Filipinos Just Too Stupid To Execute Democracy

Ever since democracy has been handed to them, Filipinos have never had the cognitive resources to understand it, or execute it. And with the election of an assassin, murderer, vigilante, big mouthed, crass, lazy, sociopathic megalomaniac, they have all but abandoned democracy all together.

Filipinos don’t seem to understand what civilization is either. They have elected a man who is not intelligent enough to understand WHY there’s so much crime and corruption. A man who’s solution is violent death extra-judicially. They place little value on human life, unless it’s a direct relative (and I say that loosely).

Ok, so the judicial system sucks, and that’s why they bypass it and kill people they think are criminals. But does Duterte talk about how he’s going to fix the judicial system so that justice can be served more swiftly and effectively? Nope! He just says he’ll continue killing people he thinks are criminals. There’s been many cases of mistaken identity with his death squad killings. Do they make any kind of connection as a result of those killings of innocent people as to why this method is uncivilized and JUST PLAIN WRONG? Nope! This is because they are too stupid to make the connection. They are too uncivilized to care that a few innocent people are killed.

But I have to say, on the other hand, maybe this is what they needed all along. I don’t believe they will ever be able to execute anything. They just need a daddy to keep them in line.

If you have to rule with an iron fist, it’s most likely because you cannot lead with intelligence.



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    The current laws represent an accumulation of human knowledge over many centuries, taking into account all the possible scenarios and lessons learned from countless judicial and legislative proceedings as well as the well-established lines of reasoning proposed and approved by some of the most intelligent men that have ever lived in the civilized world.

    The only way anyone can put that aside is if he cannot grasp or appreciate those long and multi-tiered cause-and-effect connections and possible scenarios. The same can be said of the people who would vote for such a person. They think in terms of more direct cause-and-effect lines, the same lines that primitive people took when there wasn’t enough human experience yet to learn from.

    The fewer the factors to take into account, the less pain for the small mind.

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    Leadership requires, Intelligence, compassion, integrity, fairness, competence, and in depth
    knowledge of the requirements set forth to your commitments. A sincere and honest attitude towards yourself, those around you, and those under your guidance. As these are the requirements, and this newly chosen leader having few of these basic and minimal requirements, I can honestly imagine, that THE PHILIPPINE PEOPLE CANNOT EXPECT ANY TYPE OF VIABLE LEADERSHIP FROM WITHIN THE INCOMING GOVERNMENT!! Consider this, I an iron-fisted mayor of some small fifedom, were to suddenly get thrown into the helm of the entire kingdom. Can one truly expect that applying his former low level of rules, to be successfully applied similarly to the masses of an entire nation?? I doubt it. A lone cowpoke, does not have any idea as to the requirements necessary to be the Sheriff!!

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    Filipinos have a huge trust issue. They simply just don’t trust each other. They have a culture and low intelligence that keeps them down in the gutter and at each others throat. They are not going to get smarter because of limitation of biology and they are not going to change their dysfunctional culture either because they like it and they are proud of it. The only solution for them is violence and dictatorship. It makes perfect sense why Duterte is the chosen leader.

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        Captain PFB Post author

        I don’t think Attila is saying that Duterte is the best leader for Philippines. It’s pretty clear he’s saying given the culture’s stupidity and ignorance and their propensity to snuggle up to a man who defends pinoy pride to the death regardless of his moral conscience or how many people he’s killed in the act of denying their constitutional rights/human rights, that it makes perfect sense why Duterte is the chosen one.

        His fist is in the air and he’s shouting “PINOY PRIDE”

        That’s all that matters to these retards.

        1. Profile gravatar of Newq

          Yup, I misunderstood that, my bad.

          “The only solution for them” can be interpreted two ways and I was reading too fast I failed to recognize the context

      2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        I mean, just look at their stupidity. Estrada was ousted, tried, and convicted of plunder. 15 years later the retards elect him Mayor of Manila, another position of power.

        These brainless idiots don’t learn from the past. They are simply incapable of such cognition.

        1. Profile gravatar of Attila

          The 2nd Edsa revolution was about overthrowing the government of Joseph Estrada. The people of Manila rose up and demanded his head. 15 years later the people of Manila elected the him as their mayor. That could only happen if the people of Manila are seriously retarded and suffer from low IQ. I’m not joking. I believe most Filipinos suffer from low IQ and low morals. Maybe they are doomed?

