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FHPS Mar 9
Stupidity combined with english.  Arrrr what a combination.

Have you noticed that Filipinos take the literal word but cannot understand what they are saying sometimes.  One of the glaring situations is with food.  

You have heard the saying "where does milk come from" and the reply of the city kid is ... from a bottle (or cardboard cotainer)"

well, one word that has got me many times is the use of meat in dishes.

me:  so this is a vegetable soup?

tard: yes sir

me: ok so theres no ...meat in it

tard: yes sir

me: ok, absolutely none, baboy, lechon, pork, no meat AT ALL

tard: yes sir

me: ok .. ill order

Out comes the order for vegetable soup, it has fried bacon through it

me to waiter: whats this?!!! didnt i say no meat, no pork.

tard: yes sir

me: well, what is this

tard: bacon sir

me: whats bacon? isnt that meat?

tard: yes sir

you see .. i said everything to do with not wanting pork but they couldnt link the word bacon and pork being the same - BACON is different... its bacon.. pork is pork

but the tards cannot put the two together

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Mike Mar 9
Welcome to the suck.

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