Filipinos Borrowing Money

Filipinos and Money.  It’s like an oxymoron similar to the words “smart bomb”, “military intelligence”, “Filipino logic” :), “Filipino Intlligence Services” etc. Filo’s wouldn’t have understood that last line as they cannot understand sarcasm, irony and most foreign humour.

The topic of my post is about the borrowing habits of Filipinos.  I may write a number of posts as this is a huge area – let me rephrase that HUGE FUCKING AREA that is part and parcel of living in the Philippines.

I’ve travelled a lot and never have I experienced to what could be dscribed as rampant, the demands of a local culture on visitors for money to a point of it being embarassing to their own culture.  It’s gotten to the point like Nigerians are known as “scammers”, that Filipinos will .. at some point ask you for money, even though they will deny it, they eventually do.  Its normal for them to borrow from one person to pay the debts of another Filipino in some cases or where there will be some hurt money involved else they just bypass their promises, obligations and run – not or never paying the debts due.

I can tell you now  – if you lend to a Filipino – 100% – ONE HUNDRED PERCENT you won’t get your money back.  Filipino’s are swimming, if not drowning in problems and financial problems are just one slice in their lifes problem cake.

Borrowing money to pay another debt is a common story.  It largely works that the father and mother have financial helped their parents and now the kids help the parents in this generation.  Filipinos cannot, CANNOT see this stupid poverty cycle that the current generation supports the last generation of losers who supported the last generation of losers.  It will never stop.

As a foreigner I hear this bullshit they are Family orientated society.  LOOK OUT – thats the biggest load of bullshit you will come accross, it should read the Family is orientated on YOU and YOUR WALLET.

Financial debt is increasing in the Philippines.  Imagine if they could get money out at most checkout counters, get cheap loans and not the 5-20% per month bullshit they endure, imagine if they worked out that their salaries don’t cover cost of living and they would not endure “suicide week” which is the last week before pay is due and they have run out of money for food.  Life in the Philippines basically, well… SUCKS for Filipino’s (in a lot of cases).

Filipino’s love talking in round about ways to say one thing and mean another.  We know that when they say “I prOmiC t0 pay you next salary” and all the promises under the sun … its just bullshit.  I feel like saying but don’t want to waste my time that in 10 years, never has a Filipino paid me back so how are you (the one asking for money) any fucking different.

When I say twisting words we all know that when they say “borrow” they mean GIVE.  When they say Emergency – its probably some lame bullshit like I had “a family emergency” which turned out to be money for a school project.  I have no food – then after, I have cans of food here I’ll go to town tommorrow (now) and get the money.

Why don’t these fuckers face it, fess up and tell the truth for a change.

Filipinos tend to ignore or procrastinate on upcoming deadlines and then it becomes an EMERGENCY – Thats when girls especially start prostituting themselves and their bodies for cash to pay expenses.  But society won’t change.

Leaving things to the very end, time and time and time and fucking time again is purely and simply a lack of discipline.  They are just so fucking undisciplined and random people they think for today and not for tommorrow.  If you give money for a bill thats due in 5 days time, it will likely be spent today or tommorrow on something else and then the emergency starts again.  Its fucking tiring being around this mentality.  Filipinos live life like most people live school – cram things at the very end for the exam.

Life to the fullest – Narrow minded thinking. The impulsiveness is out of fucking control, so bad in fact Filipinos will spend money they cannot afford for instant gratification.  One is seeing the family around holiday time when other bills like rent and electricity are due.  Fuck the family, theres no need to go back to the province.  I am tired of the stupidity as previously mentioned here when after a long weekend you get the familiar texting going bazzerk like a machine gun asking for fare money back.  No wonder these people cannot be disciplined enough to save money.

Its like Filipinos have adopted the mantra “you only live once” and sure as fuck – they only live for today and not for tommorrow.  I had people that on one hand were asking me for food money as they had none and after I gave that the next day they came back wanting to buy a hand bag for work AND had given 10% to the fucking church as they havent given at mass for a long time.  ARE FILIPINOS REALLY FUCKING SERIOUS ABOUT LIFE?


This is a statement from people who don’t have any plans in life.  Most Filipinos are living in the Bahala Na Si Batman lifestyle, the quick shopping specials and promos and the malls like Ayala and SM that have goods they cannot afford.  Its a saying entrusting their future to the fictional character Batman.

Medicine and SicknessDont mention this word, you will attract it.  This fucked up notion of not saying something that might sound negative else you will attract it is just, well, fucked up.  This means they escape from preparation for sickness, paying insurance etc.  And when someone in the family gets sick, its panic stations.  Wheres the money?  Oh… pissed up against the wall, spent on roast pig and fireworks for New Years.

