Filipino’s Cannot Understand Sarcasm And Irony

Have you noticed how Filipinos don’t understand Sarcasm or Irony?

You will more often than not get that “blank look” that they are famous for, much like – “hello? is anyone at home”.

Don’t believe me how stupid this supposedly English speaking nation comes to reading and comprehending something?  They cannot.  Perhaps the schooling standards are so low they haven’t been taught how to understand anything in written form let alone verbal form.  Theres been articles here about why arguing with a Filipino is pointless, this article is something on why writing something sarcastic about the Philippines is also pointless.

Filipino’s are highly defensive of the Philippines.  Even they will tell you to fuck off and declare people “persona non grata” instead of wanting to learn and understand.  Yep, “primates”, just simple people who are defensive, not interested to find out anyones point of view, not willing to listen nor understand.  This is Filipinoism.  This is what my mum and dad did and this is how it will always be and I am not about to change.  This is how they think.


Even some of the smarter Filipino’s know that their fellow countrymen cannot understand Sarcasm and Irony

I got a tonne of stuff on my hardddrive which shows the stupidity of the Filipino’s.

Take a simple article and reverse engineer the headlines and theyre off.  Defending the crap out of the Philippines.  Instead of reading, understanding and asking clarifying questions as we call “communicating” in the west, Filipino’s will “fire off” and react, defend, shame and blame.

Now lets get on with an example if your thinking – Tell me more….

Heres an article that appeared on Buzzfeed –

28 Reasons You Should Absolutely Never Visit The Philippines

You can see the article in the link here

Take a read of the article and see the headlines, for example

1. Don’t believe anyone who tells you Philippines is a great place to visit. It’s a lie.

… Then, scroll down to the comments from all the stupid Filipinos.  This is only a grab bag of people who clearly cannot understand sarcasm and the others who come out to try and “educate” their fellow stupids.  In fact, there are 127 comments from these idiots all having a conversation over this one persons article.


Prissy obviously doesn’t understand what the article is about 🙂


Norma and Miguel have obviously skipped English classes or their English to Gibberish translators were giving them some other meaning!


A Filipino calling another person an “idiot” lol… its like a person looking into a mirror. Just a reflection of himself.


Rhona is onto it – but does Rhona understand what the context of the article is about.

and on and on it went…. people abusing the article writer and people defending the article writer trying to say “whoa you stupid pricks …its called sarcasm”


This Rhona is full of “Pinay pride” … so much detail and effort was put in to the responses…but did she understand in the end despit people saying its fucking “sarcasm!”


And out they come ….by the way dude (Rikke) didn’t momma tell you typing in CAPS LOCK is rude?



ssfs sfsfsd ssfsf

You can read the article here –

Sad to think these fucks failed at school and will no doubt be failing at life.
Now if i said “Wheres my gift” they might just understand that 🙂

And again … Prissy you commented before still .. never ever got the point  🙁 … much like the old saying goes ….






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  1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

    Only 28 reasons not to visit (OK, I realise that the article was intended to be sarcastic)? I can think of over 100 MILLION reasons–real reasons–not to visit! One for each of the population, and I include the children because, as we here should all know, eventually they get older (notice I did not say “grow up”), lose their “innocence”, and become just as prideful, ignorant, and stupid as the rest of their fellow smooth-skinned baboons.

    If the poster of that article wanted to be more honest, he/she could have shown pictures of Tondo or any other s—thole slum in that poor excuse for a nation. Or how about the Pasig River? Smokey Mountain? the Manila City Jail? Street kids begging? NAIA Terminal 1? Men pissing anywhere? The trash-filled beaches? Trash-filled streets?

    And I can go on, and on, and on….

    But let’s be real. It should go without saying that the baboon who posted that is just another prideful flip who is totally out of touch with reality (if he/she was in touch with reality, he/she might have posted more realistic pictures in an attempt to get his/her kababayans to wake up and start cleaning up their act), as well as the idiot commenters who have no clue of the sarcasm and irony behind that posting. Imagine if they all came to this website and saw the country the way that civilised Westerners see it, then think of the inflammatory comments that they would post.