          1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

            Of course They are of low IQ and low morals! And its Good they are so, they are a perfect picture of how a people is Not to be! They have been put upon this Earth as a Antithesis of how man Should be!
            In this way God has been very pleasant when creating the Pinoy as a Not-Follow example!

            God’s clear message is: “Pleease, Pleease,,,do not become like these people!” There are many stupid people upon this World, but you have to be Extremely stupid not to understand this! To even be proud of being Filipino you must be Stupid to a debilitating degree!

            Thank you God, for showing us the most disgusting culture upon Earth, as a frightening example of how Not to become! Neither as individual nor as a society! Amén!;-)

            And let these self-absorbed, greedy, materialistic pissers burn in eternal hell! And let Us who also may descend to hell not have to go to the same hell, with squatters, pissers, idiots, all the same mix, just a few degrees warmer…we simply could not stand the smell,,,,, Amén!

            Pinoy Hell, simply the Worlds worst Smell! Poor Devil!

            Oh, ‘Tis a joyful feeling to speak the truth!!

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    Lol at the real rodrigo duterte video. Stopped at 1:23.

    I haven’t seen or heard much from this guy, not because there’s not enough material out there, but because I already know what kind of substance will come out of his mouth. It’s written all over his face – the motivations, the level of thought, etc. All you need is to hear him speak for a minute to figure it all out.

    It’s like listening to Manny Pacquiao being interviewed. My ears are not interested.

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    Phil Doh

    Filipinos won’t be ready for democracy for another thousand years. Like everything they do they copy it from elsewhere and just completely fuck it up big time. They take the freedom part of democracy and see that as an excuse to do just whatever they please without consequence. Lee Kuan Yew had it right when he told them during a visit:

    “I believe what a country needs to develop is discipline more than democracy.”

    They got the man they deserve.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Indeed They do! They are lowlife stupid vermin without morals! Of course they are doomed! But!… are we all! We’re All gonna Die! Without exception! We can just be thankful that we didn’t destroy our whole life by living in a hellhole, but have som decent western experience!
      I think most Asian countries are similar; Filthy, sneaky, trashy people like Pinoy, maybe with exception of Japan which seems to set a different standard! Also the Chinese; spit everywhere, rude, unfriendly, greedy, etc.

      It’s good and just to do pinoy bashing , but sometimes I feel the need to lash the back of other Asian people’s too… Pakistanis, total garbage, Indians, smelly bastards, afhanis, murderous bastards, etc. It’s unjust to portrait only phils as a shithole when most Asian countries are!
      The bias gets a bit scewed when one is allowed tho Chastize only one tribe.

  6. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Its amazing this “Catholic country” filled with the “friendliest people in Asia” have no issue spilling blood. The country has gotten so fucked up, these idiots have lost sense of basic right vs wrong. No matter how much they preach about their “faith, god, religion”, it is nothing but talk. Their real values are easy to see in the way they treat each other daily, their complete disconnect from each other, their lack of empathy for their poorest, and now their eagerness to spill the blood of “others, who are bad” and the rewards now given to a mass murderer.
    The fact an admitted mass-murderer was rewarded by being mayor for 20+ years then as a president sets the worst example for other idiot politicians. Just kill anyone you want and call them a criminal. Further, since everything is the Philippines is just riddled with incompetence and corruption, how can any Filipino actually believe their “death squads only kill bad people” theory is fool-proof? The simplest task isn’t fool proof if Filipinos are involved.

    Btw, all that talk about how “poor” Duterte claimed to be was a sham. When his secret account got exposed, he denied it. When they presented proof of the account, he acknowledged it but said it didn’t have much money. When they finally got authorization to look into the account history they found a $2 Million USD deposit in there. His reply, “Well, I have rich friends”.
    The funny part is the guy who exposed it was basically labeled a liar and a traitor. The fucking irony of it all. The guy (Trillanes) actually does his job and exposes D30 for being corrupt (as well as a mass murderer) and the people hate him for it. What a bunch of fucktards!
    – Before they found out he had the secret money, all of his supporters were so proud to say how he wasn’t corrupt. Basically they were saying, “He’s a mass murderer, not a thief”. Again, what a bunch of fucktards.

  7. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    What is it with these insane Filipino politicians always having to dye their hair jet black?
    – Everyone knows he’s a murderer, now its been discovered he’s a liar and accepted large sums of money from anonymous people. However, if people found out he has gray hair, he’d be really embarrassed.