Ring Ring … Mr Foreigner… My lola is sick, can I borrow.  I need medicine – arhhhhh bahh fuck off!

Insurance is doable  – you can get insurance for 20-100 pesos albeit its a small cover – its a cover! NO – Filipinos don’t want to entertain anything to do with insurance and being protected.  They would rather live life bare futt fucking naked and be subject to the sharks and vultures that prey in the system known as Governent, Hospitals, other filipino friens and family.

So guess what – when theres no one to turn to they turn to money lenders who charge 5-20% a month and then – hey Batman … Housten .. we have a fucking problem.


Birthdays, Fiestas, Christenings, someones applying for a job overseas – fuck me.  Its non-fucking stop in the Philippines.  All these events which such big families of 4, 5, 7+ brothers and sisters is making them broke!

Then you have the out of work arse wipes, the “on stand by’s” and hangers on who are barely scraping through in life.

It all becomes too much, no wonder Filipino’s are broke!

This lifestyle they live far beyond their capacity to pay for it is what is killing them like a cancer.  Eventually that cancer spreads to their GOLD LOTTO – aka a foreigner they can wipe their arses on for a change.

Forget that bullshit a girl that “never asked me for a cent” – its deluded.  She might not ask you but the family or someone in the social network will … eventually.  The strategy for some has been to go in low and increase it up – raising the asks.  So you think you are being Mr. Nice felluh over buying some load, the occassional swim in the swimming hole and things – but eventually… and sure as 100% BIGGER ASKS WILL COME  as highlighted – HERE and HERE.

Remember that if you show that you have cash to a filipino or a family – you just are making a rod for your own back!  Some foreigners who think they are KING FUCKING SHITs will eventually be hit upon.  Expressions as common as the ungrateful one – “wheres my gift” (fuck me, i wanna hit someone that says that to me) is “Painom ka naman!” – You’ll shoulder the drinks and “Oh Ikaw taya ngayon! (you’ll  shoulder the expenses).  Ya.. these arse wipes have the expression to get off scott free and have someone else pay.

So these big events, fiestas and all the other bullshit which …hey I’m not knocking that – I love that too but WHO PAYS.  These social gatherings are great but if they are causing financial hardship on people well, fuck me, someones gotta start thinking where their (financial) priorities lay.  It goes without saying – Other filipinos will burn you to a financial crisp if you let them.   

But many families are borrowing big for these occassions and grinding themselves into debt.  Lechons at whatever? 3000-4000 each, drinks, food – someones gotta pay?  Its hard for Filipinos to refuse – fuck they cannot even stand up for themselves as consumers, how, if they have a 100 hungry arse wipes like being out of the day of the zombies to please at Fiesta.  To avoid the shame they do a run around borrowing money and making up by loans from other family.

“How do you make a small fortune in the Philippines?
You come with an even bigger fortune” – Anonymous. Well known saying.

They simply won’t question anything and keep repeating time and time again, generation after generation – robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Social Climbers

My God, if you want to see social climbers in action .. come to the Philippines.  Next time have a look jobs for filipina working onlineat the new bag, watch, mobile phone on the photographs.  These narcissists will do anything to get that selfie with some gift and even go to pawn shops to borrow money, loan on their class ring, loan on some fucking thing to get that instant gratification.

There are so many attention seekers out there – all trying to climb over each other like rodents to prove themselves worthy.  Envy and greed for new gadgets.  These again are what force Filipinos to be always bankrupt, chasing foreigners for money and selling themselves for sex.

Strangely, the later is how they live – complete denial.  I spread my legs last week for cash but today is today and im not a prostitute today, next week … like a mouse on a wheel they repeat the same thing.  They will deny vehemently they are not prostitutes – like they use spin on other words “borrow” is to give.  It’s just mind boggling how they love to say one thing but never go forward and honour their promices.  IN THE MOMENT – today.  Forget tommorrow, foreget next month – just today.  How can I satisfy my isntant gratification today.

They quote “im not like the rest” and then in the same breath ask for a loan (while 2 minutes before denying they never ask anyone for a loan) – SERIOUS! i had that – i thought are you kidding? you said you weren’t like the rest 2-5 minutes ago and now your hitting me up for an electric bill.

It’s completely fucking mind boggling.  It’s like the points raised in the articles here “never argue with a Filipina” – It’s a mind fuck.

So where do Filipino’s go to make some money?

Not surprising a booming area is

  1. selling realestate (fuck im sick of condo sellers) and that question like where do you live, do you have a business here, do you have a house here … do you want to buy a fucking condo!
  2. MLM – selling 8-in-1 coffee, beauty products – fuck me, that coffee is the shitiest fucking drink ive tasted.

