Filipino’s Really Are Different

Well I am just a guy from Australia, I have traveled to 5 countries so far and have to say that the Filipino people surprise me and they barely seem like they truly have brains in their heads and can truly think.

What’s true is they totally lack the ability to think freely and the logic they use is nearly always some logical fallacy and it seems they just don’t realize their fail (if they did then they wouldn’t be like this I guess).


Basically when around them a lot of the time I feel as if they are barely real people! It’s like they look like people and try to act as much like them as possible, but secretly have no true thinking of consciousness. lol

I feel that talking to them and trying to explain how to think etc is like talking to a brick wall.


They also never are accountable for anything I notice, they brag about their religion and country and seem adamant in refusing to see that it’s a hellhole.

The Philippines has a murder rate 29x higher than Japan and 8x higher than my country (Australia). Their poverty and national IQ is also very poor. I am not sure why they brag, in something called reality their country is horrible.


The other countries I have been to were Scotland, Japan, NZ (probably doesn’t count, lol) and Singapore.


I notice one thing, that the Japanese are really smart when talking to them, I rarely see the arrogant and uneducated blank minded thinking that I saw in the Philippines. The Scottish and NZ people are basically similar to the people in my country. Basically we are pretty reasonable for the most part, The Singaporeans seemed reasonably smart.


But the Filipino’s felt like stepping back in evolution or something, as if I was walking around with people who had the brains of homo erectus or something.



So I looked to see if it can be made sense of as to why they are so stupid. The only thing so far I have come across is that the Filipino’s have the most “Negrito” admixture of any people today.

Basically Negrito were small little native people who were failures their whole history, when the Mongoloids (east Asians) came down to south east Asia 8000 years ago roughly. They wiped out most of the Negrito people and also intermixed with some. The Philippines have the most Negrito native, Thailand has some also but it’s more diluted.


I believe it’s because of that strong mixture that the Philippines has a lot of is why they are so stupid.

I have noticed that any developed part of the Philippines like Makati is the result of Chinese businessmen, I have noticed that the Chinese have bought lots of things out in the Philippines. It’s pretty easy for the taking so I don’t blame them, no mental competition there.



You know that trait, where you see someone stop and honestly think to themselves? I see that totally seems to be non existing in Filipino’s.


But in time none of it matters, the Chinese are slowly taking over it and in a soft way ethnically cleansing the Filipino’s. In a few hundred years it will probably just look Chinese and be like Taiwan there. As they develop it there is becomes even harder for the Negrito Filipino’s to keep up and many of them are bums in slums or just living really poorly.


I was on a dating site once, guess what I noticed? That you search by country, you find not even 1 page of Japanese women, You find maybe 2 pages of Chinese women, You find barely a page of Singaporeans.

Guess what I found when I filtered just to the Philippines? Found literally like nearly 60 pages of them!


They are no legitimate, that’s why their country stands out a lot when you filter the numbers out. They clearly want to get out of there and come to a western country. They pretend they don’t and pretend to have pride in their country and pretend they are just looking for love etc, and they fool many gullible western men also (who don’t realize that the Filipino’s are insane).


Of course most intelligent men know about Filipino women, I have asked some of my friends and they know also. It seems that intelligent men know to keep away from them and that they are mostly disingenuous and trouble.




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    Don Quixote

    Spence, Old mate.
    You are simplifying matters a bit too much.
    You left out the Malays that’s who most of the population resemble aside from the negritas , they even term it Malay Filipino.
    I dont know how it happens but maybe it is due to the Sabah situation they were all inter related for centuries before we came on the scene.
    Thats why the Sultanate of Sulu and the other are up in arms over the BBL, they were here for a thousand years before the current mob and they are ignored
    You put a Malay, Filipino, Vietnamese and Thai in a room and try and pick which is which, we travel all over Asia, the child bride gets mistaken by locals as a local everywhere we go ,
    You should visit the local markets when the negritas come down from the hills to sell their wares, their children are dead ringers for Pickininies , so somewhere sometime in the past our indigenous people passed through here.
    The Maori passed through here too. they originated somewhere north up near Taiwan, . Again look at the kids.

  2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “Guess what I found when I filtered just to the Philippines? Found literally like nearly 60 pages of them!”

