Fish ‘n Shits

You all know I have this one sari sari that I buy my Cokes, beer and other stuff because they have never overcharged me. Pinoy Pride strikes again. A few weeks ago I bought 6 pilsen from them and when I took them out of the bag my hands stank to high heaven. I washed them off and figured the smell came from the bag they used. It was a smell that had a cross between fish and shit. I found out the smell was on the bottles and not the bags. Now I spend no less than 360 pesos a week at that store just on beer and brought this to their attention last week or so.

fish-n-shit-n-beerThey said they would store the beer separate to avoid the bottles stinking. It was so bad that just opening the bag and the smell hit you. So the smell did go away a little since I talked to them, then today. I went and got my 6 beers and when back at the house did not smell anything right away as it was still there but faint. So I asked others to smell the bottles and they said it stank.

At that moment my wife was going to have her 11 year old niece go to the store and get snacks. I told my  wife to tell the niece to tell the store that if the bottles keep stinking I would buy from somewhere else. Well the niece went to the store and told them what I said. Their reply? “It’s not the bottles you smell, it’s your breath”. Yep so now Pinoy Pride will cost these dip shits 360 + pesos a week. So now I told my wife and everyone in the house that none of my money will be spent at their store any more. FUCKING ASSHOLES.

If Filo publishes this I can’t wait to see his pic and caption he comes up with!!!

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    I live by the “3 Strikes Rule”. I try to forgive the 1st time for bad service, stealing, stupidity, etc…the benefit of the doubt. 2nd time I tell them “one more time and I never come back”. 3rd time…Goodbye. Yes it might be a slight inconvenence going to the next restaurant, store, etc… but I refuse to put money into stupid idiots pockets who don’t appreciate my money.

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    The last time I was in the country, my wife started getting mad at me because we really were running out of places that I was willing to go to. I generally follow the three strikes rule myself, but occasionally someone does something that pisses me off badly enough that just the idea of returning is enough to raise my blood pressure.

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    sorry sir we dont have

    haha, if the beer stinks like a fish, then drink the beer with your other hand!
    or wash your hand after petting 🙂

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      Mike Post author

      Kid you not had to wash hands three or four times to get the stink of. But dad always said “Two things smell like fish and one is fish”. I doubt they rubbed the bottles on the non fish otherwise they would have charged more.

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          Mike Post author

          Dad was on the perverted side I think. His other quotes:
          “If old enough to bleed then old enough to breed”.
          “Old enough to pee, old enough for me”.
          “It’s all pink in the dark”.

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            My step father had one, sounds like the girls on the dating sights.
            Eight to eighty, blind, cripple or crazy.

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      “sorry sir we dont have”… I sure heard that phase a lot when I was in the Philippines. It would be nice if they would put a sign up or something let everyone know they don’t have it available so I didn’t waste my time in line waiting for something that is out of stock.

      Amazingly enough, I heard “sorry sir we dont have” more times in the Philippines in 3 months than I heard it for the rest of my whole life. Get your logistics together people, Jesus. Seriously by not having stuff in stock you are costing yourself money!

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        Mike Post author

        Did you notice one other thing? They don’t order so they have stock, they wait until they are out to order. Then the ONLY time to restock is when the store is open so the aisles are clogged with boxes, carts and such. Then to add to that mess of trying to around you have to deal with filipinos who have a hard time figuring out HOW to walk. Good thing breathing is a natural involuntary reflect, I think most filipinos would be too stupid to learn how to breath on their own.

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          The asians do this to maximize their profit. They don’t want excess inventory go to waste. They do this even if service has to suffer. Poor thinking!!!
          Notice also when you go to any asian restaurant when they serve you food its always full of vegetables. Because vegetables are cheap and meat are expensive. Even the portions of anything is always small.

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    I’ve just remembered something I’d rather not.

    I was taking the Victory Liner (maybe they should call them Defeat Liners?) somewhere with my girlfriend. We stopped off at a service station place. I remember: A janitor inside the mens who asked for “tips”. Loud music playing. And, when I went in, the smell of 1000 years of congealed piss. Yes, I nearly puked. It nearly knocked me out! I took a piss then ran for it!

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    I just hope the day come that all of us get the hell out of this shit hole and never have to go back here again!
    I’m frustrated and can’t take this dumb shit people anymore after 8 years….

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    “It’s not the bottles you smell, it’s your breath”.

    I got the same response from the cashier of this Mini Stop branch once. It was before this school trip. I was dropped off by my mum really early in the morning so i went to buy some snacks at the said Mini Stop store. Nothing special, just some chips and a bottle of coke. But when I opened the bottle of coke this fucking rancid odor greeted my nostrils and it took a lot of effort from me to not throw up on the spot. I afterwards then presented said bottle to the cashier and asked for a replacement, which promptly replied with the remark up top. had the manager not been within earshot of my complaint and stepped in to give me a, thankfully not piss-smelling bottle of coke, I had splashed the bottle’s contents onto her face and smacked her. Giving me that sort of remark while I was already halfway pissed from having to wake up to attend a school trip that NO ONE in the school wanted to attend isn’t a wise course of action.

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      Also, the replacement bottle must have been just as tainted but just didn’t smell as bad because later that day I got ONE HELL of a stomach ache and had to go home as soon as the trip was over.