Filipinos fall for get rich schemes and take down their families and friends with them when these SCAMS or schemes fold.  Take the scheme – One Dream Marketing which said to have taken people for 2 Billion Pesos.  I just cant help it but say “not all filipino are like that sir ” 🙂 haha that bullshit statement if it were one that is more about the denial they live in.

Why cant Filipinos join legitaimate work instead of trying to sell overpriced coffee and soaps to their fellow Filipinos.

Lol… th answer is that there is no work that really pays A LIVING WAGE.  Business screws the fuck out of its employees and pays barely anything or has high penalties and deductions.  This keeps Filipinos poor, in debt.. always borrowing, robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Many have joined these network marketing companies and some have succeeded, many have failed.  I mean, wheres the fucking calculator when you need it LOL (the filipino calculator joke) and worked out how many soaps and toothpastes youd have to sell to make real, decent money downline.

The bottom line is for foreigners here – look at the scenario of inputs going into the Filipino lifestyle.  You WILL be hit up – 100% for cash.  If you don’t your a lucky guy.  Perhaps the parents are dead and the siblings arefinancially independent.  Have a reality check about the family and how they are encroaching – like crabs inching forward to ask you for a “favour”.  Be prepared to lose the give as talking from experience if you lend to a filipino – 100% your not going to get your money back – inspite of the talk, promises and everything to do with paying back next salary which is a common line – don’t believe it.  Don’t believ anything a Filipina says about money – that they are not like the rest.  ITS A CULTURE not an individual.  It’s like an accent on someone … its gone with the upbringing and sure as eggs you will get hitup.

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  1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    They spend a huge amount of money on MLS. They overpriced crap and cant sell it becos it is too expensive. Just lambs to the slaughter

  2. Profile gravatar of Kuripotkano

    I’ve never seen so many birthday, christening ,graduation ,on and on and on parties. These parties are over the top. When I was a kid, mom would make a Betty Crocker box cake, frost it with a butter knife, and use the same melted candles she used on everyone’s birthday cake the last 10 years. That was all topped off with some Hey Brothers ice cream from Kroger. We would invite close relatives, not 2 platoons of eaters. A kid in my family might have a birthday party with KIDS ONLY. It would be the same cake and ice cream and recycled candles, pizza and soda pop.,,,,, I feel like bringing 20 boxes of Wal-Mart cake mix, and some Dunkin Hines frosting in my luggage for the next party. I’ll top it off with Koolade punch from packets. I’ll even buy the candles with instructions to reuse them every year until they are too short. I can see the long faces now.

    1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

      …and I’ll bet your birthdays were fun for you as a kid! That, IMHO, is more meaningful than the fancy, elaborate parties with an army of relatives, neighbours, a mountain of food, and birthday cakes that would feed the entire community.

      Keep it simple, stupid (K.I.S.S.) is a lost philosophy….

      But over in the Land of Imbeciles, they need to have fancy birthday parties, with lots of invitees (especially if a “rich ‘Kano” is underwriting it), lots of food, and a big tarpaulin, to help bolster the Birthday Boy’s (or Birthday Girl’s) pride. Sigh….

  3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Pakikisama and libre… here we really get to see the freeloaders at their bests. The poor OFWs get hit with
    requests of money, free drinks, food every time they come home. “Pare, we celebrate your homecoming”. But they don’t say outright “you pay of course”. And if you refuse, you’re the biggest bastard in that side of the black stump! “you don’t know us anymore now that you’re rich”. These low lifes are such an expert with emotional manipulations.

    On the other hand, whenever Filipinos earn decent money from working (usually OFWs) abroad, instead of saving that cash money, they “invest” it by buying jewels or other material things that they could never sell for the same price that they paid for it. No forward planning whatsoever.

    1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      ” And if you refuse, you’re the biggest bastard in that side of the black stump! “

      LOL.. And I am, and I will wear that badge with honor. All my in-laws are 100% cut off, and they know why. I told them to their face why.
      The one bro in-law in particular has been told if he knows what is good for him, stay the hell away from me.

      The good news: they have stayed away for the last 5+years. The bad news: I think we all know it’s only a matter of time. Pinoys will be pinoys. Some fine day they will come crawling to my gate, with the typical sob story.
      Then I will have them right by the balls. Am I vengeful ?? After what they did, and all the warnings they got.. yup 🙂
      No more Mr. nice guy.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Filipinos are worst than animals. At least animals would only consume till satiety. Filipinos will take and take and take till there’s none left, often taking from several victims all at once. And you don’t even get a “thank you”.

