Fine. Fuck You. Bye.

Sometimes, I have this fantasy that plays through my head (not THAT fantasy, you pervs!).  It usually happens when I’m reading the news and I see that some morons in the Philippines congress are bitching about trusting the “double dealing” US, and how the VFA should be junked and the US sent home.

I fantasize about Obama hearing this, going out to the rose garden, and making a very short speech that says:

“Dear Filipinos.  Heard your bitching.  Fine.  Fuck you.  Goodbye.”

And everyone cheers, especially the Chinese.  Sadly, China then takes over, and we’re all eating cats, dogs, and whatever other crazy shit they serve up in China.

But at least I’ll have the satisfaction of seeing 100 million idiots getting an epiphany about their collective stupidity.  Of course it’ll happen at the same time, but expect at least a 1 hour wait for the blank stares to stop when it actually sinks in.


Source article:  Solons: ‘Double-dealing’ US will not defend Philippines from China

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    12 senators wanted 800 million dollars a year in base rental in 1987.. mount pinatubo blew up and the usa was one gone puppy.
    I think they had a plan ,, either pay 800 million a year if not get the land and put it in a duty free zone ”aka smuggling joint”

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Al, Just reading an old post, as I haven’t heard from Kaine, Penance for a while.
      I can assure you it was a lot more they wanted.
      My mate was the Personal guard for the Admiral during the negotiations.
      He is not a wanker. well he is an American. But he was there at the negotiations with the Admiral.
      It was 2 billion and had to be in cash, not including aid.!!!!!!!!!!! JUST CASH ONLY.
      That’s why the Americans said up yours,

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        To BLX2
        Communism was on the way out and declining at that time. The Russians used to have kamh Roon Bay Naval base in Vietnam but they closed it down.
        I also think they had a plan to convert the bases into duty free zones,, ie smuggling joints.
        Then Mount Pinatubo blew up. 12 senators basically screwed the whole economy!!!

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    Pinay Lover

    “And everyone cheers, especially the Chinese. Sadly, China then takes over, and we’re all eating cats, dogs, and whatever other crazy shit they serve up in China.”

    Snakes, partially developed chicken embryo’s, chicken feet and more crazy drivers to add to the streets!

    There was a funny article here in Canada about Chinese immigrants. We have this licensing grade system in British Columbia, and if you are a new driver you have to put a big fat “N” on the back of your car to show you are new to the road.

    Anyways, the Chinese community decided to put “C” for “Chinese” on the back of their cars to warn people who was behind the wheel! I thought that was fucking awesome! I suppose Chinese can at least take a joke and rib themselves, not like Filipino’s who will never EVER make a joke about their people and bogus culture.

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    i see where they have the filipino flag flying along the canadian flag at a Yellowknife school.
    If the philippines is so good,, why dont they go back there??????????
    When i was a kid,, we were all canadians,,,nt chinese, flips, arabs….
    Maybe they should remember when the feelippines threw a 18 year canadian student into immigration jail for 2 months!!!!!!!