Filipinos Can Steal And Swindle Their Relatives And Face No Charges – Article 332 RPC

Article 332 of the Revised Penal Code states that

[su_note note_color=”#f0d9d9″ text_color=”#282828″ radius=”8″]“No criminal, but only civil liability shall result from the commission of the crime of theft, swindling, or malicious mischief committed or caused mutually by the following persons:

1. Spouses, ascendants and descendants, or relatives by affinity in the same line;

2. The widowed spouse with respect to the property which belonged to the deceased spouse before the same shall have passed into the possession of another; and

3. Brothers and sisters and brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, if living together.”[/su_note]

Supposedly this law is to “preserve family unity and solidarity”.

This answers a lot of questions about the mentality of Filipinos… diba?

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    Pinay Lover

    So stealing from your own family members are permitted. Imagine the amount of people charged and sent to prison if this was a crime? There wouldn’t be enough room in jail for all the con artist family members.

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      Captain PFB

      Well, I’m thinking that is the very reason they have decriminalized stealing and swindling family member. The justice system is already completely bogged down due to ordinary Filipino incompetence, and not being able to apply their own laws because they just simply don’t know them, or when shit does get to court, it’s just a battle to misinterpret the laws, or twist them instead of applying them.

      Again, Philippines is like a bunch of elementary school children pretending to be a self governing nation.

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    Pinay Lover

    “Philippines is like a bunch of elementary school children pretending to be a self governing nation.”

    Ha, I like that quote! If they knew how to be their own leaders, and think independently, instead of being mere stray dogs with no direction, maybe the country would see light. But think for themselves? I see very little OFW’s capable of such. They just prefer to have a dog leash and allow themselves to be walked all over. Religion especially gets in the way of critical thinking. They just rely on the invisible man for everything and look at life like it is just one big plan by God. They would rather allow “God” to direct them. Now that’s fucking hopeless… who ends up really directing them? Smarter people who end up dictating them like sheep. And what does the Pinoy say to him/herself? Well, I guess God sent this person to enlighten me! Better do as he says! Like the do with their pimp parents.

    Just S.A.D…..sad =(

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      “Religion especially gets in the way of critical thinking.”

      You have that sort of backwards Pinay Lover. It would be impossible for religion to get in the way of anyone with even a measurable level of critical thinking. It is the void or absence of critical thinking (or any kind of thinking) that allows one to be religious.

      Reason and critical thinking are Religion’s biggest enemies. Faith and Reason cannot coexist in one mind.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        Catholics, Christians, among many others, criticize Scientology for being crazy and insane. Yes, Scientology is about the nuttiest and most obviously about amassing wealth that I know of, but I find it funny and ironic that a large group of people who actually believe that when a priest blesses a cracker and places it in their mouth, that they are taking in the literal body of Jesus.

        So we have a religion who canibalizes it’s god calling another religion crazy. This is why simple reason and logic cannot coexist with faith in one mind. You either have reason, or you have faith. You can’t have both.

        1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
          Pinay Lover

          “You either have reason, or you have faith. You can’t have both.”

          Ha! So true. Another thing that gets me about religion…..why the hell do they have picture celebrating death EVERYWHERE! It’s Jesus on the cross, suffering! Now, if this guy was not a fictional character and he had some family down the road that saw that, I’m sure they would have that torn down in a instant!

          Do I want to remember my Grandma by having a picture of her dead on her hospital bed, suffering? Hell no…..I swear, most religion is just Satanism in disguise!

