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schindle May 7
I'm so tired of slow walking Filipinas (sometimes two holding hands) that walk right in the center of the footpath leaving no space on either side for anyone to get past.  They walk like zombies, their eyes have a fixated glare, a blank expression like they are dead and walk at the speed of a funeral procession whilst totally oblivious of anyone else.  You try and overtake them on the left they move slightly to the left, you go to the right they move to the right.  Now I walk on the road it's simpler.

Mike May 7
I have that problem to, they always move the direction you start to pass on. I have often wondered if they have eyes in the back of their heads or equipped with some sort of radar. Just ran into a new one. Got the living room and the front door right? Where to lay out a bedroll and take a quick nap? Right in front of the door so it can't be opened.

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One time I was coming up on a pinoy from behind.  He looked over his shoulder as I tried to get around him.  When I stepped to the left, he moved left.  When I stepped to the right, he moved right.  Finally, I put my hands on his shoulders and kept him on my right as I passed on his left.
Nowadays, I will just look ahead to where there is space to pass them.  Then I will speed up and pass  them, and if they move to block, they will get a small shoulder check and OOPS! but I won't say sorry...
CaptainPFB Admin
CaptainPFB May 8
schindle - That's probably one of the first things a new arrival notices in Philippines. In fact, this is a subject of one of the very first articles I wrote when I started PFB years ago. 

Have laugh: http://www.philippinefailblog.com/blogs/post/3/i-m-an-invisible-man-in-the-philippines

And it doesn't matter if you're coming up from behind or heading towards them. They seem 100% oblivious to your presence and position. It's one of the first indications that they are incapable of the simplest common courtesy. 

I was in a taxi one time going down a very narrow road, and the car in front of us just decided to stop and have a chat with a guy standing on the street, blocking all traffic behind him. Everyone was honking, to no affect. I'm thinking "wow, now that takes a lot of fucking nerve to be that utterly ignorant of and unconcerned for others. They were not going to move to the side so traffic could pass, as if they felt they were way more important than everyone else. Everone else can just sit and wait on them.

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Mike May 8
        I just stopped thinking things like that and just said it now.
CaptainPFB Admin
CaptainPFB May 8
You and I don't even have to think about compensating our path when walking toward someone. It's like an automatic reflex courtesy. Or seeing a friend and stopping to chat with them, and moving off to one side or the other. It just comes naturally without much thought. It's called "consideration" or "awareness" of those around you.

But Filipinos just don't have that function in their heads. It's just, as Balancinghead said, "a mental state" of absolute ignorance and obliviousness. Or is it a mental state of "I'm so much more important than you, go around me"? I dunno. Maybe it's a mix. 

But it sure is fascinating. 

Mike May 8
Went to a mall today and what did I see? They stop at the top or bottom of the escalator to talk trying to make up their mind which foot goes in front of the other. Some how it seems that the time between getting on the escalator and off of it they forgot how to walk.

schindle May 9
It's not just the way they walk down a footpath, the supermarket can be equally annoying.  For example, when they stand in the aisle at Robinsons and procrastinate over what candy bar or soap to choose. It's like the biggest decision of their lives whilst occupying the space so that no-one else can get near the same products until they have finished. 

Then you drive home and there are two guys riding on motors and having a long conversation whilst blocking the fukin lane.  They wouldn't think to move to the left but have to travel right in the middle so they can slow everybody else down.  You find yourself continually dodging them wherever they are.

doc May 10
I have gotten a plethora of dirty looks in return for moving peoples shopping carts out of the middle of the aisle in the grocery store.  my wife says I shouldn't touch their cart as it is their stuff.  I told her...A.  the cart belongs to the store, B. until they pay for it, everything IN the cart still belongs to the store, C. if they don't like me touching their freakin cart, GET THE DAMNED THING OUT OF THE TRAFFIC LANE.  On one particularly bad day, i took one cart and moved it to the aisle to the right (it was near an end cap)  then sat back and watched the "owner" as they turned around and discovered that it wasn't there.  Loved the DIH (deer in headlights) look.  
Mike May 10
      Now you know why Capt can't take us anywhere. LOL

Mike May 12
Well yesterday I went to S&R and spent 13k of my wife's money and here's how it went. We pull into the parking lot and it is almost empty so my heart leaps for joy, less assholes to deal with if you know what I mean. So we get a cart and start on our shopping in aisles that are pretty much empty of filipinos who cannot drive let alone walk. But Mike says you, why you writing about it if it was this easy?

   So what we do is hit the back and work our way forward, like I said through aisles free of filipinos until one aisle that is. In this aisle there are 2 filipinos with carts sitting side by side on the left side and my wife just past them looking at crackers on the right. So I push our cart against the right so people can pass then it happens. Here comes a pinoy with a cart and what does he do?

    He puts his cart right in front of mine but has it going from left to right instead of along the aisle there by blocking the whole aisle. See Australia has the Great Barrier Reef and the Philippines has the Great Pinoy Barrier Reef. No  amount of staring sinks into this pinoy and he pretty much acts like "I'm the Invisible Man in the Philippines. Thing is just before this happened I was telling wife how filipinos block the aisles in store and was starting to look like I might be wrong in her mind. So after he 2 on the left moved I backed up my cart and went around Dong Left to Right just as wife got up to our cart and I was by Dong I just said loud enough to wife "Told you."
CaptainPFB Admin
CaptainPFB May 12
The complete absence of common sense and common courtesy never ceases to baffle me. I will never understand it, and I hope I never do. 

I've often said it would be interesting to experience having a flip brain for like 5 minutes just to know or try to understand the static noise that must occupy their minds.

It's sort of like trying to comprehend the vastness of the Universe. The millions of light years of empty space between galaxies and stars. The incomprehensible distances of absolute nothingness, no air, just pure void. It's hard to wrap your mind around it. 

I thought the vastness Universe was the only incomprehensible thing, until I experienced Filipino ignorance and stupidity. Now there's two. 

Married2Shit May 22
The best way to deal with this is to just ram through them. Fucking sidewalks are non-existent. When they do appear, these morons walk so slow, side by side. WTF. Ram. With a backpack.
Mike May 23
              Had that problem once. Was living up in Valenzuela City when it rained pretty hard and the sidewalk was flooded about 6 inches or so. Well as they do some filipinos set up sandbags to make something to walk over but made just wide enough for one direction at a time. You know the type, at one end they tell you free then charge you P5 at the other end. So wife behind me and we are waiting for our turn and so it comes. I start across and make it halfway before some pinay on the opposite side decides she dont have to wait and starts across knowing there is no room to pass.

       So she keeps coming and I decide no way Im turning around. She gets up to me tries to squeeze past and I accidentally lost a little balance pushing her in the water and kept on walking. Yes, vengeance is sweet.

captaincook May 24
Its amazing how oblivious these FLips can be! Honestly I often wonder is it sheer stupidity and ignorance or they fact they are just so selfish and only care about themselves! I wish I knew.