  2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    +1 for you mate @snakebitbytheflips – no declaring you persona non grata around here like they seem to do when you make a little bit of criticism about anything. The other thing is many havent been overseas, some hadnt been outside of their town – its a paradigm, they just dont know theres a clean world over them seas devoid of rubbish on beaches and streets and people pissing everywhere.

    Speaking of pissing – my mate used to live with his gf and 80 something year old dad. The guy had his own CR NEX TO (NOTE next to) his bed but the old man would use the outside and go and piss right next to my friend who happened to be there enjoying a beer. Like what the fuck, so my friend told him hey “don’t piss there” and pinoy pride got the better of the old man (like I say you cannot tell filipinos anything, they are a law unto themselves and will get seething the passive aggressive cunts) – the old man anyway took to him with a broom handle cutting his eye lid etc. My friend went to defend himself from more hits, slapping the guy in the head and grabbing the broom. The flips who did the typical thing of defending their own filipino beat up my friend not even bothering to find out what the fuck the situation was about… as they do, just assume, don’t talk, just get angry if things warrant it as an excuse.

  3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    And was your friend feeding his GFs 80 year old Dad also, FHPS? I would not mind betting he was….

    Still on the subject of pissing….. when Mum was a young girl, they had some relatives from the province stay with them. Mum wondered why the sink smelt of piss in the morning, and felt slimy…. until she caught one of Grandma’s male cousins pissing on the sink!! Dirty, disgusting bastards! Too lazy to go to the downstairs toilet!

    On sarcasm, I was shopping in Cebu city one time while on holidays last year. An irate American lined his trolley next to my trolley, loudly complaining at the amount of food his wife was putting on the trolley. I looked at the trolley, then looked at him, and said “fiesta?”. He said “no, they’re for the dogs in my house!”. I replied “the 2 legged variety or 4 legged?”. He smiled and said “the fucking 2 legged variety that don’t bark and do fucking nothing!”.

    All this time, the wife was standing next to him, did not bat an eyelid or showed any emotion. She smiled at me though as I pushed my trolley out. I think she did not get the sarcasm at all. 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      Lol .. well, have you heard how Filipino say “not all….”
      and then they themselves ARE
      like … Not all Filipina are prostitutes (said to me) and then they turn around and say “im not going to give it free”
      well… ill borrow the term
      “not all foreigner are like that maam”
      he was living on her salary! as he had problems getting his pension through

      and on the American … he’s sadly like many foreigners … being USED by Filipinos

      I recently closed down a unit my gf was staying in while i was away the cousin moved in (hey whats new! – havent you heard that before how Filipino will move in where they can to take advantage of a situation).
      Anyway.. the owner caught the cousin on CCTV bringing friends to my place
      and she denied it all – as they do the liars
      ummmmm its on CCTV HONEY

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        “im not going to give it free”

        Sure honey you don’t. It has to take 30 seconds before you drop your knickers & open your legs. 🙂 Then after the deed, marriage, immigration to your country, money, gifts are expected. Not necessarily in that order. And if you don’t provide, you’re kuripot, good for nothing etc.

        Lots of Kanos advise “don’t pick up girls on the internet, come over here, go to SM, Ayala, the SM sales girls are gorgeous!” Yeah, she just moonlights as an “escort”. The malls are well known as pick up points for freelance prostitutes.

        Neighbor: What does your daughter do?
        Nanay: She’s an escort for XYZ agency.
        Neighbor: So she’s a prostitute!
        Nanay: No, she’s not! She accompanies gentlemen to dinner, functions, outings.

        “he was living on her salary! as he had problems getting his pension through”
        The Kano was living on his GF’s salary?? WOW! She has to be one in a million! Normally it’s the other way round! What a lucky chap! 🙂

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          Another excuse for cash payment of services rendered,, is the old ”baby needs medicine” excuse
          How many times is that kid sick in a week????

        2. Profile gravatar of Mike

          They are not prostitutes. Just like this:
          Me; So you work/worked in Japan huh?
          Pinay: Yes.
          Me: So what is/was your job?
          Pinay: I was/am a dancer (another version is where they say they are “entertainers” in Japan.

