Web Designers Use Email Like Snails | Forum

SomeYungGuy Mar 22
I hit up the best online services I could find for app development and web design/customization and their site looks like shit or they never really respond. You work in the high tech industry. Check your fucking email before you go to bed at lunch and when you wake up.

I'm looking for web designers that don't fuck around and know what they're doing. I'd like to visit them in person and they must have a portfolio of past work. It has to do with the fabled WordPress.

Arcane Mar 22
Interested in this too. I work with WP all day every day and would like to scale up with a contractor who can do things in a timely manner. The thing is I haven't found anyone I can rely on.
Mike Mar 23
Here's the problem. The filipinos can lick the stamp but they cannot find where to stick it nor find an email mail box at the post office.
SomeYungGuy Mar 25
This is quite the bummer.

I did make an appointment next week for a web design place that I got a decent estimate from but I guess we'll see when I get there.

SomeYungGuy Mar 25
I work with WP and like it. I just haven't any clue how to customize and code it to make it how I want.
jeremy Jun 16
Do you all remember the stupid cartoon plane on Cebu Pacific's website and how slow it was..and then you would get All In Price of 5,700 pesos, press continue and it would now say 6,987 pesos