Flood Prevention? But It Still Floods!

So I’ve been out of the country for the last few months on business. I got back in the country about a week ago. I took a taxi from the airport get to my gate only to see that the entire sidewalk in front has been completely torn up and there is now a 2ft wide 4 ft deep pit in between the street and the gate. Down in the pit you’ve got the one guy, we all know the one guy, he’s the guy who actually does the work, anyway the one guy is down in the pit throwing out dirt and gravel and chunks of contrete, and there’s like 5 guys standing there watching him. (To be expected as they obviously aren’t the one guy today.) At first a glimmer of hope I thought my water situation was being resolved and new pipes were being ran to my ¬†house!! So I asked the guys what was going on, apparently it’s part of flood prevention, they are digging a canal for the water because sometimes it does flood in front of my gate like maybe a foot or so nothing I can’t handle but sometimes a definite inconvenience. Cool I think no more flooding! WRONG!

My next question of course was so when are you guys going to be done? Like later this afternoon, because I have to leave how am I suppose to drive my car across a 2ft gap.

The answer: “Matagal pa sir, siguro mga dalawang lingo pa.”

For those that don’t speak tagalog…”quite a while, maybe 2 more weeks.” Thats right 2 weeks to dig a freaking tunnel and pour concrete again.

Ok that’s cool I can handle that I say, will you put planks or something over it at night so I can drive in and out.

The answer: “Eh…hindi po hindi kami gumagawa ganyan eh”

(ummmmm,,,,no we actually don’t do anything like that.”.)

Oh ok so how do you expect me to come and go? And if you expect me to leave my car parked for two weeks are you going to reimburse me for my transportation expenses.

The answer: “sir wala akong alam dyan, usapan niyo boss namin sa barangay.”

(sir we don’t know jack shit about anything, you better go talk to our boss becuase I’m getting embarrassed and I don’t think I can talk to you anymore because your right and I don’t know what else to say….” roughly translated of course. )

Whatever I’ve had enough for one day.

The next day I go to talk to this dumb ass barangay captain who started this whole project. Guess what it just so happens he was up for reelection, and now the first thing he needs to do after being elected is start a project to make it look like he’s doing something, and so he can over inflate the budget, and make some big bucks. So we have a nice calm conversation that turns into a heated conversation and I basically threaten to sue him for causing me loss in business profits, and transportation costs, mostly I just wanted to scare the piss out of him, an american would never win in a filipino court, never, no freaking way, unless of course you bribe the judge.

I remember walking home thinking how freaking stupid is this?? This would never happen in any developed country. I remember when water lines and such got replaced in the US they would first of all inform everyone months in advance, provide alternate routes, if they had to destroy your drive way they would give you a check to fix it, put plywood so you could still come and go, and most of the time they would be done within a week!! Seriously how hard is it to dig a canal?? Oh I forgot to mention there’s a giant ass backhoe parked to the side, and no one is using it, it’s one guy with a shovel, seriously wtf?? It just shows the problem with greed and corruption. Like 20 people had the same problem I did, and not to mention the whole street was a jammed because it became basically one lane, and guess what I was the only one who said anything about it!! Everyone else just accepted it, and was like mmmm (that mmmm sound they make when they pretend to understand something, but don’t really, mmmmm ok sige, yeah that fucking bullshit) that makes sense. The complacent stupidity just amazes me more and more every time! Then another thought occured to me why do we even need flood prevention projects?? If you want to prevent flooding stop throwing your fucking trash into the street!! Also when you do clean out the drainage system don’t pile the shit you dug out right next to the drain and just leave it there! How many of you have seen that? So stupid! If stupidity was a super power this country would be the god damned League of Justice times a million!

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    That’s all the politicians do. Promise to fix roads. That’s all. The people too stupid to know any better.

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      i seen where they put strings and plastic streamers all over my street!!!!!!!!!
      wtf does this crap make your life any better????? too stupid to think of really helping poor people,,, that would take work and thinking,,
      i see where theypunched holes in the street..