        Anyone tried asking a Flip a favor? I have and it’s not even monetary issue and I gave him a decent allowance in advance. The lazy bakla cousin just made all sorts of excuses why he could not make it to LTO. A year passed and the asshole buttered me up for P2000. The answer was “NO!”. Of course I’m vindictive! and proud of it! 🙂

        1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
          Hey Joe

          Well, if you told me you were drowning
          I would not lend a hand
          I’ve seen your face before my friend
          But I don’t know if you know who I am.
          Well, I was there and I saw what you did
          I saw it with my own two eyes
          So you can wipe off the grin, I know where you’ve been
          It’s all been a pack of lies
          [youtube] [/youtube]

  4. Profile gravatar of Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

    My wife is kind of obsessed with those social climbers on fb. She is always getting jealous of other Filipinas posting stupid shit they supposedly have. I tell her “ if you’re so damn jealous of what other people are posting then go to the mall and take some selfies holding new merchandise like some of them are obviously doing”. (I tell her some of those girls also sold their ass to some old fart to get that Chinese made crap and I ask why be jealous of that?) She says she can’t do that because then her family back home will see it and in turn make them wanting. I say, what’s the problem they’re always wanting anyways. I tell her to deactivate her profile then, and it’s always but my family this and my family that. To hell with them they only contact you when they want money, never to say hi, never to ask how you are doing, only to ask for money so they can just fucking waste it, and then ask for more in the next few days. I bought a brand new car last year and I have to keep it a secret from her family because if they see it they will want one too she says.

    1. Profile gravatar of Anne

      That doesn’t stop there!! They would even borrow money to go to fancy places and have a “Check-in” on Facebook! Now you even see a lot of people posting pictures of their Starbucks and be like “coffee ATM” Oh please!? I don’t see why most Pinoys be like “Act rich, stay poor”. Hell, my momma taught be “Work hard ’til expensive become cheap!”

  5. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    Not prostitutes L.O.L. yes they are and where ever you go there are 100,s if not 1000,s of them doing the same thing working as part-time or long term hookers.
    And where does the money go to the family budging off them, a boyfriend leaching or on some stupid shit they can not afford and so the cycle continues over and over.
    But they are not prostitutes L.O.L. and you hear guys telling you just that, so if the are spreading there legs for gain what is it.
    Some dumb shits that come here will ague with you telling you other wise,I guess to justify why they pay for sex,I said something once that was like this referring to a friends girlfriends sister….SHE WOULD FUCK A BROWN DOG IF THE MONEY WAS PAYED they got the shits with me I did not understand Ooooo yes I understand alright they will fuck anyone if the money is right,no honey no money….

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      And the so called “Pinay experts”, Kanos who are living or are planning on living in the Philippines advised each other “go to SM, the girls there are gorgeous”. Yep, they sure are. But some also moonlights as “escorts”. All for the family’s sake.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        A lot of girls I met have prostituted themselves to get a job at SM speaking of SM. Mr. SM is smart that he makes them pay all their uniform, shoes, clearance searches, SSS cert, right down to an xray! (paid by job applicant) and a gate pass (300p) and when they shift departments they have to change uniform (at the employees cost!)…

        ……………… and filipinos put up with paying half the first months salary in all these stupid costs and SM pays nothing.
        ………… and they shut up about it as its firmly in their minds … you need SM not SM needs you.

  6. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    Throw the word “School projects”
    fuck that gives me the shits

    1. they have to go on excursions – no go no graduation
    2. they have to go to end of year parties – no go, no graduation – part of exam score
    3. they buy all the grad stuff through the colleges and pay for overpriced xmas party meals – but they have to go or risk failing.

    Its all a rort
    these are sheep in the system

  7. Profile gravatar of Tacitus

    Great posting, FHPS! It’s postings like yours that keeps me coming back to this website.

    It’s important Westerns out there realize how degenerate the Philippino culture and society is regardless of the “I’m not like that” or “not all Philippinos are like that” bullshit that they all seem to claim. When the problems are that systemic, it doesn’t matter if you were born, raised, educated elsewhere because I’ve experienced Philippinos in North America and East Asia reek havoc by bringing their cultural weapons of mass destruction with them. Whether it’s the corruption, lack of civility, denial, lying through their rotted teeth, no consideration or respect for others, constant selfish behaviour, they’ll come into a community or family of trust and abuse it with their callow stupidity and utter greed. I really don’t know why industrialized nations don’t wise up to these people and label the Philippines a terrorist nation.

