys, expect the Fail-a-ppine “tech sector” to go bust.

    I swear, the Filipinos can’t do anything but make everything worse. Their country is shit, and when they branch out, everything they get involved in also turns to shit.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        What NeoGeo said was true for Indians and is now true for Philipinos. When the call centers went to India, they thought it was because they were smart and great in English, then when the centers moved to Philippines it became their turn to think they were very good in English and customer service (!). However, many cannot solve even basic problems, do not understand expressions of speech and use a script when things are not working.
        One advantage (or maybe not) over Indian call centers is that when the agent says their name is Dexter or Rocky or Mercury , you know that is their real name

  11. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    To all Filipinos. If you are in the path of Typhoon Yolanda how much faith are you putting in the government officials you elected to help rescue you in your time of need? Do you actually think they are well prepared to help you? Do you actually think they even give a shit about you? What do you think they are more concerned with, spending the taxpayer money to prepare for national disasters or building more mansions for their families and mistresses? The only relief I ever see after a disaster is a line of people receiving a plastic bag with a few kilos of rice and some sardines. Of course you are not actually standing in a line. You are scrambling in a stampede like a here of buffalo.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      The chances of a group of Filipinos standing in an organized line is the same chances of them not eating rice for a day, it’s not gonna happen. We already know what is gonna happen, they are simply gonna broadcast their disaster on global television in the hopes that at least one country will have the heart to give them aid. That is what happens during every disaster here. I can’t wait til the day comes when the world realizes how hopeless Philippines is, and completely ignore all pleas for help from this country. Then Philippines will have no choice but to learn to be independent and not rely on other countries.
      As for school. I have a course that is called “Logic.” First thing that came to mind is that “you need LOGIC if you want to teach LOGIC.” My so-called ‘LOGIC’ teacher is just a typical Filipino idiot, I had him in my last semester and he openly allows his students to cheat on their test, quizzes, and final exams. His excuse is “this is only a minor subject.” I can’t count the number of times that he said that, but he says it as if it justifies for his poor performance and lack of regard for his student’s comprehension of the subject. Anyway, he preached in class yesterday about how the human being is naturally intelligent. I’m assuming that means a ‘human’ and a ‘Filipino’ are two different things, because I don’t see anything intelligent about this country. Well, there you have it! Filipinos are not human beings!

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Dude..I thought you were joking. A course called “Logic” here in any school is funny shit. Reminds me of the conversation I had with my son’s principal yesterday. They called us at 7am to tell us that school was cancelled.

        me: Why?
        Sir because of the typhoon
        me: *looks out the window* but it will pass west through the Visayas. It won’t even impact this region at all right?
        Yes sir
        me: so why is school cancelled?
        Because of the typhoon sir
        me: NEVER MIND!

        I then went later on in the day to Globe to get an LTE sim card since my area is finally covered.

        me: can I get a LTE sim card here?
        yes sir. But you will need compatible unit
        me: ok no problem. Is it available for Prepaid customers?
        yes sir, please take a number
        *wait and wait wait*
        me: i’d like a prepaid LTE sim card please.
        sorry is only available for postpaid customers
        me: but your employee over there said its available for prepaid too
        hold on sir i will ask my manager……….
        sorry is only available for postpaid customers. would you still like one?
        me: seriously?
        me: hey man..i thought you said i could get LTE for prepaid?
        yes sir..prepaid, please take a number
        me: GOODBYE

    2. Profile gravatar of

      Yet ABS-CBN is continually broadcasting these shelters and concerned commentators as if they actually give a shit. I even saw a hotline this afternoon where these idiot Filipino celebs were discussing how we should all donate money while the callers were doing their best to fake as if they were actually receiving calls. None of the “volunteers” answering phones in view of the camera ever stopped talking or hung up the phone. If anyone gave one centavo to these scamming hotlines I hope you realize it went right into the pocket of some thieving studio executive. Im not even sure HOW to help other than actually flying down to Leyte and helping them rebuild myself – but it sure as hell wouldn’t be me giving money to anyone government-related within these borders. HELL no

