Filipinos Just Don’t Like Animals (Including Themselves)

This post builds on a recent post by Phildoh about the Manila Zoo.  

Animals generally in the Philippines have a very sorry life.  In fact, all of nature is under threat from Filipino ignorance from dynamite fishing of the reefs, over fishing, burning plastics near the ocean and into the rivers mountains of plastics go and so forth.

The problem with “Filipino Logic” is that …there is no logic;

  1. Filipinos won’t generally rise and complain – they fear retribution.
  2. Filipinos think in the moment and not in the future.
  3. Life is so dumbed down that they cannot work out solutions
  4. There has to be a big “habit shift” as abusing animals and the environment is handed down.
  5. The bottom line answer is there is no answer.  Abuse of animals (and the environment) will go on or change at a snails pace while each Sunday Filipinos enmasse will go to mass (Church) and pray to God for more help.  Heres an article I wrote on this religious hypocracy here.


animal cruelty fighting in the Philippines

Reading the Manila Zoo article reminded me of a festival in Leyte where these blood thirsty Filipinos love to watch animals fighting and exercise their addictions such as gambling.

Yes, when it comes to money and themselves Filipinos are very much ready and available.  They will stoop to the lowest of gutters to try and get some instant gratifications.

The bottom line is Filipinos don’t respect Gods gifts (let alone fellow Filipino’s).  God is out the window when it comes to cock fighting, animal fighting, keeping animals as pets.  Things only improve when theres money to be made and tourists to be conned – notice how Palawan and Boracay is so much cleaner than the rest of the country?  Theres very little FOREIGN tourism in other parts of the country so that remains a garbage pit.  Those other tourist areas in the rest of the country are for Filipinos who are used to living in garbage pits and what foreigners do go there have become numb to the philippines.

But back to the animals ….

The news clipping I postedThis is known as “Black Saturdays Turugpo Festival in Leyte”.  Did you know at the time that article was published even the Department of Tourism for the Philippines had the event as a “must see” tourist attraction.

Filipinos and PetsAs for Filipinos you will see the “pets” they keep, namely dogs tied up – all day, all night.

dogs in philippines treatment

“I really cannot see the point of Filipinos keeping animals to be tied up day and night”

  Unless its something really cute and is in the house. Filipinos aren’t active fitness fanatics in fact, they drink and sleep more than exercise so you will never see a Filipino walking his pet dog or running with it.  Oh wait?  Places like Cebu don’t have large scale public park land so thinking of going out walking a dog in the park is pointless anyway!

Kill The Animals!Here is a word that basically sums up the thinking of the Filipnos.  Rather than care for Gods creatures they use a patriarchal approach to life and the Filipino male and his “pinoy pride” is chauvenism gone mad.
Take this Filipino clown:
1. think in the moment – like a dog.  kick it, it moves to another spot.  It may not work out theres a problem here.
2. no thought about the future.
3. no thought about alternative business methods – do what they always done and get what they always got.
4. no respect for animals and Gods gifts.  Just a Chauvenist pig.  My way or the highway type of guy.

Town mayor calls them ‘parasites’: Kill dolphins, whales
“Dolphins, whales, sharks are parasites” some of them should be killed.
So said Dumanjug, Cebu Mayor Nelson Gamaliel Garcia while addressing participants of the Tanon Strait Protected Seascape Stakeholders’ Summit in Cebu City yesterday.

What can you say – hes a JUGHEAD from Dumanjug.

As I say — Filipinos cannot even care for themselves and each other let alone animals.  They put tape over the mouths of children to stop them crying – and someone even posted pictures of her baby being treated like an animal.

baby pet ayra dela cruz

children in the philippines

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  1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Can you see the hypocrisy here, they even take photos of child abuse and have to concept that it is bad for the child.and post it on Facebook so the world knows what fuckwits they are. She actually put her fucking name on that post
    I am continually amazed at what I see, and have no idea how to respond.
    I have seen the continual killing of gods creatures for almost no reason, just to kill it. WTF is that about. from squashing caterpillars and ants , the ones in the garden I might add, no where near the house and laughing about it,
    I wonder how many Psychopaths there are in the Philippines undiagnosed, that’s why I sometime wonder that the child bride always telling me the gagoo will kill me if I don’t stop my high blood.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          Don, maybe I should take some credit for your high blood-pressure?:-) If it can be of any consolation to you I myself have high b.p. too!
          But too low b.p is also not good!

