Filipinos: Legends In Their Own (empty) Minds

Please read the following story, which I found on the internet some time last year:

“The following is a true story (though there are some questions about a few of the details).  Back in 1893, there was a group of four sisters in Iowa.  They called themselves the Cherry Sisters and made their stage debut in Cedar Rapids in a skit they wrote themselves.  It was terrible.  But, for three years, the Cherry Sisters performed to packed theaters throughout the Midwest.  People came to see them to find out if they were as bad as they had heard!  Their unbelievably atrocious acting enraged critics and provoked the audience to throw vegetables at the would-be actresses. Wisely, the sisters thought it best to travel with an iron screen which they would erect in front of the stage in self-defense.

     “Amazingly, in 1896 the girls were offered a thousand dollars a week to perform on Broadway — not because they were so good, but because they were so unbelievably bad.  Seven years later, after the Cherry Sisters had earned what in that day was a respectable fortune of $200,000, they retired from the stage for the peaceful life back on the farm.  Oddly enough, these successful Broadway “stars” remained convinced to the end that they were truly the most talented actresses ever to grace the American stage.  They never had a clue as to how bad they truly were!  They naively believed that the tossed vegetables were either unrestrained tributes to their talent or acts of jealousy by less talented people.”

Interesting, huh?  These sisters were legends in their own minds!  As I read that, I thought about those idiots in the “Turd of the Orient.”  OK, so it is called the “Pearl of the Orient” by them, but that shows how naive, prideful, ignorant, and stupid they are.  OK, unlike those “Cherry Sisters” of the late 1800’s, people from the West don’t fly to the Philthippines just to see how bad they really are, rather, the Westerner who first goes there is oftentimes first taken in by the trappings of Western society that exist in that country (shopping malls, upscale shopping areas, internet, cell phones, Western chain restaurants, people who speak English), and may even think he died and went to Heaven (tropical paradise, English-speaking people, much lower cost of living, etc.), but after a while it will become obvious to anyone who has more than a dozen brain cells that the country is truly a s–thole.  For many, there is no easy way out.

But you cannot get those idiots to realize how bad they really are.  In their (empty) minds, the Philippines is a progressive, First-World nation, and the people are truly God’s gift to the world!

Legends in their own (empty) minds


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  1. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    Take out the cheap living nice —- and cheap booze and there is nothing else except them trying to scam you at every turn but they just do not get it at all the signs of complete morons

  2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    I have yet to hear a native Filipino trash their country or even come close to constructive criticism. When you bring up any valid points about the subject they quickly retreat into their delusions and center on the “good” qualities of the country and “culture”.

    “Marcus was a great man who liberated us. We had the first international airport. “.

    Its like a child competin with another child. They muster up whatever bullshit lie they can to out do the other. When one becomes an adult, usually you grow enough balls to admit defeat.

    It seems Filipinos never reach that point.