    And majority of those Filipinas are unemployed, not studying, single mums and /or separated, but they aren’t telling. 🙂 I also saw their hobbies listed as “eating , shopping, cooking, watching TV”. Short cut to pigdom 🙂

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          99 % of these asswipes know more about scams, hoòking, and immigration laws than lawyers do,
          2 flipinas who meet for he foirst time,, compare dick sizes and allowances within2 kinutes fo sitting down to pig out at a resto,

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Al! Get yourself a 12″ laptop! Only slightly heavier, but a lot more user-friendly! 🙂

          2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            They franchise the scams, if they have a good one they can ON SELL the idea and get a commission, don’t you know anything??????
            That’s why the scams start and wind up everywhere they are like ponzi schemes eventually everyone knows them SO they implode and then they figure out a new one and it starts all over again.
            I cant wait for the next one.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Sarah in the phils you dont need to be employed, study or anything! If you got a pair of tits and a….octopussy…the good Lord will soon send a Gargantually Gullible Poreigner, he will use his money to lift the pinay up….to Shoppingspree Heaven, where she will shop in Eternity and be blissfully happy ever after!:-)

      The…Octopussy is….detachable! So poreigner can stay with octopussy while the owner is in Heaven, doing her ting! True bliss!;-)

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      Nobody will hire pinays after the age of 26,,,. Not even in a fast food slop house!!!!
      After 26, they usually have kids, no education, no money and are selling cigs and junk on the treets

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    It’s silly season and the locals are behaving more stupid by the minute. My flight out of here Tuesday cant come soon enough. What is it about xmas.? I have hated xmas since I became an adult. In Aus it is the summer holiday and is pretty bad too but here they just co crazy (er). I guess they expect to receive all their blessings from God in material form.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        DJbuett…. the one who got away 🙂 We must give it to these Flips. If they don’t succeed once. (in hooking up a Kano), they’ll try, and try again. Shame they don’t try as hard to become self-sufficient. Careful DJ, sis in law very likely has another one lined up for you 🙂

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Bat, believe it or not, a few of the Filipinos here, upon learning I was single and studying medicine, the low lifes wanted me to hook up with their Flip cousins/brorthers!! I felt like asking “do I look that desperate to you? I’d rather marry my cat!” (and no I don’t have an animal fetish, but I’m sure you know what I mean 🙂 ).

  4. Profile gravatar of

    Sarah, I’m not even slightly surprised……
    I experienced the same when I was single. Ahhhhhh, those were the days.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Sarah, a beautiful expression! “I’d rather marry my cat”. Makes me think you are Really serious!;-) lol. You’d probably have a more happy and fulfilling life with your cat too, than the ordinary, blank-stare moron pinoy! Many cats are actually quite intelligent!;-)

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            Cats also breed like flies, have one non de sexed female cat and wait a year you will have 7 , wait another year you will have 21 if you are lucky, the fucking cats start breeding at 9 months here fucking amazing, and they have no idea who the father is, half the time the father is banging the fucking kitten. Ive watched a ginger tom that fucking big the kitten could not stand it was squashed to the ground whilst daddy got his rocks off, how do I know who daddy was, the only ginger tom cat in the area., the mother was a tabby and the kitten was ginger.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            But cats know how to use the litter box. Can the same be said about filipinos?

  5. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

    They are a special people. Here is a good story on the intelligence level one runs into.

    So I get a frantic email on where to put the oil in the engine on the vehicle. Send back the answer under one of the front seat hatches, says “Oil” on the cap. Email comes back, “how do we know it is the right hole?” I tell them to stick their finger down in the hole and see it has any oily surfaces. I was cognizant enough of who I was dealing with to remind them to turn off the engine before sticking their fingers in any holes.

    Several emails later they send two pictures. one showing the windshield wiper tank with the cap open, nice and clean, white plastic tank, and the other picture showing the oil fill hole with the cap taken off, nice and dirty, oily, and black. And laying in the picture right next to the oil filler hole? A big old oily, dirty, oil filler cap that says “OIL” in big old red letters.

    Two emails back telling them that yes, the black oily hole with the cap that says “oil” is the correct hole for the motor oil and I get yet another email telling me that they understand to put it in the white plastic tank. The emails stopped around 11 pm tonight. Anyone want to give the the odds that I’ll get an email in two weeks saying the engine quit or that there is oil all over the windshield?