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        I agree with you 100% on that. Even when I was in the states, I do come across these so-called Philippine Charity Organizations that asks for donations, but I know damn well not even half of it is going to the cause they are presenting. Plus you gotta think, if they are on the streets all day asking for donations, then how the hell are they making a living? Where is their salary coming from? Despite of that being said, I never give to ANY charity organizations. How do you have to time to ask for donations all day and never go to work? I think I know what is going on here…lol. When I donate, I donate directly to the source, not through some third-party scam artists. Well, after countless of times donating to the source, I’m starting to regret it since the same beggars here are expecting it from me every time they see me. That’s why I quit giving out pocket change last month for a while. It got so bad that some other these beggars started to camp around the route I take when I walk to the mall. As for your previous comment JustJabari, I have encountered several conversations like that before relating to other subjects, it’s amazing how to see how painfully stupid they are. It’s like their brain have a storage capacity of one Kilobyte, when they store new information, old information is instantly deleted and removed. I’m starting to miss a lot of things about America, especially holding an intelligent conversation with people. And yes, I was serious about that Logic class. It’s sad that “LOGIC” has to be taught to them, because it should be a natural trait of human beings, that’s why we don’t have logic classes in America. Oh well, I’m just here trying to enjoy the weekend before having to see those idiots again on Monday.

  12. Profile gravatar of montreal_dude

    I’m sorry I’m not sure if I read well or if I’m dreaming right now… Did someone really said that Filipinos will soon go in the space? That person is apparently against the machines (so against scientific researches and any form of progress I presume). Is she or he working on a project of trampoline to jump high enough to reach the space? We all wish him/her good luck amigo. Don’t forget to tell us when you are there!

    1. Profile gravatar of

      Well, there is a possibility it will happen. An ongoing AXE(the body spray) promotion gives 1 winner the chance to participate and go to NASA for training and actually go to space.

      Pretty soon, Philippine media is going to make a big deal out of it. Worst of all, a “totally rigged” winner, out of charity and luck, goes to space will be crowned a hero… instant celebrity yes, but please, hero!?

  13. Profile gravatar of

    Pride is a good thing, if it can be backed up by real accomplishments. The pollution, high crime rate, inferior quality of infrastructure, and the lack of common sense in basic consumer services is frustrating for most expats and foreigners living in the Philippines. Philippines is a sex tourist spot and a retirement paradise for men. Filipina women are generally playful and loyal, even if they are dumb as a pile of rocks.

    We Koreans tend to be more nationalist, aggressive, and more rude than the average Filipino but our nation was torn apart from the Korean War and we SKs had to band together and sacrifice to rebuild our country. Filipinos lack a sense of unity and love for their own country. It’s only lip-service when they say they have pride and love for their Island nation.

    Check this article out how Koreans view Filipinos. It explains the Korean perspective and pity of how we view the Filipino people and their current dismal state.


    P.I. used to be richer than Korea back in the 1950s? Imagine that… Now fast forward. LOL!

  14. Profile gravatar of

    I’m a Filipino, I’m proud of being one. But will never claim my race is better than anyone else. This looks like something written by a fifth or sixth grader and might have been given a 95% score by their teacher (A or A+). This is nationalism totally gone wrong. We ask for equality but we claim we are superior?

    As what I always teach my daughter, everyone is capable to be great in some way, regardless of race, but for their own efforts.

    This is pure Filipino crab mentality.

  15. Profile gravatar of

    I never said Koreans are better than Filipinos. We’re just superior in every level of life compared to the Filipino.