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    Just like everything that goes wrong with their lives – “It’s God’s will”. They blame everything to God. God gave them so many children they could not afford to feed. They don’t think that it’s themselves who were the ones producing these children they can’t afford to feed and not God!! When they get sick, “it’s God’s will, it’s a trial from God”. Not because they ate so much lechons and so much over processed white anything (rice, sugar, flour) and not because they never exercise and ignore the first signs of physical ailments. It’s all God’s fault. Poor God…gets the blame for everything. If I were God, I’d take the Philippines off my list of things to fix….or maybe he’s done that already.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building. And it baffles me how this building can remain standing when a bunch of brainless idiots built it. I cringe every time I have to cross a bridge, go under a bridge, go in a building…..knowing how fucking stupid and careless and unconcerned the Filipino is, I honestly am baffled how the buildings stand, bridges don’t fall, and how I have electricity in my house.


      This doesn’t surprise me at all. What surprises me is that this doesn’t happen more often in this country of complete imbeciles.

      They knew the building was tilting, they knew it was going to fall, yet they didn’t bother to shut down the power. FILIPINOS ARE BRAINLESS MORONS!!

      1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflip

        “Criminal charges are filed against the building’s owner”, according to the narrator of this video.

        HAHAHAHA…we on this forum know that, if the building’s owner has any money and/or influence, he will weasel out of any charges that are filed.

        It should go without saying that the only people who end up in Philthippine jails are those who do not have the money to bribe their way out of the charges :-(.

        BTW, this building collapse is why I would not ever want to buy (or even rent) a house, apartment, or condo in that s—hole of a country. There is way too much corner-cutting and shoddy construction that one would take his/her life in his hands unless he/she personally supervised every facet of construction.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          From what I heard is the building was owned by the Marcos Family. I’m not sure if that is the same collapsed building or not along with the validity of the story. The story goes, the building inspectors always wanted to condemn the building, but were too scared to let the Marcos family know about it or issue fines.

      2. Profile gravatar of

        Is this a true photo from Manila??????????
        Bloody hell what will happen if they have a proper Earthquake on that Manila Fault Line.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          What happened the last time: They will Steal all relief from, put their own name to it and use it to attract voters.

          Shameless bastards!!

      3. Profile gravatar of Mike

        “Men, women and children running away for their lives”. WRONG!!!! Running to it so they can steal everything they see.
        “Possessions gone forever”. Because the filipinos stole everything.
        The video did not show that part. Nor did it show squatters setting up shanties just as fast as the building falls.

      4. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        Dont worry Filo. At the next eartquake the quality of their products will be tested, and found wanting:-)

        The Only time they are interested in quality is when the stupid kano are going to buy them an Iphone!:-)

        It is kinda fascinating how brainless they are. It almost seems like there is some great, brainy Plan behind it, to maximise the brainlessness whilst maximising the output. A Higher plan…

    2. Profile gravatar of Kiwi

      Hahaha Selene. If I was god I would brew up a cat 9 or 10 typhoon and sweep the whole Philippines away under a 200 metre storm surge in good old biblical fashion

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Not gonna work Kiwi. The Flips will simply gather together the remnants of their huts, wave the Pinoy Pride flag (along with Manny Paquaio’s image) and they would say “This is God’s will, God is testing our faith. Let us gather together and pray”. And after they pray, as their usual practice on Sunday afternoons, they will get under the blankets and procreate to replace any lost lives. After all, God said “go forth and multiply”. 🙂

        1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

          I’ve come up with a theory. God actually hates the Philippines!

          Remember the story when Mount Mayon errupted in 1814. Hundreds of Filipinos took refuge inside Cagsawa church. Of course, the roof fell in under the weight of all the ash and lava and they were all killed!


          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            So as the debris was crushing them to death were they saying it was god’s will while picking each others pockets?

          2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            I know that story!! Thats not far from my area.
            The believers ran to to the church. The non-believers or rational thinking people ran to the ocean. The believers died while the non-believers survived.
            I also think God does not like the Philippines either. It looks like he is always trying to flood it.

    3. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Well, if ya look at the state of the place it’s definately taken off of that list!

      God has limited patience! If you have read the Old Testament you would know that He can be Very grumpy!

      There is Sodom and Gomorrah! There is also the ph…..where He chose to do Nothing! Or so it may seem…..:-)

  4. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    “Philippines is like a bunch of elementary school children pretending to be a self governing nation.”

