Filipinos in Dubai

So I got a job offer in Dubai three years ago. I was kind of excited at first of the idea to live alone on a new country, with a very different cultural view. Ya know, the typical ‘goosebumps’ most traveler / expats get when they decide to move to another place. Anyway, little did I know that almost half of the population in Dubai are Filipinos. What’s worse is that these filipinos living in UAE are mostly the class D type citizens, the low breeds, uneducated, and the stupid ones. Possibly 90% of them are imbeciles.


The Typical Filipino Attitude

  1. They will stare at you like there’s no tomorrow. On my first day of work in Dubai, I was greeted by the flips with their awkward smiles and awful stares. They’ll stare at you all day. I was the only white chic with blonde hair in the office. They would observe how you eat, how you walk, how you drink coffee, it’s insane! They would also check what clothes & bags you’re wearing, and judge you off of that right off the bat. I was wearing my simple Top Shop dress and my MK bag which my mum gave me last christmas.. so I made lots of friends on my first day, cause they all think I’m classy.
  2. The Nasty Gossips. What I hate most about filipinos, is that they love to overly gossip, even the tiniest detail they know about you, they’d make it as if it’s such a big thing. When my filipino co-workers learned that I am half filipino (my father’ is filipino), they create stories about you out of envy.  Whenever I go out with my non-filipino friends it would always seem to be a big issue at the office. Just because I hang out with foreigners doesn’t make me “wild”.
  3. Social Climbers. The fact that they can never reach a social level in their lives, they make up stories to make them feel superior. When a filipina heard me talking on the phone in Spanish, she immediately asked who I was talking to. I told her i was talking to my mum from Madrid. So then she came up with a story about her grandfather’s father’s father who’s also a spanish citizen blah blah blah, and another made up story about how she worked in japan before as a “business woman” (lol) and how she leaned to speak in japanese language. When I asked her to say something in japanese, all she could say was  “Arigato”. lol
  4. The “brand tags”. What’s really funny about these flips is that they love to show off their new stuff in social media. The most hilarious posts I get in my news feeds are their new nike shoes (which obviously was bought off a 50% sale in Dubai Mall), their annoying Forever21 yellow plastic bags with tags like “Rest Day is Shopping Day” I have no clue why they go crazy over Forever21 which is btw ONE OF THE CHEAPEST STORES YOU CAN SHOP IN DUBAI!!! HAHA, the food they eat, any food, even if it’s just a piece of shawarma they’ll instagram the shit out of it. Like damn cuz, if it aint a five star plated meal then it aint worth a fck!

  5. Will take clothes off for MONEY! Now, I’m not even kidding. I was in this mall looking for a pair of jeans when I overheard this one filipino talking on the phone to some arab (I guess). This was their conversation.

    Filipina1: Hi, how are you Farooq. I’m here in H&M, where are you?
    Arab: Who is this? (Yes, believe it or not,the phone was on loud speaker)
    Filipina1: I’m Maridet you see me before in bar, Club7.
    Filipina2: (whispering) papuntahin mo dito… para my libre tayo (ask him to come here, so we’ll have someone to pay for our expenses)
    Filipina1: You come here? I am wid friend, you will treat us?
    Arab: Habibi, I am on my way to prayer (prob on his way to the mosque)
    Filipina1: After prayer, you come here? we’re very hungry… there is sale in H&M, we will wait por u!