    Don’t hate greatness; try to emulate. = )

  16. Profile gravatar of

    I had planned on living here for most of the year, since I retired from the military. We cam her this past Oct. I can’t wait to go home in Jan. What the hell was I thinking? We own a house in Bataan. Nice place, but full of dumb asses. In one month, my wife (Filipina) had her wallet snatched out of her purse on a jeepney in Olongapo. Unfortunately they got a good amount of money. The thieves were good, I will give them that. I am sure their parents are proud. Anyway, they used the dropped coin scam, got my wife to move over closer to another passenger. She never felt a thing. We also had a solar light stolen right off our property. It always amazes me, how I read the Filipinos say how religious they are, and how peaceful and loving to one another…Bullshit! Why does every house in the place have bars on every accessible window? Every gate has locks, and everybody ensures the gate is locked before they go to bed. Then the main door, usually has at least 3 locks on it…what’s the worry, if everyone is so God fearing, loving,and honest? Yeah I lock my doors in the US, but not to this extreme. Good English!! Where? We go to eat. I order from the menu, which is in English, but they just ignore me and look at my wife. She can tell them in English, then they understand. That is plain ignorant, and rude! Had a guy selling a tricycle. His kids brought it over, and said its 35,000 PHP. Ok, sounds reasonable.. A few minutes later his dad comes. My wife said, you are selling for 35000? He looked at me then says, oh no, 50,000. What the fuck? Never mind asshole.. I know there was no mistake. The kids usually tell the truth, until their parents come along and teach them how to rip people off, especially foreigners. This shit happens all the time. I can’t even shop with my wife in the market, everything is double priced for us. This was tested. My brother in law bought some corn a certain amount for 20 PHP. Me and my wife went to the same lady a few minutes later, got the same amount, it costed 40 PHP. I have to sit in the car, while she shops, because the Flips are so honest……

    1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

      Yeah, I love how no one ever knows the price of stuff. I notice this a lot when I travel. Especially in hotels or resorts. I will admit that I don’t stay in 5 star hotels and look for cheaper places that are clean and have adequate facilities. This is what happens. You walk in the door of a resort and there will be two or three people there. You ask them how much a room is. They all look at each other with blank stares. They tell you they are not sure of the price and will have to get the manager. So they go to get the head dickhead. He comes out and seems to be as dumbfounded as his employees but finally figures out how much a room is. So these idiots run a hotel which has been there for years but can’t remember the price of a room. That’s their fucking job for crying out loud. Anyway, it’s obvious that the price of a room for the day is however much they can get you to pay if you are a foreigner because you can usually bargain down the price. Seems like the best thing to do would be to have the room prices posted on the wall.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Well that is just plain fuckin logic to have the price posted for hotels. I thought that was standard. I came across a scam-ass hotel in Manila who did the same thing to me. I just arrived in Philippines for the 5th time back in 2008, it was night time and I was looking for a hotel I can spend the night in, so I can connect to my next domestic flight in the morning to Butuan to visit my fiance(she was only my idiot fiance at that time). I took a taxi to random hotel, I think it was called “Charles Mansion” if I remember correctly. I approached the front desk clerk asking for a room. No prices were posted, and I only needed a room for 6 hours which I already explained to them. They quickly said 2,000 pesos. Well I figured that it would’ve cost me more money to take another taxi to the next hotel in the HOPES that it would be cheaper, so I said “fuck it” and went with it. I paid 2,000php to stay 6 hours at a pretty shabby hotel. To make matters a little creepy, they had some kind of skeleton key system going on there. I left the room for an hour to get something to eat and come back. I forgot what room I was in. (The room numbers are only used for an example) I went up the stairs to room 201, opened the door, and realized all my shit was missing! I was freaking out, nothing was there at all. Then I looked on the room tag on my keys to realize I was in the wrong fuckin room, it read 301, not 201. I went to 301 and my belongings were right where I left them. So I’m thinking if my key worked for 201, then whoever might stay at 201 will work for my room too. I didn’t give a shit because I was leaving in 4 hours anyway.
        Ok, so I went to Butuan, visited my idiot fiance and took care of business. She came with me to Manila to ensure that I got back home safely at my international flight. My flight left early in the morning so we needed to rent a hotel for the night. I was passed out in the taxi and she was awake trying to find a cheap hotel for us to stay at. I woke up because I noticed the taxi had stopped for a good 3 minutes, so apparently she found a hotel. Then I looked at the hotel to realize it was the same fuckin hotel I stayed at when I was traveling inbound at Manila. I rushed inside before she had a chance to sign any papers or render any money to this crooked hotel. As I grabbed her by the wrist and said, “lets go,” she said it was a really good hotel and how the price was only 1,500php to stay the night for the two of us. After hearing that, I gave the desk clerks a big “FUCK YOU” and left with my fiance. She didn’t understand what happened until I explained to her about my previous stay there. Plus I find it fucked up that they were willing to haggle the price down for her to 1500php for a full 24 hour stay and 2 occupants, knowing damn well I paid them 2000php to stay there for 6 hours alone. The thing is that they didn’t know I was a foreigner, if I came in with her I’m sure they would’ve jacked the price up again. This country is so fucked up in many ways. This is gonna cause me to treat all Filipinos like complete dog shit when I see them in the states. If they wanna use their home field advantage to treat me like shit and deprive me of all equal rights, then they have another thing coming from me. Due to my shitty experience in Korea, I already started treating Koreans like shit. I was a cable installer prior to coming here, and I gave the shittiest possible internet and cable service to this one Korean customer, it felt so goooood too….lol. Well I guess I’m gonna start adding Filipinos to my list too. I’m taking Criminology (Law Enforcement) at the college here in Philippines, I hope to be a lawyer or cop when I get back to the states so I can REALLY fuck with them!

