Fire – The Anti-American Hate Narrative of the Anakbayan.

Would you like to understand how young Filipinos get indoctrinated to be anti-American?  Watch this video courtesy of Anakbayan one of the largest Filipino communist youth organization in the USA and in the Philippines. They are popular everywhere from universities in the Philippines to major cities in the USA.  Hell, I even seen a few cute Filipinas wearing Anakbayan t shirts in a Filipino church in New York. Why a commie hate group is so popular among Filipinos? Who are behind them and who’s interest are they representing?  Let’s start by watching one of their video called “Fire”.  Please note that our hero the bourgeoisie Kano enters the scene about 1 minute in to the video.

In this play you see a fat and bold Kano (looks familiar? lol) wearing sunglasses and with the help of his Pinay sidekick he slaves, stabs, kicks and then tries to bribe Filipinos.  The video ends with workers beating him down and celebrating their successful organized rebellion. Have you noticed how the white boy gets on his knees pathetically begging for his life as he offers bribes to save himself?

I hate this with a passion!   This propaganda has absolutely nothing to do with reality!  This is nothing but a sham and a lie!   I’m from Eastern Europe and we never had any quarrel with Filipinos in our history but did have with Communist and these young Filipinos are just a bunch of misguided brainwashed losers who are on their way to make the Philippines a bigger failure.   You can understand why I can’t stomach pro Communist propaganda especially when it also has an overtone of anti-white narrative.  

As always I ask my Filipina wife for answers every time I’m lost in the jungle of Filipino reasoning.  She thinks the Chinese Communist are also behind it.   It is their interest to alienate Filipinos from the USA and whites.  I tend to agree with her.  Both mainland Chinese and Filipino Chinese (that includes leftist and capitalist etc.) are running the show in the Philippines.  That would explain why the Philippines is passive about the island grabbing.  What I mean under passive is that there is no serious protesting and organized movement that you would see when the USA or it’s citizens are the culprit.   Remember not long ago how the left was able to unite, mobilize and organize angry protests after the trans-gender incident?  You will not see them doing it now.   You will not see any organized protest from popular Senators like Santiago either.  She and the Akbayan party are preoccupied with the USA.      Link here.

Are Filipinos in the process of having their new master race and a master culture the Chinese established?  It seems Filipinos do like Chinese after all!  They celebrate the now official Chinese New Year like it was their own. The look up to their Chinese leaders and business owners with envy.  They want to be like them and embrace Chinese ways and values.  Are we witnessing the silent overtake of the Philippines?  It seems that way and with the mindset of blaming the Colonial past on everything and not taking responsibility for anything created the stupidest most misguided young “intellectuals” I ever encountered.

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    Just sad. The whole idea would maybe been romantic and a beautifull dream for 100 years ago, but now after what we saw happend to old communist countries.

    About the Chinese, well I dont have anything against. Me and wife are working though in a Chinese company.

    “You can understand why I can’t stomach pro Communist propaganda especially when it also has an overtone of anti-white narrative.”

    Same feeling here. One of the most disgusting things I saw. But somehow sometimes we eastern-europeans have a big trauma. Not everything in communism was bad, there were some good thing however 80% was bad.

    ” You will not hear one peep from the popular Senator Santiago either. She and her Akbayan party formed an alliance to oppose the VFA.

    Dont care about it so much anyway but whats wrong with that? I also dont believe that US (with good reasons) will not do anything if the chinese came. Why would they risk a war for PH? General having a foreign army in the country sound negativ in my ears. In Poland we had a lot of armies in the past. To name the last 70 years, we had Germans, later on our friends from Moscow was ther and now we our friends from US there.

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      Attila Post author

      Nothing wrong with not wanting the VFA. My point was how they justify it. With all the made up excuses that are in line with their blame narrative while they are silent about the Chinese aggression. My issue with them is the blaming and how they justify it. As you can see in this video they do their best to make us look like the boogie men. As you may already know most Filipinos don’t differentiate between white and white. They don’t have problem either making movies about a whites abusing Filipinos inducing maids. It is part of their indoctrination machinery. I have many examples of how they view whites in general. I have no illusions about them.

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        “As you can see in this video they do their best to make us look like the boogie men. As you may already know most Filipinos don’t differentiate between white and white. ”

        Yes because we are all Americans. Had before one good filipino friend. A good guy, never took money from money always 50/50 drinking, but stupid as fuck. I gav him 100 lessons about geography and explained. Later I heard him talking tagalog when somebody called that he is drinking with his American friend. In the other side hmmm… I wish some of them went to Poland to my city and people will think they are chinese. But I guess filipinos will have a hard time feeling comfortable in many polish cities.

