As if your first dream in the Philippines isn’t like walking through the valley of the lepers with jesus and his TB buddies.

As if the holy water in the local church isn’t the cause of fifteen percent of all dirty tae, human riddled scumbag diseases to ever walk the Philippines (no pun intended)

As if beggar or bajou isn’t better word than girlfriend in the Philippines. Its a sayonce thing dont wear it out.

As if u didn’t wish yourself dead too many times already for a holiday.

Why run with the wild horses when you can dig rabies money holes with the lady azkals that roam the nightclubs.

Why are all the priests conquerors here…where is the country standard

Its only the foreign “man bitch” that didn’t purposefully date two people at the same time on the internet here in the Philippines. Why walk before you can run..(no pun intended)

Why go through all the badness here to become a part of the worlds most active sexually orientated natural disaster zone. Its the day you cant hear money jingle just the entire neighborhood rattling that you know earth shattering sex may be on the way…. No that’s an earthquake, and wow is my heart pumping..hey guys…wink wink. All of us may die not just the oldies.

The human mind works wonders, most Philippino dont work much at all, maybe yelling at the maid for not cleaning the urine off the bathroom floor, or in the case of one post, the tae off the dishes by the bed sick. As if if u invest time in it, this country would work for your children in any way….(pun totally intended)

Why suffer to the whole national pride every time you try to compare Philippino to human kind. Why not just beat your chest on the sidewalk. Or your head….why knock on the primordial wood brain that is…the Philippino youth pride. Save yourself the death threats from locals, Just tell knock knock jokes forever, go into psychosis, dont worry be happy. Tease the NSA online…just don’t think about filo pride and not give money in church before during and after thinking about saying anything smart.

Its a fact %80 of filipinos have inactive tuberculosis, why not just tell the fucking truth sometimes ladies, it wont kill you. TB here is worse than aids in africa. You just used to sleeping with clean foreigners…there two birds one stone. Unfortunately when people hear that they will run away and the girls will say “where did all the good guys go”, and im the only one with a manic and endless evil laugh..

Just smack the kids hand who actually thinks he is getting a holy blessing from the shell looking thing with holy water in it inside your local church. Then sack him NFL style. And beat your chest. There foreigners that a “good” way to find a woman, not this fucking internet thing.

If you don’t think Philippines has corrupt women, turn the TV on for a few hours, and then tell me this country hasn’t been fucked properly. In other words don’t tell me that shit at all if we ever meet.

Try not to laugh when you see the beggar with the pure silver teeth.

Try not to laugh when you see you internet dates teeth. Or anyone in her family.

Just accept everyone from the Philippines that “uses” the internet is a woman.

Im so over the warnings people…just know that if you step foot in this place its already too deep, and you will suffer.

Here ill throw you another line..*sigh*….this one may just save your a$$.




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