          1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Honestly, I don’t think it’s gonna work out at all. I may end up changing courses, like business administration or some course that I can take with me back to the states. If I only do 3 years here, then complete my 4th year in the states, then I can at least say that I have finished my degree in the states. I’m pretty sure that my Criminology degree here wouldn’t be worth shit in the states, I may have to check out other degree programs.

  17. Profile gravatar of

    More irrational nationalist fanatics in my country, when I rise to power I will sterilize this people. Seriously, do you observe the irrational attitudes of this kind of pinoys? Which are similar from nationalist North Koreans. Well sadly, 26 years of living here make me realize that pinoy society is based on socialism and despotic governance. Where you have to LOVE your country so much that problems and flaws should be ignored or else, being curious and questioning can lead to death in the hands of police or private armies or drown in fanatical pinoys nationalist rambling.

  18. Profile gravatar of roadking

    Mate you have some real issues here with your life.
    You need to get out more & stop being so reactionary.
    However I would suggest you stay at home, cos with an attitude like yours it will all end in tears.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        I’m sure he is addressing Mr.Banana brain who is talking about rising to power and ending Filipino corruption…… as if that is even possible. lol

  19. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    I was just having lunch and Eat Bulaga was on TV. I noticed that one of the famous senators was making another appearance on the show. Telling jokes and having a grand old time. He is one of the original stars of the show. He is a good example of the types of personalities that Filipinos continue to re-elect to office. His countrymen in the typhoon ravaged provinces have lost their lives,livelihood,homes and families but where is this guy at? Telling jokes on TV. Shouldn’t he be more concerned about helping people to recover from the typhoon? I guess not. He must not care about his fellow Filipinos starving to death. If he did he would be doing something to help them instead of appearing on TV cracking jokes.

  20. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    It doesn’t matter who get elected into office anymore nowadays when it comes to Filipinos. I can’t think of a single Filipino worthy of making great change in this country anyway. They are all too chicken to stand up for themselves anyway. A Filipino’s greatest enemy is another Filipino, so I barely bother who runs this country, or any office in it. Gotta go.

  21. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
    jimmy smith

    They say they are proud of their singers and actors. Thats what makes them walk with heads held high. Take a look at one of their newer actresses Cristine Reyes on her FB page december 19. she writes….Good morning! I am with NAZI este Mommy #Germanblood #Naziforreal #papawismuna / I read the comments on this and only ONE wrote that NAZI is a bad word and being German doesnt mean you are NAZI. when I checked today to screenshot it that update was still there but the comment was removed, only the I love you and earn money by not leaving your house and barely working still remained. Thats what they are proud of the pinoys, an idiot who claims she is german while being pinoy and claiming to be a NAZI when no NAZI would accept her and the nazies are complete morons too, when they wouldnt know of her then…OMG !!! and the pinoys out there walk with their heads held high because of celebreties like her and she herself dont wanna be called pinoy, but German. Thats just so god damn typical filogical bullshit. I doubt they qualify as humans.