Filipinos, the Human Race’s Benchmark for Stupidity

Since I spend a lot of time traveling around Metro Manila, or as the Author Dan Brown referred in his latest novel as Manila being “The Gates Of Hell”. I see a lot of insane shit that goes on here and will be taking pics as i go along and post them here. Just fucking amazing the insanity that goes on here.

No You Turn

The No “U” turn sign: Can anyone explain to me what the fuck does swinging a u-turn in front of these flips house effect a Asthmatic?

Danger sign

Well, you have to admit, the flip who wrote wasn’t totally brain dead, he spelled “Danger” correctly.


Car in window

This is an actual full under frame 55 Chevy Bell-Air some numm nuts planted in his 2nd floor apartment. I guess he felt a flower box wasn’t good enough for him.

This is located on the corner of Taft and EDSA in Pasay, Manila.

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  1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    did anybody ever notice the lots in manila are not square,
    somebody must have kicked his tambay out of ther house and he turned into a surveyor.
    of course the houses are not square ,, so try putting a square bed frame into a odd shaped bedroom… pisses me off

    1. Profile gravatar of volksair
      volksair Post author

      Over the past ten years i have traveled extensive around the Philippines, during my travels have been through numerous homes, from P1 million to P50+ million homes in the exclusive areas, and i can say with no reservations that the Filipinos do not have a fucking clue, none, nada what craftsmanship is. Everything they do in this pathetic country is mickey mouse.

  2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    go to any government office and see the outright lies and waste of time and money,,
    the phils is first in wasting y and monime and money

    1. Profile gravatar of volksair
      volksair Post author

      What is even funnier in the govenment office, in this asshole countries constitution, there suppose to be a separation of church and state. Every government office i have been in I have seen all there religious shit all over the place. Was in immagration one friday, and during lunch, they had a mass.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      I went to get my monthly visa at a satellite boi office on Roxas blvd in Manila. The office is empty.. oh good.
      the gaurd says ”NO,, you have to go to main office since may 12, wtf.. only peza company people are allowed to get visa extensions here.(head slap… this office was aircon. It was small and helpful. i do not know the reason why they dont accept visa applications. Nothing was said on the website.

      Off to the main office. 6 steps,, bring a stapler or glue to paste your pic onto the application..I think u can print an application off their website. Only 3 hours and we were out of there..

      I do not know why one person with a p/c can not do the applications, collect the money..nope 1 gets the application,, line up for the other ding or dong?????.. HOW would these people 5,000 trucks in the usa?? or any business that depends on speed??/

      I met a person there who had a n ICARD for 12 years. he just paid 310 pesos each year, all of a sudden the dong says” this icard is no good anymore and you have to apply for a new one!!!!. UNBELIEVABLE.. just like having a drivers license in the usa that is not valid for 10 years but u just keep paying and all of a sudden its no good.

      Who wants to meet up at MOA. message me with date and time?

      I usually find talking to expats relieves my overwhelming desire to choke the living crap out of some tambay and to go postal with a massive amount of ammunition and artillary.