          If you limit the amount of exclamationmarks when talking to the Mufazzza you may end up with normal b.p.:-)

          Mufazzza is mercyful and benevolent! But sometimes, when the Don calls Mufazzza a pinoy…..Mufazzza gets Very angry and Must defend Himself!!
          Then he feels the urge to take of the silken gloves, but this happens very rarely!

          And,….Mufazzza still means tampo pinoy (in fact All tampooing women!) should get a nice smack on the butt!;-) The Mufazzza is..(thank God!!) Not constrained by …sick perverted ideas about what’s ” right or wrong” that have been around for a 1000years! Women have changed their Attitude towards men Drastically the last 100 years! To the negative mostly! So stop running aroundtrying to be a….gallant prince on white stallion! The Times does not call for such! They call for firmness!!!

          By the way, if the woman likes the smacking (this can happen) you should find different method! It is supposed to be punishment, Not reward!

          I do not recommend saudi methods of punishment! They seem to have…a terminal touch to them!

          Mufazzza believes in giving a person a chanse to show improvement! This is very difficult when essential parts of the body are missing.

          We must be able to understand the difference between …a small smack and….decapitation! Things tend to be seen in black and white these days, its all or nothing! A distinct flaw of modern society!

          Mufazzza merely tries to point to these flaws, and How they may be improved upon. We must not accept the flaws of society only because they are there! They can be removed, and they Shold be removed!

          Many women (especially pinay) are behaving (sometimes) similar to children. If they behave like children (tampoing, raging, sulking, smashing things etc.) they shall be treated like children!

          You cannot discuss intelligently with a raging child! There Must be consequences!

  2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    I checked that FB account. The “mother” described herself as an “Artist”. Is this the Flip version of “Art”? I guess like so many things in the Failippines, even their art is twisted!

    She was crucified by the comments actually. But a lot also defended her. “She’s only human, humans make mistakes” etc. One even commented that “God gave us children because God knows that we can take care of them. If God knows we can’t take care of the child, he would not give us a child”. Oh really? Such ignorance!

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      I’m quite certain had she sliced up the baby with a butcher knife, other dumb, ignorant, mindless, idiot Filipinos would say, “She’s only human, humans make mistakes”.

      When there is no outrage for heinous acts, heinous acts flourish. Why are they such incomprehensibly stupid morons? This I will never understand!

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        This just goes to show that pinoy are really animals in human form. Animals normally feel no compassion, just like pinoy neither feels compassion for animal nor themselves.

        The ones who should be inSide cages and Zoos are pinoy not animals.
        The Real Animals are clear for all to see. Unconsciously pinoy understand this. Thats why he (or she) tries to put all Other creatures, beings and humans in cage. ‘Tis Really Self-hatred that is on the loose here, but pinoy intellectual capability is so weak, he has no prerequisite to understanding this. That is why he (or she!;-) would make exellent torturers and henchmen. If the chinese need sadists for their next war they should borrow some from phils, they’re naturals. One of the most evil torture methods that exist is to let a human man get feelings for pinay, and then let her throw a tampo!

      2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        As long as she nailed the pieces onto a canvas and called it fucking art, what a pathetic excuse for a woman,
        Or she could just whip the child as well to make every one happy Mufazzza !!!!!!! then the art will have tiger stripes upon it.
        I am starting to understand my father, when he said he had seen enough of this world.

      3. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        There was a picture of some deformed African kid and it had some unbelievable number of “likes” – it said Say Amen and Like this photo for this kid.
        Omg .. all the filos were going
        and down the page it went.

