Filipinos: Masters of Misinformation / Placation

Remember the days long ago before coming to live in the Philippines, if or when there was an issue or problem with an account you have, and you could call the customer service line and pretty much get whatever the problem was resolved within that single initial phone call?

Filipino idiot customer service PhilippinesDo you remember when all you had to do was give your name and account number and the helpful person you’re speaking to has pretty much all information and ability to help you right then and there? Do you remember those days in your home country, where customer service is REALLY customer service? I bet you miss those days just like me.

I’ve been here 10 years, and it just never ceases to amaze me how customer service in Philippines is actually customer inconvenience. Do you ever wonder what good are those utterly useless, brain dead idiots that answer the phone when you call customer service of any kind in Philippines? Do you prepare yourself before calling to try to remain calm and controlled when the idiot’s first procedure is to attempt to blame YOU for their shitty service, then argue with you? Do you grow tired of the complete stupidity from that Filipino idiot pretending to help you? Do you get sick to death of repeatedly hear the words “I’m sorry sir”?

Over the past 10 years in Philippines, I have never come across any customer service personnel by phone, or in person who was equipped in any way, shape, or form to resolve customer problems. Nor is any customer service agent authorized to make any kind of decision, no matter how simple and overflowing with common sense that decision is. Yes, I do realize they are merely idiots placed there by other Filipino idiots higher in the chain of Filipino idiots, as a firewall between the customer and anyone in the company with the power or authority to solve customer’s problems, no matter how simple and basic that problem may be.

They know nothing, have no information about you OR the company they represent, and if they do, it’s always misinformation. I have always gotten a different explanation, different alibi, or different information from every person I speak to within the same company when trying to get some kind of customer service.

It seems the only vocabulary these Filipino imbeciles have is:

Forward, Feedback, Follow-up, Escalate

Instead of “forwarding my concern” how about you just have the person to whom you forward concerns answer the phone, get rid of the useless idiots between you and someone who can solve your problem, and save me some time and save the company a whole lot of money? Because I will wait until the world ends before anyone calls me back to “follow up” and give “feedback”. I will be the one to call back after they fail to call me back as promised. This happens 100% of the time over 10 years. And yes, I know it’s set up that way. They do that because even the useless morons that DO have the authority and power to make a decision will inevitably make the wrong decision or refuse to make any decision, because the Filipino is deathly afraid of being wrong and blamed. They fear being responsible and accountable for their decisions and actions more than they fear hell itself. Therefore they make no decision, or pass the responsibility off to someone else, and you’ll end up getting the “I will forward this concern…” anyway from everyone on up to the top. It seldom goes that far, because few Filipinos will take it that far. They will just give up and accept the fuck in the ass.

Why? Because they know this is true. They know themselves very well. But when a foreigner criticizes them for it, you’re a racist and a hater.

Reminds me of my younger years of my children’s behavior when they were about 4 or 5 years old.


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  1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    Amen FILO. Whenever there is a problem that needs corrected you always have to prepare yourself for frustration and wasted time. If you go in thinking it will be easy and the people you talk to are actually happy and willing to help you then you are in trouble. If you think you will get an honest answer you are in trouble. I will admit that the CSR’s are very polite as they deceive and lie to you which makes it seem that they want to help but their only goal is to get you out of their hair and they will make up any lie to do so. They will continue to frustrate you and hope that you give up trying. Most Filipinos do give up or don’t even try in the first place. They have accepted their fate of living with poor service from no matter who is suppose to provide it. Be it govt. or private sector. I’m like you. I miss the days of fast, prompt, quality customer service but if I ever want to experience that again it will not be in the Philippines.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Amen back to you @heyjoe

      It never ceases to blow my mind how the idiot Filipino customer service morons will blatantly offer up an obvious lie or stupid false alibi. It’s like they have a list of lies to give for whatever complaint you are issuing.

      What is even more mind-blowing is, these brainless idiot Filipinos hire people, pay them salaries, and put everything in place that would make a business successful and loaded with customer service. BUT IT’S ALL JUST AN ILLUSION! Why would they not want to just actually serve customers? It’s like they are working hard to NOT make profits and be successful on purpose!