    Just look at Enrile who’s like 90, Imelda Marcos whose like 80, Estrada who’s about 75, Binay who’s like 73, etc. The faker the hair color, the more evil it seems.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      It must be evil dye!!
      I only noticed it when I saw Estrada, Imelda, and some other evil dude all standing next to each other. They were all over the age of 70! With jet black hair!

    2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      They’re simply very superficial people and superficials put great importance on the visual. As they are old and wrinkled the only thing they can influence is their hair, and so, naturally unnatural!;-)
      It’s just another aspect of the “whitening cream syndrome”! Superficial, artificial, style less, greedy, simply the Core of pinay soul!

  8. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    The phils is just like any African failed state and the only thing they understand is a merciless, dictatorial leader. Anything more advanced and the country erupts in chaos. Let’s hope the new kid on the block will be merciless, relentless and have some perseverance, Totalitarianism could actually work better because democracy is perceived as a freeforall unending smorgasbord by reptilian morons, devoid of any social responsibility concept at all! Disgusting!

    1. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
      Richard aka Dick Head

      I think the country was granted independence rather prematurely. It just went thru the ravages of a war when the US decided to grant independence. People then were not mature and intelligent enough to understand what they were getting into. And the leaders who took over the Americans when they left had their own personal agenda and vested interests to protect, hence the “national interest” was not on their priority list. The mistakes made in the past are just coming back to haunt us. My 20 pesos opinion.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Actually the USA did not really mind one way or the other. Some wanted them to be a state, others said let them go.
        Quezon and other aristocrats wanted the USA gone or wanted independence for their own self-interest. So they started a campaign of how evil the USA was, how badly they were running the country, how they were treating the Filipinos, and how much better things would be compared to Filipino run. So they riled up the masses and Filipinos decided they wanted independence. So the USA said OK. Immediately from the start, Filipinos were looking to fuck each other over. They were never a united people and never will be.
        This came from some archives of a representative in the Philippines corresponding with politicians in Washington DC about what is going on in the Philippines. He actually named Quezon.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Please allow me to play devils advocate if you will. The U.S acquired the Philippines in 1898 as a result of the Spanish American War or the war of 1898. The U.S then fought against the Filipinos around 1903 during a rebellion. At that time the U.S troops were armed with a .45 Colt Peacemaker sidearm which was ineffective against the Filipinos as would not take them down and took took long to reload. That lead to the invention of the Colt 1911 .45 acp pistol, so the Filipinos did help the U.S in one sense. From 1898 until 1940 the U.S poured tons of money into the Philippines to improve the standard of living, lay out cities, roads, sewage, water and so forth.

          Now it just might be that after all those years and all that cash that the U.S knew it was a lost cause trying to improve anything as the Filipinos would undermine it for personal gain as the U.S experienced first hand from 1898 to 1946. As to Quezon. Did you know that he was on the same pt boat as MacArthur when MacArthur abandoned his men and high tailed his ass to Australia? Sorry to the Aussies for having to having him dumped in your laps. But did you know that Quezon before leaving the palace went to the central bank and took out most of the money? He then gave MacArthur $500,000 cash which MacArthur accepted? Coins from the central bank were taken to Corrigidor and dumped in the water to prevent the Japaneses from getting them.
          These were silver coins mostly. You can find all of the above in a web search.

          1. Profile gravatar of Joe Smith
            Joe Smith

            The troops were armed with a .32 cal. The US. army had the same problem with that round being ineffective against the Mexicans and also the American Indians. A 45 colt could rip one of those little dongs in half, only very few officers carried a .45 colt in those days.

  9. Profile gravatar of Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

    By the way has anyone heard about the Newly elected mayor of Cebu offering p50.000 to just about anyone who kills a criminal? I was wrong when I thought I couldn’t be shocked by their utter stupidity anymore.

        1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh

          And 5000 peso cash prizes for wounding. I wonder what constitutes a “wounding”? A black eye, a lost limb? Just another case of a pinoy with power making up his own rules with no logic or reasoning.

  10. Profile gravatar of ConCanuck

    I’m anxious to see what happens 6 months from now when results of D30’s litmus test trickle in revealing the success (or failure) of his landmark platform of eliminating crime on a national level. I’ve been trying to educate myself on D30 by doing research, watching Youtube videos and waxing poetic with fellow Filipinos before I form a valid opinion.