    Another story: (@ A BATHROOM IN A PUB)

    Filipina1: Jigs, papuntahin mo dito yung nakilala mo ng isang linggo para my ma libre sa atin sa ka my sasakyan tayo pauwi
    (Ask that guy you met the other week to come here so we have someone to pay for our drinks and a ride home)
    Filipina2: Ang pangit nun beh, baho ng titi (But he’s ugly and his ding dong smells bad)
    Filipina1: Sige na jigs, kesa wala tayong pambayad dito, tiisin mo na ako bahala, wala naman si mister mo ditong nakabantay diba? (That’s alright, It’s better than having no one to pay for all the drinks we order… Don’t worry about your husband in the Phil, he 
    won’t catch you)

  6. They are only your friends if they need something. When I got fired with my first job, I asked two of my old colleagues  to print my resume using my old office’s printer. I was surprised to hear them say NO and one even violently, responded to my text msg saying. “Please do not include me to any of your future plans, I have no intention to get fired like you. You made terrible mistakes in your life by leaving the company and you are in so much bad luck I don’t want to be part of it. From now on, we are no longer friends.”
    6a00d8341c4f5f53ef0148c726d1c5970cFive months after that, I was promoted in my second job. I find this person messaging me on Facebook asking if there are any hirings in my company. Guess what my reply is?
  7. PA-UTANG. There will always be this one person (or two) who has all the reasons in the world for you to lend him some money. His father’s sick, his mother’s sick, his entire family clan is sick. And when  it’s payment time he’s out of sight, tries to avoid you and if by any chance you catch up with him, he’ll always give you the teary eyed drama how his father is still in ICU dying. It’s a classic! Any similar stories like this? I’d like to hear it.
  8. Carabao English. It’s a term how most low class filipinos tries so hard to speak in english with an accent. They try so hard to sound british or american when it obviously does not work out for them. I have no problem hearing a typical english-filipino accent, but just don’t try too hard to sound american, it’s just hilarious af.
  9. Everyone wants to go to GEORGIA. Now this one’s funny. Because, Georgia is the only country which has winter season & doesn’t require a visa for filipinos, almost all the flips I know in UAE aspires to go to Georgia. Why? Because of the snow, they go crazy ignorant with the sight of snow.
  10. CRAB MENTALITY. I don’t even have to explain this.
  11. FIND ME A HUSBAND. So my two year contract has ended and I was very much ready to leave Dubai & come back to the states and get married (prob start a family)…. and these filipinos wouldn’t stop messaging me to sponsor them a visa or at least get an invitation of my wedding so they can use it to apply for a US visa. Like wtf, see how stupid and needy these creatures are? Another thing that annoys me the most is them telling me to “go find me an american husband”. Do you seriously think Im some sort of pimp? Are you that ugly that you’re too lazy to find your own?

No offense, I have nice filipino acquiantances  in UAE, and out of a hundred filipinos I meet everyday.. sadly I only know one that’s smart enough to understand my rant in this post. Thus, concluding that almost EVERY filipino in Dubai are the typical idiots.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “Another thing that annoys me the most is them telling me to “go find me an american husband”. Do you seriously think Im some sort of pimp?”

    Yes, most likely they think you’re a “PIMP”. After all, these Flips came from a nation full of PIMPS! Here’s a typical conversation between a Kano and Pinoy, say trike driver.

    Pinoy: wer yo prom Sir?
    Kano: Oh, USA.
    Pinoy: Yo marid?
    Kano: ah, no.
    Pinoy: you want a wife? my sister/niece/cousin would just loved to meet you (forgetting to mention that sister/niece/cousin is a single mum of 7!)

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Just yesterday I had a taxi driver, as I was exiting his taxi, ask, “By the way sir, you have Filipina wife?”

      As if he’s ready to set me up with some prospects.

      Such desperate idiots.

      I always just answer them with, “YEP! Already got one, thanks”

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Mikey, you should have added “and they all worked as GROs so they can support me” – see if the “I have a sister” line will still get spoken 🙂

    2. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

      I am always baffled by the old “Can you find me a husband”. I even get guys asking if I can find them a wife. They fail to see that the vast majority of people do not want to marry a Flip and anyone that knows me and what I have been put through would never ever entertain the idea. Most people that ask are just lazy arses who want a easy life.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Angel, my Flip Aunt get asked all the time by Pignoys to introduce them to us, including my older brother. DUH! wouldn’t even touch them with a barge pole!

      2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        That’s the thing, they think they own you, you become a possession, not a person to them at all. Even after separation they try to control you.