        Are they that fucking stupid .. meanwhile this African kid is in Africa and secondly I don’t think half or 80% of Filos would know where Africa is anyway. They certainly know @filofail where America is and where the Western Union, LBC and Palawan Express branches are! But wait .. America is where all white people come from right?

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            What’s wrong with these Flips? Seems they have a penchant for posting in FB horrible photos of dead people, (funeral wakes inluding), of accident and shooting victim’s photos, and suicide victims, complete with smashed faces and mangled bodies. Yet, every one says “tsk, tsk, poor thing, RIP, we’ll pray for him/her”. But not one says “that’s in bad taste, have respect for the family, you should not be posting that without blurring the victim’s face!”.
            Tasteless! Absolutely tasteless!

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      At least SOME people gave her shit for it. I hardly doubt the police went to investigate the matter though.
      Captain is right. The most atrocious things happen in the Philippines and no one seems to care. Life in the Phils is cheap and overabundant in their eyes. Could you imagine if an even like the Mindanao massacre happened in the USA and the perpetrators were still holding onto gov’t posts while delaying the trial?
      “When there is no outrage for heinous acts, heinous acts flourish. Why are they such incomprehensibly stupid morons? This I will never understand!”
      – The fact they are so religious just baffles me cause they lack the brain cells to connect praying about being a good person with actually trying to be a good person. It’s insane.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        The child in the photo apparently was taken by the DSWD, and the mother, the self-proclaimed “Artist” was blaming everyone else but her, for her stupid actions. She wanted the baby back. Hope the DSWD don’t give the kid back. That woman don’t even deserve to look after a dog, much less a child!

        I have a theory about Flip religiousness. It’s all for show. They go to church to show off their new clothes, their new cars, new blings, even a new BF/GF and catch up with tsismis. Praying to God? Oh, they might pray to him as an after thought. And when they do, it’s always to ask. “Please Lord, give me a job, please Lord, give me a nice Kano husband,” etc.

        Had a Kano friend who fell for a Pinay “because she goes to church every Sunday”. Turned out she’s the biggest lying, scamming, scheming, immoral, manipulative little bitch he’s ever had the misfortune to meet. Thankfully, he still has the shirt on his back.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          Yes Sarah, another misunderstanding by westerners! Pinay are soo sweet and Holy and attend church, and this is a guarantee of her character??!
          Self-serving slimey narcissists abound in these churches! This goes (yet again!) to show the gargantuan amount of naivité that foreigner packs!

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Yeah, that does not translate well to foreigners among other things. Like when the rules are, “NO _____________” us foreigners assume its a rule that never gets broken. A filipino will then say, “no. no, just pay this guy and its fine. No one pays attention to that.”
            So we fall for BS, especially when we first get here. When someone says something we take their word for it. After a few years, when a filipino starts talking, we believe nothing.
            I had a squabble with my filipino cousin. She and her mom said some really untrue comments about me and accusations that were just plain dumb to anyone who even met me for 30 seconds. At first I was really mad, but my then GF said, “look, no one believes them. The problem is no one tells them to their face they are lying.” Then when I asked “WTF”. She said, “of course what they are saying is just stupid. Also, Filipinos are known for lying so much, we trust an American we just met over a Filipino we’ve known our whole lives. Americans don’t lie like Filipinos do so easily”. To which I responded, “What the fuck kind of culture is this?”

      2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        As Sarah says pinoy religiousness has nothing to do with God! It has a 100% to do with pinoy greed and self-servingness. “See me, give me….me, me, me all the way! Whilst destroying Gods gifts by the minute!

        I’m quite sure God is Very irate at the pinoy and it most probably will be the next Soddom and Gomorrah!! (In fact it already is!)

        Look at all the natural disasters here, a classical example that God is already building up steam! ’tis quite satisfying to know that all idiocy and greed is not going unpunished, but in due course will be richly ” rewarded!”

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            God is trying to flood the place? I have news for you,,, HE’S TOO LATE!! The filipinos pissing everywhere beat him to it.