    And one last thing about some of the commenters on this website. I’ve noticed you can usually tell when someone has a Philippino background because their comments are usually pretty lame. It just goes to show how even in their expressions, their culture pervades their mindset and makes everything they touch crappy.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      Thankyou @tacitus-arelius – westerners and everyone will soon realise just how shit this culture is if posts have REAL EVIDENCE not just rants and hearsay but actual stuff, footage, videos, photographs, screen shots, paper clippings – EVIDENCE! how rotten this culture is and what ungrateful, dirty assholes they are (dirty im including the god given right they think they have to pollute the environment and challenge all those that dare complain with “persona non grata” ) fuck them.
      Filipinos are usually nice to your face but are back stabbing arseholes only hell bent on saving themselves.
      Lol .. rotten teeth is right.. metalic smelling fucking liars with nothing to offer, yet have the highest level of self entitlement on the planet.

  8. Profile gravatar of tambok

    You are so fucking right. I have 21 flips living behind me and not one of them works, why cause of the Aussie bf and the sister OFW. They are all just fucking leeches. This whole fucking population is a fucking rats nest of leeches, nobody does anything. It sucks, the whole fucking population,

    1. Profile gravatar of Anne

      Our maid’s sister is an OFW! She wants to quit because sister is making 18,000php a month? (or less) Her sister is feeding 4 kids, all under the age of 15! She wants her sister to share money to feed her and her kid too. My mom has had several talks with her regarding this, and I think she’s finally convinced the woman to work her ass off than to ask money from her poor sister working.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        I got asked if an OFW could borrow 25,000 peso to buy a suit case and pay some bills to go to middle east again to work and pay next salary. REPLY – was a big fuck off – see you later

      2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Over in Mum’s province was a family of 3 lazy, freeloading Filipinos with an ageing mother in the US. I am not sure why she did not bring them to the US? But mother is already in her 60s and still working as caregiver. Her sons stayed in the Philippines and went to college there, but never worked post college. Married, produced their own little Pinoys, all supported by their ageing mother. So their mother’s “leeches” grew from 3 sons plus 3 wives, plus 3 children each. None worked and have no intentions of working. I wonder what would happen if and when their mother dies or gets too old to work?

        1. Profile gravatar of Anne

          Those 15 mouths would either:
          1. Live a shitty life and blame the mother’s death, and not bringing them to US thinking their life would be better there than here.
          2. Go back to number one
          OR 2.1 If they knock some sense out of them, work their asses off and realize they wasted how many years not working, investing and saving for their futures.

          PS given the benefit of the doubt, maybe she wasn’t able to bring any of her kids because they got married and had kids at a young age? = she wasn’t ready to bring them US unless she thinks their financially ready? PLUS chances are she thinks they wouldn’t survive the American life too for being lazy butts?

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Anne, aren’t you glad those lazy freeloaders did not make it to the US? Nothing would have changed. They would sit on their asses, fucking in between drinking, producing more Filipinos. I’m sure America is groaning from the weight of it’s own home grown freeloaders already. They don’t need to import any!

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      sadly … a lot of newby foreigners cant see it
      you have dickhead kano at Dumaguete who is sucking pinoy cock
      and hasnt “lived” in the Philippines.
      probably came here and married the first panget he could find as in the US he got no attention
      now jumps on youtube and starts sprouting how good pinoys are …
      and buys the pinoy line “if you dont like it leave”
      yep, thats how business talks to filipinos but its been stretched
      to foreigners as well…
      I forget what that dickheads name on youtube is …

      by the way i am going to dig up the archives of all the shit ive collected over the years in the Philippines
      and its not gonna be pretty for Filipinos.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        I think i know who you mean FHPS, but can’t remember his name either. My Canadian friend has been “brainwashed” by that Dumaguete Kano and is all set to move there, sight unseen. Canadian friend is so confident that he now knows Dumaguete very well, just because he watched this Dumaguete Kano’s videos.

        1. Profile gravatar of

          You also have Rekay from Lifebeyondtheseao on youtube but in my opinon he is making some good videos on YT.

          1. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

            I met Rekay in Dumbguete in 2014, i agree, he is very objective on his views and puts out good informative videos. the one thing I do not agree with is “I am to support the parents if I marry the daughter” standpoint

          2. Profile gravatar of Attila

            LifeBeyondTheSea is good. I agree. He is probably the only one who understands Filipino o culture. His Hispanic background helped him to see and connect the dots He looks like a Filipino also. He blends in.