  2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    All the men of a Filipino family are always on the lookout for white dudes to hook up with their female members of the family. Once they land one and get them married, they can all quit their jobs and will be set for life……(in their twisted minds). Mooching lazy fucktards.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Not just men Captain, females as well, especially those that made it to the west are looking for men to hook them up with their families back home. Remember “the stupid Lunch part 1 & 2” by by DJbuett? That’s a classic example.

      Chloroform, Aussie GF went to visit her Aussie BF in Saudi who was working for an oil company. They were having dinner at some posh restaurant, GF went to the ladies room. When she returned, caught the Pinay waitress handing her phone number to the BF. They had a massive argument when they got home. BF defended himself by saying “I did not want her phone number! I was not interested, but she insisted that I have it. I took it with the intention of throwing it away when you walked back in”. The Pinay failed in her attempts to hook up with the Aussie GF coz they’re now happily married for 2 years now. But see? even if Kano is in company of another woman, does not deter these Filipinos from “pimping” someone at whatever costs.

      1. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

        It is common for women to smile at me on the back of a bike or walking past me on the street…right in the presence of my gf. It is also weird how pinays stare up and down at my women as we walked in public

        1. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

          Cat: If someone gives my wife the up and down sneer, I stop and exaggeratedly look them up and down with a “whats that on you stepped in” look. They generally whither in face-loss ville….

          1. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

            If they do the over-the-shoulder wink as they cuddle their partner, i go up to them and ask if they know me….if they say “no” then i ask why they winked at me
            Cant stand that sh*t!!

      2. Profile gravatar of chloroform
        chloroform Post author

        Yes, they wouldn’t actually give a sht if a dude is married or not. Hell, they’d be glad to bandwagon themselves as a mistress for all I know.. it’s all these stupid filipino shows they watch on tv that lets them think it’s okay to cheat. Most filipinas are the reason for broken families in Dubai.

      3. Profile gravatar of Attila

        Stealing the Kano is part of the culture. They look at it as a challenge and to feed their pride. They need to win and show how good and better they are then the other Filipina.

  3. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

    hahahaaaa Sarah , pls more comments like this….i love the last part ( single mum of 7) hahahaaa yes god damn this can happen that they forget to mention the bunch of kids they have already from different guys…

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Loco, Filipinos liked to label single mums as “she’s made a mistake”. Sure, once might be a mistake, twice, she’s starting to looked dumb, but 3rd and still counting? no other label but utter dumbfuckery!

      Then they go on internet dating sites claiming “am a simple woman, never married, no kids”. And once the prey is in the bag (read married and she’s safely in your country and got citizenship) out comes the “honeyko, I have something very important to tell you. I wanna bring my 7 kids here.” LOL! that’s a true story by the way, except the girl concerned only had 3 kids, not 7. 🙂

  4. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

    Yep , thats the shit they have in their dNA already…so there is hope for us men ,to find some normal women 😀 ( maybe i am a bit too long in this country, because ive seen here nothing normal)

  5. Profile gravatar of John

    “I was the only white chic with blonde hair in the office.”
    Since I live in Toronto and since this city is the biggest factory of mixed kids, I have seen as many mixed Pinoys as anyone can see, but I have never seen a blond mixed Pinoy! I’m really interested to see the first one 🙂

  6. Profile gravatar of John

    About your article:
    #1. I said it in my previews comment.
    #2. Agreed. They’re master of that.
    #3. It’s funny, but I’ve never seen them like this. To my knowledge, in general Pinoys are settled themselves short. Their level of self-esteem and ambition are very low.
    #4. Very true.
    #5. I heard too many stories about this, specially about Pinoys in Arab countries. Can you give more details?
    #6. You’re right again. I had the same experience, in most cases.
    #7. Pinoys are master of this scam.
    #8. You can be somehow right, but over all it is a cheap criticism! Everybody has some kind of accent, right?
    #9. Pinoys are not the only one love snow.
    #11. Yep. They love to get connected with other nationalities. It has financial and emotional benefits for them. It also gives them social status. However, these days finding a husband is not only Pinays problem, but it have become the world’s issue! Less men show interest to get married in young age and more man get disappointed of their relationships. Well, that’s what it is! I found that the women who show off to be independent and feminist are the one who are more looking for a relationship! At least Pinays don’t hide it.

    ps. in your note, some parts are in Tagalog. That would be great if you put English translation in front of them too.