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      Random Numbers

      Well then start a referendum for Poland to withdraw from NATO. I am certain the servicemen have no interest in defending a country where they are unwelcome, so if your referendum succeeds they would happily go someplace where they were welcomed. I am certain that declaring yourself a non-aligned neutral will work out fine, it’s been a big success for Georgia and Ukraine.

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        Got your point.


        As far as I know we only have Americans army in Poland. And I admit its our gouverment that asked for the presence of them. You dont really think that NATO is a strong alliance do you? You also know that Turkey is a member of NATO with the 2nd biggest military there right? Georgia? I think beside our (R.I.P.) president there wa only one more that actually went there under the conflict. Ukraine? I cant have a sympythy with them. The major fraction that started all that was the same fraction that raped our women and killed them by putting them on the stick with vagina down. Inever said that Poland should become a neutral non-aligned country. But if we are talking abour foreign forces in Poland and the anti-Russian plocy the previous gouverment has been running we lost more the we gained. I can also udnerstand why we need to have a foreign forces in the country now. Because our military became a joke. Our gouverment made us deppendend from other countries.
        In the other name a succes of NATO or UN? BTW i find it interesting that a non-polish, talking about our intern problems. I only mentioned that I dont feel its a good thing and that its necessery to have a US military in Poland.

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      Remember, Filipinos are incredibly stupid as a culture. Most are poor and uneducated. Even the ones who’ve been to college are still idiots.
      So when they are poor and stupid, someone comes along and says under communism, things are better, so of course filipinos will go for that.

      With regards to the idiot Filipinos in the USA, they need to refocus that wasted energy. Talk about fake-aggression. They don’t want to protest the Marcos family being free and in politics, Estrada, Mindanao massacre, worlds worst court system, poverty, EVERY gov’t worker in the Philippines, typhoon victims, missing typhoon money, etc? Instead, its about the USA? I love how these idiots take the longest most indirect route to blame the USA instead of the obvious, blatant, staring-you-in-the-face corruption dripping from the shithole Philippines, which they are responsible for.

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    This is an American phenomenon as well. “Anti-white privilege” rhetoric has become a hit in academia, media, and even in the military. Social justice warriors, aka, campus and establishment leftists, are behind it.
    It is an attempt to marginalized whites in order to uplift the status of minorities. The same thing took place when South Africa transitioned to the ANC. Except in the U.S. it is the globalist 1% behind it.

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      “white-privilege”? Have you seen how the richest families in the Philippines live? If they have been in politics or even if their grandfather was in politics, they still live a great, pampered life incomparable to a rich family in the USA. Even rich families in the USA can’t afford maids, drivers, gardeners, or live in caregivers. That is something for wealthy people or a once in a while treat.
      Even middle class families in the Ph have maids. Almost all homes built in the ph include a “maids quarters”. When do you see that in the USA?

      Any Filipino making more than P30,000 a month can live a good life, they just have to do it in the shithole Philippines, and deal with Filipinos.

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    The reason why they don’t mess with communist chinese because commie chinese have no regards to human rights. They know if the filipino mess with the communist chinese they will not back down. Remember tianamen? The whites have high regard when it comes to human rights and the unggoys exploit it.

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    China isn’t really communist anymore. They have a capitalist economy but their leaders like the control they have in a communist government. The Chinese are moving away from communism, while America is starting to embrace the big government that often associated with communism.

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      Why not – if China takes over this country, SO BE IT!!!
      Most Filipinos would be apathetic (then again, it is part and parcel of their culture) but maybe waking up and being forced at gunpoint to speak Mandarin may wake our collective lazy bums up.
      China’s got the money and the ruthlessness to lay down the law, so if it means rounding up every last crocodile congressman and snake senator and skinning them for hides and medicine, it’ll be a godsend to this benighted hell-hole

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      Well fed monkeys, Jamess. These ungrateful assholes obviously loved the capitalist country that gave them shelter and more opportunities than what they could otherwise hoped for back in the Philippines, they have gotten fat from what America has given them. Even abroad, Filipinos show their ingratitude. I wonder what their gripes are for being so bitter towards the country and people who adopted them? Bypassed promotions perhaps because they weren’t good enough? Of course they’d cry racism rather than admit that their abilities are just not good enough for the higher standards that we demand in the west.

      And that is no Kano/white man playing the exploitative capitalist or whoever he’s supposed to be playing. That’s just another fat, short assed Pinoy, only lighter in skin tone. That’s why they’re careful not to show his face. No other race of people moved so slow like the Sloths. So even in Kano land, they could not find a white man to play the role??