    Look PFB members, I really am trying to find a sliver of endearing hope when it comes to this man, but so far I have been unsuccessful. Sad to think this self-professed murderer, womanizing, potty-mouth dictator is now running a country for the next 6 years. And his lack of refinement when it comes to being a national statesman is nauseating at best. Am I the only one who can’t stand that fact that he consistently speaks with his hands on his face? Yes, I am being shallow. I am certainly willing to overlook idiosyncrasies if D30 had other redeeming qualities like a sense of democratic justice, but I can’t seem to find those just yet.

    Perhaps the people of the PHL get what they deserve if they’re willing to vote this man into the highest office in the country. They have shown the world that they are incapable of rising to the occasion and live by a democratic purpose. But rather they have chosen to be dictated by power hungry narcissist that wields control with a barrel of a gun rather than intelligence, compassion and the humility to be a servant leader. Can’t help but think he’s has set the country back 30 years.

    I really do hope I’m proven wrong.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      No matter what D30 does in office it will be a wild ride for the next 6 years. Now if the mayor is offering 50K to anyone who kills a criminal and D30s reputation and they are doing that to Filipinos then what is in store for foreigners who are THOUGHT to have committed a crime? Here’s the way I see it:
      1.) Expats starting to leave the country and go home. Maybe a bullet in the luggage to make them stay.
      2.) Tourism dropping off.
      3.) Businesses pulling out.

      That is just 3. Now what about the foreigners that cannot leave the Philippines because of family, health and so forth? Will they become Anne Franks so to speak? If Filipinos shakedown foreigners already then how much worse will it get if Filipinos know they can make 50K for killing one?
      Dong: Kano, give me 60,000 pesos.
      Kano: Why should I?
      Dong: Because if you don’t I’ll accuse you of being a criminal and I will get 50,000 for killing you. It’s the highest bidder and free markets at it’s best.

      1. Profile gravatar of Attila

        Correct, a Kano can be accused of crimes and kicked out of the country without any proof. “Undesirable Alien” is one. Filing a case under Republic Act 9262 is another. These can be used to fabricate criminal cases against a kano and put him in jail easily. Duterte is just added another easy way to get rid of Kanos. The story of Alfred Lehrnert comes to my mind . His story can be seen in a 3 part documentary called Our Man in Manila.
        Here is part 1

      2. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

        Here is something even scarier that has crossed my mind. We all know how jealous of each other Pinoys can be so what if someone tells the police their rich neighbour is a shabu dealer? Even worse; say someone is pulling a scam on you (like a bank manager trying to scam your house out of you, which is happening to me now), say the manager is connected to the police they could organise the cops to kill you, the cops could make a fake report you were a drug dealer and collect their 50k, and the scammer gets rid of you and keeps what they scammed from you. In essence I could see the police becoming hitmen themselves. With all the lies, palasut and dishonesty Duturte is making a grave error offering 50k to kill a criminal. The country is going to go down the drain and fast.

      3. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

        @oldnavyfart you’re absolutely correct and these idiots will be left with no jobs… I think it’s funny how he thinks he’ll just stop drugs in 3-6 months??? I think he should take note on Mexico’s war on drugs and repercussions. This baboon might start the next drug war..

  11. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
    Richard aka Dick Head

    There is even talk of forming armed civilian anti-drug enforcement units at the barangay (village level). If they do that, we will a surge in gunshot injuries due to accidental discharge. These dolts don’t know anything about gun safety.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      yes @dick-head they don’t know a thing about gun safety. They will do all the shooting and dissapear if something goes wrong as no one, not even government will protect. its all been through the media but has or will the government give any clear direction on what rights a citizen has to shoot a criminal, what support there is from the government, what compensation if the criminal shoots the so called good samaritan for stepping into help and many other questions – NO —- ZERO FUCKING ZERO

      Filipinos are all talk right up to government level and will back pedal, buck pass, run and hide when the shit is thrown back at them.
      The government wont help its people
      the so called “free press” which its not will not stand up for the little guy

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        They don’t know a thing about anything worth knowing anything about. What do you expect from a people who:
        1.) Have not mastered the use of a toilet and piss where ever they are standing.
        2.) Have not mastered the use of toilet paper.
        3.) Have no idea what dental floss or toothbrush are for.
        4.) Have added Nutella to sushi and act like it’s the greatest culinary invention ever created.
        5.) Have elected a self admitted mass murderer with complete disregard for human rights, life or the law as president.