    1. Profile gravatar of chloroform
      chloroform Post author

      #3. Filipinos in the Philippines might’ve been the ones with low esteems, but filipinos in Dubai or any country in the Middle East has some sort of ego that is merely from a pathetic mindset of “I am in a foreign country, therefore I am better than you” (to other fili citizens).
      #5. Will do post more stories on my next posts.
      #6. I said (on my post), I don’t really mind the typical filipino accent, but if you try so hard to speak in a british or american accent, it just sounds really funny..
      #9. You’re right they’re not the only ones.

  7. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Here’s how bad it is. I got into a debate in youtube comments with a filipino. I told a story about fires I had witnessed forst hand to a comment by someone that Asians are not good fire fighters. Short part in all the fires I have seen, filipinos were running into the house or business stall stealing what they could while the BFP was still fighting the fire. One even came to my house showing off a gold ring she stole from a burning house. I said the BFP was like watching the Keystone cops. So there is the background for the debate with the pinoy, his first reply to me:
    Pinoy: Yes you are right. FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!!

    So I go on and point out the mass cheating in schools, low national IQ level, filipinos stealing, the reputation filipinos have for dishonesty, the 60/40 law, said filipinos were very racist, can’t stand the truth, shift blame and so forth and that is why philippines will always be a third world nation. There was more but if you have been reading PFB for a while then you know the rest. Here is the thing, he kept coming back with “filipinos are not racist. FUCK YOU.”
    Now time to reel him in since he took the bait. I told him how I noticed that he never denied the examples I said about the philippines and filipinos was not true. Told him all he keeps saying is don’t call filipinos racists. Told him that because he did not reply to the things I said were wrong by that he is admitting they are true. I did include butt hurt pinoy pride a few times too. Waiting for his reply.

  8. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

    The old “can you sponsor me for a visa” line. I’ve had this one many times only problem is I don’t live in my own country so I tell them I can not sponsor them because people on visas can not sponsor people for visas (not true but they believe it just like they believe anything). My brother came to my wedding and he has a big company and employs over 100 people. He had a few people ask him if he could sponsor them for a visa, which he can. Only problem is the people who wanted to be sponsored are the laziest and stupidest people in the Baranguay and have never worked a day in their lives, something I pointed out to him. They do not seem to understand that here in the real world we have to work or we are homeless. It is like they think they will come here, sit around and get paid heaps for it. In my brothers industry, as with most industries, you actually have to have a brain and work ethic to work in it, something he failed to see in anyone who was asking him to sponsor them. Pack of dreamers the lot of them.

  9. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    I need to say this no Filipino owns me and no body controls me people that know me know that.
    I am my own man I see too often the sheep being led around by the wife girlfriend but not this guy …,

  10. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

    It is common for Filipinos themselves to traffic their own relatives in Dubai. It happened to my brother-in-law, by his own aunt.

    It is supposedly illegal, but pretty easy to do. To work there, a company has to sponsor you. The candidate employee is supposed to receive notification from the government that their employer has made the application for them and a medical card is produced for the applicant. It is illegal for a company to charge travel expense to the employee in getting to Dubai and home. It is the obligation of the company to pay.

    The way they are trafficking Filipinos is a visitor visa is applied for by the relative. This only allows you to stay in the country for a month. So they do a visa run every month, usually to Oman. When I caught wind of my brother-in-law doing the visa run and that his aunt claimed he could not come home until he paid off what he owed them – I knew something was really wrong. I read up on the law and sent his Aunt a letter explaining that she would be turned in to the labor inspector’s office if he did not have a ticket in his hand within 3 days.