      2. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        I have known 2 girls for a few years on just a chatting level. Both warned me about trashy girls there and to get decent girls. I found out last week that both of them are in fact prostitutes themselves! And to think I have spent many nights hearing their sob stories about their “awful” boyfriends! No more socialising with those bitches. Anyway one of them is now pregnant (again) and a poor kano has been suckered into getting married! Good luck to that poor fucker!

  4. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

    Irony? Sarcasm? That is all they can’t understand?

    I spent the better part of an hour talking to my crew via email tonight about the “rejected” product they produced yesterday. Just got back to the U.S., spent three days training all of them on how to build a simple product. So they put a rivet in the wrong hole where a wire goes and instead of thinking to just drill the rivet out they want to throw the assemblies away. Same deal on some interior parts where they ignored the diameter of the hole written on the stop blocks for the metal punch, instead of simply punching new, smaller holes for the hardware they decided they were ruined and needed thrown away.

    No, long written instructions don’t work either, they get confused. The shorter the better and no, pictures don’t help at all.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      @provider-of-nosebleeds so while your away have you:
      1. left anything that can be lifted? that might not be there in the house when you return
      2. made sure someone is guarding the house that has dead cousins and family?

      I’ve had friends go away only to return to find all the businesses tools have been sold for food.
      Ive been away to find the cousins moved in
      my friends have been away to find the owner has moved in! and using the friens yaya and maid

      And by the way
      i dont employ filipino – been there, done that
      Bangladeshis, Pakistanis run rings around these people
      Theres a reason why theres guards at businesses — to stop stuff being stolen
      theres a reason why they get paid so little — thats all theyre worth!
      theres a reason for so many deductions and penalties — because they will milk the system otherwise and abuse it.
      theres a reason why they have to pay to get a job eg. buy own uniform — because they lose uniforms and lose stuff as well as dont look after things or its stolen.

      NO NO NO —– rule 1 is dONT employ filipino
      many people i know have been nice to employees to only have it bite them on the bum
      i had them coming back saying i was 5 days over paying them cash in hand they wanted 80% a week interest!
      i said wtf? i paid weekly—- any filipino bosss pays monthly then deductions

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        I paid in advance. The fucking low life Filipino did not come back to finish the job, not to mention the quality of his work is worse than shit! Cracked concrete, crooked, uneven fencing. The bastard works as a fisherman part time. If and when I go back to that miserable failed republic, I shall sabotage the asshole’s fishing boat and I don’t care if the bastard drowns! The fishes has better use of him as fish food, fucking low life maggot! !

      2. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

        Ah, but I learned from a lot of people’s mistakes long before I started building a business in the Philippines. First, move the girl far away from her family. No “pamily” nearby, far less problems.
        Nope, not much has been stolen. One item actually, a cordless screwdriver and we are pretty sure it was stolen by a neighbor kid that squeezed between some bars on a grate on the door. Wasn’t sharp enough to grab the 220 volt charger (try finding one of those puppies for a Dewalt 18 volt battery here in the U.S.). Haven’t had anything else disappear at all. We work only “pamily” members anyway and the family has good values, or at least the ones that started working for me. They cherry pick who they recommend for jobs though, to protect their own jobs I think. So far, so good.
        The majority of the stories told here are dang sure true but there are some good Filipinos out there. The old saying that it is impossible to cheat an honest man is so true. If it is too good to be true it probably isn’t. Lots of times people set themselves up. Accountants so far are the most dishonest trades I’ve run across but we finally found an honest one and we pay them well to keep them.

        You can make money here with the cheap labor. Just gotta set things up carefully and be careful in your hiring.

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      That is their general outlook in life. If it is in need of repairing,, spent 2 hours wrapping an old rubber tire around a water leak. Just like an arab,, if it is wrapped up in something,, it is no good.
      Even if they have money and an open charge account at a hardware store, they still fuck all the things up.
      If a person cant change 1 flip, how are you going to change a 107 million morons.