  12. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    and what if the civilians shoot other innocent bystanders? What repocussions and support will the government give for being a “good samaritan”? NONE – FUCKING NOTHING. Then the person who thought they were doing good for a payout will be in the shit and in jail.

    Filipinos cant even make a decision to give someone first aid, help someone thats collapsed on the ground. I have seen cops standing around like stunned fish waiting for an ambulance for a guy that was stabbed. They are fucking stupid when it comes to help.
    I had a friend that collapsed – what the fuck – the staff had to locate the manager to ask permission to call a fucking ambulance. like WTF???
    Take the Ayala roof incident – when a cinema roof collapsed at Ayala Cebu shopping centre. Where were the guards? – gone.
    he had to pull some people out of the cinema since it took about 25 minutes before security guards came to the area.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook

    In those cases – they are guards with guns (the big falicy in the Failappines that guards are there to help)
    every day, serve and protect…..

    now what of a citizen – will he protect?
    no shoot someone and run
    never found again, gone if something goes wrong…..

    MANY FILIPINOS have been part of a crime
    especially accidents and run – hidden from responsibility
    never paid the victim
    they are fucking arseholes when you need to get money out of a Filipino

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      The roof thing. What I found interesting was that as the water was pouring in and the roof started to buckle the filipinos under made no effort to get out of the way. Guess too much of a once in a lifetime selfie opportunity for Face Book.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Oh, about my comment above. What makes it even better is this. Your standing outside somewhere and you feel one drop of rain, not even a drizzle yet when the filipinos feel a drop hit them they all run for cover.

        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          Thats one of the trigger points to getting votes Mike @oldnavyfart
          you play on their inseurities and lack of safety.

          I had asked a girl out – but she was full of excuses …
          theres a lot of dogs in the street at this time
          its getting dark, its unsafe,
          and the list went on….
          fuck me… if i had that situation – I WOULD SIMPLY MOVE.

          If you don’t like it then leave as the Filipino love saying

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike


            I like that! The use of the word trigger when speaking about election here. It fits perfect.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          They wouldn’t “get subtlety even if it took great chunks outta they’re asscheeks!! Even if subtlety Devoured them whole the tiniest concept of subtlety would not shine through to them, more than a devoured zebra understands the logic of a crocodile, in the process of devouring her!!

          Should you ever meet a Pinoy seeming to be in command of subtlety or irony he’s faking it! These concepts are simply too advanced for any Pinoy to understand!

          But! Just like the crocodile probably will outlive the zebra the Pinoy will maybe outlive the westerner. It’s not the question of intelligence, crocodiles have a way to go before they become professors, it’s the question of dogged perseverance, numbers, and the will to kill your adversaries, where the Pinoy seems much more darwinesque; sprouting offspring galore and exploiting and killing off whities to the best of their abilities, maybe there still will be crawling smooth-skinned baboons on these islands, long after New York has been permanently flooded…..

        2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          Yea Mike. Trigger and election, I didn’t get it at once, but suddenly it came to me.. Guess I’m in agreement!;-) Anyway the Great Elector will have a sound understanding of triggers. In a country so hopelessly overcrowded such qualities can only be advantageous!:-)

          If He has a Son with equally black side of the moon nose this can become a Dynasty on par with one a bit further north…. These Asians are fond of dynasties, I was surprised there were no mr Mao II!

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          Hey you Canuck! The answer is simple! The God-fearing see to the lack of leak! God would be irate if His House would leak! We can’t have that! Or else He would beseek us with droughts, floods, famines! Even Pinoy, God forbid!

          Praise be Him this seldom happens!;-)

          Remember: If you should ever bring offering of young goat to Him, see ya to that the balls of the young goat are in perfect condition! Lest He receive it not! (O.T. Habbakuk) Amén!

          I do not know if the same applies to Zebras, it was not mentioned! Anyhow, the Father of Mr. Jesus seemes Very choosy! But,,, He may have become more humble on His latter days, as His Son seems to favor humility! After 1500 years of arrogance humility suddenly sets in! Well, it’s never too late!;-)

          ‘Tis most peculiar, a Father with such High demands begets a Son of Utmost Humiliy! One could suspect a Total change of heart!;-) Children can transform parents behaviour completely!