    She is a fundamentalist Christian and actually trafficked her own nephew. He had nothing to show for months working in Dubai and until I got involved she claimed he owed her and her boyfriend a lot of money. It is hard to believe that a person would do this to her own family, but according to my brother-in-law there were a lot of Filipinos in Dubai in exactly the same position.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      No, its ALWAYS the foreigners exploiting Filipinos. It’s never Filipinos,, they are ALWAYS just innocent victims.

      Hahaha, I’m kidding of course. Filipinos would eat each other if they could. They always claim its the gov’t thats corrupt, but its them. It’s always the foreigners exploiting them, but you ever see how some of the middle class or upper class treat their maids? Or what shit wages they pay them and expect them to be happy?

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        I’m sure legal age is 18, Biggie. But Filipinos desperate to leave the country to work abroad always find ways…. they get fake birth certificates. Many are physically and psychologically unprepared to work overseas, many are promised good working conditions, except contracts are violated and there’s nothing anyone can do or will do about it, working conditions are horrid, worse than animals, but there’s nothing anyone can or will do about it. Just like back home I supposed. And it’s so common for these employers to confiscate the worker’s passports upon the new worker’s arrival. So what can one do? They can’t leave the country if they don’t have passports, they are not allowed to violate their contracts while the Arab employer can do what he wants with his worker. What does the Philippine embassy do about it? nothing!! And as mentioned on my other post, if you’re female, you are in double jeopardy — being preyed upon by employers and Philippine embassy staff.

    2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Filipinos prey on anyone if they can get away with it. It’s not just the rich preying on the poor, it’s the poor preying on the poorest. Even abroad, they prey on their own kind. In the mid-east, they’d prey on newcomers, male or female alike. The Pinays trying to escape from sexual assaults and exploitation flee to the Philippine embassy for help…. only to be sexually preyed upon by embassy staff. That is common knowledge that male Philippine embassy staff prey upon it’s citizens. Filipinos behave like dogs even when overseas. No shame or conscience whatsoever!

    3. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

      My wife has an uncle who is a doctor and owns a clinic. For all the non qualified jobs he hires family. The worst thing is he charges them for everything; he makes them pay to travel there and they pay stupid amounts of rent etc. By the time they arrive their first 2 months wages is owed to him so minus living costs they are stuck for over 6 months. It is crazy to me because where I live if your employer takes you out of town to work he pays everything but not in the Phils, and they are his own family. Even stranger is the workers are so crap at maths they cant work out they are being ripped off. Such a crap culture

  11. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

    Yeah, agree Johnny and Sarah. I am curious to ask your impression Sarah – that threat to inform the labor inspector’s office got the ticket purchased almost instantly and he was home within a week and owing nothing to the aunt and her boyfriend. I did say that I would inform the Embassy too, but it looked to me like the Dubai Labor Inspector Office was the more credible threat. According to the law, the employee is supposed to have a written employment contract before they leave the Philippines. The employment contract specifies the duration of the contract and the pledge to pay round-trip transportation. If the employee is terminated before the end of the contract, the employer is supposed to pay the remainder of the contract in a lump sum to the employee.

    Most Filipinos are so brain dead that they can’t do a simple google search on a topic like this to find out what the law is. So they aren’t even aware of the Labor Inspector’s office. That threat of informing the Dubai Labor Inspector’s office worked amazingly well for us but it doesn’t mean the Labor Inspector’s Office actually does its job when someone does contact them. So I am wondering what impression you have of them, thanks.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      “that threat to inform the labor inspector’s office got the ticket purchased almost instantly and he was home within a week and owing nothing to the aunt and her boyfriend”.