    If you wanted to sum up the country in one sentence this would be it. You see so much childishness in every aspect of Filipino life it’s baffling how the country even functions at all.

  5. Profile gravatar of sckang

    My FLIP brother-in-law tried to use other people to buy my house cheap. He used a friend of his oldest sister to try to buy the house, then she would sell it to him. My stepson, PNP Officer, found out! He confronted my brother-in-law and his aunt about this attempted deal. They didn’t answer him. He told them to stop or he would file a complaint. Before I married his mother, the oldest sister, his aunt had mistreated him growing up, when my wife was an OFW. He has no use for this woman as his 2 brothers.
    The two Flips named Rolly C and Edna D. , my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, were trying to get my house for just P100,000/under $2,500. My stepson’s wife works selling new houses and found out about their attempt. She came back that my house is in good condition and can sell for bare minimum of P150,000. My stepson and his wife said DON’T SELL! They said keep it, so I can rent it and make money.
    I called Rolly C. . MANUEL DE VILLAR. This man is one of the richest men here, BUT he’s a thief, like many here. One project that was mired in controversy was a highway extension through land owned by Villar. Known as the C5 Road, it earned Villar a rebuke by a Philippines Senate ethics committee and had undercut his campaign pledge to fight corruption. The Philippines Senate found that Villar exerted influence over the road’s new route south of Manila and failed to declare his ownership of affected properties. He also failed to name himself as the owner. He used other people to buy houses cheap and sell it to him cheap. Rolly C. knew about Manuel de Villar. He’s a fucking coward. He won’t look at me because he was caught.

  6. Profile gravatar of Kiwi

    This law reminds me of an incident back at the start of 2014 with an ex of mine. The girl I was seeing at the time was a decent girl but her younger sister was a slimy piece of trash. In the end I lost a nice girl because she couldn’t handle the demands of her family and she ended things with me because it just got too much for her to handle. Typical greedy crab mentality where they can’t see past their own greed and needs to allow another family member to have a better and happier life.

    Anyway this fat piece of shit sister had a family emergency. Her baby got the measles and it was the time of the big measles outbreak in Manila in Jan 2014. Her kid had to go to hospital for 4 days and because the public hospitals were overflowing with case, she had to take the kid to a private hospital. So this sister contacts me at work and tells me the hospital bill is 50k peso and that they have raised 20k peso themselves and need the other 30k peso.

    Right away my scam alert radar went off. 50k is about 5 months pay and that to me was a complete bullshit figure. So I asked to see the invoice. I was sent day 3 and day 4 and told they got billed daily. The bills were 7k and 9k which came to 16k. I asked where are day 1 and 2 and she said they were not able to print them out but day 1 was 25k. I took a look at what she sent me and noticed a pattern. The prices seemed to be incrementally going up and then I noticed two words at the top of each page….Running Statement. Right away it was “gotcha you fucking scamming bitch”.

    I got home that night and mentioned to my girl that her sister had contacted me about a hospital bill. She rolled her eyes and said I told her not to bother you with it and she said to me don’t send her anything. Then I told her I don’t intend to send her one peso. I told her about the scam her sister tried to pull and she was just embarrassed by it. She gave her sister a spray and do you think I got an apology from this bitch? No apology whatsoever. Was an oh well, I tried but he outsmarted me this time attitude. I told my girl I don’t want to see or speak to her sister ever again and even if she was dying and only I could save her by sending peso, I still wouldn’t send her one peso. Told her the irony of all this was if she told me straight up my baby got sick and I have a 9k peso hospital bill, I would have forked out for most of it. Instead she used her baby getting sick as simply a means to try and scam 20k more than the actual hospital bill out of me. Now she lost all respect I had for her and any chance of ever receiving help. Just goes to show how little respect most of them have for others.