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        Attila Post author

        I have a video for you. These Ilonggas may not be well fed but they also got the high spirit! I have mixed feelings about this and I don’t know if I should feel sorry for them. I think they will be raped by NPA men in the jungle where they live. But I can’t help but think about what would they do if they had a chance to live in America. Would they be anti-Americans like the “Well Fed Monkeys” I think yes.

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          Hey Joe

          OMG, Is everything a joke/game to these people? Seems that way. Not that I support the NPA or anything, but if these ladies join this (army) should you not take it serious. Singing/dancing guns laying in the dirt.

          Guess I should not expect anything less. It’s the same as everything else, government is a joke, banking system is a joke, law and order is a joke.

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            Looks like the same training they get at SM. Chinese plot? Invade using ghetto blasters, they drop what they are doing and dance, just fire, not a single casualty… Ingenious 🙂

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            Love it, M-16s laying in the dirt. Maybe an AK would shrug that off. At least they didn’t shoot anyone at the end of the song.

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            Idiotocracy, Normally I would agree with you about the M16 in the dirt. But here in this country I don’t think it will be a problem:
            1.) I have seen them clean their weapons with Never Dull wads. When they clean them that is.
            2.) Most weapons are already rusted up.
            3.) Springs are overloaded 24/7/365 and never cleaned.
            4.) I have never seen them use gun oil, CLP, graphite, or even WD-40.

            Yep, soon as a filipino gets something decent and such they go out of their way to find a way to fuck it up. M16 not a back rifle really, it’s the round that sucks. I mean shoot someone with a .22 caliber bullet that weighs 55 grains? I always said the round should be bigger.

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            Attila Post author

            Think of it as the Bacolod Masskara NPA Panay edition. This way it will all make sense.

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    I think it goes back to Marcos days. MArcos was a terrible, thieving leader. During his time, he was so busy stealing and killing/ jailing anyone who spoke out, it gave rise to communism or the NPA. Their recruiting #’s during the marcos time swelled from a few thousand to over like 50,000.
    Then since the USA was there, it was perceived the USA was helping Marcos. All the USA did, was what they had done since giving the ungrateful imbeciles independance, and that was to maintain a military presence there like they do in many countries like Germany, Japan, Italy, etc. (Its quite the Filipino thing all those countries did very well after the war and the Philippines is still shit).
    – All the USA did was pay a lease,,which Marcos kept increasing each year (cause like all things Filipino, the price always goes up when they think you need them). Reagan was friendly with Marcos in paying the leases and at first showing how capitalism/ democracy work (as propaganda against communist countries like N. Korea, Vietnam, and USSR), but after the assasination of B. Aquino, they started to really backtrack on holding Marcos like he was a nice image of capitalism. Plus the rumors were that Marcos had donated large sums of money to fund Reagans campaign and had the documents to prove it. Accepting campaign contributions from foreign governments, especially dictatorships stolen money is highly illegal.
    The USA had and has nothing to do with Filipino problems. They own all that shit themselves. Even the former PM of Singapore said they should have been #1 in Asia cause the USA provided so much support for them in terms of infrastructure, trade, charity, military, etc. AGain, this is just Filipinos being filipino and blaming ANYONE but themselves.
    If a Filipino really cared about his country, it would not be hard to see who the real enemies are. Bascially anyone with the last names Marcos, Romauldez, Arroyo, Enrile, Singson, Corona, or basically anyone at or above Barangay captain. Not to mention the failing justice system of the Ph.
    Just find one guy in the Philippines who steals and make sure he is held accountable, goes to jail, and/ or kill him. That is the best way to change this shit-hole. Instead, Filipinos need to Fail at everything they do,,, including protesting since they are so stupid they protest the wrong things. Fucking idiots.

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      You can’t say they fail at everything. I saw online where Marcos held the Guinness Book of world records for the largest single theft, $860,600,000.00 in 1986. Funny thing, that the same year he had to run for his life.

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        Yeah, the Philippines is also the most dangerous country in the world for journalists, has the worst record for bringing people to justice, worlds worst airport, & worlds worst traffic.

        Here’s how you know the country is fucked. When a taxi driver/ porter/ worker actually returns something he found, it makes national news and pinoys immediately start chanting pinoy pride.

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    I particularly like 2 parts of this video.
    #1. the part where Filipinos will NOT accept money being handed out. I mean, which foreign people give Filipinos money for their votes every election cycle and how often do they refuse it?
    #2. The part where they all get together and come up with a plan. Filipinos have zero ability to work together for something they would all benefit from. If this was a true story, they might start planning something like this, but immediately would be “sold out” by someone who could profit from ratting out his partners.

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    On another note. I read in YouTube comments where the blacks are now saying that Vlad III was a black man. I bring this up because there was a quiz about Vlad in a comment.