      It is clear that the nephew was a victim of illegal recruitment… by his own family! Filipinos liked to sprout their “close family ties” BS. Ask them to explain and they’d say “oh, we never put our elderly in nursing homes. We nursed them till death”. Yeah sure, but the offsprings aren’t exactly fighting to care for their aged mum/dad either. If anything, they fight to push the care to another sibling.

      Filipinos traffic their own kind. That is common knowledge. Go to any bars in AC and Mango avenue in Cebu city and ask the girl how she ended up prostituting herself. The replies would range from “my aunt/uncle/ sold me”. Or “My parents threw me out after my uncle/grandpa/brother/father raped me”. Part of asswipe uncle’s job was collect crime statistics for the Cebu province. I was shocked to see the high incidence of incest amongst these “humble and poor” Filipino families. This prompted me to ask why such a high incident of incest and rapes within the family? He said “very close communal living. The males in the family could see the developing females, everyone sleeps in one area. Mix in alcohol/shabu and temptation and the girl becomes a statistic”.

      Wanna see under age kids being sold by parents anywhere? Go to any provincial towns in the RP. Lapu-Lapu city in Cebu province, well known for underage child sex cam shows, with parents prompting the underage boy/girl what to do.

      But back to your question Mindanao….. the Philippines provide consular assistance for OFWs in trouble—> supposedly. In reality, most OFWs complain that these Philippine labor offices abroad do nothing. Or if they must do something you pay a bribe, just like back home.

      The contracts that the Filipinos are given before leaving the Philippines are not worth the paper they are written on. Most of them are replaced with another contract once they OFWs have departed or on arrival to the destination country AFTER their passports were taken. I’ve even heard of Aussies going to the mid-east to work as medical personnel, promised decent living accommodation (think aircon facilities) but upon their arrival, aircons not working and living accommodations not up to our standard. The difference is, the Kanos would kick up a stink about those kinds of violatios. Pinoys suffer in silence, perhaps out of fear, naivety? stupidity. Perfect target for scams and exploitations.

      1. Profile gravatar of InForAPennyInForAPound

        Wow. Those points alone deserve a whole blog entry to itself! It really snapped my Filipina out of her Filipino Pride brainwashing for a minute when i read to her your comment. It really struck a nerve with her about life there.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

        That motivated me to look up Lapu-Lapu and child sex cam shows, which led to an article about “The Queen of Cyberporn”. Something I saw there makes more sense now.

        I went to Lapu-Lapu to see the spot where they killed Magellan and to visit Magellan’s Cross at the Spanish church (Basilica Minore del Santo Niño) with my wife and two younger siblings. I had stepped outside the Church with my wife’s youngest sister, then 11, while my wife was still inside taking pictures with her brother. We were going to get some ice cream at a street vendor we had seen before going in.

        We were approached by a girl who could not have been more than 12. She asked me if I wanted her. She had these little paper roses in her hand, and I thought “want her to what”? I was confused because she wasn’t holding out the roses. The two girls looked at each other in a very strange way – like they were sizing each other up. I noticed an older woman who I inferred was her mother nearby watching us. My sister-in-law bought a paper rose from her, and this whole transaction seemed rather weird to me. As we turned away this 12 year old started towards the older woman, but turned to tell me “come back later”. I saw the older woman nod at me. Well sure, come back later and buy more roses or whatever.

        Was this woman actually prostituting her own daughter right out in front of this legendary Spanish Church? ! Was it because I already had an 11 year old with me that it was presumed I was in the market for underage sex? I think so now. Jesus H. Christ talk about brazen!

      3. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

        I was horrified when i saw a report about two years ago about a community that had over 700 families implicated/associated to child cybersex. Of course, the only motivating factor in the community was greed. However, my horror was rendered insignificant when I read that many neighbours knew about the acts of depravity enacted on these innocent children….why? These fucking fails do not complain to their neighbors. What the fuck is wrong with these fucking people??????? These are children!!