  6. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    Spence, good initiative with your racially based deduction as basis for phil stupidity!:-) Though I do not support it, we have too little info on negritos to deduce what you deduce, I think. And, filipinos are mostly malay blood! (I dont purport that malay are more intelligent, but they function better in other societies!

    I am not opposed to a…racially funded answer, I only think your “dysfunctional negrito blood” has little scientifical basic to it. However, by dna reasearch it would be possible to study it properly.

    Personally I still believe the most crucial factors are culture upbringing or education (or lack thereof!)

    Well I asked a pinay (about “simple”) and she said: “In our culture that’s something positive” lol!:-) Means pinay is Proud of being simple, and whatching something more advanced than soap-opera could fry her brain!;-) It would simply be too demanding!:-)

    As to you saying they will die out….Well, reality looks different! They have multiplied from 16 mill to 100 mill in 100 years! They have 60 pages full of girls ready to take on gullible westerners, and they will succeed!:-) ’tis sad, but to me it looks like they will go on multiplying and actually easily will augment at least 100mill. the coming century!

    The world nowadays sadly stimulate primitive peoples overtake of more advanced cultures, That is the actual development, not the other way around! The elephant may be more intelligent than an ant, but the sheer numbers of primitive peoples will eventually wash the more advanced races away, just as the ant by shere Numbers will eat the elephant, to the bone!

    This is not the dawn of advanced races, ’tis the start of their decline! The younger men of “advanced races” today already show declining testosterone! The quality of their semen also shows apparent Signs of decline!!

    These are obvious signs of what the Future has in stall, sadly! This is the dawn of Untergang des Abendlandes! Soon moronic, blank-stare little pinoys will roam the Earth, filling every crevice of international environment, to the amusement of…old, embittered relics of the former advanced races!;-)

    There is something more important than intelligence, thats the actual functionallity of the sex-glands! If they don’t work you might as well call it a day!:-)

    So, say welcome to the small yellowbrown idiots! They will soon be crawling all over the whitening Bones of the Dinosaurs! This is Their Dawning!;-)

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      60 pages of pinays looking for western men correct? Here is one thing about that. If pinays breed with non filipinos then they are to an extent over generations clearing the filipino dna out of the gene pool. A prime example’
      My daughter is half filipino, married to a white American and has 4 children. Out of all 4 apos the only sign of filipino blood is on the youngest who has the nose. Now apos grow up and will most likely not marry a filipino so the filipino gene gets less and less.

      Remember Braveheart? Longshanks talking about the Scots,,, “If we can’t kick them out, we’ll breed them out.” The pinays just might be doing that to the filipino.

  7. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Congrats to Miss Philippines !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But if you watch it you have to feel for Miss Columbia, what a fucking joke.
    That peanut should be hounded back to Wheel of fucking Fortune.
    I think he is part Filipino , he read the answer just the start of the sentence and the end of the sentence , just the middle part changed the context. Fucking Moron.!!!!!!!!
    She is a fucking honey though !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
      Random Numbers

      The sad part is, Miss Philippines thinks that the Philippines were colonized by the USA. It’s sad, and an indication of the state of their educational system, that so many think that. They don’t even realize the name of their country is to honor King Philip of Spain!

      “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ – George Santayana

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Technically she was right.
        The Philippines was firstly established as a Arabic trading colony thats where the Sultinates came from , then it became a Spanish Colony , then briefly a British colony back then to the Spanish.The Brits and the Spanish were at war a fair bit then, usually over the Americas but the Philippines were dragged into it.
        The Spanish sold the Philippines to the USA in 1898 for $20 million and the Philippines became a colony of American one for 57 years until they were granted independence after the second world war in 1946
        It was just not established as a American Colony, the Americans bought it. like they did Alaska .
        But I guess they didn’t want to keep it.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        As they are so satisfied with themselves they should also be satisfied with the history which has made them thus!;-) To be a lying, scamming, murdering, pissing, inconsiderate little critter is obviously something to be proud of! Only in the failipines could you be proud of such “behaviour”! If I were God I would certainly not open the Gates! They would steal the Hinges before they were through the Gates!:-) The gold would be ripped off of the streets. Heaven would be as Rome after it was sacked by the goths! No! Even in Afterlife the pinoy keeps his ” standards”! Heaven is supposed to be a nice place. With pinoy administration Heaven would quickly have brownouts galore and be a very nasty place! Thats why they have Gates!:-) Amén!