      I swear to fuck, it causes a vapor lock in my head just trying to find some tiny little speck of reason for why they do what they do.

      I mean, why the fuck throw your company profits away on a customer service staff that doesn’t do a fucking thing but get a salary? Save that money and just be open about no offering customer service! They pay people to just GIVE THE ILLUSION of customer service.

      “OH NO! I’VE GONE CROSSEYED!” ~ Austin Powers

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    Fancy article, yet it’s true in every aspect. I don’t wanna give everyone the illusion that I have quickly matured and learned from all of this since I rarely come across this problem, but that is because I purposely avoid any interaction with Filipinos as much as possible. I am absolutely reluctant towards seeking the help of ‘customer service’ in Philippines, and I avoid it like the plague.

    When out shopping with my wife whenever she tags along, I often HATE it whenever she ask around for help instead of giving me the chance to figure out something, or find what I need first. My wife is quick to ask for help from a CSR in person, and it usually gets complicated and messy after they help.

    As for over the phone, I just avoid talking with them over the phone as much as possible. That’s one of my therapeutic measures to cope with living here. Shit, I don’t even order pizza over the phone. If I want it delivered, I usually go out and pick it up myself! Other than that, I never had a reason to speak with a CSR agent over the phone, because I have zero confidence that they will get the job done and satisfy my concern. If I ever have to communicate with them telephonically, then I go about that by text messaging, that way they can’t deny the information they presented me earlier.

    If I ever had to deal with a Filipino CSR, then I would just pass that matter off to my wife do deal with it, because it’s guaranteed that ONE phone call, will bring me more stress and frustration than an entire month of living in this shit-hole.

  3. Profile gravatar of TheD

    Hello FiloFail. I shall escalate your concern to the department (no idea which one or when) who will provide feedback.

    You know what I do when I never get resolve? I stop paying them and when they call me asking about the payment, I reply “I shall escalate your concern to the billing department who will provide feedback.”

    They ring back and I simply repeat “I understand your concern and I am sorry for the inconvenience. I shall escalate your concern to the billing department who will provide feedback.”


    They keep calling back. I am tempted to hook my phone up to my PBX system and route their call to Lenny:

  4. Profile gravatar of Ai

    You guys are not alone. CSR in Philippines truly sucks. Experienced it from Samsung, Globe, Smart, BPI, BDO and alot more! The list could just go and on. Worst thing happened to me and BF, was hiring a lawyer who’s supposed to be an expert on legalities and here i am, getting fucked up by different government agencies because of her stupity. Argggggggggg! WTF!

  5. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    well, i got out of this country for 6 days,,,just like drowning then coming up for air
    I met a guy who did a lot of work in this country. He had to get some new product test for flood control at the Philippine testing department. After 3 months of waiting, he went in there and asked,,,” where are the test results,,,,,”” their eyes look shifting back and forth,,,,, well sir, we do not have the tools and equipment to do that!!!!!!!!
    Well, the guy says”’ just get an independent audit ,,, OK SIR, YES SIR,,,PLASTIC SMILES, GROVELING,,,, YES SIR,,,
    well, we all know where this is leading to???
    So the guy calls up his friend who owes him a favor. the guy goes to the office, and says to the head engineer (or whatever) Please be at your fone at 13:00 hours and you do not want to know who is calling!!!!!!
    fone rings at 13:00 hours,, the head honcho is told he is fired!!!!!! after 23 years of sitting there…
    President Aquino was the one who called him…
    another trick this guy uses on taxi drivers,,,,,
    the guy pretends he is texting while in the cab…(notices meter not on) 1/2 way through the trip the guy uses some tagalo,,, the driver is thinking ”oh boy,, this guy has been here before and knows my tricks…
    the guy pretends he is texting. AT the end of the trip,,,, the tambay driver asks for an huge amount.. the guy asks for a receipt,,,, the taxi cab says” no receipt,, meter not on.
    they guy says ”oh no,, my boss who is MR. acting unDER SECRETARY assistant to the minister of LTo department needs the re
    ceipt,, no receipt no pay.. they guy gets on the cel fone and pretends he is talking to some big boss
    then he walks away. (do not have any bags in trunk tho…) driver can not do anything..