        Cant find the original article but here is one just as bad (dont normally believe the Mail, but I do in this case)

        My wife came to me once, very upset, and related overhearing two mothers in Samar arguing who was going to have the biggest house….the reason? they had just put their respective sixteen year old daughters on a banka bound for Angeles. Oh, how motherly!! (sarcasm alert)

    2. Profile gravatar of chloroform
      chloroform Post author

      The Labor Inspector’s office actually does not give you any help at all btw without cash. Counting that everything in Dubai runs with money. You can seek for help either in TASHEEL (a govt office that deals with labor concerns) or the Ministry of Labor itself but there are certain fees you need to settle before they even look at your case. So if your brother inlaw didn’t have enough in his pockets, there’s very little of what he can do in his situation.

      And Yes, it is true about the visa run, if you’ve ran out of days in your tourist visa in Dubai, which is usually a month, the company (or travel agency) that sponsored you will have you exit to Oman or Iran, let you stay there for a week or for as long as they please until someone or somebody pay for your new visa, it could be another tourist visa (paid by yourself) or a work permit (paid by the company that hires you). Also, It is true that their passports are being taken by their employers. I asked one of the maids who cleans our office daily where her passport is, and she said its with the agency that hired her. I told her that it’s illegal for employers in Dubai to do so, but she just kept her head low, defeated face, knowing that there’s really nothing she could do about it. Sad reality.

      It is different on the other hand with KANOS working in the mid east. As although we need a working visa to work there, there’s no need for a visa run incase we ran outa days to stay in the place. (take for example) The US embassy in Dubai immediately extends the number of days you can stay depending on your company’s contract. Im thinking, it is mostly the citizens from third world countries that are mostly exploited by the Sheiks and the mean arabs though.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

        Okay, thanks Chloroform – something you said makes sense now.

        When he was in Oman, he sometimes waited a week and sometimes came back in a day or two. He was racking up travel and lodging expenses that they were claiming he had to pay back, so it was an endless debt slavery. He sent money home the first month and could’t after that because he was paying off his debt to his Aunt, the human trafficker.

  12. Profile gravatar of Maamsir

    I have spent a couple of decades in and around Dubai, and here are my notes

    1) Pinoys are no more than 15% of the population but because they are over represented among cashiers, sales staff, waiters, one gets the impression that they are half of Dubai…

    2) Most of them there are convinced they are hired because they are great in English and because they are “honest”. Kid me not, next time you are there, ask any random cashier why there are so many Pinoys hired as cashiers and they will likely reply that it is because they are “honest” or “God fearing” !!

    Now I have nothing against the ones in Dubai, but it irks me that among all the expat communities there, they are the only ones who are vocal about how they are “better” than the rest. The rest of the communities have chips on their shoulders as well, but they are not vocal about it..

  13. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “Was this woman actually prostituting her own daughter right out in front of this legendary Spanish Church? ! Was it because I already had an 11 year old with me that it was presumed I was in the market for underage sex? I think so now. Jesus H. Christ talk about brazen!”

    Yes, quite likely the woman was prostituting the little girl. Regardless of their kinship ties to the child, Flips would sell that child for money. Be aware also guys of the Philippine Republic Act 7610, Article VI section B which prohibits “Any person who shall keep or have in his company a minor, twelve (12) years or under or who in ten (10) years or more his junior in any public or private place, hotel, motel, beer joint, discotheque, cabaret, pension house, sauna or massage parlor, beach and/or other tourist resort or similar places shall suffer the penalty of prison mayor in its maximum period and a fine of not less than Fifty thousand pesos (P50,000): Provided, That this provision shall not apply to any person who is related within the fourth degree of consanguinity or affinity or any bond recognized by law, local custom and tradition or acts in the performance of a social, moral or legal duty.”

    Of course, like most Philippine laws, depends who you are and who you know. I’ve heard of Kanos getting hauled to the Police station for questioning after escorting a stepdaughter to the dentist. Innocent or not, he very likely had to coughed up some pesos.

    Those of you who have been members of PFB for a while would have read my comments about “eggplants”. The story behind that is not so funny.