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          But wait, they have to stop and piss on the gates before entering. A little while back the U.S decided to take a filipino on the space shuttle and the international space station if I remember correct. Well filipinos bragged it up about the first filipino to do that. Then the news said the philippines was going to land on the moon. More pinoy pride on Yahoo comments so I see my chance.

          “It is a bad idea for the U.S to take a pinoy on the space shuttle or the space station. I mean, how do you keep him from pissing on the walls and in the doorways?”

          “So the philippines is going to the moon when other countries were there DECADES ago and are now going to Mars.”

          You can imagine the uproar those comments caused.

      3. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        Random, if I should ever meet a sweet pinoy, bearing this knowledge, and furthermore, even know the origin of the name of the Marianas, I would have to reevaluate, and even be curious, of her!:-)

  8. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Bloggers, sorry.
    Apparently Family Feud.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There will be a fucking feud there tonight, I bet The Donald was happy he sold out to IMG.
    Its like getting the Gold Medal the enxt day after the fucking Russians are disqualified, here you are mate , sorry about the victory ceremony .
    She will be right on the night.

  9. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Well now the fucking world knows it.
    The Columbian can never have Title only lease it for a short time.
    Only a Natural Born Filipino can have Title.
    I am sick!!!!!!!!!
    I never heard her thank God she will be excommunicated when she get back to the PI.

  10. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “If petted the proper way, I purr like a cat. Is that close enough? (Please don’t hit me!)”

    Sorry Random, but you’re not furry enough 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Oh Sarah, for a moment there I was afraid for Random. (by your nice rejection;-) However I see he can hold his own!:-)

      Muffa however, prefers to…. not whift his feathers by marketing his “furryness”.

      The ways of woman are mysterious! This is the Way of the World! The best way to approach Her is consequentially to be more mysterious! (Wisdom Word of Mufazzza!)

      Woman love mysterious beings more than…..” furriness”.! (A woman worth cherishing loves mystery!:-) “A woman without….curiosity will be bland, and not worth pursuing!”
      (Wisdom Word of Unknown Wizard!)

      Mufazzza has spoken!

  11. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
    Random Numbers

    You’d be surprised! My furriness is part of why filipinas like me, I am like a big, hairy, talking teddy bear. And you know how filipinas, even into their 20’s, love to have teddy bears!

  12. Profile gravatar of montreal_dude

    Hi mate. It`s so funny that a guy from Australia that I don`t even know is writing exactly what I`m thinking but with his own words. That`s the reason I`m here. That`s the reason why this website is important and must to be considered as A MUST. Imagine this scenario. You are born and raised in a civilized country ( US, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Austria, Germany, France, New Zealand etc. (South Korea I`m not so sure. I heard weird things but never mind. Maybe lol) and you are going in the Philippines for the first time. You have no idea what to expect there. You are naive and think that Filipinos are happy people who are smiling all the time and are very nice. They are poor but it`s not really their fault. They are all the victim of corruption lol. Then you arrive there and all you see is a fucking mess. Everything is chaotic, you see people (Filipinos) doing weird things and staring at you. They horn for nothing. Many are trying to scam you. Many are passing all their fucking life sit down on the sidewalk waiting for miracles. You hear people telling you the most stupid things you could not even imagine. You`re like: WTF IS GOING ON HERE? There`s a huge fucking problem! Is it them or is it me the problem here? How come nobody told me about this before??? How come no one told me how freaking stupid, lazy, messy, irresponsible, disillusioned, dirty, selfish, impolite, disorganized people are here? All I heard is that they`re nice, they`re cute, they smile all the time. That was some fat fucking BULLSHIT! There are so many things I saw that that I`ll never be able to digest. Kids selling porno movies: da faq? Filipino government employees sleeping at work: Am I dreaming? Brown babies playing alone in the middle of the street: It`s more fun. Now take a look at their embassy how fucking fun that is:

    I just feel to call them to asking them if they sell fried chicken.