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CaptainPFB May 8
Duterte can make rape jokes and the people are ok with it and vote him in, and we criticize him and Filipinos for it. Trump brags about grabbing pussy, the people are ok with it, and vote him in, but criticize Trump for it, and some of the same Americans who criticize Duterte for his tactlessness get all offended and throw hissy fits.

Where was the popcorn and beer for my rant? 

I find an amazingly similar parallel with Duterte and Trump:

1. They're both severe narcissists. 

2. They both have ZERO tact. 

3. They both throw childish tantrums for the world to facepalm at. 

4. They're both out of touch with reality in a seriously mentally ill way.

5. Neither of them can take a word of critcism (neither can Trumptards or Dutertards). 

6. Both show fascist tendancies. 

7. They're both paranoid that the media is out to get them. 

....and many many more. 

Trumptards can't handle these truths. Neither can Dutertards. They are all cut from the same cloth. 

I think that's worth mentioning here. Sorry if it hurts your feelings and burns holes in your eyes to see it.

I created a special place here in the forums for any off-topic subject matter. If you only want to see Philippines stuff, then I suggest you stay away from this forum.

If you can't handle criticism of Trump, you're welcome to leave, and don't let the door hit you in the ass. 

I'm CERTAINLY NOT going to pussy foot around anyone on this site. Everyone is welcome to be heard here, even me. You can disagree with me, we can have it out, you say what you want to say, I'll say what I want to say, and call it a day. 

Not strong enough to handle that? 

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Mike May 8
          Said as only you could. LOL
The thing that got me was the people who sued Trump, then voted for him!  Why would you vote for someone you wouldn't do business with?  "He cheated me, but he's got my vote!"  That's an attitude I really don't understand!
CaptainPFB Admin
CaptainPFB May 9

It's a fascinating phenomenon. 

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CaptainPFB May 11
Some people throw their tantrums and shed their tears in public. Some throw their tantrums and shed their tears in private.

The ones that shed their tears in private do so so that they can just claim the others are shedding tears. Oh they don't bother to address the dumbfuckery of Trump, because, well...they can't. Who's going to back up his racism? Who's going to back up his broken promise of not releasing his tax returns? (Remember how Trump whined and whined and whined and cried and cried and sniveled like a god damn 3 year old over Obama's birth certificate? OH THE IRONY!!) Who's going to back up Trump's tears on Twitter with his childish tantrums? This list can go on forever....

It's ok for Donald Trump to insult others and get all snowflakey and cry like a fuckin' baby when he's criticized, but when others criticize him for that which is worthy of being criticized, his mindless followers only have one path....call them a snowflake (after they sniveled and cried non-stop for 8 years), and ignore, and even deny his dumbfuckery. Sounds just like a Dutertard.

Oh the irony.

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CaptainPFB Admin
CaptainPFB May 11
Now THAT is worth breaking out the popcorn and beer for! LOL
CaptainPFB Admin
CaptainPFB May 11
In summary: 39% approval rating

How embarrassing to be one of the 39% LOL

Balancinghead May 11
Heh, how much more on the percentage of Filipinas who are Dutetards / Marcostards.

Thus, Dutetards & Marcostards would ALWAYS bring out the "That's why you are single & you never had sex" rhetoric whenever I do constructive criticism on DU30.


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