    A few years ago, I was friends with a Kano scambaiter. He’s been scammed by Filipinas one too many, so he started to scambait. He would tell me how he’d send these dumb bitches on a wild goose chase for non-existent money transfer. A few of his “victims’ were cam girls. One day, he started talking to a young Pinay, likely 16 to 18 year old. Then when he refused all offers of cam shows, she then produced a younger sister, aged between 10 to 12. So older sister exited the cam, younger sister started asking Kano what he wanted. Again he refused the cam shows. He could also see an adult woman in the background peeking behind curtains instructing the girl. The girl then asked the Kano if he wanted to watch her have sex with her brother. Kano was horrified and said “no”, then she grabbed the eggplant nearby and said to him “I can do things with this. I can play with myself with this”. He terminated the chat. He was so disgusted by the experience he quit his scam -baiting “career”.

    His story is not isolated. When I was in Cebu last year, almost everyday the local papers would run stories of underage webcam show raids, majority were operated by parents of the underage girls and even boys, and it seems Lapu Lapu city is the center of these operations. If little Filipina girls are being exploited at such a young age, no moral guidance, no conscience, any wonder they turn into vicious NPDs and Cluster Bs?

  14. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

    @sarahfin : that scambaiter story is sickening! But why am I not surprised in this country of “pamily love”.
    “If little Filipina girls are being exploited at such a young age, no moral guidance, no conscience, any wonder they turn into vicious NPDs and Cluster Bs” Very true. They are set up to be.
    When I was in my early teens I had a private maths tutor who groped me. Only on the outside and very briefly, but I was so bewildered I cannot imagine how, if I had not made a pretty sharp exit, I would be today – I vowed not to go back, but didn’t know what to say to my parents. The guy got killed on his pushbike within a week and it was my first experience of relief over such an event.
    How these children cope with their parents etc doing these despicable, depraved acts is beyond my comprehension. My situation was when I was older, for about two seconds (although it felt like an eon) and never experienced again. I would shoot them, there and then.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

      This discussion is very important and I don’t claim to have the answers. I hope that we can think critically and use each other to bounce ideas off in order to sharpen our focus.

      It seems to me that both boys and girls have this problem of cluster B personalities. Correct me please if I am wrong, and maybe I should just say both have disordered character/personalities. It may not manifest itself exactly the same in boys and girls. But both have this problem of stupid pride: pride without reason. Pride just for being Filipino. There is a parallel in American culture, with the term “American Exceptionalism” and the “Everyone Gets a Medal” philosophy inculcated in our schools. Americans are performing at the very lowest level of the OECD countries on international exams, but score the highest in self-esteem.

      There is nothing wrong with Americans who take pride in virtues like industriousness, thrift, honesty, etc. that have been part of the historical American character. There is a LOT wrong with thinking that being born in America makes you automatically exceptional.

      I just read a survey comparing Filipinos to Americanos, and Filipinos scored much higher on self-esteem. It was from the 90’s.

      Filipinos are more satisfied with their government, their parents, themselves, and their economic circumstance. 69% of them were “Very Proud” as compared with 53% of Americanos feeling the same way.

      Now, despite being much more proud of themselves for being Filipino in comparison to Americanos for being American – they can’t name specific traits they are proud of. The most selected answer, by far, for the reason they are so proud of themselves is…. that they can’t say (24%).

      The second most-selected answer was that they work hard (17%) but the most selected negative trait was laziness (20%). 14% selected “friendly”, 13% Charitable, 13% hospitable, 8% Respectful, and 8% Creative. Nothing else above 5%, It is striking that such a vast majority of Filipinos have such self-pride, just for being Filipino, but there is no agreement at all on what they should be proud of. Each kid might pick something that almost no other kid picks. They even contradict themselves with “hard work” and “laziness”. It means nobody has ever told them. They are not learning it in school. They are guessing.

      This is data, not opinion. You have to call this stupid pride: being proud without knowing what you should be proud of.