  5. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    Hey …. lets be real ..
    filipinos are reliable people (…when they need something)
    filipinos are honest … when they got more to lose
    filipinos will always be available to answer your call …. when its to do with them coming to be paid money
    filipinos will arrive ON TIME … in fact early …. only when its to collect money owed to them

    the rest of the time they are fucking useless and lazy.
    they seriously dont know what work is
    thats why they have 5 people that in developed countries would only have 1 doing the job.
    they stand around talking and backstabbing the customers.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Yes, but they got something to show for it too! The only country with displeasure all over the net. Even their neighbor countries look down on them! The worst slums in the whole World!
      Every expat unfortunate to have been stupid enough to drag his ass into this miserable hole would give his right arm to get out again! Some even suffer from hypertension by the mere irritational experience of living here! Most expat and intelligible Pinoy try to have as little to do with them as possible! (The Pinoy) So thoroughly trashy that even white(and black) trash are eons above them!
      So incredibly stupid that their most advanced sentence is: “Have you eaten”.
      An ape from the innards of Africa would most certainly look down on trashpinoy and refuse to be called a “primate”.

      In fact the regular trashy Pinoy resembles more a reptile than a primate. Scavenging, killing, ravaging, littering. He is in fact unworthy to be called a primate! And primate should not be used as a swear word, humans Are primates!

      No sane State will do business with them! Only the most deluded good-doers will risk their ass to help them. Every pinay with a rat’s asses chanse in Hell to get out will get out!

      This is in itself no small feat to achieve! If not all the worlds eyes were set upon Syria the pariahstamp upon the glorious Republic would be more accentuated. Let us pray that it will be so in the future! Let us also pray that the Chinese will occupy them at the next Spratly-incident. It would do them good to learn a minimum of discipline!

  6. Profile gravatar of beameup

    I know that they cannot read. I hand them my ID card for a “discount” and they look, and look, and look at the card, taking forever to decipher it’s contents (they only need my birthdate). I handed out a one-sentence “flyer”, as I was looking for housing to fit my needs. They stare, and stare, and stare at this one-sentence, trying to get the information “processed” by their brain. However, verbal skills do seem to be clearer and understandable. Even that is highly questionable with some, as even carefully pronounced common English words seem to get the “deer in the headlights” stare if spoken by a “foreigner” (poriner).

  7. Profile gravatar of tambok

    It’s just” you are insulting me, you don’t understand our culture, go home, it’s you’re fault, why you say that, you are crazy, what you mean”? no reality check or self investigation.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      “Go back to your country!”. Favorite Pignoy defense when caught.

      One time the ex-BF and I were buying tinned tomatoes from a well known grocery store. But ALL the tinned tomatoes expired 6 months ago! We asked for the manager, the ex asked him “why are you selling expired items?”. The Flip Manager’s reaction? “if you don’t like it, go back to your country!”. Yep, typical reaction when caught!

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        I always tell them the flips in canada took my job!!! and cut the wages by one half.
        Can you imagine telling a flip in a western country to go back to his country. Human rights court,, here we come…. with big fines.

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      yes of course. ME ME ME … totally self absorbed

      Ive said as a test …
      “i had a heart attack and been in hospital”
      “i am so depressed at the moment”

      it goes completely over there heads … i showed my friends
      the reply was
      … so you dont want to meet me
      …. you dont like me …

      Normally youd stop and say at least
      sorry to fucking hear
      how you now or something.


    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      You know what …they probbly wouldn’t understand ehat i meant.

      Im tired og writing something amd after putting in some effot getting back

      Ahh ok
      Why not
      ……they got nothing to say
      ……they got nothing tp talk about

      ……mostly just dull boring people

      And les throw in the mix

      1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        This was a real fucking eye opener.

        Im in Boracay texting the Gfs daughter who’s 16. She speaks perfect english by the way. She asks “How is it there?”, I say great, crystal clear water and fantastic beach. She says “Oh I wish I was there so I can sit next to the water and take selfies”.

        I kid you not.

  8. Profile gravatar of pulubi

    Best way to help a filipino is not say anything to them. Let them crash and burn. LOL As you can see the country is run mostly by chinese. LOL Tampo is not a woman thing its a filipino thing. If a filipina does the tampo tell her to open her mouth and stick a dick in there. Done

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Yes, well done! She’d probably swallow it too, so adding to biting marks you’d have acidburns(from her peptic acid) adding to the restitching-process!