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FHPS Mar 9
I went to a restaurant and saw they had live band music every Wednesday

I asked the girl ...

me: oh you have some live music here, is it acoustic music?

tard waitress: no sir its the XYZ (said the name of the band)

me: aha arr ok, so are they a what sort of band, rock, blues?

tard waitress: acoustic music sir..

me thinking - what the fuck, i just asked you that

why do Filipinos only pick up bits and pieces of conversation and cannot get context. Usuallythey only remember the first and last bit of what is said

In another situation I said

me: do you have wifi here

tard: yes sir, heres the passcode (from 3 staff standing there)

me: login and connect but no internet

me: i ask ... hey theres no internet .. im connected but theres no data

tard: yes sir

me? what? 

tard: we are waiting or the internet provider to get us online

me - well, wtf?? did you give me a password for if theres no internet

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Mike Mar 9
FHPS, I'm beginning to think the filipinos  have single you out for the "Fuck with me please award."

Mike Mar 9
Better you than me.
FHPS Mar 9
I never had an issue in manila .. it was in the south more than anything - i guess in the early 2000's there werent so many foreigners down there where i was compared with now but wholly crap they were stupid.  I even had the same issue in many places where you had to spell it out all the time the exclusions in English, repeated in Cebuano, confirmed in english.
FHPS Mar 9
Its carelessness 

like i would stand there and watch a local ask for a green bottle of sting (drink) and the lady would come back with a red bottle of sting drink. CARELESS

FHPS Mar 9
my friends said similar... it must be you. 

me: ok .. i said come here

they arrived - before they arrived in town they got the shits

hey .. i just emailed (i forget several) hotels and only ONE replied

me : lol ...so what was the reply

friend: i asked them a bunch of questions and they responded with one line of "when do you want to book ignoring my questions, totally ignoring everything i said in my email to them" 

The main hotel i wanted (4 star) hasnt even responded and its been days.

me: lol.. now see what i mean

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