FILOGIC : Checking Out of a Hotel Shouldn’t Take Two Hours

My husband and I got married in the USA but decided to go to Boracay for our honeymoon. Even though I grew up in Manila and lived there for 16 years, I have never been to Boracay as my family was never able to afford it. Anyway, we booked a week long stay at the Regency at the recommendation of a relative whose Americanized Filipina cousin on the other side of the family always opted to stay there whenever she went back home and “did Bora”. This Americanized lady held a pretty high administrative position at a large US state university so I figured her opinion was legit.

Anyway, so the hotel itself was nice and clean, I appreciated the Filipiniana decor. I guess I was expecting a Hilton or Holiday Inn type of place but the Regency was nice. Our room was also as good as advertised. It had a nice balcony, very roomy, bed and sheets were clean, bathroom was very Americanized and modern (i.e. great water pressure which is something I know is scarce in Manila, and adequate hot water supply).

The staff was also very friendly, I note that they spoke decent English even though they had the heavy provincial accent but at least I could understand them and they could understand us.

So the week went by fast and before I knew it, it was time to leave. We had that boat ride to catch that will take us to the terminal where the van will drive us to the airport. I pride myself on being able to calculate travel times well but I guess I forgot i was in the Philippines, not Chicago :P.

My husband and I went to check out of our hotel and just to note we paid for our booking ahead of time, so really all they had to do is use the credit card on file and charge us the meals and drinks that we consumed during our stay. We thought they’d just check our account online, charge the account, give us a receipt and we’d be on our way.

RegencyBoraTurns out….they had to send housekeeping to our room to “check” our room before they can discharge us. WTF? Ok so this is the Philippines, I figured they have to otherwise they would run out of towels, pillows, robes etc within a few months because Pinoys like to take things out of a hotel room for “souvenir”. I said, don’t worry about it, you have our credit card, if anything is missing (which there shouldn’t, I didn’t even take the remainder of my hotel toiletries even though I usually do that in American hotels) you can just charge it”. But they refused and made us wait. You would think if this is normal practice that they’d have a dedicated staff to attend to just the “checkout room once-over” tasks. But it seems like they use their normal housekeeping staff that do the cleaning, because we had to wait about two hours before we were free to go. Good thing we gave ourselves leeway and decided to leave extra early otherwise we would have missed our flight. The other foreign tourists in line with us who were also told to wait while their rooms were checked for missing items were also visibly frustrated.

This same checkout review make-sure-you-didn-t-take-our-blowdryer scenario also happened in Manila at one of the smaller hotels (Robinson’s Place I think) but not  at the Shangri-La Makati, where we stayed for our last two nights in the country before flying back to the US of A. At least at the Shangri-La, we got treated as decent citizens who have no need to steal clock radios, pillows, etc.

So bizarre! I have since traveled to Toronto and Paris and didn’t have to experience such a thing.

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    It’s because Filipinos are such big thieves. All Filipinos know that. They know they can’t trust each other because each one of them is a thief himself. Why else would you need to go thru extensive security at Pure Gold after you made your purchase just to get out of the building. Filipinos know Filipinos better than anyone and know that every fucking one of them would rip off their own mother if they got the chance.

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        well, u can not blame the staff,, they have their coffee breaks, utube, scamming on asian date sites,,, selling themselves to the customers, texts,,, cr breaks, meaLS,,,

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    Hi guys,

    Sorry for pointing the obvious, but it would never occur to me to wait more than 5 minutes to check out of the room. After this more than fair time frame, I’d go there and start shouting. This usually fixes things in another 5 minutes, regardless of the complexity of the “procedure”.

    I realize that you wouldn’t want to jeopardize the experience of your romantic getaway with unnecessary quarrel, but I’d take it any time, before deciding to wait for hours and risking to miss my boat, flight or donkey ride:)

    Whether it should come to this is another story of course, but I guess the smartest way is to take things like this as part of your unique PI experience. I also don’t like people answering back in French (when in Paris), when I obviously don’t speak the language, but ultimately I switch to sign-language and awkward french pronunciation of English words, if I want to order something, so I guess every country has its specifics 🙂 Just sayin’

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      Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

      The ONLY way to make things happen in this God forsaken land of imbeciles and thieves is to take control, and micro manage everyone around you. If I was at this hotel and check out was taking too long, I’d have asked directly who was responsible for checking the room, then insisted on seeing them. I’d escort them to the room and manage them whilst they checked everything. I’d then follow that person to accounts, and follow up with managing the accounts person. I’d then manage each person along the way to get the result I needed – a bill, make payment, and get the fuck out of there. I cut Pinoys ZERO slack anymore. They have ONE CHANCE ONLY to get thing right before I move straight to micro management mode. I’m as rude, arrogant and aggressive as I need to be in order to achieve my objective. Nice simply ODES NOT WORK here.

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        jimmy smith

        So true CyberGod, nice wont Work at all.
        And the 1 chance you give them is the 1 chance they fuck up. Its always like that. I am happy my days there are over forever. Worst country I ever been in !
        The least intelligent people I ever encountered, before the pinoys it was the Thais. Now with the pinoys in my mind I think of Thais as being an academic people with high intelligence !

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    go on ” trip advisor” on the internet and write your review of dis hotel,, then the whole world will know about your escapade!!!!!!.

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    Crazy stuff. When I go to foreign countries I like to use a debit card and deposit just enough money so there are no unexpected charges. In this scenario, I’d say, “I’m offering to pay you. If you don’t take the money now, I’m leaving”.

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    You are used to the western style as am I. The second hotel I stayed in when I first visited the Philippines, I wanted to check out and get to a new hotel. They told me they would need to visit the room to check it. “Check it for what” I asked. “To make sure everything is there” they replied. My response was “why not do it the other way around and check my bag for tables and chairs as there is honestly nothing else worth stealing from the room hence why I am moving to a new hotel”.
    I think they were worried I had stolen their booming cockroach population.

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    The thing is that this is done in many Western hotels also, to check for example the MiniBar etc.. Difference is, they do it descrete and fast. You mostly wont notice, but you may recognice that almost everytime you check out the get a call and just answer with “hm” and you are ready to go.

    In fuckipenis this overly complex task takes of course its time.