  3. Profile gravatar of tambok

    Ya the mis-treatment is unbelievable. Why do all my neighbors with no money have 3 4 5 dogs all covered with parasites and malnutrition? I live on a tourist island and even here every sq meter is covered with trash. They just toss it out of the car window, every where garbage. I wrote letters to the baranguys and they sent people out to pick it up but a week later it’s all back. Ignorance and not caring, shit in your own back yard as we call it. The water is just a mass of colored bags from the squatters. Really just one big unrepareable mess. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have an environmental education background, probably wouldn’t be so aware.

  4. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    I don’t think it really matters to many filipinos if it’s animal or human, if they are vulnerable they will most likely be shown no compassion and be mistreated. Just look at the way they rounded up the street children and caged them when the pope visited. And this from the same authorities who are supposed to care for such people.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      You know, I actually fell for this pope’s kindness and “peace & love” BS. I know he did not put those kids in the jail cells, but he must know atrocities like this are very common in the Philippines, not to mention the graft, corruption, lack of empathy towards other people, etc. Yet, he spoke nothing of it. He kept it about as vague as he could saying to “accept the lord. help the poor. give. accept love.” blah, blah, blah.
      If he really wanted to change the world, he would say, “Shame on you Philippines for allowing innocent children to live in such conditions and then putting them in jail to hide them from me.” or he could have said when he visited Tacloban, “What the fuck is Imelda Marcos doing here? This woman stole billions, killed thousands, and imprisoned 10’s of thousands all due to her greed. You reward her for this?”

      No, of course he won’t get specific. He would never embarass them or name people with obvious corruptions. However, he will actually visit with them and shake their hands. Just keep it vague and a loving pep-rally to remind Filipinos they are the greatest and truly blessed,,,, as long as they keep giving money. No wonder the RCC is dying in 1st world countries.

      Btw, the dailymailuk is an awesome website. They put so much effort into their articles with so many pictures and descriptions. Is it always like that?

      1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
        Phil Doh

        Actually Johnny many call it the DailyFail in the UK because they are usually so bad at reporting. They love to stir up shit with immigrants, focus on mindless celebrity gossip and their articles are often badly written, but they do have a few good journos who go above and beyond. After the filo nurse who killed a few UK patients was arrested they sent a reporter to manila to expose how easy it is to forge documents to get a job in the UK. They seem to be one of the few news sites in the UK who bring philippines stories to the mainstream.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          Phil, a Few???? it was at least 30-40! The nurse probably thought they were of inferiour Race, just as pinoy who go popping expats in their own country! Pure racism! And when they are freed of charges its,’s the ultimate racism! The judiciary actually says: ” Go on, there’s nothing wrong with popping expats, as long as their money stay here!:-) “

      2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        No I dont agree with you Johnny. If Pope ran around being a “dogooder” like that he would soon be relieved of his post!

        If he really Is a good pope we will see improvements 20 years from now. These things take Time! C.C. is an aircraft-carrier, not a nimble speedboat!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Happy New Year from Mufazzza, the Disciplinarian too!:-) ’tis good there is someone there to teach younger men about nessecary firmness towards unbehaving pinay!

      Too many older men are so pussy-whipped they are not even able to pass on good advice to younger men anymore, ’tis soo terribly sad! And where should the young man then learn it? Thankfully we have the Mufazzza to reveal the Truth!:-)

      A firm, calm New Year to ye all!!!:-)

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Indeed these are horrible times! When wife is disobedient and children impertinent and noone listens to the Old.

      Indeed it must be what the Bible calls The End of Days.

  5. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    i think the 1950s to 1980 were the best times. after 1980, the politicians and corporations got really greedy. technology helped them to rip us off too

  6. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    This picture perfectly illustrates how the average Filipino parents view their children. Mere subservient, mindless slaves for the family, nothing more. And I would bet the average Filipino parents would initially laugh at this picture unless scolded and corrected by their peers.