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PLDT Home Fibre comes with a ‘Pre-Programmed Chinese Box of Tricks’ and NO Instruction Manual! Although there are 4 LAN Ports (Input) on the back, only No.1 LAN Works for Internet and VOIP! Begin to ask questions, and you will be met with ‘Vacuous Blank Looks!’ PLDT will of course ‘Lie’ and tell you that all four can be used for Internet!


The other 3 Slots are allocated to CIGNAL TV (200 Channels of Shit! – Which come and go at random!) To enable more users, you will need to buy a small SWITCH Box and an Extra LAN Cable! Plug the PCs and Laptops into the Switch, and Connect the Switch to LAN No.1 on the PLDT Box! – Most are ‘Self-Configuring’ and cost around PHP 1,500 – Just connect everything together, switch-on and leave it for a few minutes until the Internet Light is ‘Blinking’ on the PLDT Box and the Switch. I bought a D-LINK DLS-1008A but be prepared for a further ‘Quest!’ – CDR-King and the Computer Shops in SM & Robinsons were ‘Out of Stock!’ (CDR-King was full of Bicycles) – I got mine a few days later from the ‘Gilmore Computer Emporium’ in San Juan (Manila).


My next problem was when the Local Kids started coming home from school in the afternoon. Outside in the street were a group of 6 or 7 with Smartphones and a Laptop! - They would be there until late evening, when the Barangay Patrol moved them on! Purely out of curiosity, I switched-off the Wifi, and they moved further down the street! I downloaded an IP Scanner (Google: FREE IP SCANNER), and could see WHO and HOW MANY there were attached to my Network the following afternoon! You can BLOCK them with the Scanner Software, but they will keep coming back!


Changing the WiFi Radio Frequency is another option to reduce the ‘Signal Footprint.’ Firstly, this has to be done via the PLDT Box which is NOT ‘User Friendly!’ Secondly, I could still receive a WiFi Signal in the Street, even though there are two 8” walls that the signal has to overcome!


My IT Boffin and Neighbour told me that PLDT only have around a dozen Passwords! – Even though the Password on the PLDT Job Sheet ‘Appears’ to be a HEX Number generated randomly (wlanffe827). His Home Fibre was installed at the same time as mine and the Password is ‘wlanffe828’ – The Telephone Number is also consecutive. The ‘Scam’ here is that the PLDT Contractors ‘Sell the Passwords!’ (Now PHP 150 from the Piso Net Shop a few streets away!)


(With a similar installation in Dubai, the Username and Password were issued by Courier, and the Subscriber was the only person who could activate the system!)


To stop anyone ‘Poncing’ off your WiFi you will need to Change the Password. This can only be done via PLDTs Call Torture Centre (171) or by Personal Visit – They will ask you for an 8 Character Username and a 12 Character Password (Which must include Underscores or Asterisks). Resetting takes about 5 Minutes, and then the Network is secure!


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