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      Thanks for sharing that story Mr Kiwi. The more stories we share on here, the better chance we have of avoiding the traps.

      You hit the nail on the head there when you said that even if you have a decent filipina gf, her family will try to get to you in some way sooner or later. They are all figuring out different ways of screwing the Kano over even during their sleep.

      The family’s fuck ups will become your fuck ups if you dont tell them where to go!

  7. Profile gravatar of Pru Dence
    Pru Dence

    I can’t thank you enough for this post… for many years I suffered from this long-lasting feeling of being betrayed all the time; and my mother, told me when I finally complained to her: “It’s your OWN fault if you lend money to your siblings; in the Philippines, nobody goes to jail for not paying a debt”.

    I was really furious and in rage to hear this from my own mother and I just thought that I had to live with it, as I believed it was only a matter of attitude and not as a law. This post explains a lot of the behaviour. At any rate, I hat to STOP lending money – be it to Filipino/as around me here abroad or in my country itself – even if the Pinays and Pinoys have jobs, they continue this borrowing culture: They borrow money from their own countrymen without any intention of paying it – I experienced it many times and since I do TRUST (or I used to trust) my friends and my family, I used to lend money without asking for any signed document, because I never thought that people would do what I CANNOT do!
    And everytime the borrowers had to pay back the money they borrosed, I hurtfully and helplessly experienced that the people I had HELPED were playing “hide and seek” with me, some went so far that they started DENYING that they borrowed money from me. They have no intentions of paying back anything, UNLESS they have signed a document, esp. at the bank or any other loan company.

    Many years later, I started letting them sign a borrower’s note or certificate of debt (my lawyer told me to lend money this way). I thought that things would get better, but I had to force MOST of them to pay me back, by using these documents at court for retrieving my hard-earned money. In the end, it is not the money anymore, but the hurt feelings, the lost friendships, the wasted time, that long-lasting feeling of being betrayed… and this attitude that developed in me as a native Filipino.

    There were times that I also had to borrow money – be it in the Philippines or abroad, and I did everything to pay my debts back; if need be, I worked for my lenders to pay back, and until now, my previous lenders are still my friends, no matter how scattered they are around the world. Through the internet, it became very easy to find each other and my lenders are still happy to find me again!

    It is never easy, but I’m proud to be different.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      I’ve had my mother’s sister “borrow” money from me. One time, I was told it was to start a little business. I was suspicious straight away. I told Mum’s sister that if she makes a success of the business, I’ll only let her pay half of the loan (P8000). A generous offer right? Well, 3 years later, no business and money never paid back.

      I later heard from another Aunt that the “business” never took off, that she just spent the money having a great xmas, buying her kids toys, electronic gadgets, clothes. From then on, I made it a policy that I will never loan money to anyone in the Philippines.

      Even here in Oz, no reason why you had to approach a friend for loans when banks will gladly give you personal loans. I have never asked anyone for a loan (oh, except my Dad, and that got promptly paid back), unless it’s a $100 here and there.

      Even with household items, I don’t loan them anymore after a Pinay friend claimed the cookbook I lent her was hers!! She swore black and blue the cookbook was hers, I started to doubt my own memory! If and when they do return it, it’s broken or incomplete. That is “oh, sorry I could not find the lid”. WTF, how careless can you get?

      One of my Aunts lost her wok after lending it to a friend who also claimed it was hers! And this friend had enough money to buy her own wok! What’s wrong with these people? Do they have faulty memory or what?

  8. Profile gravatar of Mike

    When I was younger I thought about the needs of a man. A decent house, car, job and such. Now that I am older I know the true need of a man:
    1.) A bedroll.
    2.) A tent.
    3.) A dependable rifle. (30.06 minimum)
    4.) A decent sidearm (.357 and above)
    5.) A loyal and protective dog. ( big one)
    6.) Healthy horse.
    7.) Good knife.
    8.) Open remote range to roam in.

    Pack up, saddle up and roam.