        2. Profile gravatar of kalbo

          Maybe your kano friend should read some of the stories in this site ate Sarah. Eventually the penny will drop and he’ll realise he should have listened to you

  9. Profile gravatar of Esteban Magtaka III Jr
    Esteban Magtaka III Jr

    Can anyone here lend me 500 Pesos ? My grandmother stood in the rain and got a fever. She needs medicine. I can repay it when Uncle Bingbing harvests the pineapple crops. You can trust me,I’m not like all the other girls.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      yea, isnt that strange that Filipina say “im not like the rest” or “im not like ohers what you think i am”
      they must know something to make a comparative assessment.
      second, they dont have a clue what their other filipina get up to as they don’t have a sexual relation/dating relationship with other filipina. I mean… give me a break. If i wanted to make comments about giving birth i wouldnt as im a MAN. equally .. a filipina cannot relate to a foreigners dating experience of dating filipina.
      they know other filipinas are scum
      they wouldnt call themselves cheating lying bitches would they??
      hitler probably called himself a good guy.
      They serioiusly dont think they are part of the problem ..
      i mean… they really live in delusion that they will pay back the money
      its just a fraud …

  10. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    A friend of mine, pinay, who I thought had sense joined a ponzi scheme, aka MLM. She posted photos of bundles of cash and flips sitting next to sports cars, both red flags to me. She told me the scheme is for quote, ‘people who are open minded’. Ouch. I get insulted her for trying to save her from financial ruin. Fuck em. After that I didn’t bother her again.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      To Kalbo
      What these sheeple can not understand is,,,,, if there is so much money to be made out of selling this junk,,, why wouldnt SM be selling it or the company sell it themselves ,,,
      NOPE,, thye buy a protected territory and an inventory of high priced crap…!!!!
      Even the usa has trouble protecting,people from these vultures ,, more so in da feelippines
      Google mlm scams in the usa,,, what an eye opener that is

      1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        I suppose being a sheeperson goes hand in hand with being deeply religious. These morons have been brought up not to think for themselves. Flips are too scared of being different because they know cheesemis and other shit will start up.

  11. Profile gravatar of John

    It’s a well written & enlightening article.
    During my trip, at least three families asked me to help their kids financially for their education! It’s like I am there to give scholarship or OSAP 🙂 I remember I asked one of these kids, a young boy, what major he wants to study? He replied, he may want to be a teacher or studying comparative literature. Seemed like he still didn’t know what he wanted to do. I told him I respect your decision (if you made one!), but don’t you think if you study a major with regard to business or essential skills, it helps your future better? Guess what, the father got mad at me and immediately told me that “I am disappointing his son”!! Of course, they just needed the money, not my opinion.
    Even one family asked me to adopt their kid 🙂 Adopting a 14 year old teenager was something I’ve never thought about 🙂 Well, just wondering why they make that many kids that they can not taking care of?

    1. Profile gravatar of


      “Even one family asked me to adopt their kid”

      My friend got once asked if he want to fuck their 15 years old daughter. No comment to that.

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      Ive got a whole hard drive of images, texts etc I want to share about how rude and self entitled this Filipino culture is. Oh yea baby .. I will rip, shit and burn. These smiling fucking assholes who play their grovelling, passive aggressive ways will get fucking exposed.

      Yep, fucking rude, i even got asked for money for renovating the house of the ex-gf when the dad has a senior position. It was a fucking dump but its a matter of principle that it shouldnt be me who pays for concrete work and the inside to be repainted after I put his granddaughter through the best school in area and also paid all the food, utilities, transport etc.
      like i posted – if they can try it on,, filipinos will and try it on they will— for every last peso and more until you have not a peso left in your wallet and when your done… they will leave and move onto the next HANDOUT.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        ?ike i posted – if they can try it on,, filipinos will and try it on they will— for every last peso and more until you have not a peso left in your wallet and when your done… they will leave and move onto the next HANDOUT.”

        No they don’t FHPS. Not till they’ve slaughtered you and sold your carcass for caldereta. 🙂

    3. Profile gravatar of Attila

      You are seriously not entitled to have your opinion/advice even if you pay for it. You either accept their decision or you just reject it but don’t have a condition attached to it, as per my wife’s explanation. For some strange reason they expect you just to pay for it and agree with them otherwise they take it as an insult. Ego, pride and inflated confidence?

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Oh absolutely !!! A classic example is , “Ate Sarah, Grandma has been taken to the hospital____…. ” you fill in the blanks, and at the end, they want money. So you ask “how much is the Doctor’s fees and which hospital, and where’s the receipts?” . Oh, it costs P10,000 with Doctor’s fees and meds. So you asked for the receipt and the reply is “why are you asking for the receipt? you don’t trust us?”. Too fucking right I don’t trust you fucking scamming lowlifes!!!!

