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General Discussion
Discuss anything here for which there isn't an existing forum
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Balancinghead · Yesterday, 11:25PM
In Go home unless you not giving us money. I will get you deported.
Special Announcements
Read up on the latest going's on at PFB
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CaptainPFB · Feb 17
In New Site This and That's...
FAQ / How To
This is where you can find how to's and answers to frequently asked questions.
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CaptainPFB · Mar 7
In How to set your chat visibility / status
Suggestions / Requests
Any suggestions on improving the site, or request a new category for blogs or videos or whatever, please put them here.
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Off Topic Discussion / Rants
This is where you can talk about virtually anything you want to. US Politics, Russia, The price of tea in China....whatever you like.
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CaptainPFB · Jun 18
In Donald Trump Is Proving Too Stupid to Be President
Rants and Raves Topics Replies Last Reply
My Flippin' In-Laws
Talk about those leeching, annoying, lying relatives of your wife.
1 0
Locawrit · May 15
In Friends and Relathieves
My Flippin' Wife
Rant about your dumb flip wife here
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My Ignorant Loud Neighbors
We all have them. They're everywhere we are. And they are usually ignorant and rude as fuck. Blow off some steam about them here.
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Security Guards
They don't get much dumber than those stupid rent-a-cop guards. Share your hilarious stories of Filipino stupidity with security guards here.
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SomeYungGuy · Mar 31
In Telling security guards what to do in the Philippines.
Shut That Fucking Dog UP!!!
Who hasn't had to deal with the neighbors incessantly barking dog? Share how you deal with it here.
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Customer Non-Service
Will the people of Philippines ever get a clue about customer service? Probably not. So rant about it here.
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jeremy · Jun 16
In Web Designers Use Email Like Snails
Globe Telecomplete Idiots
There cannot be enough said about the morons of Globe Telecom. Share your rants about them here.
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Talk about hiring the severely mentally handicapped! PLDT hires them all. Rant about them here.
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DingDong · Mar 6
Sky InCapable
Yes, Sky Cable. They're run by Filipino morons as well. Rant it out here.
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Cignal TeeHee
Cignal TV - When they have to come to your home to fix THEIR PROBLEM, they charge you. That's just one of the many idiocies of this company of morons. Rant them out here.
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Taxi "Drivers"
Share your stories of taxi buffoonery here.
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CaptainPFB · Mar 31
In No turning on the meter in manila
Loan Me Money
Share how you learned to never ever EVER loan money to a Filipino again.
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FHPS · Mar 9
In Borrowing money to meet me... from a most unlikely source!
Open Rant Forum
This is where you can rant about something there isn't a forum for yet. And if you have a suggestion for one, please say so here.
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jeremy · Jun 16
In One way ticket to hell - sorry NO MONEY FOR FARE BACK HOME
Useful Information Topics Replies Last Reply
Immigration / Visas
Add what you've learned about immigration laws and visas in Philippines.
1 9
jeremy · Jun 17
Dining / Food
Found a place that actually has good food? Share it here.
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FHPS · Mar 7
In leaving food out
Recommended Resorts / Hotels
Had a good experience at a resort or hotel? Share that info here.
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Resorts / Hotels To Avoid
Had a bad experience with a resort or hotel? Share it here so we can be sure to avoid it.
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Places To Drink
Share your favorite watering holes here.
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Vape Shops in Philippines
Looking for the best vape shops in Philippines? Find them / post them here.
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Hamenchiz · Feb 20
In Extreme Vape in Cebu City
Health And Wellness Topics Replies Last Reply
Which hospitals have the best facilities? Please share your experiences here.
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Who are the best health professionals to see in the Philippines? Share your recommendations here.
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Health Insurance in Philippines
Discuss available health insurance.
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Security in The Philippines Topics Replies Last Reply
Share any scams you're aware of.
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Police and Laws
Talk about the ever so incompetent police and shady laws in Philippines here.
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