Filipinos & Christmas: NOT “Silent Night Holy Night”

Ok, so what the fuck is up with every holiday in Philippines being treated like New Year’s or the 4th of July???

I mean, most filipinos claim to be christians, and I don’t recall the fable of Christmas Eve being filled with loud fucking bombs and rampant drunkeness.

Fuck man, I was kept awake by what sounded like WORLD WAR II outside my window from 11:30pm till about 4am. Have they no fucking reverence for the meaning of Christmas eve??? What the hell do they think “Silent night, holy night, all is CALM, all is bright….was written about?

I mean honestly, shouldn’t these hypocrite idiots be doing something like eating the body of christ and drinking his blood?

Instead their eating pig fat, chicken heads, intestines, and drinking San Miguel and Tanduay and blowing shit up with bombs on what they claim to consider the year’s most reverent and holy holiday.

All I can say again is, what a bunch of mindless idiot hypocrites.

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  1. stokkevn

    If they were that christian they would know that Jesus was born in March. Dec 25 was only adopted, as the christians did not want to upset the pagans who had Dec 25 as the Winter Solstice festival.