  12. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

    Hey @foreignerhardpinoysoft I have put a few things together. I was reading somewhere, a while back, how the Spanish and Americans never considered Filipinos to be Asian, they were always considered Pacific Islanders. The language, architecture, customs and traditions were always considered more Pacific Islander than Asian. Only when Winston Churchhill draw up the map of the world map did he decide to call the area South East Asia. Please correct me if I am wrong.
    I remember a dozen or so posts back when @sarahfin asked if Filipino stupidity is something 3rd world cultures have or is it just Filipino. Well Sarah I have been thinking and reading about it when suddenly I remember. When I started my apprenticeship I worked with many Pacific Islanders; Tongans, Cook Islanders and Samoans. Something that is very prevalent in their culture is that the children are there to serve there parents. Where as when we have kids we do everything we can to help our children get the best start to life, to them their children owe them. I have worked with young guys whos credit rating is destroyed because when they were 12 mum put the power in the kids name and never paid it, when the power was cut off they put it in someone elses name. I also met a few who had to change their name just to buy a cheap car on credit. Something to that I saw was a couple of young guys and their wages went into their parents bank accounts and they got Pocket money of $50 a week and the parents kept the rest; bought fancy cars and gave heaps to the church. With this observation I am convinced the Spanish and Americans had it right, these people are Pacific Islanders, not Asian.
    Hey and on a side note, the people of the South Pacific, Moari’s and Aboriganies, they do not act like this. The Moaris are a very strong and proud people. Many missionaries thought they were the lost tribe of Israel in the early days. They had the most developed class system and even today they are very successful people in business and culture. Filipino stupidity is not something that exists in most 3rd world cultures, most 3rd world cultures are alot more advanced than the Philippines.

  13. Profile gravatar of tambok

    So true. My whole fucking neighborhood are unemployed but have what the need. Why, because of imported money form immigrants, OFW’s and foreighners. This is the lowest place on earth of blood suckers, and bullshit people.

  14. Profile gravatar of

    I just cringe when visiting her family.I know I’m going to get that look.uncle uncle kuya kuya favor with a show of respect hand to head gesture.I know its COMMING.@ first they use my girlfriend as liaison the go between latter at home she’s asks if I can sponsor something college or nee something… I tell her why can’t they ask me personally.her reply is hon they are too shy…my fuking ass they gave no problem eating my food drinking my beer..and just now after my second visit everyone now speaks English in her first visit no one understood English except her ate school next day he texts me asking favor. It wasn’t much I told him I would think about.just one example of many. She’s the go between as if she has control of me..think not.

  15. Profile gravatar of Harley

    Its tribal mentality…. things (and money) are shared within the network. Those who don’t give to them they put guilt trips put on them and social ostracizing punishments put on them. Now among themselves I have seen how individuals keep a mental or even written down record of how many peanut pesos each sibling or relative or friend owes them. Whether or not all of these 50 and 100 pesos from different people will actually get paid back or when it will get paid back is another story. Some do eventually get paid back. But that is among themselves and those of their same age range. Enter the white kano into the picture (all kanos are muilti billionaire Donald Trumps in their view) then they are angry and down right nasty and tell you how selfish you are if you would ever ‘give’ to them and then expect to be paid back. In their perverse twistedness they don’t see that they are actually in the wrong. Not only wrong in their beliefs about all white amerikanos being so wealthy but also wrong in their own greed and selfishness. So they accuse the other of being so selfish. That’s their culture of trying to guilt trip everything. This and the somber faces they think is supposed to get others to feel sorry for them. Doesn’t make me feel sorry for them in the slightest. It angers me enormously and makes me hate them alot. They are the cause of their own problems. Its not the responsibility of others in the world to pick up their shit, they need to pick themselves up. Point reiterated is the kano will almost never be paid back but sometimes or eventually they might or do pay each other back.

    Also about the parties this is also a tribal mentality. It has become a culture of try and outdo others and have the biggest party for any and every occasion, birthdays, christenings, barangay fiestas, the list goes on. Somebody has to pay for all these in some way or another. And how selfish is that ….call up and start hounding the relative working abroad to send more….because sibling #9 birthday coming soon and another one is getting married …..send send send…..guilt guilt guilt …. why are you being so selfish and kuripot…you live and work in a foreign country….come on cough it up! all because of the high value put on the perverse culture of show the biggest party. . . strangers and neighbors perpetuate the culture also complaining the the party wasn’t big enough there wasn’t enough food …. selfish pigs. oink oink mooooo ….. i’m sure relative abroad doesn’t get paid back … that’s their guilt slave

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      “Its tribal mentality…. things (and money) are shared within the network. ”

      So true!!! My family and I don’t give Grandma money anymore whenever we visit her in Manila because she then re-distributes it to the low life, freeloading Flip grandkids. If she wants to play Robin Hood to her feeloading Grandkids, she can do it with her own money. So what we do is buy her what she needs, like clothes, toiletries (but even that gets taken off her as well, so we don’t buy too many!) and a small quantity of her antihypertensive meds, because she also gives them away too!! Then she complains that we only left her with P500!!! Ungrateful!!

      A Pinay here in Oz brought her mother over for a 6 month tourist visa. But instead of enjoying her holidays, the old girl was soliciting ironing and mending jobs from her daughter’s friends because the parasites back home were guilt tripping her into sending money!! Never mind that she was already in her 60s and can’t work anyway under her visa conditions. The Aussie Pinay daughter wised up enough with the antics of the leeches back home, she told her mother “tell me what you need and I will buy it for you, but you will not have cash on hand”.

      Still on the subject of sharing…. province aunt received the BB box I sent back in February. I could not believe my ears when I was told that a girl that I only met twice during fiesta was asking for some perfumes and chocolates!!!! WTF?? What made her think that she was entitled to get sent something by me?? But Province aunt was so kind hearted, she apparently gave the girl some of chocolates and a spare perfume. I did not think there was a spare? Anyway, there won’t be anymore BB boxes going their way. At $Au170 per box, I’d rather buy myself some nice shoes or purse. It is a source of envy (shits for brains aunt was giving me the tampo treatment coz she wanted her own BB box too!!! ) and the contents don’t necessarily go to the people you had intended it for. Total fucking waste of time and money!!! Never again!! In fact, I have distanced myself from those vermins since the recent BB box incident.

  16. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “Those who don’t give to them they put guilt trips put on them and social ostracizing punishments put on them. ”

    Filipinos learn this skill of begging and guilt tripping as soon as they can walk and talk and they keep this “skill” throughout their lives instead of developing real life skills to enable them to survive in this highly competitive world. They beg and guilt trip because it is far easier to do so than actually put in an honest day’s work.

    So you feel sorry for that young GRO pushed into prostitution by her parents? Don’t! No one can afford to feel sorry for anyone in the Failippines, for showing so will be seen as a sign of weakness and they’d eat you up for breakfast and spit you out by night time ready for the next victim. Had a Kano friend who made this mistake, he thought he was doing these vermin a favor by helping them out. He was scammed outright, no mercy, no hesitation by the same people he was naive enough to trust. Trust to a Pinoy is like oil on water. It does not blend well at all.

    As for little Inday prostituting herself… well she soon learns that lying on her back for a few minutes is far better than working the fields or working for some Chinese for a mere pittance. Really why work if you can if make a living by looking pretty and have sex with strangers? If you can call lying still on her back for what you’re paying for is actual sex? And worse, you paid for “love me long time” and she bolts through the door once the deed is done! 🙂

    So you fall in ‘lab’ with young Inday from the province, she whose skills are nothing but begging and guilt tripping, and spending your money and showing off to friends and pamily. Fast forward 10, 20 years, sometimes less and you got a fat, old Inday in your hands with nothing between the ears, still a narcissists, still vain, still materialistic, only she looked worse for wear and dowdy, she does not even take pride of her appearance anymore. That song “Return to sender” comes to mind….. 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of Attila

      Sarah some of your quotes should be memorized. It should be part of a “guidance and counseling program” for puti before he enters the Failippines.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I’ll never understand the men who go out and find GROs/hookers to be their gf or wife. Who wants a used up and worn out pussy that has had hundreds of peckers pecking it? Then they wonder why she scams them, they get the clap and then get pissed if anyone says anything about her being a GRO/hooker. Hell, lay down with dogs and get fleas. lay down with a GRO/hooker get fucked in two different ways, get fleas and the clap. You can’t turn a prostitute into a wife or a lady.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        I’ve seen a couple of instances where it has worked out, but its rare. Plus you’ll always know where you met her, what she was doing every night, how many cocks she got on a nightly/ weekly basis, how much she used to charge, etc. Plus, you’re gonna have to lie to everyone about how you met her or tell the truth if you’re confident enough.
        There are so many other girls around who would be great, but guys go right to the bar girls. Their whole industry is to make men feel special to get as much money as possible. I’m not judging the women in the situation cause there is little they can do to earn that type of money and/ or support a kid. I just think the odds are against the men having a happy relationship.
        It’s definitely not a “pretty woman” type of situation. The girls don’t look like Julia Roberts and the guys don’t look like Richard Gere,, and they aren’t that rich either.